tagNon-EroticA Celebration of Black Power

A Celebration of Black Power


The name is Damon Edwards. A tall, good-looking young black man living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. And I'm surrounded by the fakest people on the planet. They're everywhere I go. At the library. At school. At church. At the Westgate Mall. Like I said, they're everywhere I go. Must be something in the water or something. As a brother who's keeping it real, it's getting increasingly hard to live. I try not to let these haters get to me, but there are too many of them. And they try too much shit. What's a brother to do?

At my favorite hangout, the Brockton Community Library, there is this broad named Lucinda, a fifty-something red-haired white woman with thick glasses who is the fakest of them all. I think she's one of those old guard feminists from the movement's golden days. A man-hater who embraces white womanhood and despises men and ethnic minorities. She must really hate living in the city of Brockton, a city where non-whites are now the majority. She seems to despise all males and all non-whites. The only people she shows kindness or appreciation to are her fellow white women. I think there are a lot of racist white women like her around. And they're the motivation behind the actions of racist white men. A few months ago, a racist white guy went on a rampage in Brockton. He wanted to kill as many non-whites as possible. He killed two Cape Verdean women and seriously wounded a third person. He's now in police custody. I hope he dies in prison. Preferably in a gruesome manner.

A lot of white men and white women are getting in touch with their inner racist these days. And I seem to be the only black person who knows it. I've always been on the lookout for racist people. Most people think of an angry white male when they imagine a racist person. Few people would dare imagine that the most racist people on the planet are white women. They're the ones motivating white males in those neo-Nazi and white supremacy groups. And these days, female memberships in racist groups is at an all-time high. That's what law enforcement officials and sociologists are trying to hide from the American public. The fact that white women are far more racist than white men.

I've always known this. I've seen far too many fake-smiling white broads in my day. I see a lot of black men in relationships with white women. And I pity these men. Say whatever you want about the black woman in America but she's the most refreshingly honest of all women. If she hates your guts, she'll make sure you know. She won't hide it from you. She's loud. She's opinionated. And she's fearless. And that's just the way I like my women. It's hard being a black male in America. Black females need to be strong because they're the foundation of the black family. Without them, the black community is doomed. So when I see a black woman who's angry, I imagine that she has a reason to be. White women smile all the time because their lives are easy. White men made sure of that.

I see a lot of interracial couples at my school, the University of Suffolk in downtown Boston. Black men and white women. White men and black women. White men and Asian women. White men and Hispanic women. White women and Hispanic men. White women and Asian men. These couples come in all shapes and sizes, and definitely all shades. They claim to be progressive. That they can see beyond race and appreciate each other as true human beings. I think they're all lying to themselves, that racial harmony is a sham but I could care less.

Some black people think racism is dead just because a black man is President of the United States. I don't think so. You see, I think racism is genetic. I think people are genetically programmed to hate and fear anyone who's different from them. That's why people from rival tribes, nations and continents have been warring for thousands of years. That's why the Jews and the Muslims hate each other. Not because of religious differences. That's why white people hate all non-whites. I don't care what they say. They hate anyone who isn't exactly like them. If you don't have blond hair, blue eyes and alabaster skin, you're not cool in the eyes of white men and white women in America. That's just the way they roll.

A lot of people criticize me because of my views. I'm a law student and I very much want to be a district attorney someday. Perhaps even a lawmaker. I want to be the first lawmaker to ban racial profiling in any city or state in the United States of America. Cops hate black males. And black males hate cops. When the cops go out, I think they have a quota to meet. They must arrest or harass a certain number of black males that day otherwise they will get spanked by their precinct captain, or forced to haul the entire department's trash for a week. That's why they do what they do. Orders come from high up the ladder of command in all police stations. They must harass and intimidate black men otherwise they're not doing their jobs. Black cops on the police force are forced to prove their loyalties to the department by beating up some random black man on the street. Their way of showing that their allegiance is to the police department instead of their fellow black man, whether he's guilty or innocent.

The racist white men and racist white women in America are aided in their cause by what I call the Familiars. The Familiar is that black person who is perfectly comfortable being subservient to white people. He or she loves to submit their will to white authority. They don't like to see other black people progress or achieve success. They think success is the white person's dominion. Those blacks that fall into the category of Familiars are the true enemies of the black race. They're the infiltrators that racist white people use to hurt the black community. We shouldn't trust these Familiars. We should remove them from our midst.

At Suffolk University, I found a few kindred spirits. Young black male and black female college students who wanted to help their community by being high-achieving intellectuals. We need more black men and black women to become doctors, lawyers, scientists, and all manners of luminaries who make our community and our race look good. We've got enough professional athletes, entertainers and roughnecks. We need more intellectuals. I have become a mentor for many of the high-achieving black students at Suffolk University. The best of them I welcome into the Brotherhood, a secret society of black men and black women in collegiate America. We join forces against racism in higher education. To join the Brotherhood, the black male or black female student must be a high-achiever with a clean record. Also, he or she must swear total allegiance to the black people. We don't accept people with misguided loyalties into our midst. Black guys and black chicks who reject their fellow black men and black women by being with outsiders aren't welcome among us. All others are cool. We've got to stay strong and avoid infiltrators and betrayers, you know. The Brotherhood exists on college and university campuses across America. We've been around since the early 1900s, at historically black colleges and universities across the country. And we plan on being around for the next hundred years, and beyond.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous03/21/14

You have issues dude!

Samuelx, for the sake of humanity, please stop writing!

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by Anonymous02/15/14

Wow, Samuel! Racist much?

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