tagRomance48 Hours in Heaven with You

48 Hours in Heaven with You


As she parked her car in the short term parking lot and walked toward the terminal the nervous feeling just wouldn't go away. A strong gust of cold wind rips through the parking garage leaving her hair a mess and her nipples tight. Distractedly, she realized that she remained warm because of the excitement and nervous energy.

The flight was uneventful though tense. They had never met, yet were about to spend 48 hours alone together. The incredible happiness of turning her fantasy into a physical reality was overwhelming and slightly daunting. Thinking back on the heated phone conversations they have had in the past few months she immediately felt desire pool between her legs and she moved uncomfortably in her seat clenching her thighs against the throbbing. She closed her eyes, leaned her head back in the seat, and thought on the hours to come not even hearing the flight attendant ask what she would like to drink. The plane landed.

Hardly breathing from excitement and anxiety she slowly left the plane. Her mind raced, wondering how she would recognize him with only the memory of a picture he had sent to her some time ago. Before she left the house that morning she had turned on her computer and pulled up the file. Just a quick look at that smile of his made her laugh in delight. If he only knew!! The walk out of the plane, to the gate, took what seemed like a lifetime. Everything appeared to be moving in slow motion except her mind.

She stared at the floor as she walked out into the terminal, and then smiled to herself. She felt him standing there, just staring at her. When she looked up their eyes met and locked immediately. He smiled that incredible smile from the picture and she smiled herself and giggled breathlessly. She couldn't not smile, actually. So, she threw caution to the wind, held out her arms and did a little pirouette, and said, "Well?"

He laughed and called her a silly girl.

She dropped her bag to the floor, and with a breathless laugh, she threw herself into his arms for that sweet embrace she had waited so long to feel. His arms wrapped around her body and pulled her close. The world around them disappeared and there was only the sound of her heartbeat and his words in her ear. He whispered "It's about damned time, you silly girl" and pressed his lips to the side of her face kissing her. They stood that way for a long while before letting go.....then a feeling of shyness made them both look at the floor again as their bodies parted, but neither of them could stop smiling. Hand in hand they headed for the hotel without speaking a word.

The hotel room was large, with a king size bed and couch which was plenty of room for two people to relax without getting into each other's space, and there was no way that they even needed that kind of space. Getting into his space was on the agenda. Her body ached to feel him hold her again. She wanted to feel the heat of his body, the smoothness of his skin and taste his lips on hers. She watched him sit down on the couch and untie his shoes. In her mind, she played out the next scene as she had imagined it a thousand times. She took his hands into hers and pulled him up to her. She quickly wet her lips with her tongue, and never took her eyes off of his. They stood face to face with eyes locked and she knew his heart was pounding inside his wide chest. He leaned forward, pulled her body to his again and placed his lips on hers. First kiss. The electricity ran through her body making every nerve ending tingle, hardening her nipples - she could barely breathe.

Her sweater was thin and tight to her body showing off her full round breasts. It slipped over her head easily and dropped to the floor. Her loose fit jeans slid easily over her hips, down her thighs, and she stepped out of them. She pressed her mostly bare body against his and felt his hardness through his pants. The feel of his bald head at the back of his neck felt soft in her hands. She shivered when his hands moved gently down her back He felt the softness of her skin under the pressure of his fingertips. No thoughts ran through her mind other than the thought of him inside her. Oh how she wanted him inside her!!

The intensity of the moment made her pull his face down towards her breasts. She slid the lace of her bra aside and exposed her hard nipple to his lips. His tongue traced around the outside of her nipple and then sucking it into his mouth, he made her moan, arch her back, and close her eyes. He continued to suck like a hungry baby before he moved to the other breast. She quickly unzipped his pants, slid them to the floor and pushed him down on the couch. She straddled his legs with hers and let her full weight down onto his thighs and then took his face in her hands and kissed him deeply, passionately, tasting his tongue on hers. She felt his hips press his hard cock into her, moving up and down against the soft skin on the inside of her thighs.

Still kissing him she reached down between her legs and took him into her hand, feeling the full size and hardness of his cock. She stroked him softly and moved the head of his cock to her wetness, teasing him. His moans grew in intensity and his breathing was short and shallow against her face. When she couldn't stand the suspense any longer she pushed him inside, letting his hardness fill her completely. She closed her eyes as she just enjoyed the moment of being full of him, of having him so incredibly close to her when he had been so incredibly far away until now. Her body closed around him as he again pressed his hips up into her. Over and over their bodies merged in absolute ecstasy.

She reached her hands up behind her neck, fingers in her hair, and exposed her naked chest to his face. Playfully he chased a hard nipple with his mouth, catching it he sucked hungrily. She felt his fingers pressing harder and harder into her hips as he forced her down onto him, her legs burned from the work of lifting her body up and down. Her right hand slowly slid down the side of her neck, down her chest, until her fingertips touched her hard nipple just for a moment, long enough for him to enjoy it. Then her hand continued down her stomach until she reached her clit, she felt the wetness. She knew he couldn't wait any longer than she could. The desire to cum was too powerful. As she leaned forward, she said with absolute urgency "baby....fuck me." At that moment, she felt the rush of heat inside and he became part of her; forever inside of her- mind, body, and soul. There was no past and no future, only the present, only his fire inside her.

His arms wrapped around her, and pulled her body, wet with sweat, to his. She felt his heart pounding in time with hers, and the tears streamed down her cheeks. He whispered to her...."I have been waiting forever for that. I've dreamt of being with you this way. It is so good to see you and touch you. Do you feel how hard I still am inside of you? I can't get enough. Now, tell me how I am going to cum for you again."

She smiled and said, "Wait and see." She started kissing him...all over his face, his eyes, lips, nose, and forehead. Nothing else needed to be said.

46 hours left in heaven.

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