tagText With AudioA Mermaid on the Underground

A Mermaid on the Underground


I really enjoyed the feedback I got from my first story. This one is a little longer, and the audio quality should be sharper too.


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That week in August started much like any other week. While it seemed like the whole world was off on their holidays, relaxing on beaches or sunning themselves by the hotel pool, I was still going to work. All of my colleagues had gone away this week, so I knew I would be alone in the office, with no-one to talk to. As all of our clients were also on holiday, it hardly seemed worth going in. No-one would know if I stayed away from the office for a day or two.

When my alarm began to ring on that Monday morning, I awoke with a groan, knowing I had a long, lonely week of office life ahead of me. Being stuck indoors in such delightful weather only made things worse. The daily news-rags had already declared this summer to be a "Scorcher!". This was a somewhat unusual event for London, usually used to year-round cloud and drizzle, but this summer the capital had basked in weeks of uninterrupted sunshine, warm temperatures and brilliant blue skies. My concession to the summer heat was to ditch my usual office suit for a pair of grey linen trousers, a white linen shirt, which I wore untucked, and the outfit was finished off with a pair of blue canvas deck-shoes.

After quickly downing a cup of coffee, I walked up to the station. I had worked in the same office for four years now, and took the same train every day. By now, I recognised most of the faces on the carriage - like me, creatures of habit who also left the house at the same time, and they would always stand at the same spot on the platform, waiting for their train. This being London, we all fastidiously followed that unwritten rule - you don't make conversation with strangers on your commute! But over time, as we began to recognise each other, we would acknowledge each others' presence, with a smile, perhaps a nod, or, if we were feeling really daring, a quickly mumbled "morning!"

On this particular Monday, something different happened. Something which, by the time Wednesday came around, would make me understand that staying in London for this particular week in August would be the best decision of my life! But that is for later...

I took my seat, in the same set of four which I always had to myself, took out my book and began to read. When the train pulled into the next station, a new batch of commuters piled on, and looking up, I noticed you heading my way. As you sidled into the seat opposite me, your leg lightly brushed my knee.

"Excuse me!" you exclaimed, a hint of accent evident even in those two short words. I looked up to acknowledge this accidental contact with a friendly smile, and as my eyes met your face, I saw you for the first time. You had a stunning, open face with green eyes and a generous mouth that smiled in a way that could light up a room...or a commuter's train carriage, for that matter!. As I began to admire your fair, shoulder length hair that came down to your bare shoulders, I realised I had probably been looking, and smiling, for a few seconds too long. Feeling my cheeks begin to redden, I quickly looked away, returning to my book.

As the journey continued, I had another 10 minutes before I would have to change from the overground onto the much busier, crowded Victoria Line on the London Underground. In those 10 minutes, I pretended to read my book, but all I could think about were those big green eyes of the girl sitting opposite. I kept trying to take small peeks, not wanting to be obvious, but desperate to find out more about my new travelling companion. I noticed you had your eyes in a book, a tourist guide for London. Well, that would explain why I had never seen you before. By your side was a small back-pack, with a small Danish flag sewn into the top, and a cute little mermaid keyring dangling from one of the straps.

This delightful danish tourist was wearing a light blue cotton summer dress, that seemed to hug her figure. As you appeared to be totally engrossed in your book, I took a risk, and let my eyes roam between your shoulders, to take a quick look at your breasts. The flattering dress accentuated the curve of your breasts, and displayed just a hint of cleavage, and an expanse of tanned, soft skin from the top of your breasts, across your chest, back up your neck to that radiant face.

With your legs crossed, the skirt came to just above your knees. The seats on this old train were rather close together, and I could tell you must have been almost as tall as me, as with your legs crossed, there was barely enough room between the seats for both of us. As the train approached my station, you uncrossed your legs, and in the process, your foot, which was wrapped in a pretty, strappy sandal, dragged a gentle path across the side of my calf. Amused that you had now twice breached the 'no invasion of personal space' rule, you said "I'm really sorry" with a glint in your eye, as you let out a small embarrassed giggle.

