tagText With AudioA Dangerous Environment (NonConsent)

A Dangerous Environment (NonConsent)


Hello all my naughty boys and girls of Literotica! What you're about to hear is my entry into Literotica's Earth Day contest. I've wanted to do a non-consent reluctance audio for some time now and this seemed like a great opportunity. There are actually three voices in this one. One is a male voice, however he is the sheriff taking my statement about my ordeal and there are only female voices during the juicy bits. I'm looking forward to hearing what you guys think about this audio and about the format that I used, since it's a bit different. I love getting you off, making you smile and hearing about how you enjoyed my audios, so please leave comments, send feedback and let me know! And don't forget to vote by clicking on the stars that are under the text, giving me the number of stars you think this audio is worth. Of course, I love those five star votes!

One of the characters in the audio is named Trista Dixon and she is based on a character from my favorite television show, Justified. If you're a fan of the show, you know all about "Ellen May." When I started working on this, I just had to make Trista like Ellen May, so Trista also has a Southern accent. For those who don't watch the show, Ellen May is not the brightest crayon in the box. I'm not saying all Southerners are stupid. I was born and raised in the South, even though I don't have much of a accent usually. The thing is, I just couldn't do Trista without the accent. So, she's southern and she's rather gullible.

**NOTE: In the text portion of the dialog, Trista Dixon's lines are presented in italics and Sheriff Cardwell's lines are presented in regular font.**

And so, I present to you A Dangerous Environment (NonConsent)

* * * * *

Click Here to listen: .mp3 format or .ogg format. (35.5 min/mp3)

* * * * *

Thank you Sheriff Cardwell. I don't know how long I was stumbling around in the woods until I found the road. And your squad car was the only vehicle I saw for hours, it seemed like.

Yes ma'am. Well, since you didn't seem to be in any immediate medical danger, I thought it would be best to bring you back here to my office and take your statement. There's a hospital over in Sunnyside that can tend to your cuts and bruises.

Okay. Um...I'm not sure where to start.

Let's start with your name, birth date, address and phone number.

Trista Dixon. March 4th 1985 um... I live at 13 Southeast 24th Avenue in Portland.

Phone number?

Oh yeah...um. 503-719-5757

Now, Ms. Dixon. I know this may be difficult for you, but I'm assuming you were assaulted...


Do you know the person who assaulted you?


Pardon me?

It was three people. And know their names. Wes, D.J. and Corrine.

Do you know their last names?

No, but I know the organization they're a part of. That's how I met them. I just wanted to help.

Alright. What was the name of the organization?

The...um...the Biological...Diversity, and um...Sustainability Movement. I'm pretty sure. We just used the initials.

The initials? BDSM?

Yes sir.

Hmmm...ok. So, how did you end up in Mount Hood National Forest.

Environmental activism. We were out there to stop anyone from cutting down the trees. We were going to tie ourselves to the trees in protest.

Ms. Dixon...you DO realize that you were in a national forest, don't you?

Yes sir.

It's illegal to cut down trees in a national forest. It's a protected area.


It seems they brought you out there under false pretenses.

Yes sir.

Tell me what happened after they brought you out there.

I went first.

Pardon me?

I got tied to the first tree. Corinne had me take off all my clothes and kneel down in front of the tree and then had Wes tie my hands behind the tree.

You allowed him to tie you, naked, to the tree?

I thought Corinne would be next.

Just a moment, Ms. Dixon. Your clothes were ripped and dirty. How did that happen if you willingly took off your clothes?

Well, later on, DJ threw my clothes into a briar patch.

I see. So, what happened after your hands were tied?

That's when Corinne told me about the initiation.


Into the organization. She said I had to be initiated.


Yes sir.

Right. And then what happened?

Well, that was when I started to realize that we might not be out there just to protect the forest...

Please enjoy the rest of the story in audio format.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous12/29/14

love it

Oh my god you mack this Audio sound so good like im there

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by Anonymous11/20/14


I came so fucking hard,


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by Anonymous09/04/14

Im glad it was more reluctance than nonconsent

I was afraid that I would ease time listening to this story, but it was both funny and erotic.I have never liked literotica audio stories. This totally changed my mind. I thought the nature sounds weremore...

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by Anonymous06/02/14

let me tell you

I usually think the text audio part of literotica is shit but this is amazing!!!

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