tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Natural Phenomenon Ch. 01

A Natural Phenomenon Ch. 01


Entomologist Bree Walker was assigned to explore and collect new species samples discovered on an uncharted island by the Natural Habitat Institute early on in the year. The scientists gave this new area a temporary name called, Sector 3, until they could identify all the new species and then give it a proper name. She was thrilled to be finally sent into the field to do the real work, she thought. Nobody else loved studying insects more than her.

She had been fascinated by the little creatures since she was a child. Being stuck inside a building giving repeated lectures over and over or studying nonstop wasn't something she imagined herself doing her whole life. She immediately felt revived when she was informed by her supervisor that she would be the first one to explore part of Sector 3. This new area they discovered was located on an island in the middle of nowhere; it seemed like, in the Pacific Ocean.

In her late twenties, about 5'8 with shoulder length brunette hair and dark eyes. Her skin being light and creamy with a slight build and proportionate breast size. A lot of the male co-workers were very fond of her and some often lusted for her.

She has a boyfriend but he's constantly out on assignment at the Arctic Circle. Strange rocks had been found there - that they have no earth properties. A theory suggested an asteroid blew up somewhere and its fragments made it here, or another says they're leftover fragments from a planet that exploded in years past that finally found their place in ice here on earth. She didn't care about any of that now. She had her own assignment and hers was very important to the world, concerning new species of animal.

They left Hawaii by boat to Sector 3, a three and half hour trip. She had dozed off to sleep during the trip to be keen on her senses. She didn't want to let the institute down if she wasn't alert or aware of anything unusual that would be fascinating. The captain signaled that they'd dock with the island in about ten minutes. The buzzer that the captain used to signal their status startled her out her nap. She yawned and stretched and then realized her shirt was unbuttoned a coupled notches exposing her cleavage.

She blushed hoping no one noticed so she buttoned them back up, reached for her yellow suit, which is designed to protect her from unnatural biohazards, put that on and made her way to the deck. She was in awe when she saw the island. It was lush with green everywhere, the beaches were bleach white, the water near the shore was emerald colored and a waterfall was seen in the distance.

This must be paradise, she thought.

The captain whimsically maneuvered the ship to dock with the wooden piers. She gathered her gear and approached the plank leading to the piers when the captain came down to speak to her. He was a middle aged man with a slight grey color in his stubble. He was dressed in a typical white sailor uniform with the typical cap that went with it.

"We'll stay docked here until the evening, which gives you approximately eight hours to conduct your thing here. Here's a walkie talkie for communication between you and me, I also have an armed crew on standby in case you get into any kind of trouble or you encounter, natives here. " He was being sarcastic, which was something she didn't pick up on when she first met him.

"Thank you, Captain, I'm sure I'll be fine. Analysts stated that there was no human life detected on the island." She said with a half ass smile. The captain rolled eyes and handed her the walkie and tipped his hat to her. She grabbed it, turned it on and tucked it in her front breast pocket. She returned to the plank and crossed it, walked down the pier and confidently strolled into the jungle. Her heart was racing knowing the she could be the first person to witness everything that went on in this island.

The jungle canopy immediately blocked the sun from shining into it as the jungle was now a soft glowing green. It was breath taking for her. She turned around to see if she could still see the boat from where she was. She concentrated on finding any way of catching the slightest glimpse of the big white ship. Nothing, but she could hear the crashing of the waves against the shore. She turned back around and continued heading deep into the jungle.

She already had spotted several new different species of butterflies, beetles, ants, and some sort of praying mantis creature. She did feel a little strange as she collected the new bugs, like a feeling of excitement and anxiety at the same time. She also felt a warming moist sensation between her legs. She thought about her feel good sensation but then shrugged it off. She pushed on into the jungle collecting more unusual spiders, a weird flying insect with an appendage.

What the fuck is that? She thought. So she caught it and put in a jar and stared at it for a few seconds and realized her stomach was growling. Break time, she said to herself. The entomologist looked around for a good spot to picnic and found an area of beautiful flowered plants. She walked into the area and immediately smelled sweetness in the air. There were bees pollinating the flowers, but only a few, so nothing to be concerned about. She caught one anyway for study.

She inhaled more of the sweet aroma the flowers gave off. She sat down and unpacked an energy bar and a bottle of water. Dizziness caught her and little shocks of excitement flowed through her crotch again. She was horny for some reason and couldn't figure out why. She began to feel fidgety about it too. Her heart began to pump harder and the excitement was increasing.

