tagLesbian SexA Strangers Passion

A Strangers Passion


Lydia was homeless and hungry as she foraged through the trash cans in the alley in back of the bar. She was 23, and thought she had the world by the tail when she graduated college and landed a job as a paralegal.

Unfortunately that all changed when the firm went through a chance of ownership and she was left without a job. She thought it would be easy for a young woman with her degree and letters of recommendation but she was wrong.

Instead she couldn't find work, and being alone with no family Lydia was soon out on the street, forced to dumpster dive in order to survive. The bar owner came out and told Lydia to get lost before he called the cops.

Frustrated and hungry, she was forced to leave. It was getting dark and colder by the minute as she made her way down to the residential area of town. Desperate for something to eat, she decided to look through a couple of trash cans at a private residence in the hopes of finding something.

As she was looking through a trash can, a light came on and a side door opened. A woman appeared in the doorway looking at Lydia as she raised up with a look of fear in her eyes. The woman was probably in her late thirties and well dressed. She was attractive as well, asking,

"Who are you and what do you want?"

Lydia looked at her saying,

"I'm sorry. I'm hungry, and cold and was just trying to find something, anything to eat. I'll leave, sorry to have bothered you."

Just then it started to rain as Lydia started down the driveway. She heard the woman's voice call to her,

"Come back here. It's cold, it's starting to rain, and I just can't turn you away."

Lydia walked back toward the house asking,

"Are you sure? I'm dirty, and I don't smell very good. I understand if you don't want the likes of me in your house, most people don't."

"Let me be the judge of that. Now get in here while I find something for you to eat."

Lydia stepped inside the house where it was nice and warm. The home was beautiful, and it looked a lot like the kind of home Lydia had dreamed of owning some day.

The woman had some leftovers from her dinner that she dished up for Lydia, inviting her to take a seat and eat something. Lydia sat down at the table, scarfing down the food in front of her.

As she ate the woman watched, offering her more food once Lydia had cleaned her plate. Once she was finished the woman asked,

"I know this is none of my business, and you don't have to answer if you don't want to, but I'm curious as to how an attractive young woman like you got in this predicament?"

"I don't mind telling you. I'd graduated college and after searching for work I got a job as a paralegal. Things were going along fine until I lost my job after someone else took over the law firm. I thought it would be easy finding something else, but with the economy, and the way things are there was nothing. I couldn't even get part time work in a retail store or fast food joint because I was over qualified. My family have disowned me, thinking I somehow allowed myself to get like this on purpose, and I no friends that would take me in so here I am."

"I'm so sorry, I forgot to ask your name."

"Lydia, Lydia Campos."

"Well I'm Carla, and you're welcome to stay here tonight. The storm is getting worse, and since you have no place to go I can't very well toss you out. Why don't you take a nice warm shower, and I'll find you some clothes. Those you have on need to be thrown out."

"Thank you for being so generous, but why me?"

"Because it wasn't that long ago that I was in your place, and if someone hadn't helped me who knows were I'd be. Now I own a beauty salon, but I make most of my income selling beauty product and supplies on line. I believe in Karma, and I think it's time I pay my good fortune forward. Now I won't take no for an answer so follow me."

Lydia followed Carla upstairs. She couldn't help noticing that Carla was a beautiful woman with an amazing figure.

It was obvious that she took care of herself. Lydia had almost forgotten what it was like to have someone be nice to her, and to actually find someone attractive.

Of course this woman was classy, and wouldn't give someone like her a second look not to mention she was probably straight. She took Lydia into a room telling her,

"The shower is in there, and you'll find everything you need. Shampoo....everything. You go ahead and I'll see if I can't find you something to wear. You and I are about the same size so it shouldn't be hard."

Lydia went it and got in the shower. It felt so good actually being able to take a shower instead of sneaking into some filthy gas station bathroom for a sponge bath.

She shampooed her hair twice, as well as lathering herself up twice until she was finally feeling as if she were clean. There was even a blow dryer, and a hair brush as she stood naked in front of the mirror drying her hair.

While Lydia showered, Carla couldn't help feeling a strong attraction to the stranger in her shower. She knew that common sense would dictate that she should never have invited this stranger who was now using her shower into her home in the first place.

