Does it make you forget everything or just the unimportant stuff?

December 26, 2005, 6:15 am

I woke with the most delicious feeling. I was having sex. Good sex. Wonderful sex! I could feel a soft body under me and I was slowly making love to her.

I opened my eyes and saw that it was not a dream. I looked into the startled eyes of an older black woman. She was about sixty and was pretty but what was really occupying his mind was my cock and the warm wonderful feeling he was having.

"I think we have done this before." Franklin said. The woman smiled.

"I am sure we have." Wynona responded with more feeling than she should be having.

She moved her arms around his neck and moved her pelvis to allow her legs to come around his. Their kiss was deep and passionate, despite morning breath.

"Easy there white man." Wynona said. "Slow and loving baby, do it slow and loving."

Franklin did what she asked. He knew all the moves and soon after shifting his weight, his cock was at the correct angle to give him the results he wanted and she wanted. He wanted to give her pleasure.

"You're getting a little heavy, even if you are on your elbows, baby." Wynona lovingly said.

Franklin did not take offense, he wanted to please her. "Let's make you a buffalo soldier baby." Franklin said as he rolled her over onto him as he moved onto his back. [For those of you that don't know, a buffalo soldier was light mounted cavalry troop following the civil war and they were all black. The Indians called them buffalo soldiers. Some say because of their kinky black hair that reminded them of the proud strong head of a buffalo and others say it was for their fierce determination in a fight. Either way it was a well earned name, one which they still proudly use, even if there is are longer any mounted cavalry troops fighting American Indians in the great south west.] The black woman was still impaled on Franklin's hard white cock but now she was on top. She slowly rode him, back and forth, and some up and down, allowing her furry muff to rub his hair, giving her a tingling feeling.

She controlled everything now and he loved it as much as she did. There was much determination in her eyes, as well as affection. No, that is not right, it was love.

At almost sixty years old he was running on borrowed energy considering their last three days. He was burning that candle not only at both ends but in the middle too. He did not care one bit. He needed this, she needed this, and they both needed it with each other.

Wynona was sore, this was the most sex she had in a decade and her body, having already gone through menopause, did not take kindly to hard bodily intrusions such as Franklin had been giving her. But there is muscle memory and it was working just fine and she needed those intense feelings more than she initially realized. And her desire overcame any objections that her body initially raised, until it too succumbed to her passions as well as his.

She leaned forward and those large heavy black tits moved within sucking distance and Franklin worked them like a starving calf. They were not the firm breasts of a young woman but a mature woman who had children. They were still full but gravity had worn on them but they were still wonderfully womanly and where she had been a large "D" in her youth she was much larger now, despite not having gained too much weight other places. But age had given the wonderful soft curves that Franklin was enjoying. More important than anything else, it was her.

Wynona had always loved her breasts played with, sucked and pulled and Franklin had no problem recognizing that. She had another orgasm as Franklin did things to her breasts that she had not experienced in her life time, well almost her lifetime. The way he rubbed around them at the base, the way he pulled his very short nails over them, and the way he made those huge nipples puff out like she never remembered in the past. She had a nipple orgasm. Franklin was a breast man, of that there was no doubt.

Finally Wynona was tired and just fell forward. "Did you cum baby" she asked Franklin while giving him a kiss.

"Not this time but you do know I don't have a lot left so I figure I will save it up for the next round." He responded as he rolled her over onto her back, pushing his white hard cock deep into her.

"Dirty white devil, keeping the black woman down" Wynona said to Franklin as she kissed him again and smiled during her kiss.

"Well I know what I need now" Wynona said. After all this sex those emotions that had been deeply hidden made their way to the surface. To call them smoldering would be overstating the long pent up desires, more like embers ready to just go out, until Franklin came and added oxygen and fuel to them and they began to burn white hot again, igniting his passions too.

She got up on top again and sliding forward moving her body to Franklin's face. She expected him to pull away. Again this was new territory for her. "Kiss the kitty baby; give the furry kitty a big wet sloppy kiss."

