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All My Vampiress Wants



A/N: Winter Holidays 2013 Contest Submission.

While this does tie-in with "Vampiress, Mine", this is a stand-alone plot that has no overall bearing or effect on the main story. For continuity purposes this story takes places after Chapter 3 which is in the works.

Thank you for reading and please be sure to vote! Happy Holidays!


PART 1: What my vampriess wants.

Ashley sat curled up on James' bed, staring out the window into the darkness at the snow covered landscape outside, and sighed. The weather was as grey and bleak as her mood had been lately. She felt just plain "blah" lately and couldn't, for the un-life of her, figure out why. She'd been waiting at James' house for about an hour now waiting for him to get home. He'd told her over the phone that he had a special present for her for their first Christmas together that he was picking up on the way home from work.

Christmas... Ashley wrinkled her nose in disgust at the term as it was yet another way that the Anglo-Saxons had tried to totally stamp out the old ways by incorporating Yule with their own beliefs. She'd expressed her distaste at James' insistence at decorating his house in the gaudy festive lights and wreaths and tree but relented when he said that he was integrating Yule into it as well by supply a Yule Log and other appropriate decorations. Ashley had totally shut up about the whole issue when he had mentioned that it was a reminder to him about everything that he'd lost when his family had passed as he felt it was the only connection that he had left with them.

Ashley perked up when she saw the headlights from his car cut through the softly falling snow. Her vampiric eyes tracked the car from a good mile away, following it until it parked in the driveway. She smiled when she saw her boyfriend step out but then frowned when she saw that he had someone with him. Her eyes narrowed in on the stranger; who was this person that he brought home with him?

And why was that person another female?


"You know, it's been a while since I've been here," Karen commented as she stepped out of James' car, drawing her black cloak around her for warmth. The white falling snow was a stark contrast to her black cloak and dress as well as her equally black hair and lipstick. Not for the first time since James had called her up did she wonder why she was even entertaining the notion of sleeping with his current girlfriend. Karen figured either she was insane or simply just had a soft spot for James. Maybe both.

"Uh-huh..." James grunted non-committedly as he walked up to his house with his Goth ex-girlfriend following close behind. He stopped just before opening it to turn on Karen, his eyes taking on a dangerous edge as they narrowed in on her. "Before we go any further, Karen," he said, lowering his voice slightly so that Ashley couldn't hear him in the house, "I just want you to know that anything you see, hear, and learn in my house tonight goes no further than you. You are not to tell anyone about this, you are not to write to anyone about this, you are not to even blog about this or else I will have your head. Got it?"

Karen gaped at him; she'd never seen him like this before. "What is this about?"

"I'm about to grant your greatest wish," he said. "You know how you always go on about how you wish that vampires were real so that you could meet a real, live one and have them suck off of you and everything?"

Karen rolled her eyes. "Duh, everyone knows that, silly as it is in reality."

"Well, congratulations; my girlfriend is a vampire and you're about to meet her, screw her, and feed her. Don't ever say I never give you anything." James commented as he turned to the door.

Karen couldn't help but let out a laugh at that but stopped when James paused and gave her a pointed look over his shoulder. Her eyes went wide. "Wait, you're serious?" James didn't answer, he just led her inside and instructed her to go downstairs to the basement apartment and wait for him to arrive with Ashley. In a daze, as her mind reeled with what James had just revealed, Karen did as she was told while he went upstairs.


Ashley advanced on James the moment he was in the doorway, her red hair billowing behind her as she practically flew across the room at him. Despite James whispering at the front door, she'd caught enough to find out who the woman was. "How dare you," she hissed at him, rearing one hand back to extend her claws. "How dare you not only bring another female home with you but bring your ex and let her know of our existence!"

James leaned back just enough so that her wild swipe missed him. Out of necessity, he'd become quite adept at evading attacks from anything supernatural. Sparring every other night when he got off of work with Ashley and her BVF (Best Vampire Friend -- apparently the vampiric community had social networking along with all of their own little acronyms as well), Zoe, helped hone his skills. While remaining calm in the face of her attack James whipped out his silver cuffs from his utility belt, snagging her wrist as it went by his face, and snapping it onto her slender wrist. He continued the motion, twirling her around in the process, to catch her other wrist to cuff her hands behind her back.

