tagIncest/TabooA Back Rub For Julia Ch. 03

A Back Rub For Julia Ch. 03


Thank you to everyone who read chapters 1 & 2, and thank you for your comments. If you haven't read them, you might want to read them first. It isn't necessary, but it will give you the proper back story.

Everyone in this story is 18+.

I went on vacation with my family, and it changed my life. My mother and father, my sister Katie, our cousin Julia, and I, all went for a week of recreation in northern Michigan. Katie and Julia apparently concocted some kind of plan for Julia to seduce me, and it worked like a charm. We had sex the first night, and a couple of times the next day when we went hiking. Surprisingly, Katie and I have become increasingly attracted to each other, and she has decided to have sex with me too, but refused to do it on a public picnic table. Overall, this has been the most awesome fucking vacation ever.

I went to bed around eleven o'clock, because our hiking antics wore me out, plus I figured that the night time would be a good time for Katie and I to hook up. She wanted our first time together to be special, which I equated with being in a bed, as opposed to where we almost had sex, on a public hiking trail.

Katie and I had a peculiar night time ritual. Every night, before sleep, she would enter my room, and I would rub her back softly. It had always been a little erotic, in the way that all massages and rubs between attractive members of the opposite sex are. I would slowly circle, using my fingernails, until she would purr with satisfaction.

At about eleven thirty, she came into my room quietly, freshly out of the shower. I could smell her raspberry body wash, and her strawberry shampoo. To be honest, she smelled a little bit like a fruit smoothie. An insanely sexy fruit smoothie. My sister is a beautiful, buxom girl. All her curves are nicely rounded, she has a small waist, and a flat stomach. She has gorgeous curly red hair, peaches and cream complexion, and a few cute freckles scattered across her nose. I'd have to say that her best feature are her eyes, which are a piercing green. It's not so much the color, as it is the fact that all her feelings and emotions are clearly expressed in them. I always loved her eyes, even before I realized that I was attracted to her sexually.

That night she was dressed in a powder blue tank top, and lacy pair of pale green panties. As soon as she walked in the door, I registered the fact that she wasn't wearing a bra. This wasn't unusual in and of itself, because she rarely wore a bra to bed. This time was different because her nipples were hard like bullets. Sometimes after a back rub, I would notice that her nipples were aroused, but that was the first time in memory that she had arrived for a back rub with erect nipples.

"Hi," I said lamely. I always hard a hard time talking to attractive girls, and ever since I started looking at Katie as a woman, and not just as a sister, I had an increasingly hard time not sounding like an idiot around her.

"Hey," she said back, smiling an enigmatic smile. My mind raced to analyze the meaning of that smile. Was she smiling because she knew that I couldn't talk to women without fucking it up? Was she smiling about what happened earlier, while we were hiking? I didn't know, and I guess it didn't really matter.

There were a few things that I had questions about that I wanted answered. I remembered Julia's earlier warning about questions, but I thought that Katie would be a little more open about some things if Julia wasn't involved in the conversation.

Katie laid down on my bed, next to me, on her stomach, like she had almost every night for the past several years. I began to slowly trace across her shoulders with the fingernails of my left hand. It would have been easier without the shirt in the way, but since she hadn't removed it on entering, I decided to just play it cool, and ask my questions.

"Were you angry that I had sex with Julia last night?" That was chief among the questions that I had, due to her strange behavior that morning. She paused, probably to decide if she wanted to dignify my question with an answer. She was always a good one for keeping her silence when she didn't want to answer someone.

"No, I wasn't mad at you, not really. To be perfectly honest, I was... kind of jealous." Wow, a woman that admitted that she was jealous, civilization must be ending soon.

"So that's why you were being such a bitch to me, while I was in the shower this morning?" She noticeably tensed under my fingers, I guess I should have left the bitch part out. She exhaled loudly.

"I guess that's fair. Yeah, that's why I was being such a bitch." I knew the world would get struck by a meteor within the next hour, a woman had admitted that she was both jealous, and a bitch. Damn.

"I just thought that she'd invite me to watch, but she just left me in the bedroom, all alone. So I was mad, mostly at her, not you. I mean, she knew." That made no sense, she knew what?

"Knew what, K?" I prodded. She sighed loudly again, but answered.

