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A Public Affair


My body shivered slightly as I continued thinking what I was about to do. In a lot of ways it was wrong, but from the way my heart and my body reacted, it was so very right. I drove for the last two days to surprise him, from warmer weather to the cold. The soft, white snow was drifting gently around my car as I pulled up. My body reacted so quickly to my thoughts. I was so turned on. Checking myself in the mirror I couldn't be more pleased with the way I looked. Hopping out of my car, I yanked my coat on and stood just a moment in the snow. Soft and cold touching my skin, I couldn't help but close my eyes. The light from inside was so bright against the darkness of evening.

I took the few steps to the door and opened it. The warm homey air hit me in the face and I relaxed for the first time in the last week. The feel took me back to quiet winter nights in the country with a fire roaring. I wouldn't allow myself to turn back. I couldn't. I wanted this. Maybe not this particular way, but the thought of doing it publicly sent a fresh wave of longing through my core. Glancing around the empty room I look for him. He is seated at the fireplace, poking at it as if he was bored. My boots clicked against the floor as I made my way to him. About five steps from him, he finally glanced from the fire to me. I smile at him and make my way to sink next to him on the edge of the fire place. The warmth has me shed my coat.

I had chosen a simple outfit, a black knee length skirt and a white button up. Not saying it isn't sexy enough, but I had the first two buttons undone. A small shift would show the curve of my breasts from the right angle. I took a few moments to stare into the fire, enjoying the heat against my chilled skin. I could feel his stare and in my mind I tried picturing what he saw. A golden glow from the fire across the planes of my face. My eyes, bright and twinkling with a dance of flames showing in their depths. Pink rosy cheeks. My lips, pink and full, alternating between slightly parted to being bitten. My curls falling softly around my face. I couldn't help but smile at my own thoughts.

Turning my attention to him, I look into his eyes and immediately we smile at each other. I run my hand down the side of his face before I lean in and kiss him. Just a sweet kiss. A perfect kiss for a chilly night in front of the fire. I felt his hand slide through my hair and I inched closer, deepening my kiss. His thumb started rubbing against the side of my neck and I moaned into his lips. It was all the encouragement he seem to need because I was pulled hard against his body in front of the fire. His hands roaming my back and my hair. I felt the third button of my shirt pop and glanced quickly down and then around the room. We were alone, but I could hear the sounds of a restaurant not far off. The excitement peaks my arousal. I look into his eyes and smile. Kissing him again, I allowed him to unbutton my shirt. I couldn't help but get more excited knowing he would have no work to do further south. I purposely didn't wear panties, knowing how much it turned him on. I kissed his cheek and he took the opening to place gentle kisses on my neck.

A moan slipped out before I could stop it. My weakness is my neck. The fourth, fifth and sixth button slid out of their places as my stomach and the top of my breasts were greeted with warm air. He pulled back slightly and growled into my ear after seeing the bra I wore, a pink lace bra, very simple but so very sexy. Turning more into him, my breast bounced slightly and I could see his eyes flare with new lust. His mouth resumed its torture on my neck. This time sucking gently and an occasional flick of his tongue against my sensitive flesh. There was an urgency humming through his body that could do nothing more than excite mine even further. "Josh?" I whispered so quietly. I lean back and look into his eyes. There is nothing but acceptance at what is about to happen.

My hand closes around his hard on through his pants. He sucks in a breath and pulls my lips back to his. I begin stroking through the heavy fabric. Knowing it isn't that much friction, I decide to take things to the next level. I no longer can stand not having him in my hand. I need to feel the velvet feel of his cock. Still kissing him, I unbutton his jeans. Breaking from his kiss, I glance around again and start unzipping his pants. I give him a very mischievous smile and sink to my knees in front of him. I see his eyes search the room just as mine did a few seconds ago before his eyes latch onto my lips. My smile doesn't fade as I pull his cock out. My mouth watered. I kissed him sweetly on the mouth as my hand started stroking him. His heat and silkiness caused a pool of liquid to collect between my legs.

Winking at him, I lean down. Making sure I have his eyes, I lick from the top of his balls to the tip of his cock slowly. I can see the reaction to the wet feel of my tongue. The moment I got to the tip of his cock his eyes slid closed and his body tensed even more. Smiling, I glide my warm, wet mouth down the length of him, taking all of him in my mouth. The touch of his cock against the back of my throat brought out a jerk of his cock as if he was not expecting it. Alternating between quick shallow strokes to slow deep, I use my mouth to excite him. I knew I would need no teasing, no caressing to get off. Just doing this to him, with him, here, was making me ache. My pussy clenched as I felt him start throbbing in my mouth. Looking up into his eyes I saw him watching me with desire.

The ache spread to my belly as our eyes collided in a duel of desire. Pulling my mouth off his cock, I pull him down to the floor. His back against the hearth, I sink onto his leg. My wetness touches the rough fabric of his jeans and I suck in a hard breath. I slip my arms around his neck and begin kissing him deeply and lustfully, rubbing myself against his jeans. Moaning slightly into his lips, I feel his hands slide down to my hips. A small lift and I am now settled on top of him. His cock brushing my thigh. I pull back long enough to slide onto his cock. I saw the surprise on his face change to full lust when he realized I had no panties on. I couldn't help but moan when he popped into my wet, swollen pussy for the first time, stretching me. My back arched, pushing my breasts into his face. His tongue darted across the edge of my bra. I sucked in another breath as I slowly filled myself fully with his cock. My eyes closed as I bit my bottom lip through a smile.

Slowly I rode him, my curls and my breasts bouncing as one. The soft, slow bounce that made everything super sensitive to everything. I place a small kiss on his lips as I feel his hands push me to quicken my ride. I am happy to oblige. Faster. I can feel the golden flush settle across my face and down my neck and the tops of my breasts. Biting my lip I lean down to his ear. "I want you to come with me Josh." The softness of my voice and breath against his ear along with the words I just spoke made his cock jump in my pussy and throb more. I knew he was close. Knowing that I rode fast with a rocking motion. My body tensed. Giving myself over to the tingling and excitement. I bit my lip hard and looked into his eyes as I rocked.

I could no longer stand the feel of his cock in my pussy as this position rubbed against my g-spot. I started stroking my clit, the back of my hand against his belly. A moan slipped out the moment my finger collided with my sensitive nub. It only took a few strokes before my thighs started to quiver. "Oh Josh! I am going to come." I whisper to you. Just two more rocks against you and my body explodes. I feel you squirt hot cum into my pussy and I moan. Your mouth clashes with mine, drowning out most of my moan. Slowly rocking, I ride out my orgasm on your hot cock. I close my eyes to the ecstasy. My whole body is shaking. As my body settles down, I open my eyes to you watching me. The intensity of your gaze brings a sweet blush to my face. Kissing my nose, you pull me off of you enough to zip up before pulling me back into your embrace. You make quick work of buttoning my shirt and place another kiss on my chin before pulling me fully against your body. I shift myself when I feel our cum sliding down my thighs.

Curled up in your arms my head on your shoulder, I sigh contently and close my eyes. In your arms I am safe. We stay this way until our breathing resumes it's normal rhythm. Another sigh slips out of my lips as I sit up in your lap. Your hand stroking my back and the thumb of your other hand stroking the skin just above my knee. I look into your eyes and we smile.

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