tagErotic CouplingsAlice in Pornoland Ch. 01

Alice in Pornoland Ch. 01


Chapter 1

What's Tall Becomes Small

Alice sat at the edge of the bed, fidgety and unfulfilled. Snoring beside her was Trey, the blanket thrown haphazardly across his chest. His limp cock lay exposed, glistening with lube in the light filtering in through the curtains. Alice contemplated it for a long time, then lifted her hand and extended her index finger. She smiled ironically at the thought that this was probably longer than his member.

No, that wasn't fair... Trey was wonderful for her. Caring, sweet and attentive... it wasn't his fault that he was terrible in bed. She could barely feel his little member when she was riding him; there was nothing he could do.

Still... here she was, naked and shivering as sweat dried on her body, aching with a need that night after night he failed to fulfill.

With a sigh she stood up and retrieved a nighty from the floor where it had been thrown in a fit of passion. Lacey and silky, its blue cloth clung to her thin form in all the right places. She'd originally bought it because the bustier came with extra support, turning her pert little A cups into something almost impressive, but over time she grew to like it more and more. The fabric felt nice against her body, and Trey certainly loved looking at it.

Twirling an errant bit of lace in her fingers, Alice stood up and walked to the bathroom. She looked around the dark apartment as she did, admiring as usual the ceilings that seemed to be miles above her head. She'd never seen an apartment quite like it; it was almost as if it had been built by giants.

In the bathroom, she hummed to herself while brushing her teeth and combing out her short, blonde hair. She leaned forward towards the mirror to pluck the contacts out of her brilliant green eyes, and then groped around on the counter for her glasses. At first glance they seemed out of place, with thick black rims and square lenses, but sitting just so on her nose, slightly askew, they added a... pixie-ish air, she thought. Anyway, she quite liked them, thank-you. As she fixed the glasses, ignoring the fact that she was going to be taking them back off again in a couple of minutes, she thought she caught a brief glimpse of movement in the mirror. Something zipping along the main hallway!

"Trey?" Her voice was quiet, hushed, and she thought she heard the pitter patter of feet in the hall.

"Trey!?" A bit louder this time, but still nothing.

Taking a deep breath, she steeled herself to go out into the hallway and look. After all, it was probably nothing... just a... just a figment of her imagination.

She stepped out into the hall and adjusted her glasses and she looked this way and that. Then she spotted it... although she didn't know what it was. A rabbit, white and almost up to her waist in height, sporting... she couldn't think it! It had human looking hands, though covered in white fur, but jutting out from between its legs was a massive, erect... cock! The phallus was very human in shape, and seemed almost as big around as her arm.


The rabbit twitched its nose at her, and then dashed down the hallway. She was afraid it might hurt itself hitting the door, but it bounced up and flicked the knob, just like that!


Only the sound of snoring answered her from the bedroom. She stood for a moment, paralyzed by indecision... knowing that she should just go close the door, but wanting to find out what was going on.

"Oh. Alright." Wrinkling her nose too, Alice dashed forward as fast as she could while keeping the nighty's short skirt from riding up and flashing the entire apartment building.

Out in the hall beyond Trey's apartment, she caught a glimpse of a white tail going around a corner and chased after it. Her bare feet made no sound against the plush, red carpeting of the hall, and there was no one else out and about at this late hour. Gritting her teeth, Alice rounded the corner and started to really run as she saw a fluffy thing wave at her then disappear again. She didn't care that the nighty's flapping all around was exposing her bare ass and everything to the world; at the moment there was no world to expose.

She rounded the next corner and then saw the rabbit dart away yet again. Alice knew better, though.

"Gotcha!" She yelled. That was a dead end, with only the laundry chute and a small linen closet and most importantly no exits. Not even thinking about what she would do if she actually caught this strangely well-endowed creature, she jumped triumphantly into the... empty alcove?

There was nothing there!

"Where did it go?" Stamping her foot in impatience, Alice opened the linen closet and looked it up and down, but there was nothing to see there. No rabbit, no movement at all...

