A First Time to Remember


None of Steve's lovers had ever talked like this when they had sex and the sound of her turned him on to new heights. Reaching under her he easily found her swaying tits and grabbed them in his hands and began to pull on her aroused nipples. April's reaction was immediate as she pushed back harder as he thrust into her. "That's right slut; from now on you're mine and only mine. I'm gonna fuck you and breed you whenever I feel like it ... anytime and anyplace ... I'm gonna fuck your pussy until its sore and my cum is draining from you like a faucet. You wanted to be a slut ... well that's what you are ... my slut ...my walking, talking pussy ... I'm gonna breed you just like you want and after you have our kid I'm gonna breed you again and again." Grunting, Steve thrust into her one last time as his hot cum shot from his balls and into the depths of April's pussy triggering her own orgasm.


Steve wrapped his arms around April and held on as she bucked and thrust back at him as her orgasm surged through her. After what seem like hours she stopped and slowly slid forward onto her stomach drawing Steve along with her. The muscles of her pussy seemed to clench onto him like a vise and hold him deep inside of her until he was resting on top of her. They easily rolled onto their sides and cuddled in a spoon.

Finally Steve broke the silence as he whispered in her ear. "I wish this never had to end. I've never felt like this ... so satisfied ... and at the same time so complete."

Nestling back against him April turned her head, "So who says it has to?"

Lifting his head, Steve looked at April, "I thought you had your business to run and your boyfriend will be wondering what happened to you if you suddenly disappear."

"HA, that jerk!! I finally had enough of him and told him I wasn't coming back before I left. As for my business ... well, that's easy to take care of."

Raising an eyebrow Steve replied, "I don't understand."

"I design lingerie for a very select group of shops, so I can live anywhere and with anyone I want. But what about your girlfriend, don't you need to get back home tonight?"

Stifling a laugh Steve pulled April closer. "I moved out too. Everything I need is in a room on the second floor here at the hotel and everything I want is right here."

Gently they kissed as Steve's sperm swam deeper into April womb searching for her egg. Maybe they would find it and maybe not ... but there's always next time.

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by Anonymous

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by shaun276911/30/13


A brilliant story which had me turned on all the way through
Thank you.

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by unicorn6410/18/13

Such a beautiful story. Love it. Of course it's me in the story. And I will remember. Giving me lots of ideas.

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