tagRomanceA Dream Vacation Ch. 03

A Dream Vacation Ch. 03


I recently had a reader tell me that writing more stories wasn't always the way to become a great writer because a truly great writer takes the advise of others and fixes their mistakes. With that in mind I've redone this story paying more attention to the mistakes I had made and hopefully made it even better. You let me know ... Ghostwalker

Chapter 03 -- The Last Day ... or Maybe Not

When JP awoke the next morning Vicki was still curled up against him and the events of the previous day flooded through him. This beautiful woman, who was desired and fantasized about by millions of men and women had given herself to him. She had told him that she wanted to have his children, not just one child but multiple children, and that she wanted to be with him and him alone. They had talked and shared hopes and dreams, failures and disasters, and made plans together for most of the night until they had finally fallen asleep in each others arms.

Now the light of day was shining in and for the briefest of moments JP wondered if he could possibly be this lucky, yet the proof was lying in the bed next to him. Slowly he slipped from the bed and entered the bathroom. Some of Vicki's clothes still hung from various hooks and rails throughout the room and the smell of her perfume lingered on them causing his cock to harden just as it had before and he wondered how Vicki felt about morning sex.

Exiting the bathroom he found that he didn't have to worry about that since Vicki was already awake and the covers from the bed were kicked off exposing her body with her legs spread wide. "I woke up from the most erotic dream and realized that the only thing I wanted right now was you in me filling me with your cum again. Think you're up to it?" she teased.

JP leaned over and grabbed Vicki's ankles, spreading her wider as he climbed onto the bed between them as she pulled her knees up to her chest. "I think I've died and gone to heaven" he murmured at the fantastic sight of Vicki's nude body beneath him. A thick drop of precum formed at the head of his cock and slowly fell to land on her pubic hair. JP then rubbed it in with the underside of his cock, matting the soft hair of her bush before patting her swollen clit with his shaft. Then just like the first time he slid the big cockhead along her hot pussy lips, leaving a glimmering trail of precum.

Vicki began to move beneath him. "Fuck me, darling. Fill me with that hard cock of yours and cum deep inside of me. Make me a mommy just like we talked about. Fuck me!"

JP placed his cock against her entrance and slowly eased it into her steamy depths as she sighed beneath him.

"I didn't realize that I'd still be so sensitive this morning, lover. Just go nice and slow until I get used to having you in me again. That's it ... nice and slow. Don't stop. Just keep going until you're all the way inside of me. Then we'll take a break until my poor little pussy gets used to you."

JP did as Vicki asked until he finally felt the tip of his cock press against her cervix and his scrotum nestled against her buttocks. JP looked at her, "You're mine ... all mine..."

"Mmmmmmmm, yes I am."

JP pressed his hands into the mattress on either side of her and began to slowly work his cock in and out of her pussy while Vicki wrapped her sexy legs around him, locking her heels on his pumping ass as she looked up at him with eyes filled with desire and ...??

JP continued to slip and in and out of Vicki, his breath quickening with each thrust.

"Yessss, that's the way I need it. Fuck me hard, darling."

Hearing "darling" come from Vicki caused JP to look at her. Not just at her face and body but to look deep into her. Suddenly he knew the answer to a question he had been afraid to ask. "Vicki, I know this is going to sound cliché right now but I Love You."

"Yessssss, my darling, my lover. I was afraid to say it, thinking that you'd run, but I Love You too," she panted. "AAaagghhhh ... fuck me, JP."

JP leaned down and kissed her passionately before descending to her breasts and start sucking on one of her nipples.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm, yessssss, suck my nipple, suck them and pull on them with your lips, see how hard they get and how the areola gets all bumpy when you lick them. It's like electricity flowing directly from my nipple to my pussy each time you play with them," she moaned. "Yesssssssss, fuck me baby, oh god you feel so fucking big right now, fuck me, make me cum. Fuck me ... fuck me ... fuck me hard. Fill my pussy with your cum. I want you to fill me so much that it drips onto my ass. Push it in deeper, JP. Fill my pussy with your cock."

Soon she could feel he had his entire length thrusting into her as JP grabbed her ass and pulled her to him.

"Oh ... yes ... my ... love ... fuck ... me ... hard ... yes ... fuck ... me ... fuck me."

