A Soldier's Wife Pt. 05


Moving like a cat, Sarah kissed down my chin, over my chest (sliding off of my shaft), and down to my stomach, her breasts tracing a path until they came in contact with my cum-covered cock. Without even hesitating, Sarah engulfed my cock, eagerly devouring her own pussy juices and my cum. Those beautiful lips slid slowly up my shaft until just the tip of the head was exposed, and then she would slide my cock back into her mouth. After continuing this for about five minutes, I was as hard as I had ever been. She then took my cock from her mouth and began to lick up and down the shaft like it was an ice cream cone, her tongue lingering on the head before tracing the entire length down to my balls, and even slipped one of them into her mouth. I knew I was going to cum again and soon.

Sensing this, Sarah began to suck my cock again, furiously licking at the shaft. Staring down at her bobbing head, swaying breasts, and overall nakedness, I shot another load into her mouth. I couldn't have had much cum left at this point, but what there was she quickly swallowed. My cock was incredibly sensitive this time, and I had to make her stop.

"I can't believe you've made me cum four times this quickly Sarah. I've never been this turned on in my life."

She smiled, obviously proud of herself. "I can't believe you made me come so many times either," she replied.

We then moved to the shower, both too sexual exhausted even for any groping. All we did was kiss. And passionately we kissed (especially for two people who had not yet brushed their teeth).

By 11:30 we had dressed and checked out of the motel. Once I had loaded the luggage into the trunk, we got in the car and kissed across the console. I realized how carefree we could be while in another city. "I love you." With that she started to cry.

I chuckled and tried to hold her, the console again getting in the way. "I've known that I was in love with you too for quite a while."

Within a little while she was happy again, and we got through lunch without too much trouble. We then drove around some more until time to check in at the airport. We even bought her a new breast pump, which she ended up using around 5:30 than evening at the airport.

"I could do that you know," I offered.

"I know." She actually smiled. "But I think I'll use the bathroom, and you're not allowed in there."

"Okay, fine." I pouted.

After landing we walked to the car, on impulse I pulled her to me and kissed her hard. In seconds we were all over each other. I began to massage her breasts, and shortly her blouse had rings of milk forming on them.

"I've soaked through the pads," she said. "We'll have to drop by the house so I can change."

"No problem." I smiled to myself.

After we reached the house and stepped inside, I turned her to me and kissed her again. She didn't even pretend to resist. As I slowly undid the buttons on her blouse and was soon removing her bra. I then placed my hand in the center of her back and forced her backwards, arching her back. This thrust her tits upward, and I quickly sucked the right one into my mouth and began to drink her milk once again.

Soon we moved to the couch and I continued to drain her breast while kneeling before her as she sat on the edge of the cushion. Meanwhile, my fingers rubbed the crotch of her slacks as she moved against my hand. When the breast was empty, I unbuttoned them and pulled them off of her, taking her panties, shoes and socks with them. I spread her legs wide, and saw how wet she had become from my nursing on her. The lips were still closed, but the juice running from them was evident. As I attacked the other breast, my fingers went to work, starting from her ankles and moving up her legs.

As I reached her crotch, Sarah began to moan again. I slowly opened her neither lips and inserted two fingers into her. I continued to work them in and out for the ten minutes it took me to drain her breast. By this time she was nearing an orgasm. Kissing down her stomach, I moved my lips to her clit. You would have thought that I shot her the way she jumped. Within seconds her fingers were in my hair, and she pressed my mouth hard against her pussy. I removed my fingers and replaced them with my tongue, sliding it as far up her juicy pussy as I could. I sucked her clit, licked her lips, and moved down to tongue between her pussy and her ass. All of these actions had her bouncing up and down on the couch cushion. This kept my tongue moving from pussy-lips to clit and in only a matter of seconds she came again.

I was so incredibly turned on by this point that I practically ripped my clothes off. Lying before me was an incredible brunette still grinding her hips in post-orgasm. Her hair was tossed wildly on the back of the couch, and those giant tits swayed erotically from her movement. Her legs were spread wide apart, and her pussy was wet and wide open, waiting for me. Juices and saliva ran down to the crack of her ass. My cock was rock hard and she spread her legs wider when she saw it. I have never seen such a look of hunger on someone's face. I'm sure that mine mirrored hers.

I knelt before her and slid my cock deep into her. I could clearly see her lips spread to take my shaft, and I felt the tightness of her hole. As I withdrew my length, I could see her pussy lips cling to my juice-covered cock.

"Look Sarah, look and see me fucking you."

