tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Hookers & Pimps Party

A Hookers & Pimps Party


It was early Saturday evening and Gina and I were getting ready to attend a theme party at a neighbor's house. Cindy and Rob were not close friends but we did see them often. Cindy was gregarious and fun loving while Rob was a hard drinking party animal. These get-togethers were always fun but this one had us both excited because the theme was hookers and pimps. Everyone had to appear as either one or the other and Gina and I were excited at the prospect and had spent some time picking out our outfits.

I had decided to wear a loose fitting pair of black slacks and a black silk shirt. To complement, I tied a sheer white scarf around my neck with black soft brimmed hat lined with white fun fur. I know it sounds cheesy but I really looked the part, or at least looked how I thought I should look. As I finished up Gina entered the room fresh from the shower wrapped in a towel. She let out a little whistle and winked. "What you lookin' at bitch" I said, "get your ass in some street clothes you got some whorin' t'do tonight."

Gina smiled opening the towel in front and said, "all I've got is this old birthday suit, will it do?" I stood there looking her up and down. Her long slender legs were soft and clean-shaven and joined at her equally soft and shaven pussy. Her pussy lips were closed tight and neat with a little dimple at the top of her slit that just begged for attention. Above, her soft white tummy led the way to her perky 34B tits. Each nipple impeccably perched on soft white creamy mounds. Her long blonde hair framed her fine features and deep green eyes.

Looking down between my legs at the telltale bulge she said, "I see this outfit still has some street value."

"Damn," I answered, "you can have my paycheck if you want."

"I already cashed that," she said dropping the towel and walking towards me, her right hand reaching down to my crotch, "what else have you got to deposit big boy?" Her lips brushed mine as she slowly rubbed the front of my slacks from the base of my balls to the tip of my dick in long slow strokes.

That was it, I was over the edge. I grabbed her shoulders and pushed her back on the bed as she let out a wicked little laugh. With her ass on the edge of the bed and her long luscious legs spread wide open I dropped to my knees and buried my face between her legs. I love my wife's pussy. I mean I REALLY LOVE my wife's pussy. It's so beautiful to look at and it tastes unbelievable. I stuck my tongue straight in as far as it could reach and twirled it around in circular motions.

Gina's back arched a bit and she said in a low throaty whisper, "we're going to be late for the party."

Paying no attention I grabbed both her legs and raised them to bring her nice round ass into view. I stuck out my tongue and found her puckered little rosebud and gave it a good tongue bath. Then I continued back up between her legs once again and began to run my tongue the length of her pussy, between her inner and outer lips. I went up one side circled her clit a few times then down the other side. No longer complaining about begin late she lay there making soft moans and slowly moving her hips round and round. Sensing she was close to an orgasm, I moved in to her clitoris for the kill. Deftly I found the little skin hood covering her clit and began to pry it up with the tip of my tongue. As I put more and more pressure digging my tongue in and licking her little swollen clit, she arched her back almost sitting up and grabbed the top of my head with both hands pushing me into her wonderful wetness.

"Ahh..hhh!" she moaned loudly as she pushed my face back from the now too sensitive clit. "Shit!" she said, "You do that so well. I've never known anyone who seems to enjoy it as much as you." She slid off the bed to her feet. "OK big boy, your turn."

"Not now," I said, "later tonight when we get back from the party. I want to stay aroused until then."

"If that's the way you want it," she replied, "but you're brushing off one hell of a blowjob."

"You don't know how to give any other kind," I laughed.

"Oh get out of here while I finish dressing," she giggled.

Walking out in the living room I poured myself a soft drink. My tongue was sensitive and the pop felt good. Sitting down on the sofa my mind drifted off to the possibilities of Cindy and Rob's party. Gina loves to tease and show herself off and I also enjoy being naked but I'm more into long naked nature walks. Gina loves to wear sexy provocative clothing and give frequent accidental peeks of her tits and ass to lucky guys who happen to be in the vicinity. I love it when she shows herself off. It's an incredible turn-on and great fun and there was going to be lots of opportunity for showing off at tonight's party.

We were well aquatinted with most of the people who attended Cindy's do's. Like the hosts, most of them were avid partiers and pretty uninhibited. Cindy and Rob were always the leaders though. Somehow Cindy always managed to convince a few unsuspecting people into their hot tub. Once they were in, any swimwear was usually history in no time. Cindy could con the clothes off Mother Theresa. Some of the guests were regular flashers and strippers but I think Cindy and Rob were the ones who really got the rest of the group going.

