tagLetters & TranscriptsA Hot, Steamy Sex Chat

A Hot, Steamy Sex Chat


Every so often, I engage in a hot cyber with young ladies that I meet in chat rooms; they get me going so much that sometimes I forget they are just chats. My imagination runs wild, and my body gets so hot that is like I can feel the other person with me. The following is one such example...

Her (12:05:54 AM): so can I tell you a story?

Me (12:06:02 AM): yes hon

Her (12:06:45 AM): how to begin...

Me (12:06:58 AM): at the beginning

Her (12:07:15 AM): you are asleep

Me (12:07:34 AM): k

Her (12:07:34 AM): no

Her (12:07:42 AM): you're waiting for me in bed

Her (12:07:55 AM): I come to you wearing a robe

Me (12:08:02 AM): mmm

Her (12:08:09 AM): a silky robe

Her (12:08:18 AM): I lean over the bed to kiss you

Her (12:08:23 AM): my breasts fall out

Her (12:08:32 AM): and you put your hands on them

Me (12:08:38 AM): perfection

Her (12:08:47 AM): my nipples are hard

Her (12:08:52 AM): and my mouth is warm

Her (12:08:59 AM): my robe falls open

Her (12:09:19 AM): and your hand trails down my belly

Me (12:09:24 AM): yes

Her (12:09:26 AM): to my big hard cock

Me (12:09:30 AM): mmmmm

Me (12:09:49 AM): plastic or flesh?

Her (12:09:49 AM): I stroke your face and pull your head toward my cock

Her (12:10:06 AM): I'm plastic

Her (12:10:12 AM): flesh is in a minute

Me (12:10:13 AM): hott

Me (12:10:21 AM): *sucks on your cock*

Her (12:10:34 AM): yes, you suck my cock, licking the head

Her (12:10:41 AM): swirling your tongue around it

Her (12:10:56 AM): and down to my balls where you can also lick my clit

Me (12:10:58 AM): love sucking you

Her (12:11:02 AM): and back up

Her (12:11:12 AM): you're my little cocksucker

Me (12:11:17 AM): love worshipping your groin

Her (12:11:17 AM): such a good cocksucker

Me (12:11:19 AM): yessssss

Her (12:11:31 AM): you want to please me

Her (12:11:40 AM): so I will fuck your sweet ass

Her (12:11:54 AM): and you look so hot

Her (12:11:58 AM): sucking my cock

Me (12:12:04 AM): It's so big

Her (12:12:11 AM): yes baby

Her (12:12:21 AM): I hold it in my hand

Her (12:12:27 AM): so you can deep throat me

Me (12:12:38 AM): mmmmmmm all the way in, coated with spit

Her (12:12:42 AM): stroking your hair

Her (12:13:00 AM): and listening to you hum and gag

Her (12:13:12 AM): I kiss you

Her (12:13:46 AM): and put you on your hands and knees

Her (12:13:56 AM): and slip my tongue in your ass

Me (12:14:06 AM): mmmmmmmm

Me (12:14:11 AM): what you should do first....

Me (12:14:20 AM): is put the strap on against my cock

Me (12:14:28 AM): to show me how much bigger it is than I am

Her (12:14:59 AM): I stuck my cock between your legs

Her (12:15:08 AM): so you can see how big it is

Her (12:15:14 AM): next to your cock

Her (12:15:23 AM): I stroke your balls

Me (12:15:30 AM): it dwarfs me

Her (12:15:57 AM): and rub my big cock next to yours

Me (12:16:04 AM): It's so very big

Her (12:16:06 AM): it dwarfs you

Me (12:16:22 AM): big and thick

Her (12:16:31 AM): I rub it against your ass

Me (12:16:36 AM): mmmmmmmmm

Me (12:16:42 AM): give it to me mommy

Her (12:16:43 AM): so you can feel how heavy it is

Her (12:17:00 AM): I'll wait till you beg me for it

Her (12:17:09 AM): I know you want it

Me (12:17:12 AM): oh mommy, give me your big cock

Me (12:17:15 AM): I want it so bad

Her (12:17:37 AM): I place the tip against your tight little asshole

Me (12:17:41 AM): mmmm

Her (12:17:48 AM): and I grab your hair with one hand

Her (12:17:56 AM): and pull your head back

Me (12:18:00 AM): mmmmmm

Her (12:18:07 AM): and push it in

Me (12:18:13 AM): ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Her (12:18:17 AM): long slow strokes at first