"Down here? No..." She looked at the laundry chute then. It couldn't have gone down there... could it have? It was small, although not as small as a rabbit should be, and maybe, just maybe, it could fit down there? Well... it wouldn't hurt to have a peek, she guessed. She had come all this way.

Lifting the opening of the chute, she stuck her head in to look. All she could see was darkness, below and above her. Her breath echoed hollowly in the metal chute, but there was nothing to see. She leaned a little closer, bracing herself on the edge of the chute to keep from overbalancing as she looked down into the darkness. She thought she could see, way in the distance, a light at the bottom. But no rabbit.

Harumphing, Alice was in the process of pulling herself out of the chute when she felt two furry hands plant themselves firmly on her tight ass.

"Hey!" She squeaked in protest and tried to wriggle back out of the chute, but the hands were strong and she couldn't go anywhere. The rabbit, who else could it be?, copped a quick feel, then pushed forward very hard. Alice shrieked this time as she felt herself overbalancing, and then... and then...


All of a sudden, the little chute seemed very big. She threw her hands out to try and brace herself, but she couldn't find the edges. She kicked her feet in various different directions, but they couldn't reach either. She tumbled end over end through endless darkness, disoriented and hearing only her own screams and, faintly, a kind of rabbity laughter coming from far above.

How long was this chute?

Alice oomphed as she ran into something on the way down. Twisting and fighting her way free, she found it was a thong, but it was as big as she was.

"What?" She stopped screaming for a second to look at it in curiosity, then looked back at the black hole below her and started screaming again.

More underclothes, some strangely large, many others the right size, flew by her as she plummeted into the endless black. Some were tame, others were... good ideas. Crotch-less panties and racy corsets were among the items that flew by, but most went too fast for her to see.

Then, when it seemed like she had been falling forever, the pinpoint of light suddenly rushed up towards her. Her screams took on a more immediate panic as the thought of hitting the ground became very real. And hit the ground she did, only... only it didn't hurt so badly. As if she'd fallen no more than a few feet, she face-planted onto some cheap linoleum, made up in a chess board kind of pattern.

Blinking stars from her eyes, and not remembering any rooms in the apartment building with linoleum like this, Alice pushed herself up to a sitting position and looked around. She was in a round room, with similar wallpaper marching up the walls and around a domed ceiling, giving the entire thing a very... hypnotic sort of look.

Scattered all around her were more underwear, of the kinds that were flying past her during the descent.

What was clearly lacking was any sort of door or way out.

"Hey!" She shouted, the word echoing around and around the room, seemingly caught by the strange pattern that was starting to give Alice a headache.

"Is anyone there?"

The words echoed back around her again.


"There there there?"

"No one's there!"

Alice stopped. That last one was her voice, but not her words...


"Hey hey hey hey..."


Alice shook her head. She must be hearing things.

Looking around the room again, she decided that this had to be a dream. She'd never heard of such a room anywhere in the apartment complex and clearly if there were such a room, it would have a door. Running her hands all along the wall anyway, just to be sure, she still found no door...

"I hate this place already."

The only way out seemed to be the hole in the roof, which she'd fallen from. Into this impossibly strange room. Excellent.

Pouting, she stomped over to the only sign that anyone had ever been in this room, a metal table with a glass tabletop. When she got over there, she noticed something that she hadn't before. Lying on the glass, as if it had read her mind earlier, was a vibrator. It was the small style, with a ball at one end attached by a chord to the controls and battery pack. What was it doing here?

She reached over, but didn't quite pick it up.

"Where did you come from, little toy?" As she was looking at it, Alice noticed there was a note attached to the chord. Leaning forward and adjusting her glasses, she saw that it read in block letters:


"Well, I..." Alice sighed and collapsed into a sitting position on the floor. "This is not the time for that!"

Her body betrayed her, though. As she sat on the floor, thinking about how to get out, the yearning between her legs started to remind her of what Trey hadn't yet finished. Without even thinking about it, she found herself idly stroking the still wet lips of her pussy. It was something she did sometimes when thinking, but with her nearly satisfying sex with Trey so close, it sent little waves of need rippling through her body.

