A Back Rub For Julia Ch. 09


"What do you mean by re-think? Are you dumping me, Katie?" His sister's eyes grew large at this question.

"No! Not at all, Jack." Jack exhaled the breath he had been holding, but the lump in his chest refused to go away. "I just think that we might want to reconsider our exclusivity as it pertains to Julia." Jack thought for a moment, but it still didn't quite make sense. No woman would ever propose what he thought she meant.

"So you think that all three of us should be exclusive with each other?" She nodded. "So instead of you and I being a couple, we would be a threesome?"

"It's called polyamory, Jack." Katie's eyes sparkled as she warmed to her subject matter. "It would be an exclusive, committed relationship, just like any "normal" relationship; except that in a polyamorous relationship, there are more than two participants." Jack had actually heard the term a couple of times before. "All of this is, of course, dependent upon Julia actually wanting this kind of relationship." Could this all be a joke? Jack looked for any sign that his sister was trying to mess with his head. She wasn't laughing, though. In fact, he hadn't seen her look this serious in a long time.

"K?" Jack paused to try and get his words to come out correctly. "Are you OK with that?" She looked at him flatly. "The polyamory thing?" Katie did not answer right away. That was a good sign. At least she was really considering the options, not just telling him what he wanted to hear.

"Well. To tell you the truth, I'm not quite sure." She paused, not for emphasis, but to collect her thoughts. "I was just barely getting used to the idea of you being mine. I love her... and I love you... so maybe we could make it work. I mean, Julia and I have been sharing you anyway." She blushed a little bit when she said that, as if she was a little scandalized by her own behavior. What about you, big bro?" Jack thought for a second, but came to no conclusions. He could not really see a downside for him, but he had a duty to consider not only his own well being, but also the happiness of both the girls.

"I dunno, K." That was the honest truth.

"Do you love her, Jack?" Katie's expressive eyes clearly showed her inner turmoil.

"I'm not sure. I think I get what you meant earlier. I do know that I love her. She has always been special, kind of like a second sister to me. But if you are asking me if I feel the same way about her, as I do about you, then I'm honestly not sure." Katie paused for a full minute before she spoke. She curled up next to her brother, and laid her head on his shoulder.

"Jackie, if you remember correctly, you reacted the exact same way when I told you that I loved you." She let this statement sink in for a few seconds. "Even if you aren't in love with her now, do you think that you might be able to fall in love with her over time?" Jack pondered this question. He thought about all the good times that the three of them had experienced together; not only throughout this week, but through his entire lifetime. If Katie was the most important person in his life, Julia had to be a close second. The more Jack considered this possibility, the more logical it became in his mind.

"I will tell you the same thing that I told Julia a few short days ago: I am open to the possibility." The tension seemed to drain out of Katie with his answer. Things were going to change very soon. Jack didn't know if the changes on the horizon would be good, or bad. He knew only one thing for certain; he and Katie would deal with whatever that life had in store for them together.


Thank you to everyone who waited patiently for this chapter. I know that it has been a long time since I last posted anything. I hope that it was worth the wait. The next chapter will be along a lot sooner that this one, as I have figured out how to write and work at the same time. There will be one more chapter in the "Back Rub" series, which will take the characters to the end of their vacation. There will be a sequel series, tentatively named "Three Is A Magic Number." This will be a look at how their complicated relationship affects their daily lives, and will deal with college, parents, and the way people will react to them being together.

I have a couple of special shout-outs. First, I would like to thank my editor, and friend Sandy for all his hard work. This series would not be the same without him. He has helped me so much. The second person that I would like to thank is another Literotica author, Lovecraft68. If you haven't read his series, "Siblings With Benefits," you should check it out. He is an excellent author, and has given me a lot of encouragement along the way. You can find him in my favorites. The third person is my Aussie friend, Phill. He has given me a lot of encouragement also, and has helped me to look at this story from many different angles.

Please don't forget to vote, and leave comments. If you like, you can send me feedback. I try and answer all my emails quickly, and will gladly answer any questions. Thanks again.

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by BogartsBoss12/01/13

I have a simple rule

I have to care about the characters in a story if I'm to read chapter two and beyond.
You have written this well. I want to know what happens to Jack, Katie and Julia.
I want their threesome to work.

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