tagNonHumanA Dark Love Story

A Dark Love Story


This is one of my favorites. I felt like I had to polish it a bit. Thanks!


Do wicked things love? A few years ago I would have said no. But now I couldn't. I know better. I myself am not a wicked girl, I was raised religious by strict parents. I went to church every Sunday, I believed then, as I do now in a benevolent power that watches over us all. I try to live a good life. But I have done an evil thing and I do not regret it. So every night I say my prayers for myself, and for the things that I love best.

It happened on a Friday in the late spring, the fields had just been planted and the weather was still too cool to go outside without a jacket. I was returning from class. I teach the second grade at a small school in a very small town. I live in the Midwest, in a rural area. It is a small community, I fit in well here. Even though the weather was cool the sun was shining and it was a good day for gardening. I had half a flat of marigolds that still needed to go into the ground.

I got home and changed into some outside clothes. I made my way straight to the little yard shed behind my house in my large open yard. When I look back now, I can see that he did not even really try to hide. He must have been much worse off than I thought he was.

I could smell the blood before I saw it. The thick metallic scent hung in the air around the shed and I saw the smear of a hand print on the door and I paused long enough to grab the garden rake beside the shed. Now I would never do such a thing, I know better no. The action seems foolish to me when I look back. But I didn't think of it then. The only thing that concerned me then was the blood on my shed door.

I saw the child first, he was playing with my blue watering can and some other small things he had collected on the floor of the garden shed. I dropped my rake and rushed forward to scoop him up. I thought stupidly that he was the one that was injured although he was nowhere near tall enough to make the hand prints I had seen on the shed door. I nearly dropped him again when I saw the child's jagged teeth and pointed ears. The little boy was just a toddler and he babbled a little looking up at me with wide, uncertain eyes.

"Put down my son."

The voice had a silver edge to it as the speaker slid from his hiding place behind the shadowed door. I turned to dash out the door but I saw him. He stood behind me blocking the open door way, effectively preventing my retreat and I spun with the child in my arms to look him in the eye.

He was a taller version of the child I held, although his face held none of the openness I saw in the child. He watched me warily, like an injured animal. He held a strange, jagged knife in his right hand, while with his left he clutched his chest and bloody shirt. I could see where blood had darkened his pant leg and dripped onto the floor, however, if he was in pain from his injury he gave nothing away.

I looked at his face and even in my terror I could tell would be striking if it had not been scowling was now hard and calculating. He had the most beautiful mocha skin I had ever seen. His clothing was strange, in cut and style. His hair was a dark forest green and hung at jagged angles across his face. His smile made me cold inside. He was unlike anything I had ever seen before.

"Who are you?" I demanded as the little one grabbed fistfuls of my hair and watched us both solemnly.

"I am the last thing that you will ever see if you do not return my son." He answered darkly.

"You are not going to hurt him then?"

The creature's eyes dilated and darkened as he glared at me, the color of his eyes turned from a sea green to the color of murky water. I could feel his offence, his absolute incessant anger at the mere suggestion of anything hurting the child.

I shook my head at my own lunacy. I was crazy! Yet I could think of no way I could justify leaving a child, regardless of what manner. Nor could I leave his injured father in my garden shed.

"You'll both be better off in the house, this is no place for a child." I said this hotly hiding my fear with shortness. I placed the little one back on his feet and took hold of his hand. He held my first two fingers in his little hand without hesitation. Unlike his father, the little one's hair was silky and black and it was tied in a tail behind his neck like a little girl's.

I marched up to the creature with his child tottering along beside me and stood before him while he appraised me with his bright eyes. I could see clearly that he was thinking about my death. He growled low in his throat, drawing back his lips in a snarl to reveal his shining, golden teeth. I did my best to look unimpressed, but the shaking of my hands gave me away.

"Very well" He consented slowly as though it gave him great pain. He glanced once behind him, towards the open fields before stepping sideways to allow my passage.

He followed behind me gazing one way and the other, he held his strange sword before him, ever ready. When I turned the deadbolt on the side door, he took hold of my arm and shook me until I met his gaze.