Wynona expected Franklin to pull away but he didn't. He moved his face forward and with his hands on the cheeks of her ass pulled her to him, smiling at the touch, tastes and smell of the pretty furry kitty. It had been well used by Franklin that prior evening but he did not care, it belonged to his woman and now to him.

Wynona was deep in thought, but the fog was there but she could almost see, almost understand. Then the acts she was doing overtook her, she looked to see the smiling white face between her black thighs, the delicious feelings his mouth and tongue were causing, and the look of his white hands on her black breasts, and she screamed in orgasm. It was all too much for her. It stirred emotions so far hidden she did not remember them, or did not want to.

Franklin was also confused at what he was doing. This was a wonderful feeling and he so enjoyed being with Wynona but this was a passion long hidden in him too. Then Wynona, her furry kitty still on his face turned over and sucked the white cock, still wet from their combined joining, until she tasted his cum, pouring out into her mouth. This triggered another orgasm in her. She was sure it had nothing to do with Franklin sucking hard on her black clit, or her furry kitty's little black nose as she would call it with a giggle.

They both fell asleep in each others arms after a long kiss, where they tasted the fruits of what, for them, was a new experience. Franklin saw her sleeping there when he woke first. He was amazed that she always slept the same way; on her back and her legs open akimbo but legs instead of arms.

It was only an hour later that they got up and slightly embarrassed at their latest actions started to clean themselves in preparation for the day. They had only met three days before.

December 23, 2005, three days before, the day of their first meeting:

Franklin was at Dodger Stadium with a group from the hospital. Franklin had been imprisoned in the hospital for almost two years with Alzheimer's. It was a "take the freaks to the ball game" day. Up until a few days before Franklin had been a drooling fool, especially with all the medication they gave him. He could not remember his own name. By court order he was placed in the facility by his children, just a few years after the death of Franklin's wife, Ida.

As a special treat, all of the people at the stadium could purchase new Dodger Blue Jackets at half price, but the school kids and freaks got them for free. After getting his jacket Franklin went with some other freaks to the bathroom. Their special attendant from the hospital just hoped they did not piss on themselves, which they sometimes did. He really hated that.

Franklin finished and just walked out. With all the blue jackets around he just followed another blue jacket out of the bathroom and was not missed. As he had only pretended to take the medication the last few days and was feeling more like he was human. As he walked out he saw a black woman with another group.

Wynona had likewise been placed in a facility for her Alzheimer's, nothing as far gone as Franklin's was, especially when he was under the medication, but far enough that she was having memory problems. She had been taken on this field trip and was also wearing a Dodger Blue jacket.

Franklin approached her and taking her in his arms kissed her. It was not a chaste kiss nor was it one of fire and passion, but it was definitely a loving and hot kiss, with just a hit of tongue from both of them.

"I am leaving do you want to come with me?" Franklin asked.

"Yes." Wynona replied.

On their way out they introduced themselves. For this brief moment there was clarity for them both.

"My name is Franklin." Franklin said.

"My name is Wynona" Wynona replied with a smile.

They walked out holding hands, but in 2005 a black woman and a white man holding hands was nothing to concern anyone. They were comfortable holding hands and each was lost in the fact that it felt so, well, right.

Franklin got into a cab, there were many in the area, and Wynona joined him. Franklin gave the man an address and the cab went there. When they arrived at their destination Franklin got out leaving Wynona inside the cab. Then another man came back out with Franklin and paid the driver and Wynona got out too.

Then they all went inside the building.

"Franklin, it is good to see you old friend. I am sorry to hear about your wife." The man said.

"It is good to see you too, old friend, but I don't understand your wife statement, but no mind. Do you have my property, I will need it now." Franklin said.

Despite his concern about Franklin's mental abilities because of his inability to remember what happened to his own wife, the man handed Franklin an envelope and Franklin removed a passport and approximately twenty thousand dollars in cash. The envelope was still not empty. Franklin looked at the man and smiled.

