A Dark Love Story


I could hear them fighting, they were less then eight hundred yards from me and I walked quickly, in dim light. I was wearing my slippers and the grass felt cool and damp against my toes, from the way the air felt it would be a warm day.

The druids had gotten very close to my house indeed, two bodies littered my property along the far west side, back by the woods. For once I was glad I had no neighbors. I could see where he had tried to lead them away from my house.

I was doubly glad now that I had come outside. If Eben was not successful, they would certainly know where he had hidden Zavier, and I could not allow that. I walked forward listening to Eben cuss in his beautiful bird like language while the two remaining druids screamed back at him.

Yet by the time I reached them, the battle was nearly done. I had passed a total of six bodies on my march through the field to reach them. However Eben had been correct, he could not take all of them. Two remained, dressed in lovely green robes. One was young and pretty, a female, badly injured and the other a male tall and strong. I will remember their faces always.

Eben lay upon the ground, blood oozed from a dozen deep gashes and covered the left side of his head. His jagged sword lay behind the druid who towered over him. Eben's eyes grew wide as he saw me and he strained, but to his credit he said nothing, or we both might have died.

"Sit down Analla, rest." The tall one said to the injured young lady, she did, stepping back from him only a bit to sit upon the turned soil on the edge of the field. She watched Eben warily. She was about my age, and I would have felt guilt if she wasn't hunting my child.

The druids became aware of me and I gave them my very best performance.

"Oh thank God! Thank God! He broke into my house!" I ran up to them wide eyed and panicked, I began to tug at the tall one's robes frantically He turned to me in alarm and gripped my wrist where I held the carving knife.

"He is a wicked thing!" I shrieked pointing at Eben. "He was outside my house I saw him!" A look of recognition crossed the druid's face.

"There, child. Be at peace, return to your home, this will be over soon." He patted my hand dismissively and although he took my carving knife and dropped it on the ground beside him, he released my arm.

That was what I needed him to do. I needed that distraction because I bent towards Eben's sword.

"You mustn't let him have his sword again." I said even as I stooped to grab the hilt.

I have never held a sword before I held Eben's. I was surprised by how heavy it was. I slid it into his body and was surprised by the effort it took, and the terrible sound it made, the sword, knife really went in much farther than I expected. His blood splashed hot onto my hands as his face took on a look of utter amazement. He dropped the sword he held in his hand as his companion began to shriek.

I turned to her quickly scooping up the carving knife as I went. I am not proud to say that I killed her. Or that I killed either of them, but I would do it again, for Zavier.

I turned back to Eben, the air was heavy with the metallic scent of blood and it was splattered everywhere. I tried to wipe my face and only managed to smear it around.. "Are there any more?" I asked and was surprised by threat in my own voice.

He looked at me with shining eyes. "No Katie, you dispatched the very last, you look stunning with blood in your hair."

I winced at him.

"Zavier is by himself. I'll help you up, before I start to figure out what to do with these druids."

"They will return to the earth. Their bodies will dissolve in a few more minutes." He coughed and spit out a mouthful of blood.

"Thank God for that then. Are you ready to come home?"

He stared at me very hard for a moment before he gave me his stunning dark smile, the one I would come to love. He held out his hand.


Zavier is six years old now, his development in many ways mimics that of a regular six year old. Except that he stalks and kills small animals, rabbits and squirrels and the like. I will never have a cat now, but it is a very small price to pay. I have taught him how to read and speak English, we are still working on writing it. He is learning it at a much earlier age than his father did. He has never lost the sweetness he had as a babe, but I can see his father in him as well, although I must add honestly that Zavier does have awful temper tantrums when he is upset.

Zavier began calling me "Masja" within the first six months. Eben made certain I knew it meant 'mama' in his tongue. I am the only mother Zavier has ever known.

Zavier and Eben have been trying to teach me fayden, the tongue of fey, this is in preparation for the baby. I have been learning it in little bits since Zavier was a toddler but some of the words are still difficult for me to say. Zavier is eagerly awaiting his sister. He has great interest in having a playmate and has specifically expressed interest in teaching her to hunt much to his father's amusement. Zavier makes us both very proud

I wear Eben's mark upon my left breast. It is permanent now, a sign of mating in his world. Eben has not changed much. He has a terrible scar across his chest from his fight with the druids, but he is still the same terrible, wonderful, proud creature who came to my home three years ago. He is as fiercely protective of Zavier and of me and he provides for us and cares for us. I have found his love defined in many wonderful ways.

I have learned much about living with dark fairies. They are affectionate to the things they care for, they are fond of puzzles, and they are extremely possessive. Eben has not grown any gentler as time has past, nor would I have him be. I have belonged to him from the moment he touched me. I crave the rough way he fucks me and the way he makes me scream his name into my pillows, although often now after we are done, he will caress my belly and feel our child moving inside.

Sometimes he will place his head against my belly and speak to her. She hears her father's voice and I feel her stir in response. I have known it was a little girl for a few months now. Eben says that is not unusual with fey, the old blood is strong. Her name will be Saskya.

I lay in bed every night next to Eben, curled against his side with the sweat of our sex drying on my body. I pray for my soul, and for Eben's and Zavier's and now for our baby's. But I do not pray for forgiveness, for I do not regret my actions. If I had to, I would do it again, a thousand times if necessary. I would do anything to protect my family. I love them, my wicked things.

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by Anonymous

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by kelliebuchaanan05/08/14


But very, very satisfying! Really enjoyed reading this story but I'm not sure I could pin point any one reason. It's quick without compromising storyline and reads as though its a reminisce of a memorymore...

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by Anonymous02/05/14

Needed... A little more...

It was good but it needed more story to it, more plot, more... Just more... It was rushed and it didn't seem to flow like an actual relationship, it needed more building blocks, and it needed to be longer...more...

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by Anonymous11/24/13

5 stars

Yes stirred many emotions ;-) I like the way he fucks her.i like my men like that

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by Anonymous11/18/13


Though it was rushed, it stirred many emotions c: five stars~

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by Anonymous09/08/13

I loved it.

Five stars!!!

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