And release, sweet release, was just right there.

"Screw it!"

Reaching up, not even bothering to stand, Alice grabbed the toy off the table and brought it down for closer inspection. From the looks of it, it had never been used, and it felt a little cold in her hands. Wrapping one fist around it to warm it up before use, she reached down with the other and started to stroke herself. She started by running her fingers in circles just around the edges of her pussy, teasing the skin there, tantalizing it and biting her lip as the first rushes of pleasure filled her.

Then she slid her index and ring fingers along the edges of her labia, while slowing inserting her middle finger. She was still slick from the lube she'd used with Trey and her finger went in smoothly, delving into the moist darkness between her legs and sending little ripples of sensation feathering up through her belly.


When the vibrator was warm enough, she pulled her finger out, curling it to draw out a thin string of her own lubrication, then with one hand took hold of the vibrator's pearl, and with the other took hold of the controls.

She started off with slow. As the little plastic sphere vibrated between her fingers, she moved it around as she had her finger earlier. First circling herself, then sliding the little ball into her pussy. She moaned as it went inside, the vibrations buzzing through her fingers and into the rest of her. She arched her back and dropped the controls in favour of fondling her own breast. Her nipple was hard and sensitive under her fingers, and the sensation of massaging her own soft skin heightened the pleasure of the ball inside her.

She worked her fingers in and out of herself a few times, twirling her hips as she did so and gasping at the wonderful feeling of it. She had to buy one of these! When she was well and truly warmed up, she pulled her now wet fingers out of her pussy and then pressed the lubricated plastic of the ball up against her clit.

"Oh god!" The lighting-fast wave of pleasure that shot through her when she did that was amazing! It was too long since she'd felt this good.

Thumbing the controls onto fast, Alice started to work the ball against her clit. Pressing it against her sensitive flesh, she felt her whole body vibrating in time with the pulse of the toy. She squeezed her eyes closed and ground her hips up against her hand, twitching each time the ball caressed her clit.

It felt so good!

As she worked with the vibrator, it seemed like it got stronger, more powerful... larger. Soon it felt like her entire pussy was vibrating with sensation, then all of her legs, then everywhere up to her breasts! She couldn't take it anymore.

With a long cry she came loudly and long against the toy, bucking her entire body against the solid mass of it, finding it push back with its own weight, and...

Wait. Weight?

She snapped out of her happy daze when she thought about that, and noticed that the vibrator was now as big as she was! Backing away from it quickly, Alice stood and confirmed that the ball at the end of the toy, which previously was small enough to fit comfortably in the palm of her hand, was now, in fact, taller than she!

"Humph!" Grumbling with confusion, Alice stamped out around the ball to look at the rest of the room... and find that it, too, had changed in size. The table, which once was a normal table, was now so large that she could barely see the top of it. Each square of the linoleum, once smaller than her foot, was now big enough for her to lie down inside!

"How strange." Alice shook her head. "What a weird dream."

Then she shrugged, since there was nothing to it. She realized that, having been grinding against the huge vibrator, she was now covered in lube and her own cum, but that hardly seemed important... what was important was...

Hey! A door!

Now that she was so small, she could see against one of the walls what looked like a door. Clapping her hands together in delight that she'd found a way out so easily, she ran towards it.

What looked like a door from afar was, up close, actually a small hallway. It lead in about a dozen feet... no, scratch that. It lead in probably only a few inches, given her current size and predicament, and then turned. At the end of this leg there was definitely a door!

And also a man.

Alice stopped short and found herself blushing fiercely. At least her nighty had changed in size with her, but it seemed woefully inadequate covering to be meeting people in. Well, most people... now that she was looking, this man was not normal. For one, he had no face. Where features like noses, mouths and eyes normally were, there was just... blankness. Entirely smooth skin, like there was never anything there.

For another, he was totally naked. Impressively naked. His bronze skin shone in the light, emphasizing clearly the powerful muscles that laced his body. And between his legs...

"Oh my..."

Flaccid, his cock was huge! At least twice as large as Trey was when he was erect, and it was just lying there, its beautiful mass resting against the faceless man's leg. Alice found herself grinning deliriously at the thought of riding that monster...

