tagLesbian SexA Seduction Among Us Ch. 01

A Seduction Among Us Ch. 01


Lying beside Ms. Syms, I still felt a tingling surging through my pussy.

I didn't think I'd ever actually fuck her, but now that I did, I was in Heaven. I wanted her since I was in junior high and realized that I liked girls.

Ms. Syms' son, John, was one of my best friends since he moved in next door when we were in the fourth grade. His mom was always really nice to me, almost like a second mom, but I didn't think anything dirty about her for a long time.

I knew that her husband left her a couple of years before she moved to town and that she was all alone, but I didn't see her real beauty until I saw her from my bedroom window one night, changing her clothes for a date.

I was in the eighth grade and had started to find myself turned on in gym class by the other girls and even by the teacher. Every time she would say "good job girls" or rub my shoulders, I'd think of how I wished she would do a lot more, maybe even watch us change our clothes.

Ms. Syms was somehow different, better than my gym teacher. My gym teacher was gorgeous, in her mid-twenties, with big, very firm tits from all of her working out, a really tight ass, and the most beautiful blonde hair I've ever seen. Ms. Syms, though, had some mysterious, very sexual way about her. Her lips looked like they needed to be kissed. She had an incredible soccer mom kind of ass that was out of this world. She even gave this look like "Somebody needs to fuck me immediately!" Maybe it was her loneliness after her husband left. Who knows?

After the first time I watched her change her clothes, I couldn't help but look for any opportunity to catch her again. I occasionally saw glimpses of her changing her bra or her shirt but not much. In the summers, I sometimes got to see her sunbathing in the back yard, but always with a bikini on. She looked amazing in it. I always wished that part of it would fall off or that she'd decide to get "adventurous" and try to even out her tan.

Year after year went like that. I never came any closer to having her or to even seeing her naked again. Her sultry stares, her exquisite brown hair, her big pouty lips, her gently swaying ass, all of it drove me crazy. I sometimes thought maybe I was in love with her.

When I was 17, I started hoping that she'd welcome me into womanhood when I came of age. It was all I could think about. It felt so wrong, though, since she was my friend's mom. I thought about how if John ever felt the same way about my mom, I'd want to either kill him or just die myself.

I started counting down the days until I turned 18. Ms. Syms even talked to me about it from time to time, telling me what kind of freedom I'd finally have, the joys of becoming a woman, all that kind of stuff. I knew that she was fairly sexual. I'd seen the way she acted with some of her dates and heard stories from John about how he could sometimes hear her moaning from her room, knowing she was masturbating. This kept playing over and over in my head, making me want her even more, hoping she would do exactly what I'd imagined, exactly the way I imagined it.

I still hadn't been with another female, only thought about it. I wondered how pussy might taste, how it might feel on my lips and tongue, what techniques I might try, etc. I watched some of the other girls more and more in gym class or even in the halls, picturing them naked, writhing on top of me, their pussies teasing my mouth as they stroked my clit with the tips of their tongues.

I finally started "experimenting" with a couple of girls, wanting to experience the fun of it all and see if I really liked it or not. Plus, I figured that if I ever got my way with Ms. Syms, I wanted to be ready, have some experience under my belt, really knowing how to please her the way I hoped she'd please me.

My birthday finally arrived, and I spent it in much the usual way, dinner out with my parents, cake at home with them, my brother, my aunt and uncle, and John. John's mom sometimes threw me a little party at her house, just me, her, and John, and this year was the same as before, except that I never wanted anyone more than I wanted her, and she wore a very revealing dress that really showed off her huge tits. I didn't know exactly how big they were, but I figured they must have been 36 DDs or so.

When I blew out my candles on the cake she'd made me, I wished that her dress would fall off and that I'd at least get a real view of what I'd wanted for the past 4 years. It never happened, and of course, I was disappointed. John, however, was exhausted from basketball practice and soon went to bed. I thought maybe this would be my chance to let his mom know how I felt about her.

We sat talking for a while about all kinds of things but mostly about how much fun I'd have now that I was an adult and especially what college would be like. Ms. Syms revealed to me that in college, she'd been a bit of a slut, sleeping with lots of random guys and quite a few women. The last part turned me on so much but I couldn't tell her that she was making me soaked in my panties. I kept that to myself and mostly just nodded along, laughing. I was so nervous!

Here was this very experienced older woman that was so sexy she could've been on the cover of a dirty magazine, even at around age 40.

I wanted to fuck her so bad that I actually ached. I thought that my pussy might explode at any minute. I kept quiet, never telling her what I really wanted for my birthday and just let it go. It didn't stop me from masturbating later that night, though. I came so hard that it took minutes before I came down from it or could get my pussy to stop tingling.

Spring slowly crept up on us, which gave me more hope that at the least, Ms. Syms would sunbathe some more and maybe take off her top to get a better tan. Every time the weather heated up, you could count on her sunbathing rituals but not on the second part.

I went over there from time to time while she was outside, finding anything to talk to her about. I'd stare at her heaving chest, hoping she wouldn't notice it. She didn't, or maybe she just pretended not to. I don't know.

It all changed right before graduation, however. I'd been 18 for several months and figured I'd earned the right to have my way with this woman of my dreams. I knew that no one I'd been with before could even compare and that once I started, I could never turn back. Nothing would ever be the same again.

One day, I knew that Ms. Syms was out sunbathing. She had to be. It was very hot out, perfect weather for her to get her tan that she loved so much. Oddly, I couldn't find her. I looked all over her backyard but couldn't see her. Finally, I started to hear light moaning coming from somewhere, though I couldn't tell exactly where.

I walked toward the house and turned just in time to see Ms. Syms tucked in a small alcove area, lying sprawled out on a beach chair, bikini bottom pulled aside, rubbing her clit furiously, moaning, "Oh, Melissa, you little bitch! Right there, Baby! Suck that clit, Baby! I'm gonna make you a woman yet!"

It was as if my dreams had actually come true but in a way that was better than could've been imagined. I knew this was my chance. I was finally going to fuck the milf next door!

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