A Back Rub For Julia Ch. 08


"What the fuck, Jack?" It was my sister's voice, but instead of criticism, Katie quickly became distracted. "Oh, yeah, Jules. Just like that, bitch." I heard my sister moaning softly. It didn't take a fucking genius to figure out what was going on in the back seat.

"What the fuck, K?" Julia screamed.

"Huh?" my sister said distractedly.

"Why does your dirty snatch taste like cum, bitch?" My sister giggled.

"I guess that you aren't the only one that got a quickie from Jack today..." Katie's voice cut off with a loud squeal. "That's my asshole, slut!" I looked back and saw Julia furiously fingering my sister's virgin asshole. "Oh, god, Jules!"

Katie's back curved in ecstasy as Julia's fingers and tongue did their work. Both of my cousin's hands were working. Apparently, she was fingering both her asshole, and her pussy. Her face was locked on my sister's clit, and Katie snatch was making exquisite little squelching noises. It was too much for my little sister.

"Oh fuck. Oh fuck, Jules. You're going to make me fucking cum." Julia was laying flat on the seat, and Katie was grinding her snatch hard against Julia's mouth, as she was being fingered. My sister let out an animalistic howl when she came. The liquid sounds of her cum squirting against Julia's face, and on the leather of the seat was plain, even with my sister's screams. My cock had risen to it's full length in my shorts, and threatened to bump against the steering wheel, despite the immensity of the SUV's cockpit.

Once Katie's orgasm had died down, Julia tried to say something, but it was muffled my sister's dripping slit. Katie still humped her cousin's face furiously, not even pausing when I had to swerve again to re-adjust our course.

"Make me cum again, Jules. Please? I'm so close, and so goddamned horny." Apparently, this was not an uncommon event in their lovemaking, because the sound of my sister's pussy getting fingered never wavered. She looked so fucking wild, and beautiful. Her curly red mane was disheveled, and her face was flushed pink from her passionate exertions. Katie looked into the rear view mirror, and locked eyes with me. "Jack, sweetie, you know that I love you, right?"

"Yeah, baby. I know. I love you too." I did love this gorgeous woman, with all my heart.

"I need your cock, baby." Her eyes blazed, and I could tell that she was deadly serious.

"Sure, K. We'll be home in about ten minutes." She shook her head furiously.

"No, Jack. I mean right now! Pull over, sweetie."

"Yeah, dumbass. I want it too, and I can't wait ten fucking minutes." Julia's voice still sounded muffled, like Katie's muff was still partially covering her mouth. I couldn't believe that I was even contemplating this, but I slowed down, and pulled over onto the shoulder. I had never considered having sex out in public before, but having sex in close proximity to my parents the last few days seemed to have brought out some unknown exhibitionist tendencies. Both girls were now sitting up, and both were gloriously naked, as they sat on the black leather backseat. Julia was tall, slim, and athletic; Katie was shorter, curvier, but still in excellent shape; and somehow, both of these women wanted me. I was the luckiest guy in the entire fucking world.

I parked the SUV well away from the flow of traffic, and switched on my hazard lights. I figured that it was better to be safe than sorry, and I didn't want some truck driver to accidentally plow into the Cadillac, because he couldn't see us. I turned around, and looked into the back seat at the girls. Both of them were practically bouncing up and down with unbridled excitement.

"Don't just sit there, dumbass." Julia taunted. "Get back here, and fuck us." She didn't have to ask me twice. I started around the truck to my sister's side, but when I opened the door, it was Julia who slid out, wearing nothing but a pair of flip-flops. She gave me a crooked smirk. "What? You wanted your little girlfriend first, stud?" She took my blank expression as an affirmation. "Well, it's my turn, because that skank already came once." My cousin turned around, leaned back in, over the seat, and poked out her firm little ass. Katie poked her head out overtop of Julia's back.

"Hey slut, I was just about to cum. Why can't I go first?"

"Jack can last long enough for both of us, K. By the time he gets to you he'll be about ready to cum. You know how much you like his cum inside of you." Laughing to herself, Julia looked back at me, and smiled. She poked her ass out at me, again. "What do you need, Jack, an engraved invitation? Take me, big boy!"

I moved in close behind my cousin's tight ass, and gave it a slap.

