tagIncest/TabooA Back Rub For Julia Ch. 08

A Back Rub For Julia Ch. 08


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Our third episode in a row of "The Chappelle Show" was going off, and I just couldn't take it any longer. I had been throwing hints at my cousin Julia, and sister Katie, that it was time for bed for the last hour, but I had been unceremoniously ignored by the both of them. My mom and dad had stayed up uncommonly late, and were sitting at the kitchen table talking quietly to themselves. I don't know what was up with my parents, but I hate it when anything out of the ordinary is going on. The oldsters staying up past midnight definitely qualifies as out of the ordinary. I tossed the remote control into my cousin Julia's lap.

"Fuck this, I'm going to bed." For some reason, the girls found this remark hilarious. I stood up with a huff, and walked out of the room, without a backward glance at my two lovers. My sister had made several vague comments earlier that led me to believe that she was wanting sex tonight, or that all three of us would possibly be getting together later for some fun. I was a little discouraged at their lack of interest, but I was sure that they would come around looking for sex sooner, rather than later. Both of those beauties seemed to have sex drives equal to, or greater than my own. So if I was horny, I probably wasn't alone.

I closed my bedroom door, and stripped off all of my clothes. I used to sleep in only my boxers, but since the girls had begun wandering into my room, at all hours, looking for sex; I had taken to sleeping in the buff. It just made things easier for all concerned. I opened my window, turned out the lights, and climbed into bed. It was about four minutes until the girls passed by my room, giggling at some joke that I didn't hear. I heard the bathroom door, then the shower running, and then the bathroom door, again. It was about five minutes later when the door to my room opened, admitting my sister, Katie.

"Hey, sweet brother. Can I get a back rub?" Katie was looking very beautiful tonight. She was fresh out of the shower, and her pale skin still retained some of the pink hue generated by the hot water. She was wearing a small pair of lacy pink panties, and a tiny pink t-shirt that left her midriff bare. It was apparent that my sister wasn't wearing a bra, because her erect nipples stood out from her ample breasts like cotton covered pencil erasers. Her long, curly red hair was still damp, and had been hastily pulled back into a ponytail.

"Sure, K. You know that I can never say no to you. Climb on in." A brilliant smile appeared on her face, and she walked over to the bed, putting a little extra sway in her hips for me. She turned around, proudly displaying her beautiful round ass to me. Her pink panties were very small, and high-cut. The lacy fabric left very little to the imagination, as they clung magnificently to every curve. I felt my cock start to rapidly expand in response to my beautiful sibling. She laid down next to me, on her stomach, which emphasized her beautiful bubble butt even more. Katie is gorgeous, and I love everything about her, but her ass is a work of art; designed, and sculpted by God himself. I reached out, and trailed my fingers softly across the exposed flesh on her backside. It must have felt really good to my sister, because she broke out in goose bumps along the back of her thighs, and up across her hips.

"Oh, wow, big bro. That feels awesome. I love it when you touch me softly." She made a meowing sound in her throat that would have made any cat in heat proud. "God, for years I used to get so out-of-my-mind horny, and when you'd rub my back... Well, I'd be laying there next to you, and my pussy would be so damn wet. I would have to get up, go back to my own room, and finger myself until I came, all the while thinking about you just touching me. You have no idea, Jack; how much that I wanted you to be the one fingering me. I wanted you to be my first lover. I just didn't know how to make it happen." Katie turned her head, so that she could look into my eyes.

"Katie, don't you think that I wished the same thing? Don't you think that I now realize just how much time that I wasted with Amy? If I could take it all back, and only be with you, I would; in a heartbeat." My sister sighed, and I saw her eyes mist up at my confession. "You think that I never had naughty thoughts about you, while I was rubbing your back? You would lay there, and moan so fucking sexy. Damn, K, how could any man not want you?" My little sister smiled mischievously.

"So did you ever jerk off while thinking about me?" Her eyes were big with expectation, and I knew that I should lower my head, and tell her the truth.

"The truth? Yeah, K. I do." A smile spread across her beautiful face. I could tell that she this made her happy.

"Did you do it just once, or a bunch of times?" She giggled a little, but it seemed to be more from nervousness, than from amusement.

