tagErotic CouplingsA Best Friend Will Cum When You Say

A Best Friend Will Cum When You Say


After five hours of non-stop talking over a bottle of whiskey, Andy and Gina both fell into a contemplative silence. They had been best friends for years and were just as comfortable sharing their deepest thoughts as they were sitting quietly next to each other. Gina was actually thinking more about what he had said about how much our environment affects our behavior, when out of nowhere he said in a low steady voice, "do you ever wonder what it would be like if we were together?"

The question took her by surprise, but she answered quickly and honestly as she was used to communicating with him in a more open way than anyone else, including her own boyfriend. "When we first met I was intrigued and excited about how much we had in common, so I fantasized about it a couple times, but after awhile I realized that we have something so much more valuable than sexual chemistry." She said 'sexual chemistry' in a mocking tone as she looked over at him with a sly smile. The meaning of sex and relationships was their favorite topic to debate, and the one they vehemently disagreed about. He was a hopeless romantic who was always spouting off about how people can find everything they need in one person as long as they are willing to commit and work hard to break down the barriers between them. Gina, on the other hand, was much more cynical. She did not get her heart broken easily and moved from one relationship to another without much thought. She had decided that believing one person will be perfect for you would only lead to disappointment and had since occupied herself with many activities and friends to fulfill any absences she felt in her own relationship.

Andy leaned back and sighed as he knew this was leading into a battle of wits, which is exactly where he didn't want the conversation to go right now. Gina, excited by his obvious frustration, kneeled next to him and tried to annoy him by driving her point home. "It's not that I don't think your handsome," she said as she teasingly cupped his face in her hands, "it's just that being friends and having great sex together can be two completely different things." For example, she thought, her and her boyfriend didn't have much in common, but he drove her wild in bed. Sometimes when he came in through the door after work she could barely say hello before she got on her knees and started hungrily sucking on his huge perfect cock.

Suddenly, without acknowledging her comment, Andy grabbed Gina's arm and pulled her onto his lap. Instantly she felt the commanding bulge through his pants that was meant to tell her that they should be much more than friends. "So what your cock can get hard for me," she thought, "that doesn't mean we would jive in the bedroom." Personally she always took him for too much of a conservative; a lot of slow kissing and missionary style sex, which made her cringe. Still, she didn't move from the precarious position he held her in.

Made confident by the warmth he felt under her dress, he ignored her resistance and pulled her face towards his so that their noses were touching. He made no move to kiss her, but looked her square in the eye and said clearly, "The first thing I would do if you were mine is pry open those thighs so I could look at that little pussy of yours I've thought so much about. I would just move your panties to the side and use the tip of my tongue to trace every curve of that pussy. When I knew your pussy started getting wet for me I would bury my nose inside you so I could smell your sweet juices and press my nose hard in your clit until I felt you squirm in pleasure."

She couldn't believe he had the balls to speak to her this way. In all of their drunken adventures and late night talks he had never crossed the line. In fact he never even so much as called her pretty. But the idea that he had been thinking of her pussy this whole time excited her so much that she forgot herself and started pushing herself against his painfully hard cock that was still contained by his pants.

"I would pull you on top of me just like you are now and rip off your bra so I could finally see those perfect breasts of yours." He moved his gaze from her eyes to her chest and continued, "one at a time I would caress and pinch those large brown nipples until they turned bright red and pointed straight at me." Unconsciously she was sticking her chest towards him so that her breasts were practically touching his mouth. She could feel her nipples tingling as if he were really grabbing them and they popped through her white dress to give him the only vision of what he wanted so bad.

"Then I would continue to squeeze one nipple while I took the other in my mouth. Your tits would taste so good I would try to have them both in my mouth at the same time." "But ultimately," he said, finally looking up at her again with an almost frightening expression she had never seen before, "I would just want to see those titties bounce for me while you rode my cock." He placed his hands on her hips and forced her to move up and down on his lap. "Your pussy would be so wet for me I would slide into you before you even had a chance to think about it. I would hold it inside you and push so deep until I found that place that made you blush and then I would pull out and wait for you to beg me to put it back in."

"I would never beg you," Gina said with her typical defiance.

"Maybe not with your words, Andy said, "but I know for a fact you would grab me and force me to be back inside you once you had a little taste."

She couldn't tell if it was a good thing or a bad thing that he knew her so well, but at this moment she still couldn't give in and she restrained herself from reaching inside his pants so she could take him in her mouth like she wanted to so bad. Instead she stayed in her position on his lap and said, "whatever, if we were actually together you would be the one begging me for more once you knew what it was like. Yes, I would grab your cock but I would shove it in my mouth, not my pussy. I would take you as far back into my throat as I could to make your dick as hard as possible. Then I would take it out and just flick my tongue on the tip of your head to taste the droplets of precum that started dripping out."

He laid his head back and started moaning at the thought. Always one to be encouraged by his positive reinforcement, she leaned into him so she could flick his earlobe with her tongue and imitate what she would do with his cock. Then she whispered to him, "I would use my hand to slowly jerk you off into my mouth. Just enough for you to get my lips really wet, but not enough to make you cum." The thought of having his dick all over her mouth was making her so horny she was pushing her pussy so hard against his pulsating cock that she felt she may be bruising herself. "Finally, " she said, coming up so her lips were right over his, " I would go down and start sucking on uour balls one at a time until you begged ME to let you push your eager dick inside my warm pussy." Triumphantly she sat straight up and watched him in his obviously desperate situation.

He picked his head up and said in an aggressive voice she had never heard before, "obviously you dont know me well enough honey because if you were dumb enough to play with my cock like that then I would not ask permission to do anything to you." On that note he picked her up and turned her around and revealed her plump ass. Her panties were still on but hecause she was wearing a thong he had a full view of the ass he had stared at in her jeans so many times before. He squeezed her ass cheeks as hard as he could and started pumping his cock onto her pussy as if he was really fucking her. " I would bend you over this couch and fuck you so hard you couldn't stop screaming. Stunned by his unexpected move, she stayed with her knees on either side of his legs and took it while emitting a quiet moan and secretly wishing he wouldn't stop as she could feel herself about to climax with a mixture of sheer pleasure, nervous excitement of what he could do next, and an overwhelming urge to feel him completely inside her.

He leaned back and watched. Her panties were so thin and his cock so forceful that he had pushed her panties inside her and she could feel the tip of his cock sliding past her lips. As soon as he felt her pussy quiver and soak the inside of her panties, he gave up control and released all the tension hed been holding onto for years. She wanted so badly to unzip his pants and allow him to fully enter her but she thought about the devastating consequences of losing her boyfriend and possibly her best friend too. As of right now she convinced herself there was nothing wrong with their little conversation about hypotheticals.

As her body was still recovering from the convulsions she leaned forward and closed her eyes and he saw that the burst from his cock was so strong that had leaked through the zipper of his pants and turned her black panties white. Indulging in the beautiful mess he had created, he at least knew their relationship was changed forever.

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