A Brand New Year


He stood in the center of the party drinking from a bottle of Coors Light. He wore a black t-shirt and pair of faded gray jeans and converse sneakers along with a Flyers cap hat and had a go-T. 25 year old Mike had been invited to this new years party by his best friend Danny who he had known since the 10th grade in high school and he had been looking forward to it since October. Work had been a royal pain in the ass and he had been looking for a time and place to get completely drunk beyond belief and this new years eve party was the time and place to pull it off. He had brought his girlfriend but no sooner then they had arrived did she disappear into the crowd of people to begin her night of binge drinking like always. Mike had been dating Michelle for two years now and not a lot of people really seemed to like her all that much, she was loud, obnoxious, rude and bitchy and she didn't seem to treat Mike with a whole lot of respect either.

His friend Danny walked over to him. "Mike, what's going on man?" he asked and they shook hands. "Not much dude...it's been forever!" he exclaimed and Danny laughed nodding his head. "Forever is an understatement buddy, listen I'm glad you could make it here tonight" Danny said over the loud music. They continued talking and catching up on missed time and Danny introduced him to his new girlfriend Samantha. Samantha was a beautiful young woman with a sexy body, pretty blue eyes and shoulder length blonde hair. She had a great personality and really seemed like a nice girl for Danny but there was something a little off about this girl.

Something was different about her and Mike couldn't quite seem to figure out just what it was that was different about her but it was definitely noticeable to him. Samantha walked off into the kitchen to make sure that the people drinking out there and playing beer pong weren't causing to much trouble or anything and that's when Mike saw her. Standing across the room in the corner was a beautiful woman around the same age as him with long silky smooth brown hair, dark brown eyes, an incredible body and a smile that seemed to light up the entire room. But just like Samantha there was something odd about this woman too, Mike didn't spend a whole lot of time trying to figure it out though. Instead he worked his way across the room towards her. "Hi I'm Mike" he said and she smiled at him and shook his hand "I'm Alison" she said. "But you can call me Allie". They started talking and laughing and before he knew it an hour and a half had passed by of them talking and laughing and drinking together before she made her way to the bathroom and Danny approached Mike from behind.

"Dude I need to talk to you real quick, come with me" he said pulling Mike off towards the door and outside the apartment into the empty quiet hallway outside. "What's wrong man?" asked Mike. Danny looked like he was having trouble trying to figure out what to say, he cleared his throat and took a deep breath. "You uh...you were talking to Allie huh?" he asked. "Umm...yeah, why is that okay?" he asked concerned.

"Yes it's fine" said Danny. "It's just there are a few things about her you need to know...do you like her? Like...like that I mean?" Mike didn't quite understand what the issue was but he nodded his head. "Look if this is about the fact that I have Michelle...she's not going to care...she's cheated on me twice already she just doesn't know I found out about it yet, I was planning on telling her that I knew real soon and ending this shit all together" Danny shook his head. "No, Mike that's not it...umm...listen..." he trailed off. "Allie isn't really your typical girl...she's not really that much of a girl at all really uh...I mean she is, she is by all regards she is all woman but there's something different". Mike shook his head "Dude just get to the fucking point"

Danny nodded "Okay...Allie is a Transsexual...or more so a Transvestite as she dresses as a woman but doesn't take any hormones or anything like that"

The initial shock kicked in right away of course but with the booze flowing through him it wore off pretty fast and Mike almost wanted to laugh. "Your kidding me right? That's a bad fucking joke dude" he said cracking a smile. "No, Mike I...I'm not joking" Danny rubbed his forehead in frustration. "Alison is a transvestite" he repeated this time in a more serious tone of voice then before. Again the shock hit him like a ton of bricks, how was that at all possible? Sure there was something off about her but she was beautiful, she looked like a real woman, smelled like a woman, sounded like a woman...how could she possibly be a man?

"How do you know? I mean...did someone tell you this? Cause you can't just rely on some bodies word" he said sounding a little angry now. Danny took another deep breath and this time he seemed twice as nervous and took a swig of his beer. "Look...can I tell you something without you getting really, really mad at me?" he asked. Mike waited patiently "It's cool...go ahead" he said. Danny took another swig of beer and turned his back on Mike and moments later blurted out "Samantha is a Transsexual and she's been friends with Alison for years now...they know everything about each other because they grew up together and she is the one that told me about Alison". Now it made sense...partially anyway. He wasn't sure why but Mike felt obligated to believe Samantha over anybody else, perhaps because he had noticed the same strange differences between her an other women as he had noticed with Allie and other women too. His train of thought broke and his attention returned to Danny who had obviously been worried about his reaction to him dating a Transsexual woman. "Dude...it's cool man" he said placing his hand on his shoulder in a reassuring manner. Danny smiled and nodded his head "I don't mean to scare you away from Allie it's just I felt like you deserved to know before you try to make any moves on her" he said.

Mike nodded his head thanked him and they stepped back into the apartment.

He proceeded to grab another beer and an hour later he was feeling pretty drunk sitting on the couch staring across the room at Alison who was smoking a cigarette and talking with one of her friends. She kept glancing over at him and smiling back at him and he would smile at her again and finally she put out the cigarette and walked over to him, sitting down on the couch next to him.