Her eyes came open and she looked down to where we were connected. "Look at my cock fucking your beautiful pussy."

She began to moan with each thrust, "Ohhhhhh ... yes ... yes ... uhhhhh ... yes ... more ... deeper ... harder ... Nuuuuhhhhh ... Harder ... Fuck ... fuck ... fuck ... now ... again ... OOOOhhhhhhhh .... Yes ... that's it ... fuck ..." but her eyes remained riveted to my shaft. Realizing that her vantage point did not actually let her see me entering her, I slipped my hands under her knees and lifted her legs, pulling her pussy higher, and causing her breasts to roll up and down with each thrust. She now had a great view of my cock pistoning in and out. "Touch my cock Sarah. Feel how much juice is on it."

Sarah lowered her hand to my cock and used her fingers to trace from my pubic hair, down my wet cock, and to her clit. Without any coaxing, she began to furiously masturbate, rubbing her clit wildly.

"That's it, play with your clit." I was sweating bullets by now. My cock was incredibly hard, but I had come so much in the last two days that I knew I could hold out for a while. "Come on, finger yourself."

Sarah's only reply was with moans. "Ahhhh ... yes ... it feels sooooo fucking good ... it turns me on sssoooooo much. Keep fucking me while I rub my clit... yesssssssss". I pushed her knees back towards her shoulders even further, allowing even deeper penetration. "Oh, my god ... fuck me ... fill my pussy with your cock and bury it deep inside of me ... fill me with your seed and see if you can knock me up again."

After months of waiting Sarah finally seemed to be back to her old self. Gone was the up tight mother and instead here was my old friend and lover. Kneeling above her I could see the lust on her face, her tits swaying wildly with my thrusts, her fingers playing with her pussy lips and clit, while, my cock was thrusting in and out of her.

"Do you like my cock in you?"

"Yes, please fuck me."

"Where do you want me to fuck you? Should I fuck your mouth ... or maybe your tits ... or maybe I'll just keep doing it the old fashioned way and fuck your pussy. Which would you like?"

"All of them. I want to feel your cock sliding into my mouth and down my throat, and sliding between my tits as the milk leaks from them to lubricate the cleavage, but most of all I want you to fuck my pussy. Fuck it hard. Push it nice and deep in me; harder ... deeper."

"So you like getting fucked?"

"Yes ... fuck ... yes. It feels so marvelous." She started to breath heavily and I knew that another orgasm was approaching quickly; one that would send us both over the edge into a lover's bliss.

"My cock is going to come inside you, Sarah." As I said this, her orgasm reached full force as my cum erupted into her pussy, splashing against the walls and emptying into her womb once again.

"I'm cummmMMMINNNGGGGG," I moaned.

She screamed.

I fell back onto the floor on my butt, panting frantically, dropping Sarah onto the couch.

Several minutes later we came down from the feeling enough to speak. "Why was that time so good?" she asked between breaths.

"Maybe because now we're man and wife," I replied. "There always seems to be a special bond between people when they get married. I don't mean there's anything wrong with other types of relationships, but once you same 'I do' you've committed yourself freely to something special that is supposed to last a life time. And if it's with the right person it is possibly the only time you can say 'I love you' and truly mean it."

"In that case 'I love you,'" she whispered.

"I love you, too," I replied and knew I meant it without any hesitations or doubts.


Sarah and I have been married for 3 years and recently had our second child (another boy) and she had me fucking her every night. In the beginning I fucked her pussy until we were both exhausted. Then as the pregnancy continued she had me change to her mouth or tits. She still says I taste better than any man she's even been with. Her tits never did go back to their original size, maybe it's because I keep nursing on them whenever she's in the mood, which is quite often and they are now measures a 38DD.

Chris and Jacko still haven't returned though Keli did get a card from him saying he was somewhere in South America trying to find a place that felt as good as what he'd left behind at the farm.

Keli and Chris also got married and are expecting a child of their own in two months. They've already asked us to be at the birth and ask as Uncle and Aunt just like we do with Tammy.

Shortly after we returned from our honeymoon the economy took a drastic dive and they've moved into their own home on the farm with us. The community was hit pretty hard and the first Winter was really cold and long making it all the worse. That is until about March when it seemed that almost every woman in the community turned up pregnant. Guess you need something to do on those cold, dark nights. At Sarah and Keli's insistence we converted the Barn into an office for Chris and a specialty day care center that Sarah and Keli run. The specialty being that they provide breatfeeding services so the woman of the community can work in the fields with their husbands or at other jobs in the area. As for me, I'm the land owner and general manager of the business. Not a bad way to end, don't you think?


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