A Back Rub For Julia Ch. 01


So, being a guy, I got hard. I felt her smooth legs around my waist, and her soft hands on my chest. Katie had to help gang up on me, and made things worse by jumping on me from the front. She sprang out of the water, and wrapped her arms around my head. This pressed her taunt stomach onto my mouth, and her tits were pressed on the top of my head. She was smothering me. I felt her legs rub against my hard cock through my shorts.

I couldn't take this anymore, so I did what any red-blooded American teenaged male would do: I tickled. My sister is particularly ticklish under her arms, so I grabbed a handful of skin and gently twisted. I wasn't disappointed with her response, because she immediately fell off me with a splash, giggling madly. I then reached back to tickle Julia, but all I got was a handful of firm ass, and a sliver of yellow bikini.

"Do you like what you feel there, cowboy?" My hand sprung away from her backside.

"Aww. Just when it was starting to get fun." I heard the smile in her words. She slowly released me, her tits slid down my back, until she settled into the waist-deep water. Her hand snaked around me, directly to the erection in my shorts.

"I thought so," she said breathily. Her hand squeezed my shaft through my shorts. I froze, like a deer in the headlights. I didn't know what to do in this situation. Do I obey the big head, or the little head? Katie giggled. She must have thought that this shit was really funny. Julia's small hand began to slowly slide up and down my pole.

"Did I do this?" Julia asked with mock innocence. It felt like the blood was draining from my brain directly into my over-excited rod. She released her grip on me, then dipped her fingers under my waistband to grip my bare shaft. Her talented thumb swirled tiny circles on top of my sensitive head.

"Fuck." That was all I could say. Where had she learned to do this? Why was she doing it to me? I didn't fucking know, and right now, I didn't fucking care.

"God, Julia, you're going to make him cum if you keep doing that." Katie said this comment casually, not with the wide-eyed astonishment that I would have expected. It all seemed to slide into place: my sister was in on this. Whatever "this" was.

"That's kind of the idea, K. Do you wanna cum for me, Jack?" She squeezed me tighter as she asked her question. "It was so naughty, but I just couldn't help myself earlier. You were so hard, and you were asleep, so I wanted to feel it for myself." I turned my head around to look for my mother. She was still sitting at the picnic table reading obliviously, while I got an incestuous hand job from my cousin.

"Well, do you?" Julia asked. I looked over to my sister. Katie's eyes were wild. She watched the scene in front of her unfold with apparent eagerness.

"Yes." I hissed quietly.

"Yes, what? What do you want to do, Jack?" Julia asked. "What do you want from me?"

"I want you to make me cum." I was starting to lose it big time. She moaned hungrily in her throat, and began to pump her fist in earnest. She reached around with her other hand, and slid the front of my shorts down, pulling my cock out into the open air. My head was sticking just above the water, throbbing slightly, and violently purple. Julia was panting into my back with exertion. My eyes sought out my sister. She was watching eagerly as her best friend, and cousin, jerked her brother off. It was getting to be too much for me to take. I felt my balls spasm, and huge, steaming jets of sticky cum launched three feet from my body towards my awestruck sister. Katie made no effort to avoid my spunk, she just watched us as if she were hypnotized. My back arched, and my hips bucked wildly, as I pumped my load through her fist and out into the water.

It was undeniably the most violent, and satisfying orgasm that I ever had. It quickly wound down, and she kept milking me until my last shudder was finished. I suddenly felt light-headed. How long had I been holding my breath? The air rushed from my lungs, and my entire body sagged against her. She let go of my prick, and pulled my trunks up. Huge globs of my semen were floating on the cold water in front of my gawking sister.

"Let's get a soda, Katie." Julia chirped merrily. She unwrapped her arms, which had been supporting me. She gave me a cute smile, kissed my cheek, and walked towards shore, with Katie following in her wake. I mechanically began walking toward the picnic table. I was done swimming for the day. My mouth was dry, and my balls throbbed, but I still felt the lingering warmth of her hard nipples on my back.


The girls were all smiles on the way home from the lake. They sat in the back seat, and whispered, and giggled among themselves. I just didn't know how to feel about what I'd done earlier. Julia kept trying to catch my eye at dinner, but I just ignored her. I couldn't meet her sparkling blue eyes. Katie just looked amused by my situation. Goddamn little sisters. Instead of watching TV with the family, I ended up going to be early.

I lay just on the edge of sleep, when I heard my door open. Luckily, it was Katie. She had come in for her pre-sleep back rub. This was a nightly ritual. I scooted over to one side of the bed for her wordlessly. I felt a little bummed out that it wasn't Julia. Her hot little hand had been wrapping itself around my mind all day. My sister laid down next to me, and flipped her red hair over her shoulder. I saw her green eyes looking back at me silently.