I had drifted off in thought when Gina came out to the living room. "Ready?" she said. My jaw dropped. She was wearing a full fishnet body stocking with a red micro mini skirt with 6' stiletto heals. The stocking was dark enough to just barely hide her boobs. Here nipples though were clearly visibly. She looked at me smiling, "too much?"

"No way," I said, "you're a natural. Maybe we should stay home."

"Not a chance loverboy," she replied, "were going to the party. I think maybe I'll put a small black jacket on and see how everyone else looks before I take it off." Nodding in agreement I helped her put on her coat and we stepped out of the house.

The party was already going when we got to Cindy's and walked through the open front door. The room looked like a scene from 'Irma la Douce'. There was nothing but hookers and pimps as far as the eye could see. Cindy came charging from the other end of the room to greet us. "You two look great," she said, "and Gina what HAVE you got on under that jacket," as she opened the front for a peak. "Very provocative," she said, "I want you to take that off later."

"Maybe," Gina said, "first show me the bar." Cindy also had a red micro mini on but she was wearing thigh high nylons that stopped about 8" short of the hem of the skirt. The skirt was so short you could almost see her pussy and I began to wonder if she had anything on underneath. Her top was black see-through silk and there was no question at all about the underwear there. Her breasts were clearly visible with her large big dark nipples.

"Want something to drink?" I heard Gina's voice from behind.

"OK," I responded turning around to see that she had already lost the jacket. "Nice," I said, "that didn't take you long.

"Cindy talked me into it," she said "she thought I might help to loosen up the other guests and besides I kind of like the attention I'm getting." It was true that most of the men were either stealing glances or outright staring at her. Handing me a plain white sealed envelope Gina said, "here, this is from Cindy. She says not to open it until she says so. It's some kind of game I think." Stuffing it into my shirt pocket I continued to mingle with the other guests.

After a few hours things were really getting underway. More and more people were dropping their inhibitions. Flashes of boobs, dicks and pussies were everywhere. Rob and a few guests were already in the hot tub but only Rob appeared to be without swim trunks. Suddenly Cindy made a grand entrance into to living room. "Can I have everyone's attention?" she said as she gathered everyone around. "Does everyone have the envelopes I gave out earlier?" Everyone shuffled around pulling out his or her packets. "OK," she said, "each envelope contains hooker currency or if you like, fuck bucks. Some people have more fuck bucks than others based on the luck of the draw. Here's how you use them. You can go to any other person and pay them to remove some clothing or even perform a sexual favour if the price is right. The deal is usually between two people but it doesn't have to be and transactions can be held in private if you so desire. The one with the most money at the end of the party will win a prize. Now open your envelopes and have fun."

I opened my envelope and sure enough there was a good handful of bills. Each one was marked 50 or 100 fuck bucks and sported a naked picture of Cindy or Rob. Rob was on the fifty. Doing a quick count I had 2000 fuck bucks. It seemed allot and soon I realized that I was one of the few rich pimps. Immediately I walked over to Gina with a smile from ear to ear. "Nice night," I said to her waving my wad of bills in her face.

"Could be a terrific night sailor," she answered back coyly.

"Well now little lady, how much for you to lose the skirt." She looked at me with almost electric excitement as she answered 200 bucks.

"Whoa!" I said, "that's a little steep for just a skirt. What have you got on under there besides stockings?"

"It'll cost you 200 to find out," she answered.

"Alright but this better be good," I said pealing off 200 and handing it to her.

She stuffed the bills in the neck of her body stocking, walked out to the center of the room and began to pull down the zipper on her skirt. Everyone's eyes were glued on her as she let the skirt drop to the floor revealing her beautiful bald pussy peeking through the crotchless stocking. I couldn't believe my eyes; she had never done anything so brazen before. There was a hearty round of applause and wolf whistles from the other guests as she picked up the skirt and walked back over to me. She looked into my eyes and whispered, "you like?"

"Yes I like," I replied then I added, "I wish I could fuck you right here and now."

"Oh that would be allot more money, maybe more than you could afford sailor," she teased.

By this time a few couples had decided it was time to leave while still others were making deals to see more skin. One after another women and men would lose clothing and reveal their boobs or pussies or dicks. Just then Cindy came into the room stark naked except for her spike heals. Walked straight up to me she said, "all right Mike, Gina told me that you shave for her. I've got two hundred here that says show me that dick."

I looked back at her with a smile, took her money and said, "hell I would have done that for nothing but since you're paying." I undid my belt, opened my slacks and dropped them to the floor. I wasn't wearing underwear so my dick instantly sprang free bobbing up and down. It really felt great standing there almost naked in front of everyone. Cindy bent over and took a really close look at my clean-shaven organ. "Damn, that's really something" she said, "I almost feel like giving you a blowjob, if you had the bucks, I work cheap you know."