"Oh the hell with this, no one is around." She unzipped her suit and took it off, sat back down and slid her hand down into her shorts under her underwear. She found her clit and massaged it, lightly moving her nub from side to side. She sighed and relaxed her head letting it fall back. Her nipples became hard and erect. Her finger was lubed up with her juices as she rubbed a little faster. She grabbed one of erect nipples and lightly pinched it sending more arousing shocks to her clit.

She opened her legs a little wider to feel more of her wet pussy. She unbuttoned her shirt all the way down and lifted her bra up to release her breasts from restraint. She pulled her shorts down and over her feet but she kept her pink underwear on. She continued to masturbate rubbing her clit harder and twisting her nipples simultaneously. She then slid her finger into her wet hole and probed herself. Juices oozed out of her and made driblet spots on the ground. The young brunette was getting close to orgasm.

Unbeknownst to her the flowers around her were reacting to her sexual arousal. She must have been giving off a scent that was affecting them. But in this case, the flowers changed to a different shade of color and each of them had a long, slender, tube like appendage extend out from their middle. She began to finger herself more and slid another finger into her pussy. She cupped her own breasts and tugged on it holding onto her nipple. She then pulled her fingers out and brought them up to her mouth to taste her sweet nectar.

She didn't know why she did that, she's never done that when masturbating. The only thing she could think of was that she must be super horny to do it. She was extremely close to orgasm as she went back to finger fuck herself. She rubbed her clit and noticed how engorged it was. She never felt it that large before.

In the background the flowers were taking in her sexual scent more and more and their aroused stems shot out some sort of lavender mist over her body. She was totally unaware of this, as she was too focused on pleasing and fucking herself. Her thumb was dancing over her clit while her finger was probing and sliding in and out. Her juices were mixing with the flowers' cum and her body responded to that immediately by erupting with the strongest orgasm Bree has ever experienced. She let out a loud cry of pleasure as her pussy pulsated and she felt warm liquid leak out of her. She lay on her back and tried to recover from her wonderful climax.

Her pussy was still on fire. She wanted to be fucked badly. She imagined a cock sliding in and out of her pussy and filling it with hot creamy cum. She looked in her pack for anything that remotely resembled a penis. Only to find disappointment and a growing need to fuck. She looked around frantically for something like a dick, until she noticed the flowers. They were different color, and had something protruding out of them.

She crawled on all fours towards one of them exposing her ass and pussy to whatever could be watching or lurking from behind. She inspected the penis like phallus, it was blue and glossy and it smelled sweet. The tip of it oozed the lavender substance it sprayed out moments ago. She touched it and found that it was stiff, a little warm, and felt like it was vibrating. Very interesting, she thought. She noticed the lavender cum was on her finger, and curiosity got the best of her. She brought to her mouth and sucked it off her finger not knowing why she did that. It tasted so delicious! The thought of fucking this cock like stem was ridiculous but she had nothing else to use.

"God, I hope no one is watching this. But I want something to satisfy me so badly."

Bree stood up and removed her pink soaked underwear and stood above the flower. She started to massage her clit again to stimulate herself more and realized her clit was still engorged, or was it a little bigger than usual. She closed her eyes and masturbated for a minute or two. She glanced at the stem and wrapped her hand around it and lowered herself down onto the plant stem. She felt the tip of it touch her pussy lips and she rubbed it back and forth to move her juices around, unaware that it was secreting more of it's cum on her.

Once again her pussy juice and the plant's lavish tasting cum were mixing and sending arousal shocks throughout her body even her nipples reacted. Bree buried the tip of it in her wet hole and squeezed it using her pussy muscles and started to fuck it up and down. She lowered herself farther until the whole thing disappeared into her well lubricated pussy. The subtle vibrations it made created a more pleasurable experience as she started to hump the flower's cock. She vigorously rubbed her big clit and glanced down at her performance and noticed lavender colored liquid leaking down her legs.

She didn't care, everything felt good and continued to hump more. Her breasts were flopping up and down in rhythm of her fucking. She let out a soft moan and thought how similar this felt compared to a man's dick. The brunette lustfully rubbed the plant's cum all over her nipples and could feel a warming sensation over them, then she licked each nipple good until the liquid was gone. Suddenly she felt the plant cock erupt what felt like gallons of its cum into her and at the same she exploded into another mind boggling orgasm. Driblets of their cum coated the flowers petals and Bree collapsed back to the ground and passed out from two exasperating orgasms.