"See something you like?" she asked in a seductive voice as she leaned in close to him. "Yes I do actually" he said slurring just a little bit as she moved closer to him. She didn't really care how drunk he was because at the moment she was feeling pretty drunk too so it seemed pretty appropriate to make a move and that's what she did. "You know what I am right?" she asked. Mike nodded his head and she smiled seductively "Curious?" she asked him. Again he nodded his head and she placed one hand on his left cheek and leaned in to kiss him. "You know what they say" she whispered. "Curiosity killed the cat" and with that she closed the gap between their lips and their mouths connected in a deep kiss. It was like electricity going through them, Mike suddenly felt like he was in love with this person and he'd only just met her a few hours ago. She slid her tongue into his mouth and they French kissed caressing one another and exploring each others bodies before standing up. They stood making out and she took his hand and led it down her side to her hip and down to her crotch and he got a feel of her growing bulge in her panties. She broke the kiss smiled at him and took him by the hand again and proceeded to lead him down the hall to an empty bedroom and they slipped into the room shutting the door and locking it behind them before returning to their kissing.

Clothes were being pulled off as they collapsed into the bed Mike now only wearing his boxers and Alison wearing nothing but her panties. She started sucking, biting and licking his neck she had found his weak spot and she realized it and took full advantage of it leaving a large hickey on his neck. She slid down a little removing his boxers along with her panties throwing them both to the floor she got into 69 position with him and she was on top her ass in his face and he finally got a good look at her huge cock as it dangled in his face.

He moaned his body tensed up as she wrapped her amazing wet lips around his hard cock and took him all the way to the back of her throat swallowing him whole. He ran his hands up and down her ass and her hips as she sucked his cock and the musky aroma filled his nose turning him on even more and he found himself reaching up and taking her cock in his mouth. He heard her moan softly and felt her body begin to shake a little and continued to suck her cock while she continued sucking his. He was surprised it didn't taste half bad at all, a faint hint of urine but nothing that repulsed him or anything like that and being so drunk made it easier to adjust to this situation a lot quicker. Five minutes of going down on each other in 69 and finally she moved off of him her cock sliding out of his mouth and his out of her mouth and she turned around to kiss him on the lips. She broke the kiss and started humping him rubbing her ass against his hard cock, her eyes never left his until finally he felt a feeling of tightness around his cock and realized he had slipped into her.

She lowered herself down slowly taking him in inch by inch until he was buried up to the balls in her hot tight asshole and she started grinding on him moving up and down and taking him in and out. She moaned and so did he, he grabbed at her hips and bit his lower lip trying not to cum to soon but her ass was so tight it felt incredible and it was hard not to let go and cum before he was ready. Once he'd adjusted enough to prevent himself from Cumming to soon he got a tighter grip on her hips and started fucking her harder now. She bounced up and down on his hard cock moaning and breathing heavily the entire time as was he the sound of her ass coming down and meeting his own hips made a loud slapping noise that echoed through the bedroom. Finally he bit his lip and with a grunt he felt himself let loose and he started to cum long and hard pumping his load deep into her hot tight asshole, she threw her head back and moaned at the feeling of his cum flowing into her.

She leaned down kissing him on the lips their tongues danced together as his orgasm subsided and his body began to relax. Finally she lifted herself up off of his cock and started kissing him all over the chest, moving her tongue in circles around his left nipple before taking it in her mouth. She bit licked and sucked his nipple then began sucking and biting just above his left nipple leaving an even bigger hickey then the one she had left on his neck.

He moaned his cock becoming hard again and she grabbed hold of it stroking him until he felt like he was going to cum again and then she stopped and smiled at him. "Now it's my turn" she said pushing his legs apart and moving between them she lifted them up to her shoulders and found a bottle of lube in the dresser next to the bed. She applied plenty of lube to her cock as well as his asshole and with that leaned in a little the head of her shaft pressing against his tight virgin asshole. He was nervous as hell but she kept running her hands up and down his chest in a soothing manner trying to relax him and help him calm his nerves before she started. Finally she gave a slight push and the head of her shaft popped right into his asshole without any trouble at all thanks to all the lubrication she had used. He grunted a little at first but took it easily and a few moments later she began to ease herself into him inch by inch until the entire length of her 7 inch cock was buried deep inside of his asshole.

Alison waited for him to relax and adjust to the feeling of her big cock in his asshole and while she waited she took advantage of his weak spot again. Kissing, licking and sucking his neck, he moaned as chills ran up and down his back at the feeling of her warm wet tongue and lips against his skin and while he was lost in the sensation of her tongue against his neck she pulled about halfway out then slammed right back into him.

He grunted a little but barely paid it any mind still distracted by the feeling of her mouth against his neck. She pulled back again and thrust in once more this time he felt it but he was so aroused that it wasn't painful at all to him. A third thrust into him and he actually let out a moan, the signal she had been waiting for to let her know that he really was ready to be fucked. With that said she bit down hard on his neck and he gasped, it hurt but he didn't mind biting and it actually fed his arousal as she began thrusting in and out of him. she was pounding away at his ass her cock moving in and out of him and they were making out while she continued to fuck him her sweaty balls slapping against his ass every time she thrust into him.

