tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAmanda's Revenge

Amanda's Revenge


Amanda threw her notebook on her bed and sat at her desk. She pressed the button on her computer and watched it start up. The Internet had been her main source of socialization since high school.

One conflict in high school haunted her and had turned her into a virtual recluse. She had just turned eighteen and was looking forward to graduation. One day that she remembered all too well, a group of boys started taunting her. They had hated Amanda for reasons she did not fully understand. Amanda was always a bit of a loner and an easy target for mean peers.

From that day, the boys made mocking her a daily routine. They made fun of her clothing, which was generally gleaned from the racks at Walmart. They made fun of her weight. This prompted her to crash diet and lose thirty pounds. They made fun of her complexion any day she dared go to school with a pimple. Her only consolation was that she would be graduating soon. She would be rid of them, or so she thought.

Derrick, the ringleader of the bullies, ended up attending the same local college as Amanda. He continued to taunt her through their first two years in college. What's worse is that when Amanda showed interest in Jeremy, a boy in their biology class, she saw Derrick whispering to him. After that, Jeremy was cold toward Amanda. Amanda retreated from social contact with the other college students. Eventually, no one bothered with her except her best friend, Tara.

Amanda signed onto her messenger and was pleased to see a friendly contact online. She typed a greeting and began conversing with her Internet friend. Over the last three years, she had nurtured several online friendships. She never wanted to meet anyone face-to-face for fear of rejection. The years of bullying had damaged more than her social life. Her self-esteem was on the floor.

It was a Friday night. She was aware of a party on campus. She wasn't going to go, but she kept thinking about all the students laughing and having fun while she was sulking at home over one idiot who bullied her. It wasn't fair. She admitted that it was her choice to let this guy ruin her social life.

She vented her frustration to her online friend. Her friend tried to persuade Amanda to go to the party. Amanda's reluctance won. She just felt so uncomfortable and vulnerable, she didn't want to risk getting hurt. After chatting online for hours, she went to bed.

The next week was more of the same. She was the target of dirty looks and snickering from Derrick. Jeremy glared at her as he left the classroom after class. Amanda wished she had the courage to ask Jeremy what was said about her. Instead of confronting him, she went straight home and went online as usual.

Saturday, she was chatting online with Tara. Tara asked Amanda if she was going to the big costume party at the college that night. Amanda laughed as she typed "no." Tara pleaded with Amanda to go to the party with her. Tara's friend who was going to go with her had made other plans at the last minute.

Amanda reluctantly agreed to go with Tara. In a frenzy of nervous energy, Amanda scrambled to find a suitable costume. Barely avoiding resorting to tying a sheet around herself and going as Cleopatra in a lame toga, she created a vampire costume with a short black skirt, black silk blouse with a plunging neckline, and spiked, black leather boots. She found black pantyhose and an old broach to complement the outfit.

Her mother had a mask that hid half of Amanda's face when she held it up. Amanda teased her hair which is something that she never did. She applied heavy makeup with black eye shadow and eye liner. Red lipstick finished the look. Yet, Amanda felt something was missing. "Fangs!" she thought. Amanda grabbed her little, black purse and left the house. On the way to meet Tara, Amanda stopped at Walmart and picked up a pair of plastic fangs from the Halloween aisle.

"Nice costume!" a man said to her as she waited in the checkout line.

Amanda looked around to see who the man was talking to you. Then, she realized that he was looking at her.

"Me?" Amanda asked.

"Yes, you," the man laughed. "Unless that's not a costume, in which case I apologize."

Amanda giggled. "Yes, it's a costume. Thank you."

Amanda held her head a little higher as she walked to her car. It had been a long time since anyone had complimented her. It was nice. It made her feel almost normal.

Tara was waiting for Amanda in front of the fraternity house when Amanda walked towards it. Tara was wearing a witch costume, which looked as cliché, yet sexy, as Amanda's costume. When they entered the frat house, they became a little self-conscious when they realized that only about half of the students were wearing costumes. The decorations were pathetic and consisted of a few candles, some cardboard jack-o'-lanterns, and sparse orange and black streamers.