"Oh yeah. Spank that dirty whore's ass, Jack." My sister cheered me on. The glow from the Cadillac's interior lights made my sister's pale, freckled skin shine. Her firm, ripe breasts bounced as she laughed. "Spank that bitch harder, she's been very fucking bad." I brought my hand down on her bare butt again, leaving a red hand print on her soft skin.

"Oh god, Jack. I'm such a dirty slut, and I deserved to be punished." She moved both of her arms, and lay face down on the seat, with her head tilted to the side. She brought one tiny hand around, and began rubbing her clit. I spanked her again, as she jilled herself furiously. My sister grabbed Julia by her light brown ponytail, and pulled very hard. This motion flattened her torso to the seat, and it brought her up onto her tip toes. This rough treatment elicited a gasp, and an "Oh my god" from our cousin.

"Punish her, big brother. Punish her with your big, long cock." I saw Julia's elbow moving at the speed of light, as she diddled herself. Her legs began to shake. I'm not sure if it was in anticipation of great sex, or if it was her uncomfortable position, but I'd like to believe that it was the former. I reached down, unbuckled my belt, pulled my jean shorts, and boxers down to my ankles.

"Oh god," Julia moaned, "please take me, Jack." I pushed my cock down, underneath her ass, and felt her wetness against my tip. Her pussy was sopping wet, and ready to be speared. But I didn't just want to fuck her; I wanted to take her, to possess her. I wanted Julia to desire me like no other woman has ever wanted another man. I rubbed my head between her slick folds, to lubricate myself, and pushed inside her in one violent motion. A guttural cry escaped into the night, as I violated her tight little pussy. I pulled back out, and slammed forward with all my considerable bulk, bottoming out painfully inside my cousin. The gigantic SUV actually rocked with the force that I applied to her tiny fuck hole. On the third stroke, she screamed loudly and came, her legs collapsing beneath her. I ignored the mind numbing tightness of her snatch. I continued to plow my cousin mercilessly, as she danced on her toes through her entire screaming orgasm. I patted myself on the back proudly about the small amount of time it took me to make her cum; but, I guess that her frantic fingers deserve at least part of the credit.

I tried to hold her wiggling hips in place as she danced on the spot, but I was unsuccessful. I pulled back a little too far, and I slipped out. When I pushed forward again, she was no longer standing as high on tippy toes, which dropped the altitude of her beaver slightly. I pushed forward hard, and in her new position, my forward motion made me push into her miniscule puckered asshole. I felt the wrongness almost instantaneously, but the momentum that I had generated in my forward movement could not be halted, which meant that before I could react, I had buried myself up to the hilt in her tight little sphincter.

"OH FUCK, JACK!" Julia screamed. Her tailpipe was ultra snug, since I had not stretched her out in any way, and the only lubrication that I had was what I had from her pussy. It felt so good that instead of pulling out all the way, I pulled back, and inserted myself, causing her to howl again. She struggled beneath me, but I held her down, and pummeled her ass fiercely.

"Plow that whore's ass, Jack. Give it to her." My redheaded sister cheered me on as I plundered her best friend's back door. The friction was becoming intense, so I pulled out, spread her ass cheeks, and spit a big glob of saliva into her stretched anus. It only gaped for a second, then it contracted as soon as she flexed her muscles. Katie had been perched on the seat, fingering herself, but she was so cock hungry that she could no longer only be a spectator. She climbed over Julia's back, with the look of a hungry jungle cat in her eyes. She wrapped her tiny hand over my steel hard shaft, and guided it into her waiting mouth. The difference in the sensations that I had experienced in the last thirty seconds was like night and day. I had went from the dry confines of my cousin's sphincter, to the moist enclosure of my sister's mouth.

"Oh god, K." I couldn't help but moan at the intense feeling, and at the taboo nastiness of what my sister was doing.

"What is she doing? Is she sucking your cock?" Julia couldn't see what Katie was doing, since she was face down, and beneath my sister. I didn't answer my cousin's questions, because I too, like the girls, had become lost in a sexual frenzy. I wasn't satisfied with just getting head from my sister, some primal part inside me needed to take it. I grabbed a couple of handfuls of Katie's curly red locks, and began thrusting myself forcefully into her mouth. At first, she wasn't prepared for it, so she gagged a little; she then relaxed, and received me into her mouth, with apparent joy. She looked up at me, and her eyes glistened in the moonlight as I used her. I was her brother, her man, and her lover.

