tagLetters & TranscriptsA Letter to My Sexy Fucker

A Letter to My Sexy Fucker


What on Earth can I possibly do to pass the time while you are out of town? Normally I would be writing you obsessive emails about how much I crave your cock and fantasize about you nonstop. However, I promised myself that I wouldn't leave you thirty messages piled up awaiting your return to prove how much of a loser I am. I may still send you a little something, how could I not, but it won't be anywhere near what I really wanted.

I so love that I have you to talk to, but I hate it, too. I love it because it's the only time in my life that I feel like I'm really being myself. I was drawn to you from the first moment that I read your beautiful words. Something pulled at me, it touched me so deeply. I think it was your honesty, your humor, and your sexiness without even trying. God, I admire you. I felt such a connection...tacky as that sounds. I could tell that if anyone would get me, you would. We both have that unexplainable craving that our significant others just don't share. I just knew I had to contact you, I had to share my joy of awakening. You woke me up, and the last thing I want now is to go back to sleep.

As I somehow knew you would, you did get me. You got where I was coming from, and you were so damn sweet to me, with your facts and advice. I do realize that's where most of your fan mail probably ends. Thanks a lot, bye. I had wanted to...really I did. But as I said, I was awake now, and I wanted to play. With you. I knew we would never meet, and I knew I'd never have the guts to do anything about it if by some miracle we did, that was half the fun. But sometimes...I wish I was single, I wish you were single, I wish I was as sexy as I feel, and I wish I didn't live half a country away from you. Although in all honesty, our distance is probably the only real safety net I have. If I was in the same state as you, I'd be going through an extreme character reflection right now, wondering just what constituted "cheating." How does one have their cake and eat it too?

I hate how much I need you sometimes. I hate that I crave you with every fiber of my being. I hate that I spend my entire day praying for your email, knowing that it will only be a sentence or two, and knowing that it will still be enough to keep me high until the next time. I think what I hate most is that you don't need me at all. I understand, you've had much more time to get used to this than I have. Lots of email buddies and heated phone conversations in your wake. You are my sexy fucker, after all. Nothing shocks you, and you have an explanation for everything. You've seen it all before, and you think my crush is cute, but it's all old hat to you. Once again, I understand. I just wish I was a fraction as important to you as you are to me.

God how I fantasize about you. Once you opened up a little for me, you drove me so crazy. I get so wet just thinking about you. I wanna make you cum for me. I want you to get hard in anticipation of my email. I want you to wonder about me, maybe even ask me about myself. I want to make you feel as sexy as you make me feel. I want your cock to be so sore and swollen after reading my mail that you have to stroke it for me. Coax your cum, baby. Do it for me. The thought of your hand on your cock, thinking of me...I can feel my clit starting to pulse.

I want to swallow you whole. I want to feel the head of your cock rub against the back of my throat, while my little finger slides into your ass. I want you to fuck my mouth until you gift me with your cum. Please, won't you cum for me? I want to rub your hard shaft all over my face, trailing saliva over my lips. I want to worship your cock the way it deserves.

I would start by kneeling in front of you, unzipping you with my teeth while stroking my hands up your thighs. As I release your cock from your straining jeans, I look up at you and hold eye contact while inhaling you deeply into my mouth, all the way down to the base. I would proceed to give you the sucking of your life, lavishing attention on everything that feels good to you. I want you to feel me lick your cock when you read this. I want you to feel haunted by me hours after we're done talking, just like you do to me. I can still hear your velvety voice in my head even now, and I can feel you in every hole.

The things I fixate on, it's absurd. What does your cum taste like? How veiny is your cock when it's swollen to the breaking point? How would you describe what it feels like to shoot hot cum, with it violently erupting all over my tits? What would that first initial thrust of your hard cock deep inside of me feel like? Would it send me flying to pieces in one thrust, or would you have to really piston your hips into me to get a reaction? Whatever it is, I know it would be perfect...exactly what I'd need.

You usually slam me from behind, gripping my shoulders and hips for leverage. This time, I want you to face me. I want you to pin my arms down by my head and look me in the eye as you impale me. You would just put the tip inside, until I was crying with want. You know how I beg for your cock. When you decided that I'd suffered enough, you would slowly feed my starving pussy inch by throbbing inch. I can feel my pussy stretching wide to accommodate you, it's been so long since you were where I needed you most. You'd get up on your knees and bend me backwards, grinding in hard at just the right angle.

By now my legs would be up around your shoulders and I would be fucking you back for all that I was worth. As you feel me clamp down on you and start screaming your name, you pump your hot seed deep inside me and tell me that I'm a good girl...such a good girl. I am a good girl and I'm cumming all over your cock, drenching you with my juices until you're as slippery wet as I am. Once you get your second wind, you flip me over and go to work on my ass, knowing that you are the only one I will let back there and loving it.

I miss you! I miss reading what I do to you, and I miss describing what you do to me. Please get back from your trip soon, I'm going insane. I need you to make me cum. You are the only one who can do it right, and you're not even in the same state.

I hope you stay naughty, baby...and come home and fuck me soon!

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