Bree woke up to sound of the captain's voice over the walkie repeating her name over and over.

"Bree, come in? This is the captain, over?"

Bree felt good and still horny. But she had to break out of this sexual spell and continue her work. She looked at her watch and noticed that she had only one hour left before it was time to leave.

"Shit! " She yelled out. She got up and grabbed her clothes and noticed that sticky lavender juice all over her inner thighs and on her pussy. She concluded that she didn't have time to clean herself up, there were still lots of samples to collect and didn't want to waste anymore time. She noticed that the flowers' cocks were gone and reverted back to their original colors.

The sexually ravaged woman carefully suited up and gathered her gear to continue her work assignment. As she walked she felt slightly uncomfortable in her crotch, her clit to be exact. It was big, like it grew. She forced herself to ignore it and concentrated on her work.

"Bree, come in! Respond, please!" The captain had worry in his voice. Bree thought she should respond before he sends his army in after her destroying anything in their way.

"This is Bree, captain. I'm fine, I just got a little side tracked that's all. Over?" She laughed at herself when she thought of what she said.

"Bree, I've been trying to get a hold of you for the last hour and a half, my men on shore awaiting my orders to bring you in!" He sounded pissed.

"I'm fine and I'm sorry for ignoring you. I've been caught up with I'm doing out here. It won't happen again." She said to ease the captain.

"You have less than an hour to get your ass back here, and you better be punctual! Over and out!"

"What an ass." She said out loud. Then she stopped suddenly and thought of something.

"I'm supposed to collect samples of everything I find. I should collect a sample of those flowers' sticky substance." She better, since it squirted lots of it in her pussy and she ingested some. The entomologist ran back to the flowered area and scraped off the lavender cum from the petals into a small vial from the flower she fucked moments ago. Then tucked it in her other breast pocket for safe keeping. Bree went on to collect more insects and even found a treasure trove of eggs of a very unusual bug that walked upright like a person. The young woman returned in time to the ship and boarded the vessel. The captain confronted her.

"I hope everything was...whoa! What is that smell? Did you climb into a shit hole or something?" Bree was embarrassed. Her face turned several shades of red, but was completely unaware of a stench she brought back. She sniffed around herself but didn't smell anything putrid. The only scent she smelled was her sweat from her sex and the sweet aroma those flowers gave off.

"I don't know what you're talking about you asshole! But I guess I'll go take a shower." She stormed off to the crew cabins and entered her room. She locked the door and began to undress. Her jump suit had a light coating of the plants' cum as well as her skin had blotches of the stuff all over. She had to peel the underwear off her from the sticky cum and sweat made it suctioned to her skin. She went into the bathroom and turned the shower on.

She stepped in and rinsed her body off from today's escapades. She looked her clit again. It was big, a little too big. She touched her clit and it felt good, but nothing really exciting. Something was indeed happening to her clit. It was large enough for her to fit her thumb and finger on it and could slightly stroke it. That felt really good when she did that. A soft gasp escaped her mouth and pussy began to heat up.

"I...want to fucking masturbate. No, I want to get fucked again." She said to herself and then played back her memories the sex she had out in the jungle. The shower created a steamy environment and the pressure of the water hit her fat clit perfectly that sent electricity through her. She put a hand up against the wall and finger fucked herself again as the water fucked her clit.

Her breathing was heavy and her moaning was repetitive. Another orgasm was approaching. Her clit felt really slick, not from the water, but it felt like cum. After a guy would squirt his load in her she'd always coat the rest of her pussy with his cum and that's what it felt like on her clit! She looked down and her fingers and that same lavender juice coated her finger.

"What the fuck? Is my clit secreting this shit?" She brought her fingers to her mouth to taste it and to verify if it was the same. It was, of course. It tasted so sweet and succulent. She returned to her finger fucking until she was royally startled by several loud knocks on the door! Her arousal immediately disappeared and was pissed at the fact she couldn't orgasm. She turned the water off and grabbed a towel and wrapped herself up in it.

"Who is it and what do you want?"

"It's me, the captain, I wanted to apologize about what I said. I didn't mean it."

"I understand, captain, no hard feelings." Yeah right she thought.

"Anyway, dinner will be served in a few minutes."

"Thank you, I'll be there when I have finished here." She dried herself up and put on some new clothes and prettied herself up for dinner.

To be continued in Chapter 2

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