"You nasty slut," Julia managed to say over top of her giggles. "I never thought Two-Condom-Kate would ever go ass to mouth." Katie couldn't reply to her best friend, and lover, since she had a mouth full of man meat. I pushed my cock all the way into the back of my sister's mouth, and I felt the back of her throat bump my head. I wrapped my right hand around the back of her head, and pushed my cock into the constricting depths of her throat. She gagged a little, but I just ignored it, and continued inserting myself deeper.

I was so consumed with fucking my sister's face, that I barely felt her move, as Julia slid out from beneath her. This left Katie laying down on her belly, with her legs bent so that her dainty feet were up in the air.. Her porcelain skin looked very erotic against the black leather upholstery. Her head hung half way out of the car, as I used her mouth like a very tight, and very wet pussy. Julia sat on the edge of the back seat, next to my sister's tiny waist. She scooted a little to the side, then pushed her right hand around Katie's beautiful ass, and began to move her hand in between my sister's parted thighs. I could tell by her motions, and by the squishy sounds, that she was fingering Katie's fuck hole with abandon.

"Use her, Jack!" Julia exclaimed. "Just take what you want from that slut, she will fucking love you for it." I looked down at my sibling, who was currently taking my cock down into her windpipe. I paused until she began to blink rapidly, and tiny tears leaked out the sides of her eyes. I pulled back, allowing my sister to breathe once again, and her eyes locked on mine, as if in affirmation of Julia's statement. She wanted to be used by me in every way possible. She wanted it rough, and she wanted it now; and I was just the man to give it to her.

"Enough foreplay, K. I want you right now." I pulled my cock out of her mouth with a slurping noise, and it stood straight out, quivering slightly, in front of the object of my desire. The only way that I could describe the look in her eyes was animalistic. She looked every bit as cock hungry as she did earlier this evening, when we both lost control of ourselves. In the back of my mind, I knew that the end result of our all consuming passions would be another bout of unprotected sex with my sister; but at that moment, I just couldn't bring myself to give a shit. Wordlessly, Katie imitated her cousin by sliding out of the car, turning her back to me, and presenting her magnificent rear end to me. She turned her head to look at me, chewed her bottom lip for a second, then submitted herself to me meekly. Her round ass swayed back and forth invitingly, and her pose displayed her puffy pink labia to great advantage. Her excitement was evident from the ample amount of wetness coating the insides of her creamy white thighs.

I moved in close to my sister, and slapped my spittle damp erection across one of her ripe butt cheeks. My engorged johnson had a satisfying weight to it, and it left a pale pink slash across her otherwise unblemished white skin. At the moment of impact, Katie let out a satisfied growl from the back of her throat, and I knew that I was on the right track towards giving her what she wanted. I gripped my cock at the base again, and delivered another heavy blow to her buttocks. She grunted in pleasure again. I had already spanked Julia's ass today, and I try not to be a one trick pony.

"Spread your legs, K." She turned to face me slightly, but without making eye contact, and moved her feet a few inches. This was not at all what I meant for her to do, and she knew it; she was trying to be obstinate. She wanted to be punished. I leaned over my sister, and grabbed a handful of her curly red mane, and pulled back on it hard, causing her to involuntarily arch her back. I then put my foot against her tiny heel, and pushed, spreading her legs generously.

"When I tell you to do something, Katie," I growled into her ear, "I expect you to fucking do it. Now you have to be punished." This simple statement elicited a groan of longing that was much stronger than her other satisfied sounds. I was definitely on the right track. "Do you know what happens to bad girls, Katie?" She shook her head. This was definitely a test, and I would not let this stand as it was. I reached my free hand around, grabbed her roughly by the throat, and wrenched her into an even more unnatural position. This had to hurt, but the noise that escaped her lips wasn't a sound of someone in pain, but of someone in ecstasy. "I asked you if you fucking know what happens to bad girls, Katie?"

"They... They get punished?" she asked hesitantly. I smiled inwardly at the look of exultation on her face. I let go of her throat, allowing her to relax out of the ridiculous position that I had bent her into.

"That's right, little sister. They get punished." I caressed the silky smooth skin on the back of her taunt thigh. She was positively drenched in her own juices. Her lubrication had not only ran down her thighs, but had liberally coated the side of the seat between them.

"Yeah, Jack. Spank that big, beautiful ass of hers." Julia cheered me on from the darkness of the back seat. I saw one of her hands working energetically between her own legs. I guess that seeing her long time sex partner being pleasured was exciting to her also.