They were coming up on five minutes of hardcore fucking when finally she started to moan really loud. "Ohhh fuck" she moaned. "I'm going to cum!" she exclaimed and he moaned to grabbing at his own cock and stroking it as her thrusts became more and more intense until finally she nearly cried out in pleasure slamming all the way to the hilt in his ass and holding her position as her cock exploded pumping her cum deep inside of him. The feeling of her cum filling him up was very arousing to him and it was enough to throw him over the edge. His own cock gave a twitch and he moaned loudly as he exploded shooting cum all over his chest and stomach, Allie smiled at the sight.

Once he had finished she pulled out of his ass her cock becoming soft again as she began to lick his cum off his stomach and his chest moving her tongue up and down and swallowing all of his cum. She lay down beside him and outside the room they could hear people cheering and shouting. Glancing at the clock they noticed it was 12:05am, New Years Eve was over and the first of 2012 had finally arrived. What a way to start the new year Mike thought to himself, he had started off the new year with a life changing experience with someone he felt like he was in love with after only knowing them for a few hours now.

They should have gotten up and dressed and returned to the party but they were both so exhausted and the alcohol was wearing off by this point. No more then ten minutes after they had finished up they were both knocked out, sound asleep in each others arms.

Mike woke the following morning his face buried in the pillow which smelled like cheap perfume and cigarettes. The first thing he noticed was a sharp throbbing pain in his head, the beginning signs of a bad hangover. The second thing he noticed was the dull pain in his ass and the odd taste in his mouth. He tried to remember the previous nights events but his head felt like it was going to explode and he just couldn't remember to save his life. Groaning he lifted his face off the pillow and looked around at his surroundings, he wasn't in his room that was for sure which meant he had never left the party at Danny's house.

So what had happened?

Rolling over slowly in the bed he found Alison laying beside him still sound asleep and completely naked underneath the sheets and that's when everything came rushing back to him. All the memories from the previous night hit him at once, getting wasted, finding out that Danny's new girlfriend was a Transsexual, hitting on Alison, finding out from Danny that his girlfriend was Alison's best friend and that Alison was a transvestite. Making out with Alison on the couch, coming into this bedroom with her and having some of perhaps the best sex he had experienced in a very long time. He remembered that she had given him an amazing blowjob and he had enjoyed doing the same to her while they were in 69. He remembered fucking her in the ass and he remembered very vaguely allowing her to have her way with his ass and really finding it to be a lot of fun too.

One would think the only reason he had enjoyed it all so much was because of how drunk he had been the night before but oddly enough now that the alcohol had worn off he didn't feel embarrassed, ashamed or regretful of any of the things he remembered doing with her the night before. The bed shifted as she turned over beside him and slowly opened her eyes looking around the room in confusion and then her eyes fixed on him and she smiled faintly.

"Morning" she whispered and he smiled at her. "Good morning" he replied. She sat up slowly and ran a hand through her hair which he realized then as she tried to fix it that it wasn't actually her real hair at all...it was a bit strange but he didn't mind it. "You okay with what we did last night?" she asked and he took a deep breath and nodded his head. "No problems at all...I don't remember a whole lot but from what I do remember I enjoyed it" she smiled and leaned in to kiss him on the lips. They got out of bed and started putting on their clothes, discussing the previous night as they got dressed and then he remembered Michelle had been at the party with him. As if on cue a knock came at the bedroom door and they both froze "Mike are you in there!?"

It was Michelle.

"Uh...y-yeah, I'm here" he said back. "What the fuck are you doing? I've been looking for you all night!" she yelled sounding very angry with him. He sighed and shook his head "I got pretty drunk and I ended up passing out...someone must have brought me in here or something like that and just put me in the bed...I'll be out in a few minutes" he said hoping she would buy his excuse. Thankfully she must have because she didn't say anything after that and he heard the sound of footsteps moving away from the door. "That was close" said Alison. "She is a bitch isn't she?" she asked and he chuckled nodding his head.

"So" she said softly. "Am I going to see you again?" she asked. He put on his Flyers hat and turned to face her wrapping his arms around her and pulling her close to him he smiled and kissed her passionately on the lips sliding his tongue into her mouth. She felt her cock becoming hard again in her panties as they stood there making out. Mike broke the kiss and she laughed "You better stop that or I'm going to have to rip those clothes off and bend you over that bed" she said in a joking voice. He laughed and pulled away from her "I might like that actually" he said giving her one more quick kiss on the lips. He looked around for a pen and paper and found what he needed handing it to her "Your number?"

She smiled and scribbled down her phone number and name and handed him the piece of paper. A few more minutes of kissing and they both proceeded to sneak their way out of the bedroom, Mike leaving first so that nobody would see them coming out together and put two and two together and figure out what happened.

Mike left the apartment that day with a very pissed off and bitchy Michelle but he paid no attention to her attitude or ranting as they drove home. His mind was to distracted by his experience with Alison from the previous night and when the next time he would get to see her would be.

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