tagGroup SexA Realtor's Surprise

A Realtor's Surprise


"I don't know why I'm looking for my own house. I'm just going to end up moving in with you," Michael said as I drove to the first property I was showing him.

I laughed nervously. His remark was quite forward since we had just met at the office for the first time a few minutes earlier. I hope my nervousness wasn't obvious. I definitely have a weakness for strong, black men. Something about seeing my porcelain white skin against the contrasting dark skin of my lovers that always turns me on. But, I cannot let my sexuality affect my professional life, not in the least bit.

We pulled into the driveway of the first property. It was a modest new townhouse. It had already begun to get dark. I had to turn my car's headlights on in order to see the lockbox. I fumbled with the door and held it open for my client. Michael led the way up the stairs to the main floor. This gave me an opportunity I could not resist to check out his fine ass. "I have got to get a grip and focus on the job at hand," I scolded myself.

As we entered the master bedroom, I imagined how it would be to have him fuck me right then and there. It was too risky, because I didn't know if any more showings had been scheduled for this evening. It sure was tempting. I had a long skirt on. It wouldn't take much time for him to lift my skirt and take me. If anyone else entered the house, I could fix myself back up in no time.

"I'm not sure this is what I had in mind. The bedrooms are awful small," Michael said.

I snapped back into reality and agreed with him. "I have another property I can show you."

We pulled up to the second property. Michael decided he wanted to walk around the outside of the property first before it got too dark. "Go ahead and open the door. I'll be right there," he said.

When I opened the door, I thought I heard a noise from upstairs. "Hello?" I asked as I tentatively made my way up the stairs.

There was a soft light emanating from one room. The door was half open. "Hello?" I said as a pushed the door open.

There was a woman in the bathtub. There were candles lit around the large tub. "Oh, I'm so sorry," I said as I backed out of the room.

"No. It's okay. Can you do me a favor and hand me that towel?" the young woman asked as she stepped out of her bubble bath. Bubbles clung to her tight body.

I handed her the plush towel that hung from the bar.

"Don't be shy. You're not so bad yourself," she winked.

I must have turned bright red as I tried to explain. "Didn't your Realtor tell you that we scheduled a showing for this evening?"

"Of course. I thought I would be finished by the time you got here, but now I'm kinda glad that I wasn't. Where's your client?"

"Looking outside. He'll be in soon."

"Is he cute?" she asked.


"You want to have some fun with him?" she asked.

"Mmmm.. I'd love to."

She crossed the room and gently grabbed the back of my neck. Her lips met mine. This is the first time I ever kissed a woman. Her blonde hair was tied up. She dropped her towel and turned to collect the wine bottle and glass that she had next to the bathtub.

"Follow me," she said as she led me into her bedroom. She lit a candle and poured more wine into the half-empty glass. "Would you like some?"

I started to reject the wine, remembering that I'm on the job. But, that seemed to be the least of my infractions at this point. I took a few small sips. She asked me to sit on the bed and make myself comfortable.

"No, comfortable like this," she said as she unbuttoned my shirt. Her touch sent shivers up my spine. Her breasts grazed against mine.

"Where are you?" asked a man's voice from downstairs.

"It's my client," I whispered.

"Tell him to come upstairs."

"Michael, I'm upstairs. Come on up."

This mysterious woman began to kiss my breasts, tracing the outline of my bra with deep kisses. Her hands slid my skirt up. She slid my panties down my thighs and to the floor. She reached behind me and undid the clasp to my bra. I kissed her full lips.

Michael appeared at the bedroom doorway. "Pretend he's not there for a few minutes," the anonymous woman whispered into my ear. She proceeded to kiss my neck down to my breasts.

"Lie down," she whispered.

I obeyed her request. Her fingertips traced the curves of my body. She kissed my stomach and parted my thighs with her hands. With one smooth motion, her tongue found my clit. I moaned and turned my head to look at Michael. I was searching his face for his response. I began to fear that he might be appalled by this. He could report me to my broker, and word would soon spread of my unprofessionalism. My fear was erased by the grin on his face.

I was free to enjoy the moment. I moaned as the woman's tongue brought me close to climax. I ached for release, but she stopped and motioned for Michael to join us. Michael took off his shirt. His muscular chest and stomach are just as I had imagined. I had to have him..now!

I encouraged him to lie down. I kissed his chest and stomach. I opened his pants and helped him out of them. I kneeled on the bed and kissed the tip of his manhood before taking it all into my mouth. The woman began to stroke my clit from behind while I was sucking on Michael's shaft. My tongue moved up and down his hardness. I massaged his balls and underneath them with my tongue. I couldn't take it anymore. Giving head to black men drives me crazy.

The woman whispered something into Michael's ear. He nodded his head and stood up. I lay down on the bed. My legs hung over the side of the bed. Michael approached me. I lifted my ankles to his shoulders and moaned in anticipation. The woman teased my nipples with her teeth as Michael entered me. I screamed in delight. Michael gave several hard thrusts. He felt so good inside me.

The woman hovered over me, her breasts caressing my own. She kissed me deeply, passionately. Michael grabbed her ass and began to rub her clit while he thrust into me. I was so wet. I felt myself tighten onto Michael's manhood. I moaned as my body shook with tremendous release.

Michael eased my legs to the floor. He grabbed the woman's ass again and thrust himself inside of her. With every thrust, her breasts teased mine. She moaned. The look of ecstasy on her face turned me on. I caressed her ample breasts and traced her nipples with my fingertips. Between Michael's powerful thrusts, she and I kissed. She moaned louder now. I gently squeezed her nipples with my fingers. Her body quivered as Michael moaned and stopped.

We relaxed on the bed, sipping wine. After a few minutes, Michael and I got dressed. We took a tour of the house. We each kissed our anonymous lover goodbye. Before we walked out the front door, Michael stopped me. He turned my head towards him and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around him. We held each other close.

"Don't worry," he whispered in my ear. "This is our little secret." We never spoke of the incident. During our subsequent appointments, we would occasionally look at each other, wink and smile.

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