"Lock any other doors. Anything they can get into."

I did as he asked, although I sorely wanted to ask him who 'they' were. I left the child in the kitchen with his father while I went through the house shutting windows and locking doors. I returned in a few minutes with a first aid kit and some stuffed animals and children's books for the child.

The little one murmured happily to himself as he went to the toys I placed on the floor while I attempted to help the injured creature in my kitchen. There were stab wounds to his chest that were not serious, although they bled a lot and were frightening to me. There were many across his arms as well. He had been in a fight, and recently.

His body was strong and lean. He was masculine in a way I had never known a man could be, my eyes wanted to linger on him but I schooled myself and treated his injuries the best I was able. With the exception of the one deep cut along his abdomen most the rest just looked superficial. Still the sheer number of them was alarming.

"What did this to you?" I crouched at his side dressing a little knife wound that would not stop oozing. I finally decided to break the stony silence we had mutually been contributing to.

The creature glanced over my shoulder to the child who was peeking out from one of the dining room chairs dragging a stuffed lion behind him. His face softened just a little.

" It was Druids. Zavier wandered into their woods, he knows he should not, but he is young. I can not watch him when I am hunting. Their woods are sacred to them, they will track me now until they kill us. I can not take them all." The last sentence he spoke harshly.

"Why would druids kill a child?" I asked in alarm as I turned to gaze at the strange little child who was now prodding at the books on the floor.

The beautiful creature scoffed and shook his head. "You know nothing of our world, do not pretend to. We are considered unnatural to them. Although that in itself is foolishness. They dislike us because they do not approve of what we are."

"What are you?"

"Dark Fey, Goblins, Shadow Fairy, the name is unimportant, but all refer to the same thing." He flourished a hand to the little one and lazily back to himself.

I raised my hand to stop him.

"So druids want to kill you both because your little boy wandered into their woods?" His story sounded even more bizarre to me as I heard the little one's trilling laughter from the next room.

His tolerance waned and he rose and began pacing the kitchen floor. He glanced from window to window. "I have no interest in explaining every manner of fey relations to you, suffice to say that you are standing between two sides which hold great animosity towards one another and will antagonize each other, even eliminate each other if possible."

"Where is his mother?" I watched as Zavier looked at the pictures in one of the books I had given him.

The Dark Fairy reached out and took hold of my arm, his touch was like electricity and I nearly cried out. His eyes narrowed as he looked into my own and his handsome face twisted grotesquely. I felt him growling from the pit of my stomach. "She has no interest in him. She does not want him, but he is my son."

I nodded my head, I had no doubt that this creature would die for his child.

"The two sides you mentioned before? The ones I'm standing between. Which side are you?" I asked softly, but my eyes were steady, already knowing the answer.

"The wicked one." He returned in a low sultry voice.

His gaze drifted back to the little boy in living room, Zavier was crouched before the stuffed animals on the floor, he was bent over as toddlers sometimes will. He was stabbing at the stuffed toys on the floor with rapid precise motions. He used the t.v. remote control that he had retrieved from the coffee table. A look of glee filled his little face as he giggled, I noticed as I gasped in alarm, that he looked to his father for approval.

The Dark Fairy smiled his chilling smile and nodded to Zavier, the warmth of his approval made the child stab faster. As I looked at Zavier I knew he would grow up to be deadly, I felt as if I had a tiger cub in my living room.

"That is normal for our kind." He stated by way of explanation as he watched his child.

I wanted to be alarmed, or disgusted at Zavier, who, having grown tired of stabbing my poor stuffed giraffe came skipping towards his father. "Kreja!" The child called out in a beautiful, clear voice, he held his arms up to his father who pulled him into his embrace and smiled at him with genuine affection.

But I wasn't alarmed by Zavier I thought he was wonderful.

"Did you have a chance to feed him?" I asked with resignation. The Dark Fairy's chilling face faltered as he looked for just one instant, confused, before he shook his head.

I nodded and turned towards the fridge.

"What are you called woman?" He was so proud, so arrogant, I almost didn't answer him.

