A Soldier's Wife Pt. 05


About 15 minutes later, I woke to Sarah's voice swearing from the bathroom.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"We need to go out." she was speaking in her distressed voice.


"I need to get something."

"What?" I repeated, slightly annoyed.

"I dropped the pump on the bathroom floor and it broke."

Going to the bathroom door, "What are you talking about?"

"Just a minute." God she was so predictable! I could hear her putting clothes back on. She opened the door and was dressed as before, but I was just too tired to care.

The broken pump was on the sink in the bathroom. A plastic funnel covers the breast, and it had broken into about 20 different pieces. Without it, the pump could not build up suction and was therefore useless. The pump itself, as well as the collection bottle was undamaged. Sarah had moved to the desk/dresser and was looking through the Yellow Pages section of the phone book.

"I called several places already, but none of them are open this late."

"Where would you buy one anyway?"

"Well, K-mart or Ventura normally or a drugstore. But this town completely closes by 10:00."

I picked the bed that Sarah was not using and stretched out with her suitcase. Meanwhile, she tried every single drugstore in the book. Nearly a quarter of them were open late, but only the pharmacies. No one had a breast pump.

"FUCK!" she exclaimed. "Who else would sell them?"

"Oh, like I would know," I replied. "Can't you hold off until morning?"

"No way. It hurts like crazy now. It was murder getting through the ice-cream." But I knew she'd do anything, suffer any pain, for ice cream.

"This isn't something that a 7-11 would sell." I thought back to my own experiences with breast pumps. I had only seen them at one place besides a store. "You could call a hospital. They could probably use your milk."

She smiled and snapped her fingers. "Good idea."

The next barrage of phone calls lasted until midnight. Basically they went as follows:

* Hospital one had no maternity ward.

* Hospital two accepted donations, but only during the day shift, and only from women who had been checked out by their lab. Sarah stressed that this was an emergency, so they connected her to the emergency room clerk. The clerk told her that pumping was not considered an emergency, but since she was from out of town they would do it. She would have to pay $417.00 (cash) or get authorization from our company's insurance.

* Hospital three was a trauma center.

* Hospital four repeated hospital two, except it was over $500.00.

* Call five went out to our insurance company (whose 24-hour number our travel itinerary thoughtfully had printed on it). Basically, to them, breast pumping was not an emergency. Authorization refused. Sarah insisted that she speak with a supervisor, who happened to be a doctor. He also refused explaining that a mistake on her part (such as breaking her pump) was not going to be insured, especially for $417.00.

Between us we had $100.00, the hospitals wouldn't take a check, and neither of our bankcards would work anywhere in this town. The hotel wouldn't cash anything larger than $50.00, and there were no Easy-Ed's 24 hour check cashing centers. Even the Western Union was closed until 6:00 am.

Already I could see that the breast pads in her maternity bra were soaked. Dark circles were appearing on her shirt at the tips of her huge tits. "Sarah, can you use your fingers to force the milk out?"

"No, that just doesn't work. It gets the milk started, but it won't do well enough." She was still scanning through the phone book, nearly on the verge of tears. "Maybe I should call my doctor. He could talk to the insurance company."

"Well, all you really need is a baby."

"Great," she glared at me. "Where am I going to find one of those?"

"I'll volunteer," I replied half jokingly. The joke suddenly sent signals to my groin and I stared openly at her breasts.


"Well, you could wait until your tits exploded." She turned back to the phone book. "Listen Sarah, I'm serious. I'd do it for you."

"Yeah, I'm sure you would."

"Well, problem solved then."

She actually looked as though she considered it for a moment, then replied: "No way, you'd enjoy it too much."

So might you, I thought. "You're running out of choices. Besides, I'd promise not to enjoy it."

She laughed at that. "Right."

"No one would ever have to know, and tomorrow morning we'll buy you another pump."

She paused for a moment. "Just what are you purposing that you do to help me?" As if she didn't know. "Nurse?"

"Babies aren't the only ones with suction. It's not like a sex act or anything."

She was quiet again and went back to the phone book for several minutes. A hand went up to rub the side of one throbbing breast. "If I agreed to this, how would we do it."

I instantly thought of the time that Keli had allowed me to nurse from her tits and explained it to Sarah.