Ashley fell back against him. She looked up, glaring daggers at him, while she snapped at an attempt to bite him wherever she could snag skin. James jerked his head to the side to avoid her teeth. "Now, if you will calm down and follow me, you'll see why I brought Karen here." James said, walking her out the door before him, ignoring her low, cat-like growls in the process.

As he walked her down the stairs to the basement apartment, James continued talking. "Zoe had mentioned to me that you've been in a slump lately; that you haven't quite been yourself. Normally I'd blame hormones and chalk it up to being 'that time of the month' if you were human. But since you're not human, I think that I've hit upon the reason why. Zoe mentioned something about you not consuming anyone else's blood but mine which includes all of the serving bowls and glasses that are always available at court, right?"

Frowning, Ashley paused in her resistance for a moment to think about that and discovered that both he and Zoe were correct in their observations. Was that why she was in such a mood?"

"So I figured that it must be diet. Humans tire of having the same dish over and over again; they eventually get burnt out. Why would Vampires be any different? Y'all like to feed and fuck multiple people and we've been in a monogamous relationship since we've met so you haven't had the opportunity to feed on anyone else," James explained as he opened the door to the basement and led Ashley down. Turning right as they got to the bottom of the stairs they saw Karen sitting on the bed in the small bedroom waiting for them.

James pushed Ashley in front of him and put his lips to her ear while he undid her cuffs. "So here is my present to you since I know that you're hungry for something different and a bisexual," he said, silently thanking Zoe for supplying him with stories of their past when they used to share both men and women. "She's wanted to meet a vampire her entire life. I wouldn't keep her waiting."

Ashley's face lit up with joy at James' gift. Turning quickly in place she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. "Oh I so love you right now," she gushed, "you really do know what to get a girl for the holiday season. Thank you!"

"Enjoy your time together, dear," he said, giving her a quick peck on the lips before Ashley shooed him out.

Ashley turned and looked Karen up and down. She was a bit curvier than Ashley was with a slightly larger frame but nothing that would be considered outright overweight. Big boned, certainly, but definitely not fat. Karen's black corset dress pressed her round, ample breasts up considerably to show off a lot of cleavage. Her straight black hair fell down her back to touch the bed where she sat.

Likewise, Karen was sizing Ashley up. Ashley was wearing what James liked to call her 'hunting leathers' that she wore when she used to go out looking for a human to feed off of. She hadn't worn it out since Samhain and only put it on when James had asked her to as he loved seeing her in it. Karen noted that they were both about the same height and that Ashley's skin tone was had a bit more color to it than the pale base makeup that Karen wore. Was this really what vampires looked like or was she just duped into fulfilling some kinky fantasy of her ex? "You don't look like a vampire," Karen noted, breaking the silence.

Chuckling, Ashley threw back her head and splayed her arms out wide. She bared her fangs and her claws as her eyes turned red with lust from the thought of what she was about to do to this doubting human. "I guess that I could go for the full effect," Ashley said with an evil smile, looking back down at Karen. Karen's eyes went wide as she shuffled back on the bed. Ashley closed her eyes and relaxed, allowing her fangs and claws to retract. When she opened her eyes back up there were normal. "But that is, how you humans say, so Halloween?"

Karen was in awe at what she'd just seen and her heart leapt at the thought that vampires do exist. She smiled, "that was SO cool," she exclaimed, "so what happens now? How does this work?" she asked, pulling her black hair back from her neck, "do you just chow down on my neck or what?"

"Patience," Ashley purred, leaning in and kissing Karen's neck where she bared it to make the raven-haired girl shudder with pleasure. Ashley trailed a single finger up Karen's thigh, hooking the fabric of her dress to start pulling it up. "We like to play while we feed."

"Hmmm..." Karen felt a shiver run down her spine as Ashley pulled her dress up to bare her legs. She slid a hand around Ashley's back to coax her closer. Ashley kissed Karen full on the lips while her hand continued to work on her now bared thigh. Both girls moaned with pleasure as their lips locked and their tongues moved against one another.