"I jerked off plenty of times thinking about you. I even pretended that Amy was you sometimes, when I was having a hard time cumming during sex." This made her eyebrows raise. By the look on her face, this was more than she hoped for.

My cock was becoming painfully hard at the close proximity of my hot little sister. I needed her desperately. I stroked my fingers across her panty-clad ass, up to the exposed part of her back. I don't even know why she bothered to put on those skimpy clothes, unless it was to further entice me. If that was her reasoning, it definitely worked. I started to slip my fingers under the delicate pink lace, when there was a knock at my door.

"Jack, I need to talk to you. Are you awake?" Oh shit, it was my dad! The first thing that went through my mind was that he knew about Katie and I, but that was ridiculous. He shouldn't suspect a thing. I quickly turned on my side, to hide my erection; and threw the corner of the bed sheet that was covering me over top of my sister, effectively covering her skimpy lingerie. It wouldn't have been out of the ordinary for Katie to be get her back rubbed while wearing only her underwear, because she flounced around the house in her panties all the time. She also never wore a bra when she was trying to be comfortable, only t-shirts, so there was no problem there. But the French cut lace that she now wore was a little more sensual that the cotton ones that she tended to wear around the house, and I didn't want to plant any suspicions in my father's mind. I started rubbing her back sedately, as if I really didn't enjoy doing it; but instead, that I just wanted to be nice to my little sister. Katie gave me an understanding grin.

"Come on in, dad. It's open." My father is a physically imposing man. All six feet, six inches of him walked in the door. I always wanted to be even taller than he was, but I seriously doubt that I will grow any taller than my current height of 6'3". I guess that I have a little too much of my mother in me. My mom, like Katie, is only a couple of inches over five feet.

"Kids, we have an emergency at home." I hate to admit it to myself, but deep down inside, I was relieved at this news. Thank god. He didn't know about our incestuous relationship. "Your great aunt Barbara is in the hospital, and it doesn't look good." I could tell by my dad's grave expression that he was very worried.

"Is there anything that we can do to help out, dad?" Katie's voice was appropriately concerned, but I knew that she didn't like my dad's aunt any better than I did. She was always overly critical of my sister, and it was plain that Julia was definitely her favorite niece. Nothing that my sister did was good enough for Aunt Barbara, at least in comparison to Julia's accomplishments. Fortunately, the two girls were so incredibly close to each other that no amount of favoritism, or discrimination could separate them. I hated the way she tried to play the girls against each other since we were little kids, so I never really liked her much either. Don't get me wrong, I didn't want anything bad to happen to her. After all, she was still family. Call me selfish, but I hated the idea of cutting the best week of my life short because of her poor health.

My sister's eyes were locked onto mine, and I could tell that she knew what was about to happen as well as I did. It was totally stupid, but I just felt an acute sense of dread. It was like the bond that Katie and I had formed with each other might vanish at the end of this vacation. It was a stupid thought, because this wasn't a fairy tale, this was real life, and real love. I was in love with my sister, and she returned my feelings with, if anything, a greater intensity. She claimed to have been in love with me for years; my love for Katie was incredibly strong, but my realization of those feelings was only a few days old. I had no rational explanation for the inexplicable sense of dread that I was experiencing, but I knew that I didn't want this vacation to end.

"No, Kitten," my dad said gently, "it's all up to the Lord now." He sighed, and I prepared for him to drop the bomb. "We need to talk about the arrangements for our trip, though." Here it comes. "The way that I see it, we have two choices. Either we can all pack up tonight, and we can all leave early tomorrow morning, or Jack can drive your mother and I into town tonight, and we can get a rental car. You kids can finish your vacation time, and drive home on Sunday, like we originally planned." This was certainly not what I expected, and by the size of Katie's eyes, she hadn't anticipated this development, either. My dad was offering us two entire days of unsupervised freedom. The possibilities were endless. Katie nodded her head almost imperceptibly.

"You want me to drive you guys into town, tonight?" I asked skeptically, still unable to believe this incredible twist of events. Katie looked like she had an intense desire to smack the shit out of me. I guess that it was a dumb idea to give my dad a chance to renege on his offer.

