tagLesbian SexA Seduction Among Us Ch. 02

A Seduction Among Us Ch. 02


(I wrote this story as an e-mail between the main character and a female friend/former lover of hers that left for college.)

Hey, Amanda.

I know I haven't talked to you much lately, but since you said you wanted to know more about Ms. Syms and me and since I need someone to talk to, here goes. Hope you like it. ;)

After my initial rendezvous with Ms. Syms, I couldn't stop thinking about her. She was so gorgeous and so sexual. Everything about her made me wet all of the time.

I tried to get her off of my mind but couldn't. I found myself masturbating at least 4 times a day because of her.

I even tried whoring myself around. I slept with guy after guy after girl after guy after girl. Guys didn't really do much for me, if anything ever, but I hoped that maybe they could keep my mind occupied.

No matter what I did or who I did what with, nothing worked. I was absolutely obsessed. I was confused, too, so very confused. I didn't know how I felt exactly. Did I love her, lust for her, what?!

I still tried to catch glimpses of her changing or sunbathing, but if I had sex with her again, I might become too involved, too overly obsessed (as if it were possible) or worse, lose my best friend if he ever found out I'd been fucking his mom!

I finally just said fuck it all. I knew I had to have her again... and again and again. She was by far the best fuck ever! I made sure that she could see me constantly in very short shorts or a bikini.

One day, I purposely let my top fall off while I was outside, and I knew that she saw me from her window. I acted like it was just an accident.

Strangely, when I went by the fence later, I could hear the same sounds as before, sounding as if Ms. Syms was playing with her pussy again. I peeked over the fence but couldn't see anything.

Of course, being the pussy hungry slut that I am, I crept in through the gate and made my way to the alcove. Still, no Ms. Syms. I thought it was pretty odd.

Just then, I turned my head and realized that the sounds were coming from just inside the kitchen and that the door was open. Walking in, I saw a lesbian porn playing on the kitchen t.v. I slowly turned, hoping to see some masturbation again that might lead to more hot sex, and sure enough, there was Ms. Syms, butt naked, pinching one nipple while fucking herself hard with a spatula handle.

My mind was suddenly experiencing an overload. What to do? What to do?

When she saw me, she bit her lower lip but kept deep fucking herself. Without losing a beat, she asked me if I wanted to join. I said yes and ripped my own clothes off with unbelievable strength.

I took a seat in a kitchen chair but couldn't find anything to fuck myself with. I got up quickly from my chair but nearly fainted at the sight of Ms. Syms beautiful, shaved, soaked pussy. It looked so delicious that I couldn't bare not tongue fucking the hell out of it!

I grabbed a banana from next to my dream fuck, laughing coyly as I did but thought that maybe the banana wouldn't last inside my pussy. I hurried through the fridge and found a huge cucumber, PERFECT!

I sat back down in my chair and fucked myself really hard with the banana, but before I could cum, it turned mushy. Ms. Syms' moans were getting louder, so I knew I had to hurry up if I was going to finish myself and be ready for her.

I grabbed the cucumber and inserted it slowly, letting my pussy expand and contract to get used to the thickness. Once my pussy was well wrapped around it, I slowly pushed deeper and deeper, feeling sooooo good! Finally, before I knew it, I was fucking myself harder than ever before!

Each thrust sent a magical sensation through my whole body. With one hand working my hole furiously, I used the other to pinch, rub, and smack my nipples, each in turn.

I could tell that Ms. Syms was cumming now, so I began to fuck myself even harder. I was amazed at my own dexterity, speed, and the strength of my arm to keep up.

Ms. Syms slowly paraded herself in front of me, bending over to put the spatula in the sink and then walking in front of me, swaying her amazing, very tight milf ass for me to watch.

I fucked myself so hard that I thought my arm would fall off! Before I knew it, I was over the edge! There was no turning back. Ms. Syms tweeked her nipples for me and vigorously rubbed her clit while I worked my own. I came so hard that my cum spewed out of me, from around the cucumber, onto the floor.

Without warning, Ms. Syms knelt down and removed the cucumber from my pussy, inserting her tongue in its place. The sensations were too much to take, but I figured fuck it. You only live once.

I grabbed Ms. Syms' luscious blonde hair, tugging it so roughly while she lapped at my sweetness. She never came up for air or stopped a lick. It was incredible! I knew that she must have been with quite a few women to be such a great pussy licker.

It didn't take long until I was cumming again, shooting a thick gob of sugary pussy nectar onto the face of this hot milf tongue fucking goddess, my best friend's mom! It all seems so weird, but I didn't care much at the time.

She came up from her meal to give me a deep, passionate kiss that said everything I needed to know. She loved what she'd done, and I have to admit, what I could taste of my cum on her mouth was pretty damn good. It was so sweet, like candy.

I got up from my chair and threw Ms. Syms onto the kitchen table, ravishing her box. I licked with such fury, such passion, such devotion that I kind of scared myself. It seemed like only a couple of minutes of tongue fucking, licking from the bottom to the top and back down, spelling a few words with my tongue, and then adamantly sucking, licking, and flicking her erect clit until she was cumming as hard as I had. Oh, how incredibly sweet, delicious, and intoxicating her cunt cream was!

I could barely finish licking her clean before she started pulling my hair and telling me to get my sweet 18 year old ass onto the table immediately. I obliged, and we were soon simultaneously eating each other like it was the last time we'd ever get to do it.

We both came a few small orgasms from time to time, but eventually, we both came again, this time, even bigger than the previous times. I couldn't believe it. I barely more than began to cum when she started screaming that she was cumming, too! We moaned loudly into other's pussies, sending each other into cataclysmic ecstasy!

We collapsed, or at least, I did on top of her. Neither of us could move. Unfortunately, the table gave way from all of the weight and the motion. Neither of us is at all heavy, but combined in one spot and writhing, it was too much. Lying on a heap of broken wood, we both laughed hysterically... until in walked... John!

My best friend, Ms. Syms' son... he was supposed to be gone for another day. It was more embarrassing than anything else I'd ever endured. I jumped up and grabbed my bikini as quickly as I could and got the hell out of there.

John and I haven't spoken since, and it's been 2 weeks. I don't know what to do. I still think of his mom and still take every chance I can to catch her naked or playing with herself, but we haven't had an encounter since that day. I miss her so much... her long blonde hair, her tight ass, her super firm and perky tits, her tongue, her lips, her thighs, her hips, and oh... her pussy! That sweet sweet nectarine of a pussy!

Bye, Amanda. I have to go take care of myself. Thanks for letting me vent. I hope college is as fun as you thought it'd be and that you're having lots of hot sex without me. lol Not really. I miss fucking you, but anyway, bye again.


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