Ashley wrapped her arms around Karen to start unlacing the corset portion of the dress. Soon she was peeling it off to expose her voluptuous breasts. After Karen was completely exposed, Ashley cupped Karen's round, full tits in her hands and lowered her mouth down to kiss the tips of each.

Karen closed her eyes, humming with pleasure, while she slid down in the bed to lie completely flat, spreading her legs slightly. There was something hypnotic in Ashley's kisses that made Karen want to whatever the vampire wanted her to do. Ashley rolled her tongue around Karen's hardened nipple before trailing it down her body down to her naval. Karen shuddered as the erotic jolts shot through her body.

Continuing down Karen's body; Ashley brought her hands down between the Goth's thighs, spreading them slightly. Gently, she brushed the back of her finger down her black trim above Karen's moistening slit before parting her lips slightly to bare the girl's clit. Ashley's tongue darted out to tease the sensitive nub, making Karen groan deeply while raising her hips slightly in response. "Yes..." Karen panted with pleasure while her hands came up to knead her own breasts.

Ashley looked up to see Karen's face contort with the pleasure, her black lips forming a small O as she lost herself in the moment. Smiling, Ashley sank a single finger into Karen's pussy while gently moving her thumb across her clit. While she fingered Karen, Ashley moved her lips slightly to the right and moved her tongue in tiny circles along the inner thigh. When Karen bucked her hips again in pleasure, Ashley bared her fangs and sank them into Karen's soft flesh.

Karen's eyes shot open wide and she screamed as the orgasm of her life slammed through her.


Upstairs, James' head snapped to the side when he heard Karen yell her head off in ecstasy and he mentally chastised himself for not closing any of the doors as the sound carried all the way up to the living room. The distraction was enough so that his onscreen avatar in Call of Duty was promptly stabbed in the back just before it was teabagged by some teenie-bopper with no life from the west coast. James swore under his breath as he got back into the game.

One of his teammates, IPWNU1984, however, noticed and spoke up; "Dude, what was that in the background? Sounded like someone screaming." Not for the first time, James cursed the fact that all these new NextGen consoles came with microphones.

"Oh nothing," James said, deciding to play it off, "just my girlfriend giving my ex the most intense orgasm she'd ever experienced." Being gamers they'd either think he was lying or they'd think that he was the man.

BIGBLKBUBBA23 chimed in; "Bro, you got your old lady AND your ex there screwin' each other's brains out and you're just sitting by playing a game?"

"Patience man," James told them, "You let the girls have their fun first and then when they want you they'll come for you," he said. "So if I cut out suddenly in the next game or two you'll know that I'll be doing two very fine ladies rather than rage quitting."


Karen just stared up at the ceiling with her chest heaving as her body twitched as the occasional erotic spasm ran through her. "Ahhh..." she breathed while Ashley sucked on her inner thigh. Her pussy was still convulsing around Ashley's finger as it slid in and out. "Oh...my...gawd..." she whimpered.

Ashley gave Karen's inner thigh one last, long lick to seal the puncture wound before looking up Karen's body, waggling her eyebrows, and smiling wickedly, "and we're not even remotely through," she said huskily as she crawled up the bed to lie on top of Karen. Ashley slid her hand behind Karen's head and kissed her passionately. "Stick around and there will be much, much more for you," she said. "So I want you to stay here and I'll be right back.


PART 2: The vampiric gifts that keep on giving.

Zoe sighed as she flipped the tome closed. She idly reached off to one side to pick up her goblet to take a sip of blood. Grimacing from the taste as it'd gone cold, she placed it back on the desk before getting up to walk over to the window. It was cold and bleak outside and she really didn't feel like going out to hunt for anything fresh.

She wasn't sure how long she'd been standing there staring out the window when there was a knock at the front door of her penthouse suite. Wondering who it could be at this late hour as it wasn't long before sunrise, Zoe walked out of her study to the entry way.

"Ashley," she exclaimed when she opened the door, "I wasn't expecting you here tonight; I thought that you were with James." Ashley didn't say anything; she simply wrapped Zoe in a hug and kissed her passionately. Zoe was taken aback at first but then returned the kiss. "My, we're frisky tonight, aren't we?" she asked once they pulled back from their embrace.