Yet there was something that Carla sensed about her that said she was not a threat. It's not like she'd been homeless for an extended period of time, and it was obvious she was not a drug user or common criminal.

This was a woman through no fault of her own had been left out in the cold due to unforeseen circumstances that were completely out of her control. Carla went back to the bedroom and tapped lightly on the bathroom door asking,

"I know you're probably naked, but may I come in for a second?"

Lydia held the towel up to hide her body as Carla stepped in with some clothes.

"I brought these clothes in for you, but I don't know if this underwear will fit. Would you mind trying it on for me so I can see?"

"Ya sure. So is your husband going to mind my being here?"

"There is no husband Lydia. I don't have much use for men anyway. I was hurt too many times, and then I just gave up on the idea of love and marriage in the traditional sense. You might as well know now that I prefer women, both sexually and in business ventures. I hope I haven't startled you with my revelations about myself, but I can't help being honest. I just can't pretend to be something I'm not, and I don't have much tolerance for people who do."

Lydia smiled,

"I do appreciate your honesty, and since you're being honest with me I'll do the same for you. I too am a Lesbian, and I had what I thought was a meaningful relationship with someone. The problem was the minute I lost my job, and it looked like things were going to get tough so she left me. That's when things really went down hill for me, and it's been going down hill ever since. Maybe someday I'll catch a break, but in the meantime I'll take whatever kindness I find, and go from there until I'm back on my feet again."

Carla placed her hands on Lydia's shoulders.

"I like you Lydia. You have more courage and more moxy than anyone I've ever know other than myself of course. I think we're going to get along just fine you and I. I love your hair by the way, I'm jealous. If you'd like, I can take care of it for you. It doesn't need much now that it's clean and washed. Just a little touch up here and there."

Lydia laughed,

"Thank you so much for caring."

Then the two women just stared at one another. It was one of those inexplicable moments, where feelings, emotions just seemed to work themselves into something special.

It was as if each women knew that something was going to happen that night, and neither one had so say anything, they just knew it.

After the moment seemed to pass, Lydia tried on some bra's and panties Carla had given her, seeing what fit and what didn't. Carla then took Lydia into her bedroom showing her some rather sexy sleepwear.

"This is all I have as far as sleepwear goes. I usually sleep in the nude, and in fact I'm usually naked most of the time. I find clothes very restricting if you know what I mean."

"Out in the street you need the clothing, but yes I do know what you mean. I have to say I love your honesty and your generosity. Again I have to thank you for your generosity."

"No problem Lydia. I like you, and I'm a pretty good judge of people, and I think I can trust you. Now I'm going back to my more comfortable attire which is nothing if that won't offend you. Oh and again I'm not trying to be rude or offensive, but if you'd like feel free to join me. Then maybe we can share some wine and good conversation?"


Lydia couldn't believe all of this was happening, and yet here she was with a beautiful woman who was not only kind but seemed to really care about her.

Lydia would normally be very apprehensive when someone would come off like that, but she didn't get that vibe with Carla.

Her gut told her she could trust her as she looked at the sexy sleepwear wondering if she should take her up on her offer to join her naked.

She liked her, and she was attracted to her at the same time. It had been so long since she felt so safe around anyone. That and the fact that she was in such need of companionship of any kind.

Lydia took a deep breath, and walked to the staircase as naked as the say she was born. Carla smiled when she saw Lydia at the top of the stairs, standing naked and looking a little nervous.

She motioned for her to come in and join her. Lydia walked down the stairs where she joined Carla on the sofa by the fireplace.

It was so warm and cozy sitting there next to a very attractive, and very naked Carla as they enjoyed the warmth of the fire. Lydia felt surprisingly at ease as the two of them talked about anything and everything.

It seemed that both women had a lot more in common than either of them realized. Lydia was happy to find that Carla was only thirty which meant she was only seven years older than Lydia.

As they continued their conversation, and Lydia was feeling even more comfortable she couldn't help noticing of Carla's beautiful body.

Her breasts were so perfectly proportioned to her body, her nipples hard and erect, and her aureoles puffy and looking so desirable.