Her (12:18:24 AM): opening you

Her (12:18:32 AM): filling your ass with cock

Me (12:18:33 AM): feels so good on my prostate

Her (12:18:45 AM): your cock is so hard

Me (12:18:57 AM): yesss

Her (12:19:07 AM): I reach around and rub it

Her (12:19:11 AM): while I fuck you

Me (12:19:14 AM): oh fuck me

Her (12:19:28 AM): shorter and faster

Her (12:19:33 AM): then long

Her (12:19:37 AM): strokes

Her (12:19:53 AM): my balls slam against your ass

Me (12:20:04 AM): I can feel them thwaping me

Her (12:20:17 AM): your eyes are closed

Me (12:20:24 AM): grabbing the bed

Her (12:20:34 AM): hanging on while I pound you

Her (12:20:40 AM): and then he is there

Her (12:20:44 AM): in front of you

Her (12:20:58 AM): you hear me say what a good little bitch you are

Me (12:21:07 AM): mmm ty mommy

Her (12:21:09 AM): that you're my little cocksucker

Me (12:21:21 AM): I suck cock for mommy

Her (12:21:33 AM): and that the big cock in front of you is your gift

Her (12:21:39 AM): from me

Me (12:21:46 AM): mmmmmm and how big is this gift mommy

Her (12:21:52 AM): for being such a good boy

Her (12:21:56 AM): it is 11 inches

Her (12:22:02 AM): thick like a coke can

Me (12:22:09 AM): that is huge mommy

Her (12:22:12 AM): hard

Her (12:22:22 AM): and waiting for your mouth

Her (12:22:34 AM): you can do it

Me (12:22:40 AM): mmmmmmmmm I love sucking big cock

Me (12:22:56 AM): especially long, thick, hard cock

Her (12:23:08 AM): suck that cock like a good boy

Her (12:23:18 AM): and maybe he will fuck you with it

Me (12:23:36 AM): I start by licking the head

Me (12:23:46 AM): then grasping the base, I start to rub his huge cock

Me (12:23:56 AM): taking as much into my mouth as I can

Her (12:24:02 AM): yes honey

Her (12:24:07 AM): you're so good

Her (12:24:11 AM): he likes it

Her (12:24:18 AM): you feel it grow fatter in your mouth

Her (12:24:38 AM): and you taste some precum on your tongue

Her (12:24:52 AM): he rubs some on your lips

Me (12:25:05 AM): mmm I love the taste

Her (12:25:14 AM): and then slides his cock to the back of your mouth

Me (12:25:16 AM): he's so huge

Me (12:25:22 AM): *gags on it*

Her (12:25:40 AM): breathe through your nose

Her (12:25:45 AM): and you relax your throat

Me (12:25:52 AM): yes mommy

Her (12:26:02 AM): feel my cock in your ass

Me (12:26:06 AM): I take that cock all the way down to the base

Me (12:26:14 AM): I'm full of cock

Her (12:26:16 AM): wow!

Her (12:26:32 AM): you are full of cock

Her (12:26:43 AM): I am so wet

Me (12:26:56 AM): he gained two inches while my mouth worked on him

Her (12:27:26 AM): and watching you suck that cock makes me want you so badly

Me (12:27:53 AM): heh and its dark in the room, so I can't tell if he's black or white

Her (12:28:20 AM): he tastes yummy that's all that matters

Her (12:28:33 AM): and he wants to fuck you

Her (12:28:37 AM): and I want you to fuck me

Me (12:28:59 AM): I want that so much

Her (12:29:42 AM): I leave my strap on, well, on... and I slide underneath you

Her (12:30:01 AM): my arms around your neck

Me (12:30:16 AM): my belly rubs on that hard cock as I slide my cock into you

Her (12:30:22 AM): I can taste his cock on your lips

Me (12:30:30 AM): mmm because I sucked him so good

Her (12:30:35 AM): and you enter me

Her (12:31:04 AM): you can feel his huge thick cock rubbing against your ass

Me (12:31:21 AM): oh god, that monster is going to split me

Her (12:31:41 AM): he fills you like no other

Her (12:31:47 AM): gently

Her (12:32:00 AM): and then hard

Me (12:32:10 AM): mmmm he's going to pound me

Her (12:32:20 AM): yes baby

Her (12:32:25 AM): he pounds away

Her (12:32:35 AM): and I can feel his cock too

Her (12:32:40 AM): with every thrust

Me (12:32:48 AM): I'm his bitch now

Me (12:32:53 AM): even as I fuck you

Her (12:33:09 AM): you love it

Her (12:33:20 AM): you love that cock in your ass

Her (12:33:26 AM): and I love your cock in my cunt

Me (12:33:35 AM): It's so warm and wet

Me (12:33:39 AM): and welcoming

Her (12:34:02 AM): and oh god he pounds and pounds at you

Me (12:34:08 AM): mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Her (12:34:17 AM): pulling out now and ramming his dick back in you

Me (12:34:27 AM): he has a huge dick

Me (12:34:32 AM): and he's plowing my tight ass

Her (12:34:39 AM): you can feel it getting bigger

Her (12:34:45 AM): ready to explode

Me (12:34:54 AM): cum in me baby

Me (12:34:58 AM): I tell him

Me (12:35:04 AM): cum in your bitch's ass

Her (12:35:24 AM): I say the same to you

Her (12:35:43 AM): I want to feel your hot cum in my pussy

Me (12:36:11 AM): forcing my eyes open, looking into yours... as I begin to pound your pussy

Me (12:36:19 AM): my balls swatting your ass

Me (12:36:26 AM): as his cock explodes in my ass

Her (12:36:36 AM): oh yes honey

Her (12:36:45 AM): and you shoot your cum deep inside me

Her (12:36:56 AM): cock buried in me

Her (12:37:18 AM): my pussy contracts

Her (12:37:24 AM): and I writhe impaled

Her (12:37:32 AM): and breathless

Her (12:37:46 AM): I can't tell who is moaning

Her (12:37:55 AM): we all are

Me (12:38:03 AM): I just came

Her (12:38:07 AM): lol

Her (12:38:20 AM): we all did

Me (12:38:31 AM): I mean literally

Her (12:38:35 AM): i know

Me (12:38:45 AM): that was fantastic

Her (12:38:57 AM): you are fantastic

Her (12:39:23 AM): maybe someday we can share that honey

Me (12:39:34 AM): that would be beyond fantastic

Her (12:39:43 AM): now we collapse and cuddle together and fall asleep

Me (12:39:51 AM): oh yes

Her (12:40:11 AM): sweet dreams baby

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