tagNovels and NovellasA Soldier's Wife Pt. 01

A Soldier's Wife Pt. 01


I recently had a reader tell me that writing more stories wasn't always the way to become a great writer because a truly great writer takes the advise of others and fixes their mistakes. With that in mind I've redone this story paying more attention to the mistakes I had made and hopefully made it even better. You let me know ... Ghostwalker


Chapter 1

The activity around the Unit's message made everyone want to see the news and there it was; we were finally going home. We had been deployed to Saudi Arabia, in early November, as part of Operation Desert Storm. Now after four long months we were finally going back to the States. While I was deployed I had spoken frequently to my wife, checking on things and her biggest question (and mine at the time) was when are you coming home?

Unfortunately, I could never give her an answer. Though it had never seemed to be a problem getting all of us here there was a major problem getting us all out. There just weren't enough planes and many of the units, including mine, were stuck where we were. We had a pretty good idea when we should be leaving but no specific date had been set. I had been without sex for the entire time I'd been there and I hadn't even "relieved myself" in the past two months, thinking I'd save a special load up for my wife. When we finally received a firm date for our departure I decided that I keep it a secret. Instead I'd catch a ride with my friend, Chris. That way I could surprise my wife and avoid any embarrassing homecoming celebration that my family and friends might plan. The plane ride back to the States seemed to take years. Before splitting up the members of the Unit had a brief ceremony, completed some necessary paperwork and were then released to go home for a well-deserved leave. Chris and I couldn't get out of there fast enough. At one point I think we may have approached light-speed but finally we turned onto my street. Chris looked at me with a smirk as we noticed a number of cars parked in the driveway and street in front of the house. "Look's like she found out you were coming home and planned a party anyway", Chris remarked as he stopped the truck and let me out.

"Yeah," I grinned, "I guess it's a good surprise though." I grabbed my bags from the truck and walked up to the porch as Chris drove away. Approaching the door, I heard music coming from inside and figured that the party was already underway. 'So much for a surprise', I thought. Leaving my bags on the porch, I opened the front door and walked in, I noticed immediately that the living room was empty. Quietly walking through the living room I headed down the hallway following the sound of the music. The door to the master bedroom was open and one of the most shocking sights of my life was before me.

Keli was kneeling on the bed, totally naked, but she wasn't alone. Five guys were surrounding the bed and not only were they naked as well but judging from the amount of cum built up on my wife's face and hair they had been there for quite a wile. Stunned I didn't know quite what to do until I remembered the pistol I had in my bags on the porch. The idea of vengeance surged through me but for some reason I still couldn't move. Keli didn't seem to be under any type of duress; to the contrary, she was obviously enjoying it. Her pussy and ass were both filled, as well as her mouth, while the other two guys sat on the side of the bed and the bedroom chair waiting for an orifice to open. I listened silently to see if my impression of her cooperation was mistaken. "God yes ... fill my ass you fucker! Tear me open!" she screamed as the cock in her mouth slipped free trailing the dregs of his load from its head. I could now see that this was no small little prick that she had just finished swallowing, it appeared to be around 9" in length and as thick as a banana. In comparison to my 7-inch, hot dog circumference prick it had to be mammoth to her, yet she handled it with apparent ease. It slowly dawned on me that this was probably not the first such "party" that she had enjoyed. Suddenly another realization hit me like a ton of bricks, every single one of these five were Officers from the base! By this time the guy on the side of the bed had shoved his semi-erect cock into my wife's mouth and it was already growing larger than the man before him was.

"Make this meat nice and hard you whore and maybe I'll let your have it in your ass again." he said grinning evilly at his two friends working below her waist.

"OH FUCK! I'm cumming again," the man in her twat yelled, "I'm filling this slut with my cum!!"

"Yeah, show that whore how a real man fucks." said the man in the chair as he stood up stroking a cock that had to be 13" long and a thick as my wrist.

My wife suddenly shivered in orgasm, "Please keep filling me with cock! Don't stop! Fuck me like a whore!!"

The man in her pussy pulled his dick out with an audible pop and I saw that she had just finished taking a foot worth of cock into a pussy, which, until this point, I believed had felt nothing larger than my 7". The man turned to grab something off of the dresser behind him and suddenly saw me standing in the doorway with my mouth open and an obvious hard-on jutting forward in my BDU pants. "WHAT THE FUCK?!!!" he screamed and lunged for me. I never even moved, I was in so much shock.

"OH FUCK!!" my wife yelled as she saw me standing there held by the man who first saw me, ""WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!!!"

