tagRomanceA Flame in the Night Ch. 05

A Flame in the Night Ch. 05


The fetish tale I (male) told you (female) put a funny smile on your face. I'm not sure what I anticipated, but your expression seems awkward and you look kind of puzzled. You're filled with nervous giggling and whispering chuckles. Your grin is quirky and looking mysterious. Even more than I expected, you're blushing severely, and your eyes are avoiding me too. What did I say that made you so embarrassed? Is there anything relevant to the story you identify with? Did it reveal something about you that made you uneasy?

Which ever it is, I'm clearly not understanding your gestures; after all, wasn't I the one reveling myself in the story?

"All right, all right," I say to calm down your giggles.

Feeling some humor from my fetish anecdote, your mood is playful and you respond accordingly, "My, you are full of stories!"

But you have something particular in mind with all those chuckles. And, although I had boasted that what I said--was a true story--giggles and chuckles had nothing to do with you laughing at that. And you assure me about this, saying you weren't laughing at me, or my story.

"Okay, then. So what did you like about the story? Did you like any fetish?" I ask, probing to find clarification.

You reply in a soft elusive smile with an ambiguous looking wink, "Not now, but I may tell you which later!"

I chuckle a bit with you until adding, "You promise?"

"It's a deal." you warmly respond, and then curiously caution, "My word is as good as yours!"

I grin. "I hope so!"

Seeing your amusement with all the fetish talk, your mood seems cheery, and I decide not to overdo the topic. Obviously, I want to hear more from you, but I go with a simpler approach.

"But, I can't let you get off--without telling me something. So,... let me make this easy. Tell me, what is sexy to you? What do you like in a man?"

Passing the question to you, I await enthusiastically for your response. I always find it interesting to hear what a woman enjoys in sexually matters. And I never know what I may learn.

"Well,... I like confident guys, a nice smile, guys that treat my right, and uh..." you pause briefly and add, "Mmm ... I like a nice body also, with a nice butt and um ... well ... I like a nice tool too! And ... uh ... I also like guys that smell nice. And I really L-O-V-E a man that's fresh out of the shower! Mmm, yes that's very good!" you gleefully remark.

Your expressions begin to reveal your inner feelings, and it's obvious these things are turn-ons for you. In fact, not only are you showing signs of being stirred up, but I'm getting aroused, as well, by simply watching you getting animated and hearing how you elaborate so much about your intimate preferences.

Then, suddenly, as if to change the subject, you abruptly demand, "So where is my story!" And with a friendly beam you say, "You know, I didn't just meet you here for nothing! I want my sexy story you promised!"

Yes, the moment had finally arrived. The payoff for you compromising to meet with me, as such as we did, stipulated that I had to provide you with a sensual yarn.

"All right then. A story... Something arousing, right? Let's see, where do I begin?" I smile at you, fully acknowledging the terms of our agreement. After all, it has been a pleasure meeting you, and why wouldn't I want to follow through with our prearrangement and give you a nice piece of romantic drama to chew on? Why shouldn't I do my part, especially when considering the fine print of our bargain: I have to tell you an erotic story that you will like since the consequence of this particular deal obligates you to have sex with me--but only if--you truly enjoy my lusty tale!

So, as prompted, I begin telling you a little fantasy story, just for you:

"OK then, here is a story for you. It's a special kind of story. It's special because ... well, you see you have to concentrate--you need to relax and pretend you are sitting at home and alone. Yes, alone, all alone, and all by yourself. Although I am here and far away from you, I want you there ... to start thinking of me.... Thinking of wanting me ... wanting me badly! Desperately, you are needing ... to have me. And then imagine that I--"

The story continues on. And in the end, when the story finishes, you reflect about what I have said and what you're feeling.

"Hmm ... I guess I like that!" you plainly admit the truth.

And the naked reality is the story does heat you up, and not surprisingly, I'm getting hot for telling it to you as well.

Then recalling the agreement, you surrender this response: "Oh no! What did I do? Drat!... Well, okay. That did make me horny--very horny. So, ... I guess a deal is a deal!"

It's an open invitation. You liked my spicy story and I like being with you, my story admirer. So we honor the pledge we made. And although a deal is a deal, the keeping of our vows, incidentally, aren't forced; we want this and, essentially, it feels right mutually. Next, before we know what happens, it's a quick exit--simple and to the point, we hook up. Then for the evening, we are two bodies filled with too much body heat, and it's sex throughout the night. Call it the initial excitement and interest in first meeting each other, but there's a lot of steamy fun we share between us two--and then, the sex is over. You go your way, and I go mine. But will we meet again? And will it get any better than that for us two sex bunnies? Perhaps you're wondering the very same thing.

* * *

Back at home and over the next day and evening, you have plenty of time to think over what had happened. In fact, the whole situation about our meeting and the night that followed was quite stimulating and rather hard to get out of your mind. And the more you think about that night, the more exciting it is for you. It's a rush and a thrill for you to have been so daring--to have accepted my challenge and to have suddenly met me, a curious man you only knew from the Internet. And thinking about the sex we shared is further making you sexually aroused. You begin to muse about my stories too and especially about the erotic one that turned you on.

"Yes I am now home and alone, just as he asked me to be," you calmly tell yourself as you passionately reminisce on my instructions. Then trying to recount more, you think to yourself, "Let me see, what else did he say to me?" And reminding yourself of the details, "Oh yeah, now I remember. His story went on sort of like this..."

Now very clear in your head, you call to mind the lines of the story, which teased you so well. And as you think about it, it arouses you even more. Vividly and affectionately, you re-live the memory of the erotic story, a story within a story--my sex story.

To be continued...

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