tagAnalA Story of My Very First Time

A Story of My Very First Time

byLinda Jean©

Ok boys you wanted to know about my first time, so here it is;

I learned the pleasure of masturbation through my brother. Let me explain. My brother and I always shared the same bedroom. Our bedroom was separated from our parent's room by French doors. Many nights (I mean many nights) Bill and I would be awaken by the moans and wails of mom. And after sex, or between bouts, they would really talk and it was always about past sex with others and when they were young.

I would lay there listening to mom and dad talking, (mostly mom would talk about things she did when she was young, and she would tell him how she would come in from dates and masturbate and use things to do fuck herself with. But when she told dad about using things to put in her self, well it really made me curious and I would listen as she would go in depth to tell dad all the things she used and did.

This went on for months and months, one night Bill stood up and put his head next to mine; he asked me if I could hear them. I was young at the time and he was older. He crawled up with me and we listen together. Dad would tell mom he wanted him to suck him, and we could hear him moan and her slurping him. I asked Bill if he knew what they were doing, and he showed me his thing. It was hard, and he said mom was sucking dad's thing, and it made dad feel good.

I told him I wanted to try, and I got on my hands and knees next to Bill and put his thing in my mouth. We heard mom tell dad to finger her, so Bill ran his fingers between my legs and he played with my butt hole (You see, we did not know which hole and I never knew anything about my vagina at the time. I thought it was for peeing, Bill had something to pee with, and girls had something different) Anyway, it really felt good with Bill playing with my butt hole, and he slid a finger in me and then it felt so good. I sucked him more to make him feel good.

We did not have to worry about making noise, because mom and dad, were very noisy, we heard mom tell dad to stick his big fat cock in her, and then we listen like we had listened many nights before as they went at it.

Well Mom really loved it, and like I said she went crazy and got wild and noisy. Bill said he wanted to do it to me, and I wanted to feel like mom did. We had no idea how to do it, and Bill told me to get like a dog, (we had watched dogs before) and I got on my hands and knees, Bill got behind me and started to push it in me. I know he was small, but so was I and it really hurt bad. I could not scream to tell him to stop, but he did stop, (only to put spit on his dick) and then he started pushing in again. Boy, did it hurts, I could not stop him, and once it was inside he started to go back and fourth. Well the pain slowly went away, and then came the good feelings. I mean it really felt good. I started pushing back at Bill, and pushing hard. We did it like that for a few minutes, and Bill started to pulsate in my butt. At the time I did not know it was a climax for him, but it felt wonderful to me.

For about a week, we would do it at the same time mom and dad did. And we always did it in my butt. For the first three or four days it would hurt when he but it in, but it seemed to hurt less each day.

Well after about a week, after school, mom left us home while she went to the store, Bill and I went into their room, and we got into their nightstands. We found rubber dicks, pictures of mom doing sex with other men, pictures of dad and another man doing sex with mom. It was from that photo that Bill and I realized that I had two holes, and on closer examination of the other photos we both knew the vagina was for fucking as well as the butt. And we saw that the girl was to lay on her back while the guy was on top. (Along with other pictures) and there were all kinds of pictures of mom rubbing herself and using her rubber dicks to do her self, picture of different guys licking her between her legs, and pictures of guys putting fingers in her front hole as they licked her.

Let me tell you, talk about idea's. I did not know about Bill, but my mind was going full speed. I could not wait for that night to come. When mom got back, I went into the bathroom and touched my self the way I saw mom had did in the pictures. The feeling I got was wonderful, so wonderful... I wanted to put something in me like I saw her do in a picture, so I took off the toilet paper from the holder, and used the wooden holder, I but it to my hole and slowly pushed in. It hurt real bad, but I knew that since my butt felt real good after the hurt went away, I just knew it would be the same with the other hole. I was wrong, it hurt too badly, and even though I had the whole thing in me, and had moved it back and fourth. It just never got better. I bled and just knew I hurt myself inside.

That night when Bill and I did it, he wanted to try it in my front hole, I told him no, that it hurt to bad and he asked me why. I told him what I did, I told him it hurt to real bad. Well my brother wanted to kiss it and try to make it feel better. We saw the pictures and listening to our folks, well we both knew that it would feel wonderful. I wanted to real bad, but I sure did not want anything stuck inside of me. I finely agreed to let him try and make it feel better. Oh he did all right, he started licking me, and the more he licked, the more I liked it. Now with our folks going at it and with al the noise mom was making, well it got too both of us, before I knew it Bill started to rub his fingers along my hole and putting them inside the swollen lips. I forgot all about the pain from what I had done and I loved what his mouth and fingers where doing. He very slowly found my hole and put in a finger as he licked me near the top of my slit. He started sliding the finger in and out faster and faster. It did not hurt at all this time and I had my first climax. Everything up until that night had felt real good, but this night I could not breathe, I just could not catch my breath. I just froze in time with this god lovely feeling, my body shook and shook. Bill was on top of me so fast, his thing slid right in and he started fucking me right while I was having my very first climax. I felt another climax start to come on when Bill's body stopped moving and he shook and shoved his thing real hard into me. He got off me and went down to his bunk; I laid on mine, and listed to mom moaning and screaming with pleasure. I lay there listening all excited and wide-awake. I ran my fingers up and down my slit and worked them into my hole. I would slide them in and out of my hole and I made myself shake all over again. I did this until I got another climax.

So you see, I put the cart before the horse so to speak. And my first time I masturbated was after I had started having and loving anal sex, and after my first time of having vaginal sex.

Shit, just thinking about and writing it down for you has gotten me all worked up, (Time for some masturbating:)

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