tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Sure Bet Ch. 02

A Sure Bet Ch. 02


This is part 2 of a work-in-progress. You need to go back and read Part 1 to understand what is going on in this story.


Within minutes of getting sucked into heavenly oblivion by the tall blonde student-athlete he used to help with her homework, Duke was rock hard again. He looked to Drew who had just disposed of his first rubber for the evening.

"You ready for part two, man?"

Jimmy stared at the two of them in horror. "She's passed out, you fuckin' maniacs!"

"Would you rather her be completely aware of everything that's going on here, Jim?" Duke searched his friend's eyes, watching as the anger turned to sadness. He was submitting.

Drew grabbed two more condoms from the box on the polished oak coffee table, handing one to the guy he had been working six days a week with since they graduated college twenty years before.

Leaning over Presley as the two men prepared their next assault on her body, he gently pulled the golden strands from her sweat covered brow and placed a small kiss there. He then retreated to his recliner so he could watch over her and took a few deep breaths as his erection continued to tent his mesh shorts.

Duke lifted the top half of her body so he could lie down on the couch beneath her. He then positioned the girl so that she was straddling his "ribbed and lubed for her pleasure" cock. Reaching between their bodies, he found her slit and began rubbing two fingers up and down to find the right spot for insertion. He reached her cunt and grabbed his cock, thrusting it forcefully up and in. Listening for her response and hearing nothing, he firmly gripped her hips and helped her grind against him as he began thrusting his ten inch rod deeper and deeper. Had it not been for his friend's earlier entry into her walls, she would probably be screaming. He smiled thinking about how he was going to make her do just that before he left.

Finding the lube, Drew moved to his knees behind the girl as she was unwillingly impaled again and again on his friend's enormous dick.

Presley could feel something hot building up inside her, but she didn't understand it. Robbie had not felt like this, had never reached this deep. He was pulling her deeper and deeper down on him. Her insides burned as they were pushed further than they had ever been before and there was something...it was hitting something...her body was going to explode, and he kept pulling on her.

"Yeah, baby, it's okay," he panted as she slowly regained consciousness and bounced her up and down on his dick like a rag doll. "Damn, you feel so fucking good." Duke latched onto the closest nipple that sprung into view, making her whimper.

She began grinding back, trying to build on the pleasure that was coming from the pain. Her moans got louder, as her eyes remained shut tight. This was a dream she didn't want to wake from...and then something began pushing on her asshole and she screamed. Presley was awake.

Drew stuck one well-lubricated finger into her asshole and put his free hand over her mouth, anticipating the protest. His forearm and elbow pinned her back against his chest as Duke continued fucking her cunt. She groggily shook her head and, again, the tears began. "I'm gonna get in that tight little hole, and you're gonna like it a whole lot if you relax, baby girl. I promise. Just let Uncle Drew take care of you," he whispered and sucked gently on her earlobe even as he inserted a second finger inside her anus.

She sought out Daddy J's eyes but he continued to look below her chin at the forbidden sexual adventure that was occurring on his couch. Total abandonment by the three men she thought cared more about her than anyone else in the world. Another finger was in her ass now, pushing harder and deeper. Her body was going to split in half.

"Hold her still for a sec, Duke." The man behind her pushed her body down onto the other's chest and lined up for the money shot.

"No!" Presley choked out as Drew slowly buried himself in her ass.

"Jesus Christ!" Duke felt his friend moving slowly in and out of the young, bronzed beauty helplessly sandwiched between them. This was the first time he had ever participated in a MFM threesome and the sensations were so intense he thought his balls were going to burst right then. With each recoil from Drew's thrusts, she involuntarily was impaling herself onto Duke's dick. Soon, they would build to a rhythm in which he could take part.

Jimmy watched the metamorphosis from little girl to slut as her cries again turned from those of pain to pleasure. She didn't want it, but her body was betraying her as these two grown men used her as a fuckdoll. As Presley panted and grunted, his hand was back in his pants.

Drew started to pick up his pace and looked up to find the "father" of the girl he was screwing playing with himself. "Hey, Jim-Bo," he panted between thrusts. "She wants you, man."

Jimmy tore his eyes away from her ass to glare in confusion at the man speaking—his stroking continued. "What?"

"Look at her."

Forcing himself for the first time to look into her eyes, he stared at her.

"She hasn't stopped looking at you this whole," he plunged deeper, as if to emphasize his point. "Time."

'She wants my dick?' Jimmy asked himself. He thought about what a good student and athlete she had become. How hard she had worked for everything and how disciplined she'd always been. And, then he remembered how she was ready to throw all that away for a good fuck from some asshole who didn't care enough about her to stay.

Presley could hear her "uncle" talking but she was too busy concentrating on the simple act of breathing to process his words. She opened her eyes momentarily to see Daddy J rise from his recliner and pull the longest cock she had ever seen from his shorts. Her breaths quickened and her heart began to race as she wondered what would have made him do such a thing. "Daddy J?" It came out a hoarse whisper. One she meant as a question and protest, but one he took as an invitation.