JP knew he couldn't last much longer, "Vicki, I can't hold back much longer I'm going to cum soon." he yelled

"Now, JP ... now. I'm ... cumming ... toooooo ... fill ... meeeee ... fuck ... meeee ... give ... me ... our ... baby ... aaaaaaaAAAGGGGHHHHHHHHH."

JP and Vicki reached their orgasmic peaks together, thrashing and pulling at each in an effort to never let the feeling stop until they slowly descended and found themselves wrapped in each others arms. The room remained silent as each thought of the 'three words" that had been spoken by each until they both began to talk in unison.

"JP, did you really mean what you said ... I mean about loving me?"

"Yes, I did and I do. I've spent most of my life chasing the things that I thought I wanted; money, power, prestige, but these last couple of days with you I've found more happiness and satisfaction then I've ever felt before. You fill some void in my life that I didn't even know or admit that I had and I don't ever want it to stop. What about you ... did you mean it?"

Silence once again filled the room before Vicki spoke, "I think I do, I'm not sure. I've heard guys say those words so many times in my life that I've become immune to it, but with you I felt it opening something deep inside of me almost like a small candle being lit or uncovered. Do you understand?"

"I think so."

"It's kind of like what you were saying. In the beginning I looked for love and thought I had found it with some of the guys in the business, then I realized that it was just for show so I stopped looking and put those dreams away ... at least until I finally met a gentleman." Vicki rolled over onto her side and looked at JP. "Now I just don't know. I definitely feel something special with you but I'm not just sure if it's that once-in-a-lifetime love or not."

JP had hoped for a different answer but also realized there was always a chance. "Ok, enough of being so serious. What should we do today?"

Vicki sprung from the bed and wrapped her arms around his neck kissing him. "Right now I need to take a shower and I'm famished. Why don't you go get us something to eat while I get ready?"

JP left as he heard the water running and had a sinking feeling in his stomach with each step he took. When he returned his greatest fears had come true. Vicki was gone and a note sat in the middle to the bed waiting for him, which he opened and read.


Please forgive me for leaving this way but our conversation this morning has left me with a lot to think about. Besides which Marketa has obligations that need to be fulfilled before I can think of a new life.

Please don't think poorly of me.



JP slowly folded the letter and placed it in his travel bag as he packed to leave. Thirty minutes later he took one last look at the place where his dream vacation had taken place before heading back towards home.


Life returned to normal for JP after he got home and three months later he married a woman after a whirl-wind romance that left entire town started talking.

In the mean time, Marketa had made two new films and was rumored to be pregnant before suddenly announcing her retirement and disappearing from the film industry.


JP stood at the foot of the stairs calling his wife, "Honey, are you almost ready? Our reservations are for eight o'clock."

"I'll be there in a moment. This damn dress is too tight."

Climbing the stairs he stood and watched her standing in front on the full-length mirror struggling with the zipper. The dress was a deep purple that plunged low to reveal her 36D cleavage which was highlight even further by the diamond necklace that fell to nestle between her breasts, while her breath-taking face was framed by the matching diamond earrings.

"What are you looking at?"


"Ya, right! I can tell from that look on your face that you're thinking about Marketa again."

"SO, is there anything wrong about thinking about the woman who changed my life? Just think about it ... if I hadn't met her I would probably have gone back to working at the company and never bumped into you. See ... it's because of her that I'm with you. Now, would you like some help?"

Looking over at him, her brown eyes seemed to draw him in. "It would be nice if you'd help. I can't believe this dress doesn't fit. I just wore it a couple of weeks ago and now I can't even get the damn zipper closed."

Smiling JP replied, "Well that's what happens when you get pregnant," as he finished pulling up the zipper.

"I know. You don't have to tell me. Now should we get going?"

"After you, Ma'am."

"I always did love a gentleman," she smiled seductively. "Oh by the way I forgot to tell you. I couldn't get any lingerie on under this dress either."

"Vicki, you truly are the 'perfect woman'."

'Yes I am and I'll prove it again when we get back home," she whispered as she walked past him.

JP stood there watching as she walked away thinking, "Dream vacations don't always have to end after all ... sometimes they just get better and better."

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Great ending to the story, the little suspense at the end was brilliant

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