"No, don't be gross."

"Why is it gross? The baby does it every day."

"That's different."


She paused again. I could see the her mind looking for alternatives, but I had given her an easy way out of the problem, and it was getting critical.

"You wouldn't tell anyone?" she asked.

"Who would believe me?"

"I don't want you to touch me." She said. "How would we do this?"

"You would sit on the bed, and I'd put my head in your lap."

"I can't sit like that, I've tried it while feeding before. I have to have my back against something." The headboards on these beds were made up of shelves, and clearly could not support someone's back, and the pillows were too small to be of any use.

"Then I'll sit on a chair, and you sit facing me on my lap." I couldn't fight the erection groin in my jeans, I only hoped that she wouldn't see it. At this, I got up and told her to stand up. Between the frustration, the pain, and her exhaustion, Sarah seemed to give in. The chair for the desk had no arms, so it would work perfectly. I moved it into the center of the room, between the two beds' footboards.

She looked at me sternly and said: "I'm only doing this because I'm in incredible pain."

"So am I. I'm only thinking of you." I couldn't hold back an ear-to-ear grin.

"Right." She moved over to the desk lamp and shut it off.

"You don't need to turn the lights off," I said taking my seat.


Hotels have about a million different lights in the rooms (none of which are bright enough to do any good). She moved to the entryway to turn off that light, then the two headboards, then the nightstand, and then the hanging light over the table. She also made certain that the drapes were together. She did, however, leave the bathroom light on. Next she took her shirt off, but all I could see was her silhouette against the drapes. I realized that she was opening the nursing flaps on the bra, and removing the nursing pads (these round funky pads that soak up milk when a woman starts to "leak"). She moved to me, hesitated a moment, then straddled my lap placing her hands on the back of the chair to either side of my head. I could make out the outline of her breast protruding from the bra, but it was too dark to see the nipple. She started to move her breast towards my mouth. "Let me do this," she commanded. I was only happy to be here. I felt her right nipple press against my lip. As I opened my mouth I felt a high-pressure stream of warm liquid hit the back of my throat. I moved forward until my lips circled her nipple and pressed firmly against the flesh. A gasp escaped her lips as the pressure was released. The milk was very warm, but being body temperature, I almost couldn't feel it in my mouth, but I could definitely taste it. Breast milk is very sweet, and really not too bad. As I sucked on her breast I could feel the nipple harden between my lips and I couldn't help but tongue it a few times. Each time she gasped, but didn't pull back. The breast was also getting very warm, a side effect of producing milk.

By this time I had a full erection, but she sat back near my knees and couldn't feel it; and in the dark she couldn't see it. I didn't let it worry me. I just went with the feeling.

As I continued to nurse and lick her nipple she started to squirm until at one point she pulled her breast completely away. "What's wrong?" I asked.

"Sensitive." She replied.

"Am I hurting you?"

Her voice turned to a whisper. "No, it's just sensitive." Even in the dark I could tell that she was blushing.

"Well, you can't run away," and with that I slipped my hands around her waist and pulled her towards me. My mouth made contact with the top of the bra, and I followed her curves back down to naked flesh. I then extended my tongue, licking my way back to the nipple; she actually moaned aloud. I pulled her even closer and I felt her come in contact with the bulge in my jeans. Due to the fact that she had on a miniskirt, only the thin material of her panties separated her from my jeans. My cock pressed hard against her as I continued to nurse.

Obviously feeling my hard cock, she tried to pull away, but I had her firmly about the waist. The movement only accented her squirming, and I intensified my sucking and tongue action. Her left breast kept hitting my right cheek, soaking it with leaking milk. Within only a few moments her attempts at escape became gentle rubbing against my bulge. The milk became thicker, and I knew this breast was about done.

As the right breast went dry, my hands went up to the back of her bra. I quickly unhooked it. She didn't say a word. As I took my lips away from her nipple, I pulled the bra forward, and down her arms. Running my hands up her stomach to her chest, I cupped both enormous breasts. I guided her left breast to my mouth and began to nurse again. My left hand toyed a moment with her spent breast, and with her nipple which was nearly 1/2 an inch long. She started to rub her crotch against my cock again, and I could only imagine that her panties must be soaked. I couldn't smell her however due to the aroma of the milk.

