A Back Rub For Julia Ch. 06


"We could always take you to the doctor, and he could give you a prescription for the morning after pill. We do have insurance, that kind of thing would probably be covered."

"What would we tell mom and dad? 'By the way, Jack might have gotten me pregnant, when we had unprotected sex, so we need to go to the doctor.' Somehow, I don't see that scenario having a happy ending." I totally agreed with her. If my dad stopped at just kicking my ass until I was the one who needed a doctor, I would be lucky. I ran through the options in my mind, and found none. The only thing that I could think of was to wait and see what happens.

"Katie, I love you." I kissed her neck gently. She sobbed a couple of times, but I held fast to her. "Whatever happens, we will be alright."

"But what if I'm pregnant, Jack? I love you too, but is it really realistic for us to have kids together? I don't want a bunch of half-wits, or flipper babies. I thought that if we ever got to the point in our relationship where we wanted children, we would just adopt, or I would get artificially inseminated, or something." Even with the gravity of the situation at hand, I was impressed with the amount of thinking that she had put into planning our relationship. If I wasn't in love with her, I would have said that it was a little creepy.

"Turn over, K. I want to look at your face." She turned over, and placed her head on the pillow next to mine. She was no longer sobbing, but the tears still trickled down her cute little nose, making a small wet spot on my pillow case. "If you are pregnant we will deal with it. That's what adults do. Do you still want to be with me?"

"Yeah, Jack. I want that more than anything." I kissed her lips tenderly.

"Then no more tears, Katie. We will figure this shit out one day at a time." She nodded, and gave me a sheepish smile.


"For what, K?"

"For everything. I was stupid. It's all my fault, but you don't even seem mad at me."

"Katie, we both did what we did together. You didn't trick me, or rape me. When you have sex, sometimes the girl gets pregnant. That's just a fact of life. It's true that there was a misunderstanding, but sometimes shit just happens."

"So you aren't angry?"

"No. I'm not, and I think that you should make up with Julia. It really doesn't sound like that it was her fault."

"No, it wasn't. It was my fault..." I cut her admission of guilt off with a kiss. When our kiss finally broke, she smiled at me again.

"No more of that. The past is in the past. It's over and done with, and we can't change anything that happened. It doesn't matter who was at fault." Her smile seemed to brighten up a few thousand watts, dimming the pale moonlight that shined through the bedroom window.

Our lovemaking afterward was slow, just the way that I like it. I think that it was her way of trying to pay me back for being so understanding. It was true that I wasn't angry with the girls for the mix up, but I was very, very afraid. I was scared not only for Katie and I, but for our hypothetical unborn child. What would it be like to grow up knowing that your parents were brother and sister? What would it be like to raise a child while keeping our true relationship a secret from him, or her? Her orgasm was a pitiful thing, and my own was a long time in coming. No amount of hot teen Kegeling seemed to speed my climax. When I finally came, I pulled out and spurted across her pale, flat belly. She almost looked disappointed, but she never uttered a word about my choice of shooting range. She rubbed it into her skin, and tasted her fingers; but my sister's heart really wasn't into her porn star imitation. I guess that we both had more serious matters than sex on our minds.

It was a long time before sleep returned to me. She laid in my arms, with her head on my chest. I heard her almost silent snores for the best part of an hour before darkness claimed me. Unfortunately, things that were much worse than insomnia awaited me in my dreams.


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by dleigh04/17/14

For all their planning...

...I kind of fail to see why she's not on the pill at this point. I mean, really? They were planning to seduce him on this trip and the morning after pill was the contraception of choice? Man, Americanmore...

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