"No... please, Jack. Don't spank my ass!" Her voice quivered in a credible imitation of genuine distress, but this was all spoiled by the inviting look that she gave me.

"Oh. Don't worry, K. Your ass is safe... for now." Her inviting look turned to a puzzled look, in the blink of an eye. I kept my grip on her hair, and swung my open palm up hard between her thighs, making direct contact with her sopping wet pussy. She screamed as she took the smack on her cooter, and her knees buckled satisfyingly upon impact.

"Oh god, Jack. Please... no. Please don't spank my tight little pussy." I silenced her with another hard smack. I felt her wetness coating my palm, and it just made the next swat hurt her engorged pink lips even more. After the third staggering blow, it seemed like she was having a hard time keeping on her feet, and she made small whimpering noises; but whether they were from pleasure, or from pain, I could not tell. I let go of her hair, and moved behind her, so I could examine her pussy closely, as it glistened wetly in the moonlight. It now looked more swollen, than puffy; and the color on her completely hairless lips had went from a flushed shade of pink, to a bright, burning red. Her clit stood out proudly from it's hood, farther than I'd ever seen it protrude before. Upon closer inspection, I saw that her cunt was twitching convulsively. I had brought my sister to orgasm by viciously slapping her cunt. I could hold myself back from taking her no longer. I stood up, and positioned myself behind my sister. Her small hand seemed to automatically reach back, and somehow found my rock hard erection, and guided it toward her dripping wet snatch.

"Put me inside you, Katie. I want to feel your pussy around my cock."

"I love you so much, Jack." The raw emotion in her voice touched me in a surprising way. Her voice sounded small, almost little girlish. My sister looked back at me, her green eyes glistening like emeralds in the moonlight. She sounded like she desperately needed me to respond to her. I stroked her back gently, in reassurance.

"I love you too, Katie. I love you so much." Her smile melted my heart. She was always a truly gorgeous girl, but she never looked more beautiful to me than she did at that moment. Her love for me showed clearly on her face. I decided at that very second that no matter what society dictated, no matter what obstacles that were placed in our path; our love would prevail. This woman would be mine, and I would be hers, forever.

Katie turned her face away from me, and I felt her tiny hand guiding my cock. She rubbed me a couple of times along her slit, to properly lubricate me, then she pushed back into me slowly. I felt some resistance at first, then I slid in, an inch at a time. It was still very snug, but after our quickie just a little over an hour ago, it wasn't as brutally tight as it usually was. She was very wet, and her warmth crept up my fuck stick until she could take no more of me inside. I could still feel the residual spasms from her earlier orgasm. She seemed to pause for a moment to adjust to the feeling of being so completely filled.

"Oh fuck, Jack. It feels so damn good when you're inside me. I wish that you could be in there all the time" I silently agreed. I didn't know to proceed. Should I go fast, or slow; hard or soft? She took the decision away from me when she began repeatedly impaling herself on me, hard and fast. I grabbed her hips, and tried to match her motions. "Fuck yeah, Jack. Just like that, baby." I moaned as I felt her start to milk my cock rhythmically with her cunt muscles. This red headed sex goddess knew exactly how to push my buttons; after all, she was my best friend, and my sister.

I peered into the confines of the Cadillac's back seat. The interior lights of the SUV would never do for Hollywood lighting, but the image of my athletic cousin masturbating on the black leather seat, would have fit well into any Hollywood produced porno. Her deeply tanned legs were spread so that one leg was over the back of the seat, and one leg was in the floor. She had leaned back against the door, so that she could make use of both of her hands at once. Her fingers on her left hand were making little circles on her love button, and the first two fingers on her right hand were plunging in and out of her fuck hole. She chewed her bottom lip while in deep concentration, but her eyes remained locked on our scorching hot, incestuous lovemaking.

"Goddammit Jack, give it to me harder. I'm about to cum!" My sister's pussy did seem to be getting tighter, and wetter. She started pushing her ass back into me faster, so I quickened my pace, and put more force into my already brutal strokes. I grabbed a fistful of her curly red locks, and pulled until her neck bent back. We were fucking so hard that our sweaty skin made loud slapping noises when our bodies met. It was lucky for both of us that Katie had an ample ass, otherwise both of us would have been black and blue from the force of our impacts.

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