"No, bad Alice... that's not why you are here." She stopped admiring the man's weapon and looked instead to the door that was directly behind him. He stood at attention, his hands resting against his belly button, directly in front of the door.

Alice smiled her most entrancing smile and sauntered up to the massive... impressive... handsome... naked man.

"Umm, excuse me sir?"

No answer.

"I was wondering, if you wouldn't mind, perhaps letting me through?"

Still no answer.

"Hmmph... now, there's no need to be rude! I'm a lady in distress and you should be nicer to me."

Even when she was pouting, there was still no answer. The man's blank face stared forward, and he didn't react to her presence.

Huffing, Alice moved up next to him and tried to edge past to get to the door, but he was firmly in the way. When he didn't react to her presence as she tried to barge past, she turned and started trying to push him out of the way. She put both of her hands on his firm side and squinted her face up tight as she tried to shove him out of the way.

Still nothing.

But, he did feel very good under her hands. His skin was soft and supple and underneath it was a solid core of iron, refusing to give in to her pushing. Alice found herself smiling again involuntarily. When she realized it, she shook her head to clear the daze and glared at him.


She stamped off back down the hallway, no longer day dreaming of his impressive cock and warm skin and firm hands and beautiful dirty blonde hair and... no! No daydreaming! He was in her way. Possibly the only way out of this crazy room...

Back in the room, things were just as she'd left them. The vibrator was buzzing on the floor, still taller than she was and rocking back and forth. It wasn't travelling very much because it had gotten caught on a discarded G-string that was big enough to be a dress for Alice at this point, which was probably good. She didn't need a runaway vibrator, and she didn't think that she'd be able to reach the controls anyway. The table was still in the middle of the room, only now it was so high that she could barely even see the top, let alone reach it, and... under it there was something.

She hadn't noticed that before, when she was big, and when she'd first become small her excitement over the possibility of a way out lead her away quickly. Now she approached what looked like... well, she didn't know what it look like at a distance. Getting up closer she realized it was a naked bust of a woman, sans head, on a pedestal so that it was at about human height. It wasn't made of stone, though, it was made of some material that looked an awful lot like skin, and had bright pink nipples painted on it.

It was very life-like.

Attached to the spot where the neck ended was a note very similar to the one that had been attached to the vibrator. Coming forward, Alice picked the note up to get a better look at it, noticing as she brushed her fingers against the bust that it felt warm to the touch and seemed like it was probably silicon.

The note, like the other, contained only two words.


"What?" Alice looked at the note, and then looked back at the bust. Thinking about it, it did have abnormally large breasts, probably an E cup or larger, but could she really milk a statue? Did she want to?

"Well... last time I followed a note's instructions I got small. So logic follows that this time I will get tall!" Alice nodded, excited by her logic and firmly denying that, since this must be some sort of crazy dream, logic may not apply.

Dropping the note she stepped forward and put her hands on the silicon breasts. They did feel warm to the touch, and dimpled under her fingers almost like real skin would. Gingerly at first she worked her hands in a cupping motion around the middle of the breasts, finding them pliant and supple and kind of nice to hold.

As she worked them she noticed a few spots of moisture perk out of the little synthetic nipples. At the sight of it, she felt her own nipples go hard and warm beneath the nighty. Oh my... this was... actually kind of exciting. She bit her lip and kept working, moving her hands in more confident strokes up and down the fake breasts, flicking the fake nipples, rubbing the moisture coming out of them all over the bust. As she did so, her own breasts felt like they were responding. Just like when someone else touched them, they grew warm and sensitive and a fuzzy feeling of pleasure ran through her. As she worked the bust harder, getting streams of the fake milk now, she felt a strange pressure start to build on the front of her breasts. Not knowing what to make of it, Alice ignored it and continued to fondle the fake bust.

This turned out to be a bad plan. She was soon forced to pay attention to the pressure when, with a resounding riiiiip the front of her nighty tore open and her breasts, now significantly larger than before, spilled out into the air.

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