"Look! There's my older brother," Tara said as she pointed.

Amanda followed the direction of Tara's pointing only to see Derrick. Amanda tightened the grip on her mask.

"Where?" Amanda asked.

"Right there. He's tall. He's right there in the corner, wearing jeans and a fraternity sweatshirt," Tara said.

"Yeah? And look who he's talking to," Amanda said.


"Remember me telling you about that guy who has made my life a living hell? That's him," Amanda said then sunk into a nearby couch.

Despondent, Amanda was looking at the floor. She lost hope of having any fun tonight. She was convinced that her night was ruined now. Tara plopped down next to Amanda on the couch.

"That's Derrick?" Tara asked.

"Yes. I hope he doesn't recognize me," Amanda said.

"Hmmm. My brother doesn't seem too impressed with him. He just smirked and walked away."

Tired of hissing through her plastic fangs, Amanda plucked them from her mouth and dropped them into her purse. Tara fetched them some punch. She urged Amanda to mingle with other students.

"No one is going to recognize you," Tara said.

Paranoid of his next attack, Amanda kept track of Derrick's location. She was just waiting for Derrick to ruin her evening.

"Jeremy is here. He's over there talking to Derrick," Amanda informed Tara.

"Oh. He is cute! Too bad he was a jerk to believe anything Derrick had to say about you," Tara said.

"Yeah. Sometimes I get so mad at Derrick, I fantasize about getting revenge."

"Well, Jeremy just walked over to Derrick. We'll just avoid them," Tara suggested.

They sat in silence amidst the chaos of the frat party. The music was loud and the beer was flowing. Tara was about to leave Amanda's side and talk to her brother and the cute guy her brother was talking to when Amanda grabbed her arm.

"What?" Tara asked.

"I got an idea! Your brother belongs to this fraternity, right?" Amanda asked.


"Have you ever seen the bedrooms here? Do they have two beds in them?"

"Yes, I helped my brother move here. Each bedroom has two beds."

"Do the beds have headboards and footboards?"

"Um, yeah, I think they do. They have wooden slats. Why?" Tara asked.

Amanda leaned close to Tara and whispered her plan. Tara giggled as she heard it.

"Oh, my god! Let me go talk to my brother about it. I'm sure he and a couple of his fraternity brothers will help," Tara giggled.

Tara rushed to her brother. Amanda watched Tara tell her brother of their devious plan. Her brother must have thought the plan was funny, because he laughed and pulled one of his friends by the shirt to draw him closer. He was laughing and talking to his friend when Tara returned to Amanda.

"He thinks it's hilarious. He's going to get some friends to help him. He'll let us know when they are ready for us," Tara said to Amanda.

"This is going to be so great!" Amanda said while clasping her hands in her lap in anticipation.

The girls watched as Tara's brother and a group of his friends led Derrick and Jeremy upstairs. Several minutes later, Tara's brother walked down the stairs alone and motioned for Tara and Amanda to follow him. Amanda's heart was pounding in her chest.

Tara's brother led the girls to one of the bedrooms. He wouldn't have had to point it out. There was considerable yelling coming from inside. When Tara and Amanda entered the room, they saw Jeremy and Derrick tied to the beds. Rope secured Derrick's and Jeremy's wrists and ankles to the bed. Both captives were blindfolded.

"Pants them," Tara ordered.

The fraternity brothers yanked their captives' pants as far down as they would go. Tara approached the blindfolded Derrick.

"Should we take a look at what Derrick has to offer?" Tara asked Amanda.

"Leave me alone! Let me go!" Derrick yelled as he struggled against the ropes.

Tara grabbed the waistband of Derrick's boxers and pulled them down. Laughing, Tara mockingly consoled Derrick for not quite measuring up. The fraternity brothers snickered.

"How do you feel now that your, um, obvious shortcomings are exposed?" Amanda asked Derrick.

"Leave me alone! Why are you doing this?" Derrick yelled.

"You'll know soon enough. Now, shut up!" Tara ordered.

Tara walked over to Jeremy and lowered his boxers. Jeremy was significantly larger than Derrick. Amanda smiled.