"MAYBE I SHOULD ASK YOU TH ..." I was cut off from my anger by a large fist slamming into my mouth. For a brief second stars flashed before my eyes and then darkness.

Chapter 2

Slowly, very slowly, the darkness faded. I lay there listening for what seemed like hours. The recent events running through my head as if on a TV screen. Then I suddenly remembered the sounds of yelling, and a fight, followed by a low menacing growl and then silence. I opened my eyes and gently sat up. The stars returned and my vision was clouded, but as they cleared I couldn't believe what I saw. There was my wife, still in bed, cum covering her body. Her five "friends" were now sitting on the floor with their backs to the wall and their hands holding their limp cocks.

"Hey, Bro; You OK?"

I slowly turned my head and saw Chris sitting in a chair on the opposite side of the room his .45 pistol in his hands and Jacko, our unit guard dog, sitting at his side, teeth bared.

"Ya; I think so." I replied as I shook the last of the fuzz from my head. "But what the fuck are you doing back here?"

"Oh, that's simple. As I drove away I noticed that none of the lights went on as you came in the house. I figured that was kind of funny so I went around the block and came back. Grabbed this as I got out of the truck", holding up the .45, "and Jacko just followed along. I saw you getting dumped to the floor as I was heading down the hallway and Jacko just didn't like the way these fella's were treating his friend. Before I knew what was happening Jacko had them pinned against the hall holding their balls. Guess they figured he was going to bite them off or something. Just from looking around I got a good idea what was going on when you came in so the question now is what to do with these guys."

I looked down at them and then at the slut, who my wife, before answering, "I need to think about that for a second." A plan was beginning to form in my mind. I turned to Keli and looked at her. She had changed while I was gone. Her 5'4", 34D-25-31 frame was now tanned a golden brown except for a small white triangle at the joint of her legs and her auburn hair was now sun-bleached a dark blonde. She looked every bit a whore. Used, abused, her body and blonde hair covered with cum, but aroused like I'd seldom seen her before. Even now as she sat on the bed I could see the sparkle in her blue eyes and the way she was gently moving her long, tanned legs together, her nipples aroused and sticking straight out on top of her breasts, her skin flushed with a sweaty sheen to it.

"You like getting fucked by all these guys don't you?"..."WELL, DON'T YOU?"

Keli quietly replied, "Yes."


"Yes. I couldn't help myself. You were gone so long and I was lonely and horny. It started out with just one, but then it got to be more and more. I need cock...any cock. I realize that I'm nothing but a glorified whore. I love having a cock in my pussy, my mouth, and even in my ass. I crave the feel of cum filling my pussy and dripping down my legs; the warm sensation of it covering my tits and ass. IS THAT WHAT YOU WANTED TO KNOW OR IS THIS SOME KIND OF STUPID GAME FOR YOU?"

"No, dear, that is exactly what I wanted to know", a coldness had entered my voice that I had never known could be there before"... so I think you should have a last party with your friends before they leave, since they won't be back."

"You up to this?" I asked Chris.

"It's your show, Bro." He replied.

I slowly walked towards the men still sitting on the floor and recalled the scene I had witnessed as I had entered the room earlier. I looked down at the one that I recalled had the largest cock. "What's your name?"


"In that case, Karl, get up on the bed and lay on our back." As he stood I noticed that his 13-inch cock had begun to swell again and smiled as I though of what has going to happen. He climbed onto the bed and lay down on his back next to Keli, his cock now sticking straight into the air.

"OK, slut, climb on board."

Shock and lust flashed across Keli's face at my words before she replied. "What did you say?"

"I told you to get up off that bed, climb on top of the fucker, put his cock in your pussy and fuck him. What part didn't you understand, slut?"

Smiling she answered, "I understood all of it. I just wanted to make sure I heard it right." Taking Karl's cock in her hand she brought her face to it and kissed it gently. Her tongue sliding across the underside before reaching the top; opening her mouth as wide as possible she lowered herself on it and moved her head up and down several times before releasing it with a "pop". "I just needed to get it a bit lubed up, stud."

"I think it's plenty hard right now so why don't you just sit yourself down on it?" he replied.