"Katie" I added while I bent into my fridge. "What are you called?"


I had not been expecting guests. Much less a Dark Fairy and his offspring, so we all ate hot dogs. Eben would occasionally glance out the window but seemed mostly unconcerned. "They will begin looking for us again in the morning, they will conduct their rituals tonight. I will leave at first light." He spoke shortly in gruff little commands as he ate.

As the evening passed, the dark fairy moved restlessly from one room to the next. He infected me with the same restlessness I felt on the approach of a storm. He seemed amused that I sat upon the floor playing with Zavier, who was adorable, and happy, if not a little unsettling with his strange smile. He had his father's sea green eyes and lovely mocha skin.

Zavier had decided that I was acceptable after seeing me in the company of his father for so long. By the end of the night we were fast friends.

"He does not like many." Eben commented from somewhere over my left shoulder.

"Then I am fortunate." I replied as the little fairy held up his arms to me, it was late and he was getting tired. His father watched intently as I lifted the child easily and felt my heart flutter as Zavier laid head on my shoulder as if he could not possibly hold it up another second. "Let me show you where you can sleep."


Much later I heard my bedroom door open, and I knew, with that sense that women have that it was Eben. He moved through the darkness, as if he loved it, as if he was a part of it.

I could feel him standing just at the edge of my bed, looking down at me, listening to the sound of my heart as it began to race. I remembered the way his body had looked while I dressed his wounds

"Are you frightened?" His voice was as dark and low as the night itself.

"Yes" I gasped, holding tightly to my covers.

"You should be." He chuckled softly.

"Where is Zavier?"


I tossed back my covers, and looked up towards the direction of his voice.

"Katie." He was upon me and suddenly, his breath hot and his kiss needful. His hands rent at my clothing, tearing them off my body. I moaned into his neck as his hands roamed over me. My own hands clutched him, I am sure I must have hurt him as I gripped his arms and clawed at his back, with all of his cuts. But he did not seem to mind.

He entered me forcefully, he was large and very aroused and I whined a little before the pleasure hit me. His pelvis ground against mine as he fucked me, and I let my body respond to him. His fingers yanked at the ties on my braid until it came loose and the fairy grabbed great handfuls of it. Eben bent his head and bit my left breast, hard enough that I knew he had drawn blood with his golden teeth, his bite lessened and he drew on the wound, combined with his thrust it was deeply erotic and I came screaming and yanking his dark green hair.

He kissed me, in a gentle way, when compared with his actions just moments before. I could taste my blood on his lips. "Not done yet are you Katie?" He whispered it softly, right in my ear and I could hear the playfulness in his voice.

"Do you worst." I answered.

I possessed by some strange impulse, some need this creature awoke in me. I wanted him. I wanted every part of him. I wanted him to have every part of me. I closed my lips around his tapered ear and he groaned before he shoved me back to the bed and flipped me onto my stomach.

"On your knees."

I did as he asked, and he was in me again, growling deeply and just as rough. I gripped the head board of my grandmother's cherry sleigh bed as he gripped my hips and we both grunted and moaned as he fucked me . He reached forward and yanked my hair hard and I was right there again. I called his name as I slammed my hips back into him and panted as he held me up.

"You're very eager little Katie, a pity I don't have more time with you." He kissed the back of my sweaty neck nipping softly.

"Still we aren't done yet. I moaned at his words. I had never cum so hard in my life, now twice in one evening, it was more than I could process. I leaned back into his hard body.

He pulled out of me and rubbed his fingers across my swollen slit and then back across my anus. I stiffened but Eben continued on, after a moment I began to moan. I gripped his thighs, they were strong and taunt as he lowered me deftly onto his erection.

I truly screamed as he entered my backside. I thought I would die from the pain of it until he was completely in me. I gasped while he gave me a moment, just a single moment to to catch my breath before he began to thrust into me. It was uncomfortable at first. Then, beyond the pain, there was pleasure and beyond the pleasure there was freedom. He came and brought me with him higher and higher until I was sobbing.