"Yes, unless you kids want to leave tomorrow? We kept you busy working all day today. You've only got to go to the lake once since you got here. It wouldn't be fair to ask you to come home now. Your mother and I can go back, and you guys can relax for an extra couple of days. After all, you are all adults, and we've raised you kids to take care of yourselves." I didn't make the same mistake twice. I readily agreed.

"Sure, dad. When were you going to be ready to go? I'll need a few minutes to get dressed."

"Julia and I will want to come too." Katie piped up quickly. "We can't let you and mom go home without a proper send off."

"Ok, kids. Your mother has already started packing, and I have to call AAA, and the car rental company, so it'll probably be about an hour before we can leave." My dad patted my sister's damp curly hair, and exited the room, having closed the door behind himself. Katie slowly sat up in bed, exposing an ample amount of pale freckled cleavage.

"Do you know what this means, Jack?" She whispered quietly, but her eyes were wild with excitement.

"Yeah, baby. We can finally be together without sneaking around." I kept my voice down, just in case my dad wasn't out of earshot. I was unprepared for Katie's reaction. She launched herself to me, mashing her mouth against mine with the most hungry kiss that I had ever felt.

My mind felt completely empty of conscious thoughts; rather, it was totally enveloped with my feelings of love, and lust for my sister. I wanted her, to possess her; mind, body, and soul. I may not have been her first, but I planned on being her last. The intensity of her kiss was proof that my wish had been granted. She was indeed mine. Without meaning to, I found both of my hands on her bare ass. Unconsciously, I had slid them under the sheer fabric of her panties. Since we had been underneath the same sheet, our bodies were now molded together. Only the thinnest pieces of lace, and cotton separated our bodies. It was as if someone had lit a fire in my brain, and it had burnt away all reason, leaving only my animalistic urges, that were totally out of control. Something similar must have possessed Katie, because she continued to kiss me with a passion that I had never felt from her, or Julia, until now. She ground her pussy against my hard cock with urgency, as if she had to prove her undying love to me through the most intimate of acts.

Her movements progressed from excited grinding, to a blatant attempt to mount me, despite the small scrap of a lacy barrier. I stopped devouring her mouth, and trailed kisses and nips down her cheek, to her neck. Katie never uttered a word. She just reached down, pulled her panties to the side, and slid my cock inside her, all in one smoothly choreographed motion. She sighed contentedly, as I entered her. Like always, my sister's vagina was amazingly tight, but her slick secretions made our frenzied coupling possible. My fevered brain only had one goal in mind, to cum as fast as possible. The fact that this orgasm would be achieved inside my sister, while both of us were totally unprotected, never occurred to me; or probably to her, either. She was driven by the same insane desire as I was, to satisfy the most primal of urges.

She rode me with an urgency that I had never previously experienced. There was absolutely none of the talk that usually occurred during our sex sessions. While making love, we would instruct each other exactly how that we wanted to be touched, or exactly what actions felt good. Now, she used my cock exactly the way that she wanted, she had total control, and her orgasm wasn't long in coming. The urgency of our lovemaking excited me immensely. As soon as her pussy began to contract with her mind bending orgasm, I came; dumping a huge load of my seed into my sister's belly. My orgasm was so intense that I could not keep my eyes open, to watch her face. Luckily for us, I couldn't even cry out. I just had to ride it though, until it was over. My cock stopped twitching, but she continued to spasm around me, her pussy clenching rhythmically, further milking me. Her orgasm continued for an incredible amount of time. She too seemed to have been robbed of the ability to utter any sound. Her face was frozen in silent ecstasy, until her body slumped against mine.

We both were short of breath, but I had finally regained my speech ability. I had absolutely nothing to say, however. She too said nothing, but grinned down at me. Her little pink shirt clung even more enticingly to her body, because it was drenched in our sweat. Deeper pink patches had appeared under, and between her breasts, and along her back. Since she was fresh out of the shower, she didn't even smell sweaty, it just brought out the scent of her raspberry body wash.

When she finally was able, she leaned forward, and kissed me. It wasn't the same kind of kiss that we shared a few minutes ago, it was devoid of the previous intensity, but was a little more sisterly. She stood up on wobbly legs, and adjusted her panties so that they covered her dripping wet slit. She smiled at me, but her grin looked both apologetic, and mysterious at the same time.