Keli smiled and looked at me seductively, "Anything you say, honey." With the feline grace of a jungle cat, Keli, slowly climbed onto Karl and mounted him. Placing her knees on either side of his hips, she used her hand to guide his long member into her tender, moist opening, a short gasp escaped her as the bulbous head began to enter her. Keli gingerly began to move her hips downward. Feeling the sensation of his fat cockhead as it passed her dripping wet labia and began to fill her insides. The powerful dick slowly sliced into her. After taking in just the head, she stopped. "What the..." he started to ask. "I need time to stretch is all, ba ... AIIIIIIII ....." she started to reply before I stepped up behind her and drove her down onto his cock; the sudden pleasure/pain of being filled by Karl's cock triggering an orgasm deep inside her.

"I'll tell you when to stop, do you understand, whore?" I commanded.

As if from a dream world she replied, "Yes, dear."

"Then stop just sitting there and fuck him."

Slowly Keli started to raise and lower herself on Karl's cock, her shapely, tanned-lined ass beginning to slowly to dance up and down on the big dick. The friction in her pussy building as his cock was swallowed into her on every down stroke. Karl moaned as my wife/whore rode his prick like the actress Debra Winger rode that mechanical bull in the "Urban Cowboy" movie. The look on Karl's face betrayed his entrancement and confirmed the sweetness of Keli's tight pussy. Karl's hands grabbed and squeezed Keli's firm ass cheeks tightly.

"God how I love his hands on my ass!" Keli starts pushing her ass down harder on Karl's cock as his moans become more and more grunt-like. "I got you now, Baby." She said, increasing her force on every downstroke. "You like my pussy, baby?" Keli asking what she already knew. "Tell me how much you like your pussy, stud ... Tell me!!!"

Breathlessly, Karl responds in a guttural rasp, his body beginning to succumb to the primal sensations within: "Oh Baby! ... It's so good! ... Give it to me! ... Give me that pussy!"

Karl's words affected Keli like applause to an entertainer. Instantly, she increased the length of her movements while being careful not to change the deliberately slow and fluid pace. Perspiration glistened on both of them. "Oh, God, this feels so good. I need cock. I need to be filled by it and used by it. I need to feel it pounding into me and filling me with cum. Never STOP. DO YOU HEAR ME? NEVER STOP FUCKING ME. NEVER STOP FILLING ME WITH COCK. I'M GOING TO CUM, AGAIN. DON'T STOP. PLEASE DON'T STOP. I'M CUMMIN ... AAAAAIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE." Keli's orgasm shook and mesmerizes everyone in the room.

Karl laid under her his cock still buried deep inside; a look of anguish crossing his face.

"Don't worry. The fun hasn't even started yet." I stated as I looked from him to his friends. All of them had rock hard cocks sticking into the air. "OK, guys. This is the plan. You ... " pointing at the guy everyone had called Mo, "her ass is yours. And Horse, why don't you take that cock of yours and shut her mouth up for awhile. She can use her hands on you two until there is an opening," suddenly laughing at the double meaning of the words.

Keli slowly opened her eyes as she felt Horse climbing on the bed to join them. Her eyes suddenly searched the room and found me staring at her. "That's right bitch. You're going to finish the party you started before I got home. You're going to fuck these guys until I say 'STOP'. And from now on you're going to fuck me or anybody else I tell you to, whenever I tell you to. Do you understand?"

The look of shock and pain had left her eyes, and was replaced by a look of lust and submission as she nodded her head.

"In that case get to work, cunt. These boys are waiting ... and so am I." I said as I walked over towards Chris. Leaning over and explaining the next part of my plan to him I left the room.

Chapter 3

Quickly going to the hallway closet I found the Polaroid camera and the Camcorder Keli and I had bought for our own "love-making sessions". The irony of the situation was beyond belief as I returned to the bedroom and set them up to record her "slut party".

Keli had lost no time while I had left the room. Seeing Horse's 10-inch cock swinging in front of her face was all the invitation she needed to grasp the shaft of his dick in her hand and draw it to her waiting mouth. Her tongue teasing, swirling, lapping as her mouth starts to take first the head and then more of this dick into her mouth until it filled and stretched the sides of her mouth. Keli had given great head even before I had left but now I could see that she had become and expert as her tongue massaged the sensitive underside of his dick as it inched deeper and deeper and deeper past her lips. Slowly, his hips began to gyrate as Keli's head began to bob back and forth. Placing her hands on Horse's ass, Keli relaxed her throat as she pulled him closer to her and deeper into her mouth. Horse began to groan as the head of his dick passed into her throat. With both hands, he held her head and thrust his hips forward. Keli fought off a gagging reflex as her lips nearly touched his curly pubic hair. Then she pulled back, gently dragging her teeth against the underside of his cock slowly revealing it, wet and glistening with her saliva. Catching a glimpse of Karl from the corner of her eye, she felt his cock still buried in her sending quivers through her cannel. Grabbing Horse's ass again with both hands, she furiously bobbed her head back and forth, effortlessly taking his cock into the far regions of her throat cavity. Each time Horse thrust into her she felt like electric bolts were surging through her body. "Yeah Baby! ... Yeah, that's it ... Take my cock," Horse grunted as he drove his cock into her mouth and throat, exciting hers even more.