Realising that we were both getting off at the same station, I hoped that this beautiful Dane would also be taking the escalator down to the underground. As we reached the door, I let you get off first, taking the opportunity to walk behind you, and discover that your back was just as enticing as you front, your shoulder blades and top of your back visible beneath the thin straps of your dress. As you walked along, I stared, unabashed, at the curve of your waist, the firm roundness of your ass and your long, shapely legs.

My pulse quickened a little, when I saw you turn towards the escalator, and as I got on immediately behind you, we began our descent to the underground. A train had just left the station before us, leaving a turbulent path of air in its wake, and as we went down, a strong gust of wind rode up the escalator, taking you by surprise, as the wind lifted your skirt up, revealing the tops of your slender thighs, and just a glimpse of your black lace panties, before you had a chance to grab the hem of the skirt and pull it down. I saw you blush, and with a look of shock on your face, you instinctively turned around to see if anyone had seen this impromptu display. As you span around, your eyes met mine again, and the look of shock was instantly replaced with a broad smile.

"Is this your first time on the Tube?" I asked, as we walked off the escalator towards the platform.

"Yes," you confirmed.

"Well, you have chosen a great time for it - the Monday Morning Rush hour! If you can survive this, you can survive anything this city will throw at you!" I joked.

She let out a small giggle. Perhaps it was my nerves, in talking to such a beautiful woman, but at that, the conversation seemed to dry up, and instead we stood together in silence, waiting on the platform edge for our Victoria Line train.

When the train arrived, it was already pretty crowded. We both managed to find a spot to stand in the centre of the carriage, holding on to the same vertical pole. As more and more people climbed onto the train, all prospect of maintaining personal space disappeared. Bodies were pushed into other bodies, as people gently jostled for a spot on the handrail to hold on. As the crowd moved, I found myself facing my new companion. The whole of the right side of my body, from my chest, my hips and my right leg, were now pressed against your right side. I secretly savoured the feel of your hips and the top of your thigh pressing into me. Our faces were just centimetres apart, and for the first time, my nose was filled with the scent of your freshly washed hair, that I could now see was still a little damp as it rested on your shoulders.

This time, it became impossible to pretend I was not looking at you, so with a gulp, I looked you straight in the eye, gave another smile and introduced myself. "Welcome to London. I'm Jon."

"I'm Niki" you replied.

"How long are you staying here for?"

"Just a week. I thought I would stop over to see all the sights, before I head to the US start my new job in California."

Just as the conversation was getting going, my heart sank as I heard the automated voice announce my station "This is Oxford Circus".

"This is me." I said, trying to hide the disappointment in my voice.

"Well, it was lovely to meet you Jon," you said, flashing me that winning smile one last time.

"Thank you for brightening up my Monday morning commute," I replied, as I stepped off the train.

As the train pulled out of the station, I watched you disappear down the tunnel, and I continued on my journey to the office, my step a little lighter than it had been at the start of my day.

Tuesday morning came, and with the memory of my brief encounter yesterday, I found myself looking forward to the commute. I had been hoping I would bump into you again, so when my train pulled in to your station, I felt a little thrill when I saw you climbing into my carriage. You worked your way down the aisle, to the same seats where we had sat the previous day. As before, your body gently brushed mine as you took your seat, but this time, instead of an apology, you gave me a smile as you said "Good morning Jon." The truth is, I hadn't stopped thinking about you for the past 24 hours, and it was the memory of your eyes, your smile, your damp hair, and the flash of your thighs and panties, which had kept me awake for a long time during the previous night. Just to hear you say my name, I felt a rush of blood to my cheeks, and then, between my legs, which I covered up with my discretely placed bag.

We didn't say anything else to each other on that journey, and we both went back to reading our books, but when you crossed your legs, this time, there seemed to be no mistake in the way your foot brushed my leg. As your foot stayed there, I realised you were deliberately stroking it foot against me. I glanced up, you were still reading your book, but I noticed the tip of your tongue moistening those lips which all of a sudden appeared extremely kissable. The effect your foot was having on me was quite profound, and I began to be grateful for the bag which was saving me from what would otherwise be a rather indecent bulge on public display!

