tagNovels and NovellasA Soldier's Wife Pt. 04

A Soldier's Wife Pt. 04


I recently had a reader tell me that writing more stories wasn't always the way to become a great writer because a truly great writer takes the advise of others and fixes their mistakes. With that in mind I've redone this story paying more attention to the mistakes I had made and hopefully made it even better. You let me know ... Ghostwalker


Chapter 9

When Sarah and I woke up, Keli was standing at the end of the bed, naked; her eyes looking down at the floor as she spoke. "I'm really sorry for what happened last night. Not so much for what happened, but for how you found out about me. I wasn't always like this as you know, but after you were sent overseas I realized how much I needed your cock. But you weren't around so I went looking for other men for fulfill me. I met K Karl at a bar about 20 miles from here and we spent the night in a cheap motel room. Three days later I was walking to the PX and saw Karl in his uniform. He got really upset asking how I got on base and saying that I'd better leave before he called the MP's. Without even thinking about it I told him that I lived on base and that you were deployed with your unit, and when he asked where I lived I told him. Later that week he showed up here with Mo and then week-after-week he brought the others. It just seemed that the more I got the more I needed ... until last night. After Chris and I were together we had a long talk and I realize that although I couldn't possibly be with only one person anymore I don't want to loose you. In fact, I don't want to loose any of you," looking at Sarah as she lay beside me. "Chris figured the way to solve this is for him and Sarah to move in with us. That way we can all be together and any of you that want to can fuck me any time you want. I can be the whore that I am and we can all still be happy. What do you think?"

Stunned by Keli's comments, I looked at Sarah and saw the lust in her eyes. "I think that is a very good idea." I replied with a smile.

"There is only one other condition that Chris made....."

"And that is?"

"That I get rid of these," holding her birth-control pills. "He says that I should have a baby to form a solid bond with everyone."

Thinking of Keli pregnant, her tits even larger and flowing milk gave me an instant hard on that lifted the sheets of the bed. "I think he has an excellent idea, so why not get your fucking ass up here on the bed and start eating Sarah's pussy for her while I work on getting you pregnant right now."

Instantly, Keli jumped onto the bed like a little child and crawled towards Sarah, "Anything you say."

Chapter 10

It was hard to believe that it had only been 6 months since that fateful night. So many things had happened: Sarah, Chris and Jacko had moved in with Keli and I the next morning. Keli and I got a quiet divorce, though we were still living together and Keli was indeed the household slut. Chris, Sarah and I had all left the military and now owned an 80-acre farm together, nothing really big but enough to keep us all fed and a few extra bucks in our pockets. But recently I had noticed some subtle changes in our happy little "family", ones that would make my life even more interesting.

As I walked in the kitchen door I saw Chris sitting at the table with a cup of coffee and a far-away look in his eyes. "What's up, guy?"

"Nothing, really. Just thinkin'"

"Not give me that shit, Bro. I know you too well."

"Ya, I guess you do. I've just been thinking that maybe it's time for me to move on. I mean, it's great here with you and Sarah and Keli, but I've just had this feeling like it's time to move on."

Shocked, I sat down across the table across from him. "Are you sure about this? Part of this place is yours, and you and Keli seem to be an item."

"Keli is an item with whoever fucks her or makes her cum." He replied jokingly.

"Right now she's an item with Sarah. Later it could be with anyone of us. She's a slut and loves it. But I need more and know I won't find it here, so I've already made arrangements for a ride to town this morning. I'll be back someday. Like you said I own part of this place."

Before I could say another word, he stood up and walked to the back door. Picking up the duffel bag that was leaning against it, he looked at me and waved before walking out. Jacko immediately jumped up from his favorite place and followed him out the door.

I sat there a few moments collecting my thoughts and trying to figure out what I was going to tell Keli and Sarah before heading up the stairs to the bedrooms. Slowly I climbed, each step feeling like a mountain, until I began to hear Sarah and Keli's lust-filled voices. As if drawn by a strong magnet I was suddenly at the bedroom door looking at these two beauties. Sarah was laying back on the bed, her legs dangling over the edge and Keli was kneeling on the floor, her head buried in Sarah's shaved pussy.

"Lick my pussy, Keli. That's it right there. Flick your tongue across my clit and make me cum, baby. You're such a good pussy licker. Oooohhhhhhh . . . I never realized how much I enjoy having my pussy licked."

Unseen, I stood there staring at these two beautiful women. My cock slowly beginning to harden as I watch the two of them caressing and fondling each other. I couldn't believe my good fortune: luscious, horny, loving, all of these things and more. But something else had changed with them and I couldn't quite put my finger on it.