With Keli totally engrossed by Horse and Karl, Mo climbed up onto the bed, looking down at the prize lying below him. Keli's sweet little ass was sticking up into the air begging to be filled. Using the pad of his finger, he began to massage Keli's "other" hole in small concentric circles. Keli jumped at the feel but quickly settled down emitting moans as his finger, wet from her excess juices, circled her anticipating anus, never stopping as Keli's pussy rose and fell on Karl's hard cock.

"Do you want it, babe?" Mo asked, his voice soft and low.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!" Keli murmurs.

"Tell me you want it! Tell us!"

Pulling Horse's cock from her mouth, replying, "YES!" "Tell me, Baby!"

"YES! OH YES! I want all of you! Fuck me! I want to feel you in me! Fuck me! Fuck me!!

Keli heard the drawer of the nightstand open and soon felt the lubricant she kept there being spread between her ass cheeks. Keli leaned as far forward as she could; her tits pressed against Karl's chest as she felt Mo massage the sensitive opening of her asshole with the blunt swollen head of his cock. Keli began to pant as Mo's cock parted and stretched her tight anus. Relaxing she could can feel her asshole conform to and engulf his cock. "WHAT THE FUC ... mmmmmmm," she moaned as Mo pushed deeper and deeper. When Mo's cock had entered her completely he began to drive it back and forth in her. Growing accustomed to the huge intruder, Keli began to match Karl and Mo's rhythm, as the two stiff dicks filled her. It was easy for everyone to see that the sensations were overwhelming her, as the two large cocks drove in and out of her.

Karl started to thrust his pelvis upward, driving into her pussy with renewed force, as Mo grabbed her hips, and slammed his dick deep inside her ass. A gasp escaped Keli as Mo rammed his huge cock completely into her tight asshole again and again.

Keli felt the force of both men as they pushed into her. "Ooooooh! Please keep filling me with cock! Don't stop! Fuck me like a whore!!" she murmured. The two cocks churned in her like mechanical pistons. "OOH MY GOD!" Keli exclaimed as her hands griped Karl's shoulders tightly.

"Ooh fuck me! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!!!" Keli's voice built as the men fucked her harder and harder. "I'M GONNA CUM! OH SHIT! I'M GONNA CUM!! Keli yelled as the men pumped her with primal intensity. Her grip on Karl's shoulders tighter as her entire body shook with each thrust of the two hard dicks. Her body contracted with a force she never dreamed possible. "OOOOOH! I'M CUMMING! I'M CUUUMMMIIING!!!" she screamed as her body exploded in an almost blinding convulsion when Karl began to grunt and empty into her aroused pussy, coating it with a thick layer of his cum. Keli almost lost consciousness as waves of rapture flowed over her, around her and through her as she felt Karl's hot cum coating her insides. Shutting her eyes tightly she rode the orgasmic roller coaster that was triggered as she continued to cum again and again. Her body seemed to implode on as it shook and shivered last wave of her incredible orgasm subsided and finally dissipated.

But her "friends" and weren't done with her yet and through a climax filled fog, she heard Mo's voice echo in her ears; "I'm close, Baby. I'm fixin to cum!" Mo's voice sounded far and distant through the thick veil of sensations within Keli's body. Yet even then her body craved more.

Pulling herself free from both Karl and Mo she stood at the side of the bed and bent over at the waist and leaned her face towards Horse's almost forgotten cock. "Put it back in!" She ordered Mo. "Hurry! Put it in!!" the urgency in her voice clear and undeniable. Mo quickly complied, easily entering her yearning asshole. "God yes ... fill my ass you fucker!" she cried. Grabbing her hips again, Mo began to pump her ass with ferocity as she feverishly worked on Horse with her hands and mouth; resulting in his cock beginning to grow and tense. "Cum for me," Keli pleaded as her mouth devoured his dick in one smooth motion and she was only vaguely aware of Mo as he groaned and tightened his grip on her hips, murmuring, "I'M GONNA CUM!"

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