At the station for the underground, we walked down to the escalator, and once again I took up a position behind you, and I detected a deliberate sway as you displayed your firm ass to me. The tube train was even busier than ever, and as we were shoved around, you stood right in front, with your back to me. As one last passenger squeezed on, I was forced forward, and in doing so closed the gap between our bodies. We were now crushed together, and your ass was beginning to press firmly against my groin. With your sweet smelling hair in my face, and my lips so close to your bare, slender neck, the train began to rock, and my sense of pleasure quickly turned to panic, as I felt a familiar stirring in my light linen trousers. With every rock of the train, I felt my bulge grow, as my hardening cock was pressed into your ass. I was sure you would feel my arousal, and no doubt be horrified.

But instead, every time my body was forced to rock towards you, I felt you push back harder. The feeling was incredible, as this gorgeous, tall stranger was deliberately rubbing her ass against my fully hard cock. I felt you reach behind, so that your hand was on my hip, and you pulled me even closer to you. I wrapped my hand around your waist, resting my palm on your stomach, as we continued to hump each other through our clothes. All of a sudden, I was brought back to earth with the automated voice that announced my station. You felt me become still, as you leaned your head back and to the side, so that your cheek touched mine, as you whispered to me, "Mmm, thank you Jon. That felt good. You'd better be on this train tomorrow baby!"

I stumbled off the train, not quite sure what to make of what had just happened. As the hardness of my cock began to soften, I struggled to believe any of it was true. There was one thing I knew for sure though...I was NOT going to miss my train tomorrow!

Wednesday came, and I pulled on that same outfit in which you had seen me on the first day - linen trousers, linen shirt, canvas shoes. I was so excited, I almost jogged to the station. I took my seat in the same place, and this time, I just knew you would be there when the train pulled into the station. When I saw you, I realised we had both had the same idea, as you were also wearing the exact same outfit which had drawn my eyes so successfully on Monday. This time, as you approached my seat, rather than sitting opposite, you slid into the seat next to me.

"Hi Jon," you said, and then, leaning over, you planted your soft lips on my smooth, freshly shaved cheek. I was so surprised by your bold approach, all I could do was grin back at you, a big dumb look of surprise on my face. We didn't say anything else on that train, but as you sat down, I became aware of you sitting so close to me that our bodies touched, along the length of our arms, and your thigh pressed against mine.

I tentatively reached out my index finger, and laid it on top of your finger tips. You responded by curling your fingers around mine, and giving them a squeeze. For the rest of the journey, we sat, with my hand in yours, stroking each others fingers, palms, wrists and arms. Occasionally we would turn to face each other, and I would just gaze into your eyes, holding your stare, no longer worried about being caught looking.

As the train pulled in, and it was time to switch to the underground, my heart was pounding. This time we walked side by side, my arm around your waist, yours around mine. I let my hand move slowly down, so it rested on your ass, and you responded by slipping your hand inside the pocket of my trousers, feeling my strong thigh through the material as we walked along.

Climbing on to the underground train, busy as ever, you turned to face me, and as the surge of the crowd pushed our bodies together, our lips moved closer, I felt your warm breath on my mouth, the tip of my nose brushed your cheek, and then our lips met for our first, electric kiss. I felt shivers run through my whole body, as I savoured the sensation of your firm wet lips on mine. I laid a hand on the back of your neck, stroking softly, as I felt you open you mouth, and brush the tip of your tongue against my lips. You let your tongue play around my mouth for a while, and then, I pulled away a little, so I could look into your eyes. Staring deep into your soul with lust, I stayed like that, breathing deeply for a few seconds, until I couldn't resist you any more.