"Did you know that she had planned to do that to me?" I asked. I rubbed her back lazily, in small circles, my nails scratching her skin through the ratty white tank top that she wore. She pointedly ignored my question. Women are experts at selective deafness. Katie closed her eyes and sighed. This was probably the most peaceful time of day for the both of us. I gave up my line of questioning, and continued rubbing her gently. It really didn't matter anyway.

She breathed deep and slow. So slowly, that I thought that she was asleep, but she opened her eyes. She looked at me sadly, and gave me a kiss on the cheek. She slipped out of bed, and disappeared out of my door like a pale ghost. The scent of her body wash still lingered in the air. She must have been fresh out of the shower before entering my bedroom.

I began to deeply relax again, when my door opened. It was Julia, and she was wearing only a white bath towel. My breath caught in my throat, as her towel slid from her body to the bedroom floor.

"I'm here for a back rub, Jack. Your sister says that you're the best."

Her body was exquisite. Her light pink nipples were standing out proudly on top the gorgeous mounds of her breasts. They were just the right proportion for her athletic body type. They weren't too big, or too small. My eyes raced down her body. Her tanned stomach was very tight, with just the hint of six-pack abs. Her hips swelled, and thighs flowed into the cleft between her legs. She had some light brown hair on her muff, which looked like it had been neatly trimmed so that she could wear that tiny bikini.

She posed in the moonlight that was streaming through the blinds. She arched her back a little, and slowly turned so I could gaze at her amazingly tight teenaged ass. Her cheeks were firm and round, with no visible tan lines. She rubbed her hands over her ass, cupping the cheeks, and spreading them slightly. I could just make out the tiny shape of her asshole. She arched her back a little more, and bent over so I could clearly see the shape of her pussy from the back. Her lips were swollen with excitement, and spread apart just a bit. She took one hand off her cheek, and slipped a finger between her puffy lips. Her finger tip glistened slightly as she dipped it into her pussy. Being a teenage guy, I was instantly hard. She sucked in air loudly as she slipped two fingers of her into her now juicy cunt. It was an incredible show. She spread her legs wider, and slowly began to frig herself right there in front of me.

"You should have gone back into the water with us, Jack. It wasn't fair that you were the only one who got to cum." She moaned softly as she continued to masturbate herself furiously. She scooted back on the bed until her body was right next to mine. She opened her legs up wide, giving me a close up view of her now glistening snatch. Her back was now against me, then she spread herself with one hand, and attacked her clit with the other. I was totally mesmerized. I had never seen a woman playing with herself before. Amy never did it in front of me. Julia sucked her slick fingers into her mouth, wet them with spit, and moved back to her little button. It was hard to see, but it looked angry and swollen in the moonlight.

"I got off once while I was in the shower, but it definitely wasn't enough. I had to come in here to see you. You owe me one, Jack." She looked me directly in my eyes as she rubbed herself, and sucked on her lower lip sexily. Her breathing increased in speed, and in intensity. Her magnificent tits jiggled up and down, as her right hand became a blur. I couldn't take just watching her anymore. My hand moved up, and softly, slowly cupped her right breast. My cousin moaned at my touch. Luckily, my parent's bedroom was on the other side of the house, so they would never be able to hear the sounds of her ecstasy. I pinched her nipple, squeezing gently, then rolled it between my thumb and finger.

She made a hungry growl in the back of her throat. I leaned forward and kissed her gently. Her lips felt very soft against mine, but she wasn't in the mood for a soft kiss. Julia ground her mouth against mine, and her lips parted for her tongue to flick greedily at mine. It was a deep, passionate kiss. I slowly trailed my hand down her stomach, and then teasingly rubbed gently up her thigh. She wiggled slightly as I tickled her skin. I slid my hand beneath hers, and felt her extreme wetness. I slowly slid my middle finger into her juicy fuck hole. It was hot like an oven, and slick with her juices. When I had inserted it in up to my second knuckle, she clamped down on my digit with her cunt muscles.

"Oh shit, Jack. Fuck my pussy with your finger," she panted. I had never heard a girl talk dirty during sex before, and it turned me on immensely. My cock pulsed involuntarily between my legs, and knew that my sheet was soaked in my precum. I slowly started to finger Julia, but she was too worked up for me to go slowly. Her tiny hand grabbed my wrist, and began to slam my finger up into her blazing hot snatch.

"Just like that, baby. Do it hard." I obeyed my cousin, my sex goddess. I finger-banged her as hard, and fast as I could. My knuckles made a popping noise as they smacked up against her slit. I stopped suddenly, and she whimpered at the lack of sensation. I pulled my finger out, and slid two inside; and she cooed with pleasure. I began fingering away with abandon. She became wetter, and tighter as her orgasm approached. Her pussy went into violent spasms on my two fingers. She pressed her mouth into my thigh, and moaned loudly.

