A Back Rub For Julia Ch. 08


I started to feel something strange in my nether region. Usually when I am really pounding my sister's pussy, I bottom out, because I am a little longer than she is deep. This means that the head of my penis gets bumped very hard repeatedly against her cervix, causing me to become slightly numb; therefore, I become slightly less excited. Usually, slow and steady is the way to make me cum. But now, even as I felt myself to bottom out mercilessly, I began to feel strangely excited, instead of numb. Grabbing her hair must have worked for Katie, because as soon as I pulled her head back, her pussy really started clamping down on my thrusting cock. If she wasn't already cumming, then she must really be on the edge. I figured that one more thing might either push her over the edge, or at the very least would make her cum harder. I took my free hand off of her hip, drew my hand back, and slapped her ass cheek as hard as I could. There was a very satisfying smacking noise, and I knew that it must have hurt her, because my hand stung like hell.

"OH FUCK," Katie cried out at the top of her lungs... and she came. Her insides went into frenzied contractions, which were in no way her usual rhythmic twitching, that were designed to milk a cock of it's semen; but these were insanely intense, and her spasms seemed to envelop her entire body. Her body seemed to seize up, from head to toe, and become rigid. If I wouldn't have been holding her close to me, she probably would have fallen. I had a simple solution to this problem, I let go of her hair, grabbed her by her waist, and pinned her body beneath mine to the SUV's seat. Her cum squirted out covering my legs, the black leather upholstery, and it even sprinkled on the ground around us. I continued to stroke into her as best as I could, but at the same time, I felt my own orgasm approaching like a runaway train. I gritted my teeth to try to keep from cumming. Katie loved the sensation of my hot cum splattering against her insides, and I knew that in her present state that she might not even notice my orgasm, let alone enjoy it. But her wild orgasm took it's toll on me, and I felt my cock begin to jerk, and I poured my hot seed into my sister's greedy belly.

"Oh fucking shit, K," I moaned. I couldn't even continue stroking, I collapsed against her, and just let the spasms of her orgasm suck the semen out of my erection. Julia seemed not to be able to be a spectator any longer. She opened her door, rounded the white SUV, and dropped to her knees beside of us.

"Pull out, Jack. I want to taste you." It took a second for my body to respond to what my mind was telling it to do. Finally, I regained my footing, and pulled out of my sister's still twitching cunt. Julia was eagerly waiting, and as soon as there was sufficient space, her head darted in, and her mouth sucked in my sticky, wet rod. She moaned deep in her throat, which would normally have felt really good, but in my sensitive post-orgasmic state, it was just too much. I pulled back, and my cock slid out of her throat. "Goddamn Jack. You both taste so fucking good together." Her tongue darted out, and she licked across my stomach, and down around to my balls. She continued her tongue bath, since there was an ample supply of Katie's cum splattered across my crotch, and legs.

"It's your turn now, slut," Julia said. My cousin turned around, the dirt from the shoulder of the road being ground into the tender skin on her knees. She tugged a little on my sister's rounded hips, to adjust the angle, then she latched her mouth against Katie's tiny fuck hole, and proceeded to try and suck all of our combined cum out of her. I saw her throat working, like she was swallowing an ample amount of our nectar. It was one of the sexiest fucking things that I ever saw. My tanned, athletic cousin was sucking my seed out of my pale, curvy, redheaded sister. This scene excited me so much that I started to regain my flagging erection. Julia positively hummed with satisfaction, and she went about her task of cleaning my sister like it was a good paying job. She licked, and kissed every inch of her beautiful pussy, sexy legs, and magnificent ass. Finally, she seemed satisfied, and she gave my sister a playful swat on the butt. Katie seemed oblivious, though. She still looked like that she was lost in the afterglow of her own powerful climax.

"Do you kids need any help?" What the fuck? Both of our heads snapped around to focus on the interloper, but Katie remained oblivious. The deep voice belonged to a friendly looking man, who appeared to be somewhere in his late forties. He wore a blue pair of work pants, work boots, and a white t-shirt. I now noticed what I had failed to see during Julia's cum eating spectacle. There were two headlights shining brilliantly from a pickup truck parked not twenty feet away from the back of our Cadillac. The man's eyes were wide with surprise. Whatever he had expected to find when he pulled off of the road, I don't think that he expected us... doing this.