As I started to quickly tongue the left breast, and tug gently on the nipple of the right one, Sarah began to intensify her movements. Within a few moments her hands left the back of the chair and wrapped around my neck forcing my face hard against her breast. Suddenly the movements became a bucking, "Mmmmmmmm . . . sweetheart that feels so good. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. My pussy is getting soooo hot I'm going to cum soon. Please make me cum. Keep sucking just like that. Yes . . . that's it just like that. Lick the nipple again. They're so sensitive. That's it baby, suck me, mamma's feeding you her warm milk. NoW, HONEY, NOW. HERE I CUMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm", an orgasm coming upon her. I continued to suck but her jerking became frantic and I lost her breast, which then sprayed my face with milk. She continued to moan and rub her pussy against my cock.

The next thing I knew two breast were hitting me in the face as she stood (while still straddling me) and leaned forward. A hand touched my crotch and traced its way up to my zipper. In seconds her hand was fishing through my open fly, and soon pulled my throbbing cock out. "Please," is all she said.

Why she was asking me, I don't know, for I really didn't have a say in the matter. Using her right hand, she moved the crotch of her panties aside. Using her left, she grasped my cock and guided it against her hot, moist pussy. I felt the lips spread open, and then she sat down, engulfing me it a very warm, velvety vice.

"Oh God," I exclaimed.

"Please," she repeated. "Suck me."

I quickly found her breast again and continued to suck. Now her movements were up and down on my cock, and she continued to moan loudly. I could clearly feel the lips of her pussy around my shaft as she fucked me. Within seconds she had another orgasm and I followed immediately. It hadn't even taken 30 seconds from the time I entered her. I came in her for at least a minute while she thrashed about, and while I continued to nurse. Despite the incredible sensitivity in my cock, I stayed in her and continued to suck. She merely sat still and breathed hard. I could feel her heart beating through her breasts and against my lips. As this breast started to go dry, she began moving up and down on my cock again, which had never lost more than half of its erection. Soon I was hard again, and she was moaning. Since the breast was now dry, I moved back to the other one and began to lick the nipple.

"Yes!" She moaned. "Lick me."

I continued to lick her, alternating from breast to breast.

"Fuck me Sarah, come on, fuck me." I said to her.

She increased her pace and moaned louder.


Noting that this talk seemed to turn her on, I tried some more: "Come on Sarah, fuck me. Ride my cock. You're fucking ME Sarah. Do you like fucking my cock with your cunt?"

"Yes..." is all she could say. Her head was back and she was using all of her energy to move up and down. "...I...want IT again. I need your cock. I need to feel you cum in me and fill me. I want to feel you cum splattering against the inside of me."

"You want to come on me again? You want to come on my cock?"

"Yes... please . . . I need to."

"Then grind yourself against me. Feel my cock in your pussy."

This took her over the edge and her hips moved in a blur as she came on my cock again. She was just too wet, so I really couldn't feel her that well, and the speed was wrong for me, so I didn't come with her. Instead, I lifted her up (still attached to my cock) and moved to the bed. She went down back first, with me on top, her legs wrapped around my waist. I pulled out and took off my clothes, then quickly removed her panties, leaving her in only the mini skirt. I grabbed her ankles and spread her legs wide apart, then re-mounted her. My cock sunk down to the hilt, and I could clearly feel my balls against her ass. She moaned still again. I couldn't believe it felt so good to make love to this beautiful woman, who was now my wife, and that she was so turned on.

In only a few more strokes I could tell that she was fairly numb, so I changed my attack. I pulled out of her and moved up to straddle her chest. Clearly perplexed she looked at me with questioning eyes. I reached down to her gigantic tits and rapped them around my hard, wet cock. After I began to fuck her cleavage, Sarah got the idea and replaced my hands with hers. My only regret is that I couldn't see too well in the darkness.

Her tits were still full and firm, even after having the baby, and she could feel every inch of my cock sliding in and out between them. Sarah actually moaned slightly as she gave in to the illicit and unknown feelings that she was having, and I could see that she was rubbing her nipples with her index fingers while cupping her breasts, pushing them together. She also was grinding her hips at the air, so I reached back and inserted a finger into her pussy and found her clit with my thumb. After only a few more minutes of watching this, I came, covering her chest and neck with my cum. While she didn't come again, she was too tired to care.