He reached down and grabbed her disheveled ponytail. Taking one step closer, he pressed the head of his eleven-inch penis against her soft, pale lips. She refused him entry and he grew enraged. Jimmy reached under her sweat-soaked body and twisted her right nipple as hard as he could. When she screamed, he drove his rod down her throat and she nearly vomited around it. He held her head tight as he got about 3 inches from the base of his cock before shoving it in again. The feel of her tongue on the underside of his shaft made his toes curl.

Duke watched this sudden turn of events in amazement as another man's balls flapped around in his face. He was disgusted, but turned on at the sight of Presley's swollen cheeks as she was thrown in three different directions on top of him.

Slapping her ass, Drew smiled at what this night was becoming for "Princess Presley". He pounded as hard as he could in opposition to Jimmy while she ricocheted between their dicks. Presley's sphincter muscles were clinching around him rhythmically and he knew she was about to cum. He increased in speed and his balls tightened as they prepared to release his seed again.

Jimmy was in heaven and, after the stroking he had given himself, knew he was about to burst. He clenched her hair tighter and began violently moving himself deeper down her throat when he heard a woman scream.

All three men stopped moving.

There, under the archway that led to the kitchen, stood Ellen staring at them as she clutched suitcase handle in her right hand. "What the hell is going on here?" she yelled, cemented to that one spot as if moving forward was like stepping into fire.

Jimmy pulled out, trying to stuff his glistening dick back into his shorts with what little integrity he had left. Drew yanked from her ass and stood, quickly discarding his condom before fishing for his shorts. They ran after her as she shuffled away as fast as possible to the kitchen and grabbed for her cell phone.

"Stop, Ellen!" Jimmy shouted, grabbing it out of her hand and pinning her down to the breakfast table. She fought against him and Drew came up behind them to hold her legs down.

"Why are you back so early?" he yelled, spittle flying into her eyes.

She looked from her husband to Drew. "Your WIFE, Janice, had a work emergency and needed to come back early. I didn't want to stay there by myself."

From the other room came the unmistakable sounds of flesh on flesh and Presley moaning. Jimmy leaned in close and smelled the pungent aroma of alcohol on Ellen's breath. Her eyes were growing heavier by the second as she came down from her adrenaline rush. He looked up at Drew and grinned. "Looks like she made the most of the flight back home. She's drunk."

"Oh, really?" Drew couldn't believe their luck. He thought for sure, when he saw Ellen in the hall, that he would be losing his own wife that night. She and Ellen were as close as sisters and there's no way she could have kept this from her. But now...maybe there was a way out.

"I am not." Ellen tried to look furious, but it just came across as tired. Another moan, this time male in sound, emanated from the living room along with a scream. "Who's in there?" she slurred.

Jimmy and Drew exchanged glances as relief washed over them. "Drew got a hooker to celebrate the one-year anniversary of his divorce." He reached down between his wife's legs to cup her mound through her tight black yoga pants. As her eyes went shut at the sensation, Jimmy motioned for Drew to grab the long dishtowel hanging over the sink. She tried to fight him, but was no match for her husband's strength. "I told Drew to find one that looked exactly like you because I was tired of hearing Duke talk about how much he wanted to screw my wife. Things just got outta hand." His fingers found her waistband and he gently moved them down until they were massaging her clit. "I missed you, baby." Drew tied the dishtowel around her eyes before she could open them.

When Duke heard the other two go after Ellen, he took the opportunity to finally get on top of Presley. He forced her on her back and pulled her legs up so that her knees were thrown over his shoulders, and he sank into her again. Pressing with all his weight, he leaned over her plunging his cock as deep as he could as she cried out.

Before Presley realized what was happening, she was on her back and Uncle Duke was draping her legs in an extremely unnatural position. Her knees were touching her ears as he forced himself deeper than anything she had ever experienced. She could feel the tip of his head hitting something deep inside her and it was stirring up a new type of excitement.

"You feel that, angel?" Duke pounded on it again to make sure she did. "That's your cervix."

She moaned as her back began involuntarily arching towards him, drawing him in further. "It's too big."

"Yes it is." He smiled maliciously, and nipped at her throat. "But," he paused to lick the sweat from her chest to chin, "That's what will make this so memorable."

He could feel it opening under his ministrations, and drove down again as she screamed. Her cervix was pinching his head as he entered her womb and he prayed the condom hadn't come off. "I'm gonna pop your inner cherry, sweetheart," he moaned softly as more tears rolled down her cheeks.

As she lay writhing beneath him, experiencing an orgasm only a small group of women get to experience in a lifetime, he felt his climax growing out of control. With just five more rapid thrusts, he came and collapsed on top of her body (still bent at an awkward angle) letting his dick soften inside her womb before pulling out.

Duke was cleaning himself up as Jimmy walked into the living room carrying his wife who was half-naked and blindfolded—not to mention sucking face like there was no tomorrow. When the two of them passed him and headed up the stairs, Drew entered and looked over at Presley who was down for the count on the couch, her juices flowing out of her pussy and staining the couch.