"Grenouille" Franklin said. The man smiled back and went out of the room and came back in and handed Franklin a smaller envelope with three debit cards and a piece of paper. Franklin looked at the paper and thanked the man and walked out with Wynona, who was very much confused. The fog was again settling on them.

"I am going to leave the country today, if you have a passport you can come with me." Franklin said.

Wynona smiled. "My bank is downtown too. It is two blocks from here." She replied. Clarity, she remembered her bank and where it was in relation to where she was then standing. Things were coming back, if only intermittently.

They walked slowly, arm in arm, still wearing only their Dodger jackets and their casual street clothes. No one gave them a second look.

Franklin went into the bank and Wynona reached into her purse and ripping the lining extracted a key. There was a brief discussion and she went into the vault and came out with an envelope, which contained her passport. Franklin did not know what else was in the envelope and he did not care one way or another. Wynona did not share the secret.

"I never thought I would be able to use this, but I had it just in case it happened." Wynona said. The idea to keep a secret safety deposit box had been her daughter's, from many years ago, but she did not remember that at the time, only that the box was there and some of what it contained. She did not even know why she had a bank in Los Angeles.

A taxi to the Burbank airport was the fastest way to get there and then a quick flight to Las Vegas followed. Four hours after their jail break they were in sunny Las Vegas. They made arrangements for a cruise to Europe leaving from Florida the next day, which would be Christmas Eve. Everything can be gotten in Vegas. Franklin paid for the tickets with a debit card, First Class. Unlike the commercial they did not intend to stay in Vegas. It is amazing what money can do.

For some reason, the longer Franklin and Wynona were together the firmer their grip on reality became. Wynona did not know why she would trust this strange white man but she did. Franklin did not understand his attraction to Wynona, an older black woman, but he knew it was there. They went and bought clothes for their trip to Florida, and flew out early that next day, long before the sunrise. They appeared at the airport as a well dressed couple.

That night in Las Vegas they stayed in a hotel off the main drag that did not ask too many questions. Seedy was a good description for it and Franklin paid cash. They both got some well deserved sleep and very early the next morning, before five o'clock, they caught their flight.

It was now December 24, 2005; Christmas Eve and they were on their second day together.

They did not talk much, they were both lost in their own thoughts, trying to figure exactly what the hell was going on in their lives. They had both been so confused for so long that they were upset at the sudden clarity of thought, shallow as it was. One thing they did do was hold hands. It gave them long needed security and a certain unexplained pleasure and happiness. Except when they tried to go through security they were always touching. It took only six hours to reach Florida and before noon they arrived.

It was to be a very long cruise to Europe and they would be at sea for almost two weeks, so that they would spend not only Christmas but New Years at sea. Then they would enter the Mediterranean and land in their final destination in Italy, stopping at a few other ports along the way. The cruise was slow and regal, just what they needed. It would give them time.

They purchased additional clothes in Florida, Franklin paying with his debit card. They boarded the ship just before five in the evening and sailed on the evening tide, although with the advent of power that was no longer necessary.

There was much to do but the ship was well equipped and a more complete wardrobe for the trip was purchased for the cruise while onboard. Wynona did not ask, and Franklin did not offer, any explanation concerning money.

The ship sailed on the evening tide of Christmas Eve.

[Wynona: As Wynona lay there that December 26th she remembered that Christmas Eve, their second day together. The night before they had spent in some dive in Las Vegas and she fully expected Franklin to do something to her, but they did nothing, just slept. So she was surprised on the 24th when she came to bed in her "granny" nightgown and it was almost off of her before she was under the covers.

[Wynona: So what was I doing on Christmas Eve, naked with this old white man? I know he wanted me, most men did, but that was when I was younger. I did not remember it specifically, but I had some recollection. But hell I am an old woman. I hardly remembered the last time I made love and my husband, yes -- I think I had a husband, he had sex with me. I can tell just by looking at my body that I had a baby. For him it was, get hard push it in, and get out. Hell at my age if I did not get time to squirt something inside of me it was like sand paper for me.