It had been so long since Lydia had felt attracted to anyone. Lydia's attention did not go unnoticed as Carla turned slightly, allowing Lydia an even better view of her charms.

She moved her leg so her pussy was now in full view. She could see Lydia's eyes divert down toward her pussy as they continued to talk.

Her heart was beginning to beat just a little faster as she found having Lydia staring at her pussy even more exciting than she had expected.

Carla knew she should feel some sort of apprehension with Lydia being a stranger, but she felt so at ease with her, and her instincts had not failed her yet. Taking a chance she asked Lydia,

"You look a little chilled are you warm enough?"

"Yes I'm fine although I wouldn't mind some more wine."

Carla went in the kitchen, and brought out another bottle of wine pouring some in Lydia's glass. As she went to take her seat Lydia asked,

"I don't mean to be forward, but it's been so long since I've had an opportunity to enjoy being with someone so much and I just want to thank you."

"Why thank you Lydia, it's not forward at all."

Carla sat back down even closer to Lydia than before as the two of them looked at one another for the longest time, not saying a word.

Carla felt her arousal taking over as she raised her hand, running her fingers through Lydia's hair, commenting on how soft and beautiful her hair felt.

As she continued stroking her hair she let her fingers trail down Lydia's cheek. Lydia shivered from her erotic touch as feelings she hadn't experienced in so long came back to her.

Her nipples stiffened as she moved closer, parting her legs in a gesture of erotic submission. Carla's fingers trailed down Lydia's neck as she leaned in, placing her lips to Lydia's as they kissed ever so softly.

With their lips barely touching Carla continued her light, feathery touches, making her way down to Lydia's breasts where her fingertips moved across her breasts, lightly tracing her aureoles and finally her nipples.

Lydia loved the light kisses, and the feel of Carla's tongue as it traced over her lips. With her fingers trembling Lydia raised her hand, touching Carla's breasts, lightly running her fingers over her soft skin as she began to caress her breasts and nipples.

She felt Carla's kisses become more passionate as she responded to her touch, her tongue sliding into Lydia's mouth where the two women kissed with even more passion.

Carla cupped Lydia's breast in her hand as she gently squeezed and caressed her breast while Lydia began rolling Carla's hard nipples between her thumb and forefinger.

Carla set her glass of wine down, and gently pushed Lydia back into the sofa as she began to kiss her way down Lydia's neck to her breasts, where she began kissing and running her tongue over her nipples.

Lydia responded with soft moans of pleasure as she gave in to Carla. Never had Lydia expected anything like this. It was like her wildest dream coming true as she found herself giving in to Carla's lust and her own passion was building.

Carla was now sucking Lydia's nipples, alternating between licking and sucking them as Lydia moaned softly. It had been far to long since anyone had made love to Lydia as Carla kissed her way down Lydia's stomach toward her mound.

Lydia parted her legs even more while Carla made her way closer and closer to Lydia's pussy. Carla paused momentarily, running her cheeks over Lydia's thick bush.

It felt so soft, like velvet as she continued down, taking her Lydia's feminine aroma. Once she reached her pussy Carla moved between Lydia's legs where she ran her tongue over Lydia's swollen lips, lapping up her juices as they oozed from her pussy.

Lydia gasped as Carla's hot tongue moved up and down her pussy, exploring and sliding between her folds where she started running her tongue up and down her love channel.

It had been so long since anyone had pleasured her orally that Lydia had almost forgotten how beautiful it felt. Even though she had not been with anyone for awhile, Lydia felt safe, and that she could just be herself with Carla.

Suddenly all thoughts were driven from Lydia's mind as Carla's tongue found her opening, and began exploring her depths.

She moaned as Carla's tongue eased into her pussy, exploring and working its way around inside her like only another woman knew how to do.

The feeling sent erotic chills throughout Lydia's body as she placed her hands on Carla's head, holding her to her pussy as she continued tongue fucking her.

It had been so long that Lydia felt herself being overwhelmed, and was soon cumming over and over as her body shuddered and quaked. Carla raised her head smiling at Lydia saying,

"Looks to me like you had that stored up for quite sometime?"

"Oh Carla you have no idea how beautiful that felt. I'm sorry I came so soon, but I just couldn't help myself."