"Jimmy just upped the ante," he said as his friend leaned over to grab his shorts, handing him the duffle bag.


"Ellen was gonna tell my wife, man."

Duke didn't seem surprised by this and waited for him to continue, but instead he picked up the girl and tossed her over his shoulder caveman-style.

"They have a video camera set up in the bedroom, and he said that we can have some more fun...with Ellen."

"You're kidding!"

Drew chuckled as they made their way up the staircase to the master suite. "Nope. There's no way she'll call Janice if he has proof that she fooled around with other men...including her best friend's husband. I told him that if he did this, I would give him both copies of the tape."

Duke shook his head in disbelief of his good fortune. He had been dreaming of fucking the lights out of Ellen since he first met her, and now he was finally gonna get to see them come true.

When they entered the room, Jimmy was on top of Ellen and they were on the floor dry humping with their clothes still on. Drew placed Presley carefully on the bed and went to retrieve another blindfold and three more therabands from the bag, along with the vibrator and a sock. He put the silky black mask over her eyes (even though she was out like a light) and tied her arms together over her head to one of the rails on the mahogany headboard. After placing the sock in her mouth to keep her mute, he moved down to her legs, sucked on her oversized nipples and felt her up to make sure she was truly out. She was. He then proceeded to tie the band around each ankle before securing them to the bedposts, pulling them unnaturally apart.

Meanwhile, Jimmy had removed his and his wife's clothes before demanding she get on all fours. "Baby," he whispered while Duke put on a condom and began stroking her ass while massaging her nipples. She had no idea it was him. "Remember that fantasy you talked about of getting fucked by one of my friends while I watched?"

She gasped as Duke's hand reached around to her mound and cupped it roughly. "Y-yes, I remember." Her heart began to race as she wondered if he was about to say what she thought. Then she felt a finger inside her and, this time, Jimmy's voice came from in front of her. It couldn't be him.

"Hey, Ellen."

She whipped her head around instinctively, but the towel prevented her from seeing who was behind her. "Duke?" He pressed another finger inside her and pulled roughly at her long, curly brown hair.

"Oh my God." Rocking back into his hand to draw him in further, her mouth fell open and she began panting. Jimmy seized the opportunity by shoving his cock firmly down her throat.

Drew had grabbed the camera and was filming the action up close, getting an extreme close-up as Duke pulled his hand out and drove his stiff cock up her pussy for the first time.

Jimmy felt more than heard her scream around his dick and shoved it harder in retaliation. Her forehead was creased with pain and he realized she must not have been completely wet. Just like her daughter, he thought, this little fuck slut will learn to enjoy what she wanted all along. Her tongue was working him over and she sucked in her cheeks around him making his toes curls.

Duke worked his long shaft in hard and deep, knowing fully well that Ellen was nowhere near aroused enough to accommodate his size without severe pain...but he didn't care. He was living out the raunchiest fuck fantasies of his life and he wanted to do it the way *he* wanted.

Ellen felt him get balls deep inside of her as her walls burned in pain with each brutal thrust. Her face was inflamed in streaks of hot tears that were immediately soaked up by the rough towel that was ensconcing her eyes. Dammit if it was not the most erotic and pleasure-filled experience of her life! She could already taste her husband's precum leaking from his tip as she teased it with her tongue each time he pulled out.

Jimmy grabbed the back of her head and shoved himself as far as he could, watching her cheeks and throat expand in a completely unnatural manner. He was fucking her head and watching her gasp for air as she was being violently pounded from the other end. He and Duke had found a rhythm and he knew it wouldn't be long before they would both explode.

Drew moved from filming Duke's monster, the condom now glistening with Ellen's slut juice, pounding the shit out of her pussy to her nipples being cruelly twisted and pulled by the man who was finally going to get to cum that night, Jimmy. He moved the camera quickly over to view the deathly still "Princess-in-waiting" on the bed before catching the big action.

Jimmy began panting and grunting like a caveman. He quickly pulled his dick from Ellen's mouth and proceeded to stroke his cock twice before spewing about a pint of pearly goodness all over her face and breasts. Before she could reach up to clean it off, Duke grabbed both of her arms, pulling them sharply up and back to fuck her deeper. He grimaced and growled before giving 5 more furious poundings and collapsing on top of her. Even as he laid there, crushing her into the thick carpet (that was now absorbing Jimmy's fresh semen from her chest) his hips continued to work his slowly deflating cock inside her.

He brushed her lush curls back from her face. "Was that good for you baby?"

Her reply was a quick laugh that came out more like a sob. The three men looked at each other and smiled.

"She has other fantasies, too, ya know." Jimmy reached to take the camera gently from Drew who was still focused in on Ellen's form as she was still involuntarily scooting her hips back to meet Duke's soft thrusts. "Ellen has never," he looked at Drew to make sure he had his attention, before turning his glance on the sleeping girl, "been with another woman."


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