"Hello, sir." I looked at Julia, who seemed to be relaxed, even though she was stark naked, and her face frosted with both male, and female cum. A mischievous smile played at her lips, as she took in this helpful stranger. "We really aren't in need of any assistance right now. We just stopped on the side of the road to have a little fun with each other." The man chuckled to himself.

"Well, you guys sure do seem to be enjoying yourselves." Julia's smile seemed to disarm any caution that he might have felt at discovering three completely nude strangers, who were unquestionably having sex with each other by the side of the road. He returned her smile, which was hard for me to do, since my now flaccid johnson was out in plain view, and was pointing towards the ground. "I though that you guys might be broken down out here, and I thought that you might need some help." He chuckled again to himself. "But you guys seem to have everything..." he laughed again, like he just couldn't help himself, "um... under control." The stranger seemed to be blushing at our predicament, his red hue might have even matched my own.

"Well, thank you for stopping, sir." Julia said. Then her smile turned from teasing, to something a little more predatory. "Is there anything that I can do for you, maybe, to thank you for stopping?" She licked her lips in an unmistakably erotic gesture. It was a clear invitation from a beautiful naked girl with a face full of cum. The stranger smiled back at all of us.

"No, thank you, miss." He held up his left hand, and the twinkle of a gold band was plain in the illumination from his truck's headlights. "But if I wasn't married..." He shook his head, as if he couldn't believe that he was turning down such an attractive offer. "Have a good night guys." He laughed again, good-naturedly, and turned his back on us, and walked back towards his truck. The stranger opened his door, got in his truck, and pulled onto the road. He gave us a final wave, then he was nothing but a pair of tail lights in the distance. I heard both of the girls start giggling hysterically. Apparently, Katie wasn't so out of it that she didn't know what was happening. Julia was hugging my sister around the waist, neither seemed able to stand on their own.

"Come on ladies, lets get out of here, before the fucking police show up." This seemed to make them laugh even harder, and suddenly I joined them, as the tension of the moment drained away, leaving nothing but the three of us standing naked in the cold, looking ridiculous.

"Damn, Jack. I think that she's going to have a bruise on her ass where you hit her." Julia rubbed her hand gently over the red handprint on Katie's rump.

"Mmm. That's ok, Jules." Katie said. "He can bruise me anytime, just as long as he makes me cum that hard." The girls exchanged knowing looks, then they both turned to me, in unison, and smiled. I didn't know what that was all about, but I really didn't care. Since I was no longer close enough to the girls to share any of their body heat, I was getting cold. Luckily, my erection had abated. I pulled up my shorts, walked around to the driver's side, and got in. The girls had totally stripped off their clothing, so they just gathered up the couple of items that had fallen out of SUV, and climbed into the backseat; as naked as the day that they were born.

It took us only a little over ten minutes to reach our destination, but it was a struggle to maintain concentration. Exhaustion seemed to overtake me all at once, and the girls didn't help me out at all. Katie still seemed to still be partially out of it, and just stared blankly at the roof of the Escalade. Julia had laid down, and put her head in my sister's lap, and seemed to be snoring gently. It was a beautiful sight, and if I hadn't been so goddamned tired, I might have enjoyed it.

I pulled into the drive, and the girls slowly evacuated the vehicle. They shuffled listlessly into the house, without even bothering to take their clothes with them. We proceeded to our parent's bedroom, and climbed into the king sized bed. I stripped down in record time, and found myself nestled between the two most beautiful, and amazing women that I have ever known. Sleep must have come swiftly, because I don't even remember dozing off. The last thought that went through my mind was that I was one lucky son of a bitch.


I want to give a huge shout out to my friend, and editor, Sandy. If it wasn't for him, the last few chapters that I put out wouldn't be half as good. He has helped me in so many ways. He not only corrects my atrocious grammar (thank you Detroit Public Schools), and gives me a sounding board for ideas, but he gets me to focus on what is truly important in this story: the characters, and the readers. Thanks a million, Sandy!

I would also like to bring attention to a great story, from a great author. Please read "Siblings With Benefits," by Lovecraft68. It is a really good character-focused story. If you like the rough sex between my characters, you'll definitely enjoy his work. But it is more than just sex between siblings, it has a very romantic undertone throughout, and wonderful character development. It's in my favorites, if you want to find it quickly. Enjoy!

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I was waiting for someone to stop at the sight of the hazard lights - growing up in a small farm community people are always stopping if they see what might be a car broken down or whatever, so yeah, Imore...

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