[Wynona: But this old fool kept nuzzling my neck, and kissing me. Yes, when his lips touched mine I kissed him back, what woman does not like being kissed. I still don't understand why I went with him. But here I am, naked, on a ship, with this old fool and he keeps kissing me. I like the way he kisses and the way he lets his tongue just touch my lips and the way he nibbles on my lips, my ears, all of me. But, it is not like I am going to juice up or anything. But he keeps trying and he does seem to like my large breasts. As a matter of fact he likes them a whole bunch. He kisses them, and licks then and it is exciting as hell as he nibbles and nips all over them. He rolls them in his hands and squeezes them gently and rolls the nipples in his fingers. My nipples are huge and he enjoys sucking the entire three inch nipple into his mouth and flicking the tip with his tongue. I can't say I am too upset about it. I am enjoying it, even if he is an old white man, but not all that old, all things considered.

[Wynona: It was about thirty minutes later, after he was caressing my entire body, and had me spread my legs so he could run a gentle hand between them, soft tender caresses, outside my furry lips and then to the center, and around, I found that this old white man found a way to do something my husband could not or would not do. He was still kissing me and even sucking on my breasts and never quit touching at least two places at once. In an hour I went from frigid old woman to a responsive wet lover for a man I had never met before. Before too much longer I was gripping my hands as tight as I could, moaning for his touch. Then I realized I could not completely close my left hand, something was in it. It was hot, smooth, and long and filled my hand. I knew what it was. It was the tool of a man, a man who took me like I was a virgin, who made me respond to his touch, his kiss and yes to his penetration. When he entered me I was wet and my lips were full and receptive. He was a man who made me feel like I was young again, who gave me pleasure with our mutual passions; passions that were just a far distant memory.

[Wynona: I had him on top of me for almost an hour of slow easy loving and that is what he did. I know what fucking is but that is not what happened. He was making love to me and I was making love back to him. Sometimes we were still with him deep inside of me, very deep inside of me, and we just touched and kissed and at other times he moved into me and I responded with the same but it was always slow, gentle and loving, like I was his first and he was mine. I was looking up into the loving eyes of a stranger and found them wanting in nothing a woman would desire from her lover.]

[Franklin: I stroked her body for as long as I could hold out. I wanted this black woman more than I ever wanted anything in my life. I was on a mission to make her want me. I caressed and touched her until I felt her respond to me. I felt the soft curves of her breasts and the swell of the stomach of a woman that had carried life within her. Not fat but still womanly, fertile, a perfect mate for a man who wanted a mate to have children with.

[Franklin: Finally she was responsive and I mounted her with love and care. I took her like a man would take a virgin, who wanted to make sure that she both enjoyed and craved more of the intimate attention that love creates. I knew it was a long time for her and that age made her desire hidden but with patience I would find it and together we would enjoy it.

[Franklin: She came with me as I rocked into her. Not pushing too hard or too fast, letting her body get used to mine and looking for the right spots combined with my hands and mouth, to continue to excite us both until orgasms over took us both.]

There was then sleep for both of them. Making love was exhausting and sleep came quickly. It was in the evening when Franklin woke, realizing that Wynona was already awake. Franklin had always been a man who woke in the night ready for battle with the female of the species, although he vaguely remembered that those battles were few and far between.

Apparently Wynona had the upper hand at the moment, holding onto his lance. For his part Franklin had his Wynona in a bear hug of sorts, finding his lips at her neck and his hands roaming freely over her body. Franklin would not quit kissing and biting Wynona and she would not quit examining that lance.

Soon the battle was joined as she raised her leg and slid it over him, her butt pressing against the front of his thigh, until his attack had found its mark, firmly inserted into her womanhood. Both joined in combat, rocking back and forth, seeking the perfect angle for victory, however it was defined. Soon, too soon, Wynona got the upper hand, breaking contact, rolling over until her body covered his and she now faced her foe, but he recovered and once again speared her as she used her mouth to attack his flesh and his mouth.

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