"Now slide your finger in me. Hmmmmmm . . . that feels good. Just a little faster. Lick my clit. Harder. That's it. Right there. Oooohhhhh . . . you are such a good fucking slut. You know just how to get me going. God, I need this. Play with my tits, Keli. Come on, you lovely slut. Grab my tits and squeeze them. Play with my nipples and make them nice and hard. God that feels sooooooo good, baby. They're so sensitive lately. Roll my nipples between your fingers. That's it. Just a little harder. Now pull on them. Ohhhhhhh, yesssss. That's right. Harder. Look at how big they are. Come on bitch. Fuck me with those fingers of yours. Don't stop now. Faster, faster, Yes, that's it, Yessssssss, now, Ohhhh Goddddddd, I'm cummmmmmmiiiiiinnnnnnggggggggggg."

As I watched Keli continued to lick Sarah's luscious pussy as she quivered through her orgasm and began to build towards another one. Suddenly looking up I saw Sarah looking deeply into my eyes. "Fuck her, baby. I know you haven't fucked this bitch since the first night we were together but I want you to shove that hard prick inside of her and make her beg for your cum. Come on, stud, fuck this bitch's cunt."

I snickered at hearing Sarah's words, since she seldom used the word ... cunt. When I had asked her about one night after an extremely passionate evening of love-making she explained, "When you're in school and they're teaching you about the 'bids-and-the-bees' they call it a vagina; when you're making love to your partner it's a pussy, but when it is being used solely for the act of fucking and getting rid of animal passion it can be anything you want to call it including a cunt."

Keli seemed in a world of her own with her lips and tongue continuing to attack Sarah's slit. She didn't seem to be aware that I was even in the room as I removed my clothes and knelt behind her. My throbbing cock standing straight out before me and straining to enter my ex-wife's exposed cunt. Remembering all the good time we had shared together in this bed, I grabbed her hips and moved my cock to the entrance rubbing my cock through the slick juices running from her.

Pulling away from Sarah she looked over her shoulder at me, "Oh yes, baby. I've wanted you back in me ever since that first night. Please fuck me nice and hard. I want to feel your buried deep in me and your balls slapping against my clit.

Taking this as my cue I slowly slid my cock into her well-oiled hole. "Is this what you've wanted?? Hmmmm . . . . you wanted to feel my cock back inside of you fucking you like the whore that you are?? Well how does it feel?? Like it slut?? Like the feel of my cock sliding inside of your cunt??"

"Oh, yessssss. This is exactly what I've wanted and needed. You know I've had all kinds of cock, bigger than yours and smaller than yours, but nobodies cock feels as good as yours does. Please fuck me. Fuck me hard like you used to. Make me feel like I belong to you again. I've needed to feel your cock inside of me again. Ohhhhhhhh yessssss ... push it deep inside of me just like that. I want to feel it hitting the bottom of my cunt and felling me with you cum."

This was all I could stand. Grabbing her by the hips I jammed my cock deep into her and hit the bottom of her cervix with the first thrust. Her cry of pleasure/pain increased my need for her. Pumping in and out of her at a frantic pace I looked over her and saw Sarah with her fingers jamming in and out of her own pussy to match the rhythm of the fucking I was giving Keli.

"That's it fucker." Keli sighed, "Do me. Fuck me. Fill my cunt with that pole of yours. Fuck me like the whore that I am. Fill me with your cum. Goddddddd, you're going to make me cum already. Cum with me and fill my cunt. Please, honey, please. Fuck me harder. NOW ...do me harder ... NOW. I'm cummminnggg ..." her comments suddenly ended as Sarah pulled her face back into the junction between her legs and shivered as she climaxed as well.

Seeing both of these two beauties was more than I could stand. My cum pouring from my balls and splashing the insides of Keli's clutching cunt. "Fuuuuccckkkkkkkkk!!!"

After a few moments I pulled out of Keli and watched with fascination as a small glob of my cum followed and slid down the inside of Keli's thigh. She had never looked sexier in her life. As I stood up, I took her by the hand and led her to bed. Laying down with Sarah on one side and Keli on the other I realized that I loved both of them and better yet they both loved me.

As I lay there I slipped an arm around of each of them. It was then that it finally registered that a subtle change had been taking place over the last several months. Sarah's tits had grown several sizes larger. Her 36D tits had swollen to at least a 36E. A quick look at Keli confirmed that her 34DD tits were also larger and must have been at least a 34EEE.

Suddenly embarrassed, I started to move my hands away when Sarah opened her eyes and asked. "Are you OK, honey?"

"Ya, I . . . ahh . . . I . . . ahh . . . just wanted to . . .ahh"

"Come on, spit it out. What's wrong?"

Thinking quickly, I figured this was a good time to tell them about Chris rather then mention the change that I had suddenly noticed. "Well, it's Chris. He left."


"SO??!! What do you mean, 'So'?"

"We knew he might leave a week ago."

Thunderstruck I lay there. "What do you mean you knew a week ago?"

"Simple", giggled Keli, "we told him something a week ago and he said that wasn't sure he could handle it and might have to leave."

"OK, so what is it that you told him? I mean I live here too and should probably know."

Reaching over me, Sarah took Keli's hand. "Yep, I guess you should know."

In unison they replied, "We're pregnant!"

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