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All That Jazz - First Time


Hello all my naughty boys and girls of Literotica. Happy Summer! Are you enjoying the sunshine? Is your garden abloom? Well, you know my most prolific crop is dirty thoughts and it's a good year in Raven's garden. So, when you're trying to beat the heat, sipping some sweet tea or maybe something stronger, don't forget to check out my new website. That's where you'll REAP the harvest. Okay, this audio is my entry into the Literotica Nude Day Contest. So...I think it's somewhere in the rules that you must be NUDE to listen. Hey...it's not me...it's Literotica. And rules are rules...so STRIP. Hey...take 'em off slowly...I want to savor the grand reveal. Ok, enough playing around...or is it? In fact, this audio is all about playing...and learning to play. I think you're really going to enjoy it. When you're all done and you've cleaned yourself up, and caught your breath, don't forget to vote. Just click that 5th star...it gets me all HOT and bothered when you do. So, sit back, relax and let me take you into my fantasy...

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DENA: You're forcing it. And you're getting off-time. Take a deep breath, now blow it out. Good. Now, I want you to try again. This time, make sure you utilize good breath control. Much better Roy. Just keep watching your timing and relax. Your fingers know what to do, but you've got to stop over-thinking it. Let the music flow out of your soul, through your hands, into your saxophone and out into the world for others to enjoy. It's all in there. You just have to set it free. Now, play it through a couple of times.

Five more minutes. I can last five more minutes, even though this lesson has dragged on for what seems like hours! Maybe Roy's twin brother will be here early to pick him up. Probably not. He's always right on time. Admirable for a college student, only 19. Most of them seem a bit flighty at times. But then, they all seem so young to me now that I'm forty. Twenty year olds seem like babies. Roy picking up the saxophone at such an...advanced age is actually admirable. He's trying to develop some refinement and culture. Ok, he's probably just trying to get girls...but nevertheless. Culture and refinement can be the byproduct of his hormones! He's a good boy. I'm just not in the mood to be teaching beginners today. I guess it's because Devyn is my last student today. Devyn Franklin has been coming to me for jazz piano lessons for four years now. I can't believe it's been that long. She was a pleasure to teach from day one. So quick, so intuitive. I realized the other day that I had watched Devyn grow from a beautiful, intelligent, focused adolescent into the young adult she was today. She's eighteen now. Still so young. She might have gone a different route. She could have been a young mother. She didn't lack for boys interested, from what her mother has told me. She could have been one of those popular mean girls too. She has the looks for it. But thankfully, not the personality. Devyn was all about music and her grades. And her four year scholarship to The University Of The Pacific in Stockton proved that quite nicely. I'm really proud of my student. She is exceptional...in so many ways. I find myself worrying about how much I'll miss her when she leaves for college. I'll miss the way she scrunches up her forehead when she's tackling a challenging piece. I'll miss the way her hands glide across the piano keys so beautifully. The way she closes her eyes when she feels the music inside her. Oh Devyn...I'm going to miss you...for reasons I can't even begin to think about because...because they would be totally inappropriate.

Good work today Roy. I see your brother is pulling up now. See you next Tuesday!

DEVYN: My last lesson with Ms. London. I know I should be happy and proud to be moving on, starting school, doing what I love. But I'm going to miss her so much! She's taught me...everything about music. I can't imagine not seeing her every Tuesday. She's my mentor. But, she's more than that. At least in my mind, she is. What would a beautiful, sophisticated, cultured woman like Ms. Dena London think if she knew her barely 18 year old student was in love with her? She's probably laugh at me. Pat me on the head or something. She'd probably tell me I still had living to do before I could be in love with someone. Or tell me that music should be my first love. But to me...she IS music. She's...oh who am I kidding. She's completely unobtainable.

Please enjoy the rest of the story in audio format

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by Anonymous

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by TheMadGod01/26/15

Marvelous time!

Top notch, as usual Ms Fox! The chemistry between them is clearly interpretable. I also thouroughly enjoyed the fact that most of the 'Music' between the characters is left to the imagination of the listener.more...

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by Anonymous09/24/14

More Please!

This audio was hot hot hot! Your best audio stories are always the lesbian ones where you use the two different voices.

There should definitely be a sequel where Devyn gets to explore Ms. London's bodymore...

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by drseaknight08/11/14

Well written, orchestrated, and performed.

I thoroughly enjoyed being in both women's head as they were moved along by the undercurrent of lust beneath their musical interlude. I enjoyed the innocence of your younger second voice and the right/wrongmore...

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by juan2fork06/08/14


2 beautiful speaking voices and the musicianship. Great story well presented.

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by Anonymous05/15/14

Sequel please!

Would love the story to continue with the teacher taking the young student in her arms and carrying her to the bedroom, where she teaches her all the ways of lesbian love making.

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