"Thank you for talking to James," Ashley said, "he gave me this wonderful girl to feed off of tonight and I'm thoroughly enjoying her in every way possible."

Zoe arched a skeptical eyebrow, "and you're here...why?"

"Well since I'm feeding and sleeping with his friend, and you know that I like to enjoy first meals alone, James is left out in the cold for the time being," Ashley explained. "So I have a gift for you since I know that you've wanted this for a while," she stepped off to the side and held out her hand in a flourish towards the door as James stepped into the entry way.

Zoe frowned and then her eyes lit up. "Are you serious? You're actually going to let me feed off of him?" Ashley nodded and she nearly squealed with glee. She'd wanted to fuck and feed off of James for some time now and she'd been disappointed when Ashley wouldn't share. Zoe had gotten close last month when James was presented at court ash she had thought that she had her chance then. Now Ashley was giving her the perfect present of all.

"Just be sure that you have my boyfriend home before sunrise," Ashley said with a wink and a smile. She lifted up onto her tip toes to give James a quick kiss before heading back to his house to continue her fun with Karen.

James was looking Zoe up and down. Zoe was clad in just a simple red silk robe that clung to her slender body. She didn't have the hourglass figure that Ashley had but she was full in the breasts and slightly round in the ass with narrow hips. Zoe brushed a strand of her auburn hair from her face as she sidled up to him, pressing her chest to his. She ran her hands up his body to wrap them around his head, pulling him down to her so that she could kiss him.

Moaning deeply, James returned the sensual kiss as he wrapped his arms around her to pull her close. He'd been sporting a hard on ever since he'd left Ashley and Karen together. Much to his disappointment Ashley didn't want him to join in for a threesome just yet; she'd promised him a rain check on that so long as she could have the night alone with Karen. Dejected, James had retired to his bedroom for the night and was about to take himself in hand when Ashley came up with her gift idea for Zoe.

James brought his hands around to Zoe's front to undo the belt of her robe. He then slid his hands up her front, grazing her pert breasts and hardening nipples, to brush the robe off of her shoulders to send it falling down to the floor.

A sudden wave of impatience overcame Zoe. While she enjoyed soft and sensual sex with a lot of foreplay, her desire to have this man rose up within her. She turned James in place and used her vampiric strength to shove him backwards. James flew through the air to land hard onto the couch in the living room. Zoe followed behind in a blur taking five steps before leaping to land on his lap. She flexed her hands to allow her claws to spring forth. With two swift moves, James' shirt was shredded off of his chest.

Before James even had a moment to protest, Zoe was already sliding down his body and shredding his jeans and boxers off of him without even grazing his skin. Zoe retracted her claws, grabbed his hard cock, and took its entire length into her mouth. James' objections at his clothes being ripped and torn died on his lips as he felt Zoe start to suck on his shaft. He moaned, leaning back on the couch while running his hand through her reddish brown locks.

Zoe looked up at him lustfully and took him out of her mouth. "I bet you Ashley has never done this to you," she said with a wicked smile as she placed his cock alongside of her face while stroking him.

James' mouth quirked in a sideways smile, "If you're going for my femoral artery you're a little late; Ashley has shown me that trick."

"Not quite," Zoe said right before she went down on him again; working her mouth up and down his cock rapidly as if she were a veteran porn star. She sucked on him as hard as she could on the next upstroke, suckling on the head for a moment before deep throating him. When she had him fully buried into her mouth on the next down stroke, she locked her lips around his base, extended her fangs to pierce his skin there, and swallowed hard.

"HOLY HELL!" James screamed at the top of his lungs as his cock exploded down her throat and continued to do so while she fed off of him. His body became wracked with uncontrollable spasms as he came. He reached out to his sides and dug his fingers into the couch for support while his cock seemed to dredge up reserves of sperm to constantly pump out.

When Zoe had her fill, she rolled her tongue around the base of his shaft to close the wound. She kept him in her mouth long enough until his cock finished spurting its fluid before sucking on him a few more times to totally clean him off. James let out a sigh of relief and contentment as he slumped back onto the couch. "Damn that felt good," he breathed.

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