"She knew that I... fuck!" My rubbing stopped.

"Katie, you can tell me, it's ok. You can't tell me anything that would make me think any less of you. You're my sister." She twisted in the bed to face me directly.

"That's the fucking problem, Jack. I am your sister. I hooked her up with you, but she knew how I felt about you. She couldn't even throw me a fucking bone by letting me watch." I was stunned. I thought that the attraction that we shared had just developed as a product of the hot sex that Julia and I had been having, but apparently she had feelings beforehand.

"Why would she let you watch?"

"Sometimes, when Julia makes one of her conquests, she lets me watch. Then..." her voice trailed off, and she blushed prettily. I thought that I knew what she was getting at.

"Then you two would fuck?" I prompted. She nodded.

"You don't seem shocked, Jack." I propped myself up on one arm, so that we were eye to eye with each other.

"Shocked by what? That you two fuck each other; or that you watch each other fuck guys, then fuck each other?" She stiffened at the unintended accusatory tone in my voice.

"You can be a real asshole, sometimes. Do you know that?" She huffed, and started to get up. I placed a hand on her shoulder, to keep her from leaving.

"I'm sorry, Katie. I didn't mean it like that." She paused in her attempt to leave. "Don't go," I pleaded. Her eyes locked with mine, and I saw hurt in those pretty green orbs.

"Just so you know, I don't fuck guys and let her watch." She said it bluntly, and it was obvious that she was insulted by my comment. "I've only had sex with two guys, Donnie and Mark. They both were my boyfriends, and I loved them. I'm not a fucking whore."

"I never thought that you were, K." What was she trying to say about Julia, her lover? Was she saying that she was a whore? I really didn't get it, but decided not to push, since Julia was obviously a sensitive subject. "Why don't you just start from the beginning. Not everything, because I don't need to know. Just the part about me." She calmed down noticeably, and lay back down. I started rubbing her back again to soothe her.

"The beginning. Let's see. Julia will kill me if she finds out that I told you all this." She paused noticeably, then blew out a deep breath, and continued slowly. "Well, Julia has had the hots for you forever. All through high school, anyway. Last month we found out that we were going up here on vacation, so I asked mom if Julia could go with us. She agreed. So Julia came up with the idea that she should finally make a move on you, and I agreed to help."

"And it didn't bother her that I was her cousin?" She shook her head.

"It's not like she wants to marry you, or have your children, or anything. She just wants to fuck." I nodded, and she continued. "So the plan was just to flirt with you, and get you all horny, then she would just initiate whatever type of sex that she wanted."

"So you girls just figured that I'd go along with it?" She laughed openly.

"For fuck's sake, Jack. You're a guy!" She laughed again. "What fucking guy wouldn't want to have sex with her?" She proved to have quite the potty mouth, but she did have a point. Julia was an extraordinary beauty. Not only was she pretty, and had a hot body, and was a cheerleader; but she was also smart, and funny, and had she had a way about her that just made you want to smile.

"So that was it? Get me all horny, then we would have sex." It sounded kind of sketchy to me, but I trusted Katie, and she seemed to be coming clean. "So what happened today wasn't planned?"

"The hiking? Of course it was planned. The blow job was all her, though." I shook my head, but I don't think that she could tell.

"No. I meant the stuff that happened between us." Earlier that day, my sister and I had shared the most incredible kiss that I ever had. Then we almost had sex. She paused, then answered.

"No, it wasn't." I didn't want to ask, but I had to.

"Do you regret it, K?" I held my breath.

"No. No, Jack. Not at all. Do you?"

"Of course not," I said. She exhaled. Apparently, she had been holding her breath too.

"So you still want to have sex with me?"

"Say that a little louder, Jack. I don't think they heard you back in Detroit." I lowered my voice, but pushed on.

"So do you?" She smiled, and it lit up the entire room. She moved closer, and kissed me softly on the lips. I felt my heart pound hard in my chest.

"Yes." She smiled, then kissed me again, this time much deeper. "But not tonight. You have to be worn out after today." I felt like I could run a hundred miles after her affirmative answer, but I understood her meaning. After cumming three times for Julia, I probably had one more orgasm, possibly two left in me.

"I want it to be special too, Katie." She smiled again.