"Oh god, Jack. Oh fucking shit." She came hard and fast. Her tummy muscles clenched and loosened, and she mashed her thighs together, trapping my tortured hand. Pleasure racked her body for almost a full minute, then she gradually started to relax. Her body was covered with a thin sheen of perspiration. Her damp hair clung to her face, but she eventually relaxed, and spread her legs again, freeing my trapped hand.

"I want you to fuck me, Jack." She threw my bed sheet aside, and gripped my rock hard cock. Precum glistened like a diamond on the tip. How long would I last with this sexual dynamo? It didn't feel like it would be long.

"Julia, I'm really close." The desperation sounded plain in my voice. I didn't want to disappoint my cousin. Instead of being upset, she beamed a brilliant smile at me.

"To cumming, you mean? Do I excite you that much?" To emphasize her point, she tightened her grip on my erect member. I couldn't do anything but groan with pleasure.

"Yes... fuck yeah."

"I want you to cum, Jack. It's ok. Just pull out, because I'm not on the pill." She guided my cock toward her wet slit, and I gladly allowed her. She pushed her hips forward to give me a smooth angle of entry. I felt her moist pussy lips against my prick, and she sighed audibly. I pushed forward a little, trying to penetrate her scalding cunt, but it was ultra tight. Amy's hot box had never been this hard to enter. Slowly, I increased my downwards pressure, and she began wriggling underneath me. Finally, I felt my head pop in.

"Push it all the way in, Jack." I readily complied with her wishes, but it was difficult. Eventually, I began to hump in and out, and a little at a time, she began to take more of my steel-hard shaft. She grunted softly, as we began to fuck in earnest. She took me most of the way in, almost to the hilt. When I would push all the way in, I would feel the entrance to her cervix, and she would make a squeaking noise. Just hearing that noise made me even hotter. I couldn't stop myself now, even if I'd wanted to.

I started to thrust inside her harder and faster. She leaned up and nipped my shoulder roughly with her teeth. She grunted into me with each thrust, but her teeth remained locked onto my tender flesh. I knew I was going to cum soon, but I couldn't make myself pull out. The feelings that I was experiencing were too much, too fast. Her pussy clenched in an orgasm that I didn't expect, and my body betrayed me. I tried to pull out, but the combination of the vise-like grip of her sheath, and the power and fury of my orgasm slowed me. Cum rushed up my shaft, and the first spurt exploded inside my cousin's belly.

I finally managed to pull out, and I spilled the rest of my seed onto her belly, and her dripping wet snatch. I felt totally spent, like an empty shotgun shell. I slouched down onto the bed, and nuzzled against Julia, but I couldn't help but feel like shit. She came to me, and shared her body, and I couldn't even pull out in time. Fuck.

She caressed my cheek softly, and kissed, and nibbled my ear. She seemed totally calm about our situation. What if I got her pregnant? What would we do then? The cat would definitely be out of the bag then.

"It's ok," she said softly. "Shit happens, Jack. You can't always tell exactly when you're going to cum." She stroked my chest gently.

"But what if..." She silenced me with a hard kiss, and her fingers stroked my short brown hair.

"I have the morning after pill, so don't worry, Jack. I'll take it, and everything will be ok." Her lips brushed my neck, and I exhaled softly, with relief. So it was ok, everything will be alright. We cuddled for a while, basking in the afterglow of our passion. She closed her eyes as she lay there, her body entwined with mine. She was so beautiful, and serene in my embrace. What did I ever do to deserve this? After a few minutes, she sat up. Her soft brown hair cascaded down to brush up against my chest.

"If I don't go back to my room now, I'll probably fall asleep here, and I don't think we want to get caught like this in the morning," she giggled a little to herself. I think she was picturing what my straight laced parents would say if they caught us in bed together.

She climbed over me, and got out of bed. Her lips brushed against mine softly, and I felt her warm breath against my mouth. Wordlessly, she picked up her towel, and covered her gloriously naked body. She gave me one last crooked smirk, and she walked out my bedroom door, closing it silently behind her.

I knew that my room must reek of sex, but I couldn't find the energy to do much about it. All the urgency that I felt earlier seemed to have squirted out along with my semen. I eventually got up, and opened up the window, even thought the night was a little too cool. I tried to find a place to lay on the bed where there were no wet spots.

I laid there with my eyes closed, and thought about the events of the day. Not only did I get to go on a wonderful vacation, but somehow my cousin wanted to seduce me, and my sister was in on it. Julia didn't find this project too difficult, due to her amazing looks and personality. Finally, I felt myself relax. I just had the most incredible sexual experience of my young life. Sleep came quickly, and with sleep came dreams.

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by dleigh04/16/14

Damn hot

Loving this story so far, moving on to the next chapter. Curious about what's going on with the sister there, a little crush on her brother maybe? Great read!

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delete your last comment

it is illegal to advertise other sites here delete your last comment at once. you sure write stupid stories, why would he even go to the beach when he could have stayed at the cabin so as to be free ofmore...

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by inQbus11/09/13

I just loved your story. Very nicely written.

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