I moved my mouth back to you, as the passion and intensity of our kiss built up. Our open mouths locked together, my tongue sliding over yours, and then you pulled back, as you clamped your lips over my bottom lip, nibbling gently as the tip of my tongue teased your upper lip. I pushed my body hard against yours, desperate for you to feel how hard and horny you had made me. You responded by placing your hands on my ass, squeezing me, pulling me into you, as you ground your hips against my hardness.

I let my hands slide down your back, over your ass, down to the backs of your thighs, still covered by your dress, but very slowly and gently, I pull the dress up, just enough so that I could rest my hot palms on the bare skin of those naked thighs which you accidentally flashed me on our first meeting.

"Mmm," you moaned into my mouth. "Don't stop baby."

I was aware that this public display of affection was getting more and more intense, and I wondered if we should cool it down a little, but then, as if reading my mind, you slid your hand from my ass around to the front, and very deliberately, you pressed your palm into the clear outline of my hard, thick cock. All thoughts of cooling down immediately vanished from my head, as I let out a small grown of pleasure into your mouth.

The train began to slow down, and the familiar automated voice announced "This is Oxford Circus". You broke off the kiss, and pulling away, you shook your head, and with a wicked glint in your eye, you told me "You are not going to work today!"

There was no way I was going to argue, and I gave you my response with another deep kiss, circling your lips with my tongue, tasting your warm breath, holding your head in my hands, as you clamped both hands around the bulge in my linen trousers. We continued that way, oblivious to the show we might be giving to anyone who cared to look, as the train pulled away from my usual station, back into the tunnel, and then out again into Green Park Station.

"Come on," you said, grabbing my hand. "It's a perfect day to see the Royal Parks, and you are the perfect guy to see them with!"

We jumped off the train together, and both of us giggling like naughty school children, we ran hand in hand into the park, heading straight for a dense patch of trees that offered the promise of some privacy.

As we reached a large, old oak tree in the middle of the woods, you pushed me against the trunk, and planted your lips on mine. I grabbed your waist and pulled you into me, both of us urgently rubbing our bodies against the other.

You span around, so that you were leaning back against me. Pressing your ass into my hardness, you let out a soft, low moan and tipped your head back, so that my face was filled with your soft hair. You took both of my hands, and placed them over your breasts, encouraging me to squeeze you. I could feel the texture of your lace bra through your dress, and then your hardened nipples pressing through the material, into the palms of my hands.

You reached behind me, pulling your ass away slightly, so that you could reach the front of my trousers. Undoing the button, you slowly pulled down the zipper, and I gasped as I felt your hand pressed against the thin cotton of my blue boxer shorts. Still you wanted more, and you slid your fingers inside the elastic of my waistband, pulling my shorts down, over my swollen, fully erect naked cock. I gasped as I felt the soft skin of your hand encircle the length of my shaft.

You leaned back against me, your hand still gently stroking my cock, rubbing the swollen end into your ass. I place my hands on your thighs, pull up your dress until my hands meet the waist of your black lace panties. I love the texture of the lace, contrasting with the bare smooth skin of your thighs and stomach. I let my hand rub gently over your panties, feeling you push your mound into the palm of my hand, noticing a patch of dampness between your legs.

I slide my hand inside your panties, feeling your pubes brush against my fingers, and pull them right down. You step out of your underwear, so that you are standing there, in the park, with nothing under your blue dress but the warm summer breeze which teases your moistening pussy lips.

I lift up the back of your dress as you take my cock, and you lean against it, so that it slides between your thighs, under your dress. Groaning as you squeeze your firm thigh muscles against me, I feel the head of my cock nudge against the wet opening of your warm, soft pussy. You push backwards, so that you slide your wet cunt along the top of my twitching shaft. It feels incredible, being clamped between your thighs, and you are grinding yourself against me again as you slide your pussy all over the length of my shaft.

"Oh god, that feels so good," I moan into your ear.

"I want to feel you inside me," you reply. With that, you step forward, and turning, you place your hands on my shoulders, and push me to the floor, so that I am sitting up, leaning against the tree. You take my trousers and boxers, and pull them right down, so that I am sitting totally exposed, my cock standing straight up in the summer sunshine.

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