At that point Gina butted in, "don't worry, if he needs any attention I'm here to make the deal. This dick is off the market."

"Sorry," Cindy said, "Didn't mean to upset you."

"No problem," Gina said as she reached out and began to fondle my dick," I have things well in hand. "Is there anything else I can do for you tonight," she said looking back to me.

"Now that you mention it, how much to lose the body stocking?" I inquired.

"You mean completely off in front of all these people?" she said in shock.

"Yes," I answered, "and I want you to stand on the coffee table in the middle of the room while you peal it off. Then I want that blowjob you offered earlier."

"And I suppose you want me to do THAT in front of everyone to?" she asked indignantly.

"As a matter of fact yes," I said, "so how much?"

She thought about it for a minute and then answered, "2000 fuck bucks" probably thinking that there was no way I'd have that much.

"Deal," I said handing her the cash to her absolute amazement.

"You can't be serious," she said, "you want me to do that in front of all these strangers?"

"Yup," I nodded, "better get on with it. I'm really looking forward to that blowjob."

If I had any thought that she wouldn't get a thrill out of doing as I asked I would have stopped her right there. Besides, Gina was never one to do anything against her will. It was obvious though that the whole prospect had really turned her on. Here eyes were flashing around the room as she stood up on the table. All eyes stopped what they were doing to focus on her. Turning to face me she put her hands on each opposing shoulder and hooked her thumbs under the stocking material. Slowly, ever so slowly she inched down the material over her shoulders, down over and exposing her perfect white breasts. You could here a pin drop in the room as her hands guided the stocking further down uncovering her stomach, then her hips and to the squealing delight of all in the room, her luscious ass and finally her pussy. Quickly she finished the job by lifting one leg then the other removing the last vestige of covering on her body. Throwing the stoking at me she slowly turned around with her arms spread giving everyone in the room a breathtaking view of her naked beauty.

Another round of applause and whistles followed as she descended the table and came back over to me. Dropping to her knees, she grabbed hold of my dick and began to stroke its length while she fondled my balls with the other hand. She lightly kissed the head of my dick. Sticking out her tongue she licked the precum off the end of my dick. Then she put the tip in her mouth and gave it and rough tongue bath while she continued to fondle my balls. Then holding the shaft of my dick in one hand she leaned in and began to lick and suck my balls. I love having my balls licked. That's one of the reasons I shave, to intensify the pleasure. It was almost more than I could stand. I looked around the room and all eyes were glued on our little performance. Some guests were beginning to get over heated themselves as they openly fondled and rubbed each other's privates oblivious to their public display. By this time Gina had moved her attentions back to my dick and was now plunging me deep into her mouth, all the while continuing to follow her lips close behind with her hand in a handjob, blowjob combination. Up and down she bobbed her head. The sensations were incredible. I don't know which was more exciting, the sex or the fact that we were doing it in front of a room full of people. I could feel I was getting close to coming and I stopped her. "Aren't you going to come?" she asked.

"Yes," I said, "later, lets go hop in the hot tub."

As we walked out to the tub it was already full of people. So Gina just leaned up against the side of the tub and began to chat with Cindy while she leaning up against a friend as he massaged her tits. This didn't seem to bother Rob who was equally busy attending to some woman with his hands under the water. Moving up behind Gina I reached in front and began to massage her tits as she stood there bent over talking to Cindy. After a few minutes I guided my dick into her sopping wet pussy and began to take her from behind. Since we were around the other side of the tub we were no longer in plain view of the other guests. Even Cindy was unaware as her eyes were shut while she enjoyed the ministrations of her young masseur. Deeper and deeper I plunged myself into Gina. The whole thing was so erotic I could barely contain myself. Finally I began to moan uncontrollably. At that point Cindy opened her eyes to witness the two of us screwing our brains out. "Shit, you guys have been fucking right in front of me and you didn't let me know," she moved away from her friend to watch us more intently. I couldn't stand it any longer and started to cum in wave after hot wave of sperm. It was one of the most intense orgasms of my life as I moaned and groaned loudly attracting allot of attention.

Cindy stood up and climbed out of the pool. "OK you two, after a show like that you deserve an honored place in the tub." Offering no resistance we both climbed into the tub and relaxed. After a few more hours the party broke up around 4:00 a.m. Gina and I gathered our clothes along with a bottle of champagne we won for the $2400 we had at the end of the game. Since it was a beautiful night and so late we decided to walk the half block home naked.

We attended a few more theme parties at Cindy and Rob's some almost as exciting as that one. I'll write about the others in future installments.

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