He lowered me to the bed and lay next to me, after the rough way he touched me I was unprepared for the way he pulled me carefully beside him. Eben kissed my lips before letting his head drop back to the pillow. "You're a fine fuck Katie." I knew him enough by now to know he meant it as a compliment. I did not take offense

"Not so bad yourself." I replied slowly, contentedly as I patted his smooth hairless chest.

I slept for awhile then. The deep comfortable sleep of satisfaction and warmth, the sleep of safety

He jostled me awake two hours later. The sun was just peeking over the horizon. "Wake up Katie, wake up."

"Whhaa?" I struggled to process what he was saying.

"Katie the druids are here, they have already crossed the wards I set, they are within a mile of us." He spoke clinically but quickly as he gathered the clothes he had scattered on the floor just hours before.

I was awake instantly now and I threw back my covers. "I'll get Zavier for you." I grabbed for the robe I kept hanging on the door.

"No." He grabbed my arm as I flicked the light switch.

I stared at him, His face was flinty and hard, "They will kill him. They are tracking me, if I can lead them away, or if I die, they will have no idea where I left him."

I grasped the implications of what he meant as he buttoned his shirt. "Oh, Eben. Surely not!"

He lunged at me and pinned me to the wall, my feet dangled an inch of the ground as he bared he teeth to me. "They will kill him first and terribly. I can not fight while I hold him. They do not see him as you do, only as an abomination. We are both abominations to them. Do not ask me to watch him die, or leave him out in some abandoned hollow to starve." His face was steel but his eyes were anguished and although his hands were bruising my ribs I wrapped my arms around his neck.

"Oh, Yes Eben, ok."

He closed his eyes tightly, for an instant. "I am grateful." He whispered fiercely and lowered me down to the floor. Eben embraced me tightly before shoving me back and hurrying out into the hallway while I trailed behind him.

"What do I do Eben?" I asked as I frantically tied the sash on my robe.

His smile was rueful. "The best you can. He will begin hunting soon, small animals and things, don't let it worry you. He will want to play with knives and that is fine as well. Don't let him go into the deep woods until he is much older. As he grows he will learn to walk among your kind without being so obvious" He gestured vaguely to his ears as stood up and came to me giving me one last kiss.

His voice was hurried and pained, but his eyes were steady, even as I began to sniff. "Don't let him play with Iron. Ever. That is bad for our kind. If he gets sick give him tea made from ginger root." He turned towards the door.

"Wait! Don't you want to say goodbye to him?"

He turned back to me with anguish written across his face. "I can't. I can't bear it. As he ages, raise him to know I died well."

"Perhaps you will come back?" I asked openly weeping for this creature I hardly knew.

"I do not think so. But if it is possible I will. I had not expected your tears, Zavier will be fine." He turned and dashed out the door.

I locked it and watched him run through my yard towards the open field. My body was sore from his touch and his son slept in my spare room as Eben willingly ran to his death.

I dried my eyes and dressed. It was hard to face my bedroom again but I was strangely focused now that my priorities had changed. Drastically. In the course of fifteen minutes. I wondered if it was akin to finding out you were pregnant. I peeked in at Zavier. He lay motionless on the bed, his hair mussed up, wrapped up in a yellow blanket. His clothes were folded neatly at the foot of the bed.

As I looked at him a fierce instinct rose up in me. I knew that nothing would harm that child while I lived.

I shut his door quietly behind me and walked back to my front room. Perhaps ten minutes had past since he left my house and as I gazed out my window I realized that I could see Eben in the distance, fighting in the field, just on the edge of the tree line. I made a low guttural sound and pressed my face to the window.

It was in the distance and I couldn't see well but I could tell that he was injured, just from the way he moved and I could see the druids that surrounded him. There may have been more at the beginning but now I could only see only three. It chilled me when I saw one of them stab Eben with a long knife.

I made another choice then, one that altered the course of my life and of Zavier's, If I hadn't left, it is likely we both would have been dead within the hour. I peeked into Zavier's room and found him still sleeping, impulsively I kissed his forehead. He smelled like fresh cut grass. I went to the kitchen and got a large carving knife. I walked out the front door and locked it behind me.

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