A Back Rub For Julia Ch. 07


I scooted down a little bit, and slid my cock back up inside of her. This set off another series of minor spasms inside her, which seemed to breathe life into her once again. This position allowed for a little less motion on her part, but allowed me to enter her a little deeper, and at a different angle. A moan did escape from her then, but it wasn't loud, and would not have been heard outside of my room. With her legs together like that, she was impossibly tight, even without her muscle squeezing voodoo. I stroked for about a minute, then I had an idea. I rolled her over onto her belly, crushing her tiny frame beneath me.

I straddled her hips, and took her doggy style, on her belly, with her legs together. I don't know if she was flexing her muscles, or not, but she was insanely tight in this position. Luckily, she was so well lubricated that it wasn't uncomfortable to me, just very snug. She moaned a little too loudly when I sank my shaft even deeper inside of her love mound. I covered her mouth with my hand, and set a slow pace. I used strokes powerful enough to overcome the pressure of her pussy walls, but not strong enough to bottom out hard inside her. This was all about me, and I didn't want to deaden the feeling in my most important appendage by beating it against her cervix. I let go of her mouth, when I was sure that she wasn't going to make a bunch of noise, and I used that arm to brace myself in a kind of swaybacked push-up position. This afforded me a little more leverage because I could kind of swing myself backwards and forwards. This required me to be up on my toes the entire time. I had never before thought of sex as particularly athletic in nature, but as I pushed all my mass and energy into inserting my rod into her teeny tiny space, I gained a new respect for the level of fitness that professional porn stars must achieve to excel in their chosen profession.

However much Julia enjoys being in control of sex, and getting her way; she enjoys being taken even more. She started to amp up for another orgasm, even as I was approaching mine. It was impossible for her to do much of anything in her position, other than to poke her ass up in the air a little, in order to give me better access to her fuck hole. But she did this small thing with all the vigor that she'd shown earlier, when she tried to swallow me into her stomach. I repeatedly lunged and retreated, and although I tried to hold back my impending explosion until after Julia had her next climax, I found that I simply could not do it. I felt a tremendous pressure in my balls, then a tingling, then my cum rushed up my meat stick and into my cousin's belly. All of my strength seemed to flood out of me, and my weight crushed down on top of her, pinning her lithe little form to my bedroom floor. It didn't matter to Julia, because the sensation of my semen exploding inside of her for the first time sent her over the edge. It wasn't as intense of an orgasm as her second, but it was still better than the first one that she experienced.

We lay sprawled in a heap, on the blue bedroom carpet, both of us exhausted, and panting for breath. She wasn't the only one who was sweaty now. I had worked up quite a bit of perspiration myself, and it had mixed with the topsoil on her shirt, and discarded shorts to make quite a mess.

"Goddamn, you are good at this. How many girlfriends did you say that you've had?" She smiled at me coyly.

"Just one," I replied. "Other than Katie."

"Bullshit. There is no fucking way that you could have got that good at sex by only fucking Amy. C'mon."

"Well, I watch a lot of porn. Does that count as experience?"

"I dunno, Jack. Maybe. But damn!" She looked me over for a minute, as if she was sizing me up. I couldn't help but smile like a smug bastard. "Can I tell you something, without you getting a big head about it?"

"Are you going to tell me that I have a big dick, again?" I smirked at her.

"No, you dumbass!" She punched my arm hard enough to elicit a small yelp of pain. "I knew that I would regret telling you that, so just forget it."

"Awww, come on, Jules. What?"

"No, because if I compliment you, it will just give you an even bigger head than you have now."

"You seemed to have been enjoying my big head a whole lot a couple of minutes ago."

"See, just like I said. You are so full of yourself." She tried to sound stern, but she ended up giggling anyway.

"Technically, I think that you are the one who is full of myself, because that was one huge load, if I say so myself." She laughed again, but quietly enough so that it wouldn't alert my mother. She reached down, and started playing with the juices that were leaking out of her cunt. She dipped a finger into a particularly messy spot that had ran onto her leg, brought it to her lips, and sucked it erotically.

"Do you want a taste?" she asked me, and held out another finger full of spunk in my direction.

"No thanks, I'll pass on that." She giggled, and popped her finger into her mouth again.

"You don't know what you are missing. Haven't you ever been the least bit curious about how you taste?"

"No, not really. Stop trying to change the subject, and give me your damn compliment, woman." She laughed again at the mock commanding tone that I used.

"Well..." she started, "I've been with a few guys. Not a lot, but some."

"Yeah. Go on." She visibly squirmed. I could tell that she didn't want to give me this compliment. Maybe she felt that it would relinquish some kind of power that she held over me.

"Okay. Here it is. Nobody that I have ever been with has ever rocked my box like you have." After she dropped this bomb on me, she paused to examine my expression, so that she could try to read what I was thinking. I could see why she wouldn't want me to know that little factoid. Up until that moment I had never knew why she continued to have sex with me. Maybe it did relinquish a little bit of her power over me. I kept my face blank, even though I was giving myself high fives inside.

"Well?" She stared intently at me. I finally smiled. Not a smug smile, or a "now I get it" smile, just a friendly, regular old Jack smile.

"You are fucking incredible, Jules. I didn't think that I even needed to tell you that." By the way that her face lit up at the compliment, her self esteem wasn't as astronomically high as I had once thought. She was a very complex girl, my cousin, and I was just starting to scratch the surface of her inner being.


This was originally going to be a part of a longer piece, but I thought that I would divide it up, so that you guys would have something from me to read. I would like to thank a couple of my friends. Sandy and Stephanie, you have been wonderful at encouraging me to write, and for giving me ideas about what people might like to read about. A quick couple of shout outs. EldridgeinOO's sort of sequel to "Conflicted" is out. Read ch. 2 if you haven't already. A great author that has been brought to my attention is Texas Refugee. His "Colleen" story is very beautiful, so if you haven't read it, please do. He's in my favs, so you guys can find him fast. Ch. 8 will be here soon. Thanks for reading.

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I have enjoyed all the chapters so far. Not only is the sex so well depicted as to leave me good and aroused, the characters are all believably beautiful people that I care about. I' m especially concernedmore...

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