She got up to go to the bathroom dropping her skirt on the floor. I was asleep before she returned.

The next morning I awoke to find her beside me, still asleep. Dried milk covered part of my face and chest. I could hear a vacuum cleaner down the hall, and its sound had slowly awoken me. I turned to stare at Sarah. The blanket only covered her from the waste down, so for the first time since having the baby, I looked upon her magnificent breasts in the light of the morning sun. She lay slightly on her side, facing me, so that her right breast lay on the sheet, and her left breast lay on the right one. A man cupping both hands together might be able to encompass one of them. The skin was very tight, almost artificially smooth, with purple veins barely exposed thought the flesh. The nipples were light brown, almost pink, and now lay flat against the breast.

Her beautiful brunette hair was sprawled upon the pillow, and her lips slightly parted in a smile as she slept. I watched her for about a minute. Her breathing did incredible things to her breasts and I began to feel an erection once again.

I checked my watch and found it to be 10:15 am. The sounds of the vacuum seemed to be coming closer, so I quietly slipped out of bed and placed the DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door, ignoring the complimentary Wall Street Journal. Opening the door made the vacuum sound even louder, and the latch made a horrible click, but Sarah only rolled onto her back and sighed. Her tits gave in to gravity and spread slightly to either side.

I crept back into bed and carefully covered her right nipple with my mouth, barely touching her flesh. Slowly I worked my tongue across the nipple and began to build up a suction. Just as milk began to flow, Sarah awoke in a haze and moaned aloud.

I pulled my lips away for a second (getting sprayed with milk from the built-up pressure), and said: "Good morning."

She didn't even try to resist, she just began to moan again. As I continued to nurse, she started to squirm. I slowly used my right hand to brush her left breast, then followed the curve of her body down into the sheets, moving my hand over her stomach, past her bush (lightly touching the hair), and began to rub her inner thighs. By the time I had emptied the right breast, she was violently moving her hips, trying to bring her clit in contact with my hand.

As I started to roll her towards me, so that I could reach her left breast, Sarah completed the roll and landed on top of me. I felt her hand grasp my cock again as she inserted me into her soaking pussy. This caused the blankets to slide down her back and fall to my knees, revealing her lush, beautiful body for my inspection while her hand continued to hold the base of my cock as she fucked me.

Her eyes were closed, her back was arched, and her tits obscenely hung down in front of my face. Using her free hand, Sarah placed the left breast against my face without opening her eyes. Taking the hint, I sucked the nipple into my mouth and was immediately rewarded with a flow of milk. She leaned farther forward and placed her hand on the headboard to hold herself up. The other hand had moved to my balls and was gently rubbing them.

Up until now, I had been holding her at the waist, but I slowly moved them down to her gorgeous ass and used them to accelerate her movement. This seemed to really turn her on, so I slowly slid a finger down the crack of her ass until I touched her hole. The gasp was noticeable. I moved my finger on down to where my cock plunged in and out of her. I traced her pussy lips with my finger, and then touched my shaft, which was covered with her juices. Now wet, I slid the tip of my finger up between her crack and began to tease her sphincter.

It sort of shocked me, but Sarah pressed hard against my finger, stimulating the nerves surrounding her asshole, at the same moment taking my cock extra deep into her pussy. "OHHHH Fuck. I Love IT. Slide your finger around my ass while you fuck me. Tease me, use me, do anything you want with me. I'm all yours for ever and ever. Ohhhhhh Goooodddddddd. I'm cummiiiIIIIIINNNNNGGGGG", she screamed aloud, shook slightly, and collapsed on top of me in orgasm, her breast somehow staying in my mouth. I then started to come, filling her again with my load. As our orgasms wound down, I continued to nurse until her breast was empty. Lifting her head, she kissed me directly on the mouth, tasting her own milk. We kissed like this for nearly five minutes. As long as I live I will never forget the feeling of her tongue against mine, her breasts pressing into my chest, and my cock in her pussy, growing stiff once again. She moved her hips slightly, acknowledging the developing erection within her.

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