"I love you, Jack. More than life itself. Never forget that." With that enigmatic pronouncement, my sister turned, and walked out of the room. Both her cryptic vibe, and my premonitions about the doom of our budding relationship, dissolved the afterglow that I usually experienced after sex. The sense of insane lust, and purpose had left my mind, and the only thought that emblazoned itself on my mind was that I had just ejaculated inside my unprotected sister, yet again. If she wasn't pregnant before, she damn well might be now. The only positive thought in my mind was the advice that I gave Katie: what is already done cannot be undone.

I was lost in thought as I pulled on my clothes. It was about a twenty minute drive to town, and I had about forty-five minutes until it was time to leave. Some time within the next two hours, I would be completely alone with Katie, and Julia. My sister and my cousin. My two lovers.


I had thought that my dad would drive into town, and that I would drive the Escalade back to the vacation house. But I guess that he wanted to rest for those extra few minutes, because he handed me the keys, and climbed into the passenger side, all the while deep in thought. The girls rode in the back seat, along with my mom. Julia's hair was still damp, since she had taken a shower while Katie and I were having sex, earlier. I still didn't know how to feel about our earlier encounter. It was almost like Katie didn't care if she got pregnant, or not. I don't really think my feelings were fair to my sister, because I had been a more than willing participant in our frenzied lovemaking.

I looked over at my dad. He was so tall that his head almost touched the roof of the Cadillac SUV. He looked really tired, but I guess that he should, since he worked outside all day doing landscaping. He still had four hours of driving ahead of him, and I didn't envy him that. I had never thought of my dad as old, or as having any weaknesses. He was the toughest man that I knew. He had been a golden gloves boxing champion when he was young, and he was base champion twice when he was in the Army. My dad wanted me to follow in his footsteps, but I never seemed to have the coordination for boxing.

"Thanks for letting us stay until Sunday, mom and dad." Katie said. I glanced into the rear view mirror, and I saw her and Julia lock eyes, in a knowing gesture. They both had impish grins on their faces.

"I know that you kids can take care of yourselves for a few days, Kitten." For some strange reason, my dad had nicknamed my sister Kitten when she was only one year old. "Besides, I know that we raised you both right. We don't have to worry about you guys throwing any wild parties, do we?"

"No!" all three of us chanted in unison.

The drive to town was completely uneventful. The roads were almost abandoned. We only passed one car on the way. My mom never said a word, and I thought that she would probably sleep most of the way home. We pulled into the rental car agency, but had to wait for almost ten minutes until the agent arrived. The rental place wasn't usually open at this hour, but it was an emergency, so AAA Travel Services had called the poor guy at home, and rousted him out of bed. My dad went inside for about ten minutes, and he came out with the keys to a blue Toyota Camry. I helped my parents load their luggage into the trunk, and watched them drive off into the night. We were finally free!

All three of us climbed back into the white SUV, and headed back to the house. Curiously, neither of the girls rode shotgun, since they both piled into the back seat. I decided against listening to the satellite radio, in favor of plugging my ipod into the docking station, which played through the car speakers. Instead of my usual hip-hop, I played some Taylor Swift, which I knew to be a favorite of the girls. We were listening to "You Belong to Me," when my suspicions were confirmed. I looked into the rear view mirror, and I saw the girls kissing in the backseat. It was hard to look away, but I didn't want to run off the road, and kill us all. I heard a smack, as their lips broke apart.

I saw a lot of motion out of the corner of my eye, and a raspberry scented shirt hit me in the head, covering my right eye. I pulled it off, and tossed it into the floor.

"Hey, girls. Please keep your clothing to yourself."

"You're just jealous, Jack." Julia chirped. "You know that you want to join in." A pair of small shorts whizzed past my head, and hit the windshield. They were teal, and looked too small for my sister's big gorgeous ass to fit in, so they must be Julia's. I heard more rustling in the backseat. The there was a loud smack, and my cousin moaned. "Oh god, Katie. Use your mouth on me, you filthy whore." I looked into my mirror at the girls, and they were both gloriously naked, and stretched out on the big leather back seat, in a 69. I heard wet noises, and lips smacking. I glanced back at the road, and realized I was over the line into the next lane. I quickly swung the SUV back on course, jostling the girls in the backseat.

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