"Tomorrow," she promised. It was my turn to smile. We were still grinning at each other when the door opened, admitting Julia.

"Doesn't that look awkward?" she chided. "What if I had been your mom, and she saw you two laying half naked on the bed, grinning at each other like retards? That wouldn't look in the least bit suspicious." She was right, we had been sloppy, and being sloppy could only lead to us getting caught. We both sat up in bed, guiltily. Julia turned, and twisted the lock button on the door, sealing us off from the outside world.

"What are you doing, Jules? You know that this is our time together." Apparently Katie had laid claim to alone time status for our back rubs. I filed that fact away in the back of my mind for later processing.

"I'm here for you, actually." It was her turn to grin. "I thought that I could instruct your dear brother in the art of cunnilingus." Katie's eyes narrowed. She looked at her cousin suspiciously.

"What did you have in mind, exactly?" Katie still seemed to be looking for an ulterior motive in Julia's idea. At least, that's what I imagined. To me, Julia always seemed to have selfish reasons for doing things.

"Well, I noticed today that he was kind of clumsy when he was munching on me, so I thought that we could teach him how to do it the right way." She looked innocently at the two of us on the bed. Katie looked skeptical, but I thought it was a great idea. Who better to teach a guy how to eat pussy than another woman? More specifically, a woman who apparently enjoyed eating pussy, and knew what she was doing.

"What about him?" Katie asked. "What's in it for him, other than getting some tongue exercise?" I was really flattered by her interest in my pleasure.

"I don't know, K. I guess one of us can take care of him. It's not like Jack pounding me into the mattress would be much of a sacrifice." Julia looked at me intently. "Besides, you have been wanting to get your hot little hands on him for years, now you can get your chance." Katie blushed furiously at Julia's revelation. So she had wanted me for years? It blew my mind. How deep did this thing go?

Katie didn't say anything, she just nodded. Her face was still flushed from her recent embarrassment, but I found her light pink shade to be very sexy. She stripped off her tank top, casually tossed it on my bedroom floor, and scooted closer towards the middle of my bed. Her breasts took my breath away, they were so impossibly perfect. Only a teenage girl could have tits that defied gravity like that. Her hard pink nipples were placed in the center of her lightly freckled mounds. I drew a hard breath at the sight.

Julia sat on the foot of the bed, next to Katie. I immediately started to get hard, since I was thinking about these two ridiculously hot bisexual girls attacking each other in front of me. Both of them looked at me expectantly.

"What?" I asked stupidly. I got incredulous looks in return. Julia laughed throatily at my ineptitude.

"Jack, you have to touch her, in order to eat her."

"Oh, yeah. Of course. I know that." Katie laughed, but not in a cruel way. She laid back on the bed, and surrendered her body to my depraved attentions. I slid down the bed, and positioned myself between my sister's legs. My heart pounded in my chest, and the room suddenly started to feel just a bit too small for the three of us. If I said that I was nervous, it would be a gross understatement. She looked down at me between her knees, and licked her lips expectantly.

"No, Jack. Do it right," Julia said. She huffed a quick breath, then started in on me again. "Kiss her, dumb ass. You don't jump right to the good stuff. Do it slow, and get her in the mood." She looked like she was in the mood to me, but I was judging my assumption on her hard nipples, and on the dewy look of her green panties. She was definitely wet, but I agreed with Julia. I wanted the first time that I did this with Katie to be perfect.

I went to my knees on the mattress, and stripped off my t-shirt, which joined Katie's on the floor. I scooted up, and lowered my body carefully onto hers. Her breasts were hot against my chest, and her nipples poked me like little arrowheads. When our bodies were molded together, a little moan escaped her pink lips. Lust began to overcome me. I kissed her slowly, then harder with growing passion. The world faded away from my thoughts. Everything became about the body of the woman that writhed beneath me. Katie wrapped her legs around me, and ground my boxer covered cock into her panty covered mound. I felt the dampness of precum on my shaft, or maybe she was wet enough to soak through my boxers. I didn't know, and I was beyond caring anyway. We kissed for minutes, enjoying the taste, and feel of each other's bodies. She broke the kiss first, and we both gasped for breath.

"Jules, you need to leave." Katie stated it as a fact, not as a suggestion. Julia looked perturbed at her lover.

"But I'm going to teach him..." Katie brutally cut her off.