"Why apologize for something that feels so beautiful. Now I think it's time to continue don't you?"

Before Lydia could answer Carla was down between her legs again, only this time she had replaced her tongue with her fingers while taking Lydia's clit into her mouth.

She began flicking Lydia's clit with her tongue as she worked her fingers deep inside her pussy, and easing yet another finger between her ass cheeks.

Lydia was again feeling that surge of erotic emotions only this time she was determined not to cum quite so soon.

That was until Carla started sucking her clit and working her finger into her asshole. The woman was amazing and so loving at the same time as Lydia felt herself slowly working her way to another incredible orgasm.

Carla took Lydia to the edge again as she exploded yet another time only this time she covered Carla's face with her juices as they squirted from her pussy.

Once her body had finished convulsing from one orgasm after another, Lydia pulled Carla to her for a kiss and began licking her juices that covered Carla's face.

Lydia and Carla kissed and caressed one another for several minutes, not saying a word as they cuddled. Lydia began caressing Carla's breasts as Carla cooed softly as she surrendered to Lydia's caresses.

Lydia kissed Carla's sweet lips before working her way down to her breasts where she paused for a moment, watching Carla's beautiful breasts rise and fall with each breath.

Her nipples were so hard, and just seemed to beg for her lips to touch them. Lydia lowered her head, and began running her tongue over Carla's nipples, alternating between licking and sucking them as Carla mewed and caressed her hair.

Lydia loved the way Carla responded to her kiss, feeling good that she had not forgot how to please her lover sexually.

As her confidence continued to build, Lydia placed her hand on Carla's leg, and began slowly moving her hand towards Carla's pussy.

Her skin was so soft and silky as she inched her way closer and closer to Carla's hot sex, listening to her soft moans as she drew closer.

Lydia could feel her heart pounding in her chest as her fingers just barely touched Carla's labia. Carla moaned softly as Lydia's fingers moved along the outside of Carla's swollen labia, teasing her already aroused pussy.

Her lips were so wet, and so hot from arousal as Lydia moved her hand over Carla's mound, caressing and cupping her pussy in her hand as she applied pressure.

Carla raised her hips slightly as Lydia began pressing her palm against her mound and made slow, circular motions as Carla leaned her head back and gasp.

Lydia began kissing her neck as she moved her middle finger between Carla's folds, feeling her dampness wash over her finger as she moved it back and forth between her wet lips.

Lydia moved her head slightly, running her tongue over Carla's lips as she opened her mouth slightly, allowing Lydia to slip her tongue past her lips.

Their tongues caressed as Lydia eased her finger all the way into Carla's pussy followed by another. Carla's pussy accepted Lydia's fingers, clamping down on them as Lydia began to explore and pleasure Carla's hot wet pussy.

Lydia began running her thumb over Carla's clit as she moaned and started gyrating her hips with Lydia's touch. Lydia eased her pinky finger between Carla's cheeks, and was soon teasing her asshole just as Carla had done to her.

Carla responded by breaking their kiss and squealing while lifting her hips to meet Lydia's probing finger. It wasn't long before she too was cumming just as Lydia had done earlier.

Unlike Carla, Lydia didn't wait for Carla to finish cumming. Instead she moved down between Carla's legs where she began kissing and running her tongue over her pussy.

Lydia began licking and lapping up Carla's juices as they flowed from her pussy down onto her tongue. Pushing Carla's legs farther apart, Lydia began running her tongue over Carla's pussy, exploring every erotic inch of her hot pussy, and sliding her tongue as deep into her pussy as she could.

Carla responded by taking Lydia's head in her hands, and grinding her pussy into her face. Lydia's tongue soon grew tired as she worked her fingers into Carla's pussy.

In the meantime Lydia started sucking Carla's pussy, concentrating on her clit as she squealed out in passion.

Lydia eased her thumb into Carla's pussy, allowing Lydia to work her finger between Lydia's cheeks, and place pressure against her asshole before easing her finger into Carla's ass. Carla gasped, saying,

"Oh yes Lydia.... suck my pussy, work your finger into my ass. Oh how I've longed to have a beautiful woman make me feel like this. Oh yes.... suck my pussy!"

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