"I'll teach him what he needs to know, just lock the door on your way out." Julia went from perturbed to pissed in about one second flat. She turned, stalked out, and slammed the door behind her. I doubted that she locked it, but my parents were asleep when I went to bed, so I knew that they wouldn't come poking around. Once they went to bed, they usually stayed there.

"Why did you make her leave?"

"I didn't want her to watch. I told you earlier that I don't let her watch me fuck guys." The meaning of her words hit me like a brick to the temple. I thought that I had butterflies before, but now it felt like I had swallowed live geese.

"But I thought..." I started, but Katie interrupted.

"I stopped myself once today. I can't do it again. It's too hard, Jack." She searched my eyes, and must have seen my fear. Everything could change forever between us. Was that what I wanted? "I'm only going to ask this once, Jack, and I want an honest answer. Do you want to have sex with me?" Her eyes pleaded with me for acceptance.

I shut down my negative thinking. My sister was a beautiful, desirable woman, who wanted to give herself to me. It was just sex with a girl, just like it was with Julia; but somehow it felt different to me. Katie was different. She was special. She meant something very different to me than what Julia did.

I left her question unanswered, and simply kissed her soundly. The meeting of our lips said everything in a way that my clumsy words never could. Her tongue parted my lips in exploration, and I sucked on it greedily. She unwrapped her legs from around me, and her hands tore at the waistband of my boxers. After a few seconds of frantic scrambling, she managed to pull them down my ass, and I kicked them onto the growing pile of clothes on the floor. My cock sprang eagerly into the night air. Her hand found my hardness, and gripped it lovingly. She stroked it like it was made of pure gold. My body instantly reacted to her attentions, and I knew that I had to slow things down, otherwise it would be over too soon.

I grabbed her by the wrists, and pulled her arms up over her head. She moaned loudly into our kiss, much too loudly, but the haze of lust had settled over my brain, cutting off all caution and common sense. My mouth moved across her cheek to her ear, and finally to her neck.

"Oh god, Jack." She groaned again, even though I had never even touched her panties. "I want you inside me. I want you to cum inside me." Whoa, that made me break our kiss. I pulled my face back to look her in the eyes.

"K, you aren't on birth control." I knew this fact from a discussion that the three of us had while hiking today. Neither of the girls were on anything. The thought of getting my sister pregnant really began to kill the mood with reality.

"It's ok." She smiled at me reassuringly. "Julia says that she has the morning after pill. You can take it anytime within seventy two hours of sex." I must have still looked unsure. She put on her best pouting face. "Please, Jack. I've... I've never had anyone do that before. I want you to be the first, big brother."

Alarm bells that should have been going off long before this started to ring in my head. I pulled away from her and sat stiffly up on the bed, suddenly unsure of myself. What the fuck was I doing? Sure, my sister wasn't pure as the driven snow, but deep down I always knew that she wasn't a virgin. Did that justify me burying my cock deep inside her? Did I need to add her to my collection that badly? Fuck. My thoughts swirled round and round, but I kept drawing the same conclusion from them. It was one thing to fuck your sister in the heat of the moment, when you just couldn't control yourself, but it was quite another thing to do it like this.

The moment was gone. My cock mocked me by remaining as hard as a steel post. I figured that I had two choices: I could kick my sister out of my room, and use my hand to take care of myself, or I could go across the hall to Julia. I had already crossed that bridge, and it couldn't be uncrossed, but that didn't mean that I had to compound the wrongness by involving Katie. Shit, after Katie's callous dismissal, I didn't even know if Julia would have me. She seemed angry and hurt when she stormed out a few minutes ago, so that might not be an option, either.

"What's the matter, Jack? Did I do something wrong?" Katie looked horrified by my sudden lack of interest. I couldn't look at her as she laid on my bed, half naked and sexually aroused. I tore my eyes away from hers, and turned my head.

"Jack, look at me." Slowly, I shook my head. I couldn't look. If I looked at her, my resolve might break. I had to be the strong one here. She clearly didn't accept my refusal to face her. She rocketed off the bed, planted herself in front of me, and seized me by the shoulders. Her breasts swayed invitingly in front of my face, making my mouth water. Fuck. I squeezed my eyes shut. It seemed to be the only way.

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