"Oh, you could have fun with that," Tara said to Amanda.

"I intend to," Amanda said.

"Get away! What are you doing?" yelled Jeremy.

Amanda laid down her mask and approached the blindfolded Jeremy. She slid her pantyhose off her legs. She hushed Jeremy and placed her finger on his lips.

"It's okay. I won't hurt you," she said to him.

Lifting her skirt enough to allow her to move freely, Amanda climbed onto the bed between Jeremy's legs. She bent down and licked the head of Jeremy's cock. She sucked him into her mouth, then flicked the head of his cock with her tongue.

"Stop! Leave me alone!" Jeremy yelled as he squirmed against the hold of the ropes.

Amanda continued to suck him. When she pulled upwards, she would flick her tongue across the head. Then, she sucked him in deeper. Soon, Jeremy's body responded positively to Amanda's mouth. His cock jerked and swelled. The sensation of his cock hardening made her want him more. She gripped his thighs while her mouth glided uo and down his cock. As Amanda sucked on him, Jeremy's protests turned to moans.

When Jeremy was completely hard, Amanda straddled him. Jeremy struggled slightly, but it was obviously more of playing the part of the victim held against his will than an actual attempt to get away. As Amanda mounted Jeremy's hard cock, she moaned as his cock pushed into her tight wetness. She slowly rocked her hips, savoring every sensation of Jeremy's hard cock against the inside of her long-neglected pussy. She clutched her breasts and squeezed them as she enjoyed fucking Jeremy.

She continued grinding on his cock at a very slow pace. Her hands caressed Jeremy's muscular stomach and almost hairless chest. Tara escorted the fraternity out of the room. Tara followed them out, but stood on the other side of the bedroom door in case Amanda needed her.

Amanda rode Jeremy faster. She moaned as she bucked wildly on Jeremy's cock. Jeremy grunted as Amanda had her way with him. Lying helpless in the other bed, Derrick listened to the commotion. Derrick's cock had gotten hard while he listened to Amanda take advantage of Jeremy.

"Oh, you feel so good!" Jeremy yelled.

Amanda put her hands on Jeremy's stomach to help keep her balance as her body shuddered and her pussy pulsed. She whimpered as she felt herself tighten around Jeremy's cock. When the waves of ecstasy ceased to control her body, she stood from Jeremy.

"No! Not yet! I wasn't done!" Jeremy protested.

Amanda snickered. "I am," she said. "I'm done with the both of you," she said as she removed Jeremy's blindfold. She turned to Derrick, and removed his blindfold too.

"What? It was you?" Jeremy asked.

"Ewww... you fucked the skank!" Derrick chided Jeremy.

"Skank? Why are you calling me a skank? It's time that I end this bullying of yours," she confronted Derrick.

"You know why. In high school, you fucked the whole basketball team at a party," Derrick said.

"Sounds like a skank to me," Jeremy added.

"I did no such thing. I rarely even went to parties," Amanda stated. "Who told you that I fucked the basketball team?"

"Everyone was saying it in our high school. Greg, Pete, and Sarah are the ones who told me," explained Derrick.

Amanda thought for a few seconds. "Wait. You're talking about that rumor our senior year, right before you started picking on me?"

"Yeah. Why do you think we picked on you?"

"I remember that rumor... only the way that I heard it, it was Amanda Pierce who fucked the basketball team. I'm Amanda Harris. Did you ever bother to ask which Amanda they were talking about?"

"I just assumed..." Derrick stammered.

"Uh-huh. Yep, you're an ass. You're an ass for believing any rumor in a high school and you're an ass for picking on me for years."

Jeremy shot a dirty look at Derrick. He looked apologetically at Amanda. "Amanda, I didn't know," Jeremy said.

"And you're an ass for believing that dumbass, but I just had to give you a taste of what you are missing," Amanda said to Jeremy as she straightened her clothing, collected her pantyhose and mask, and started to leave the room.

"You're not going to leave us here, are you?" Jeremy asked.

"I am. Eventually, someone will have pity on you and release you," Amanda said before walking out the bedroom door and shutting it behind her. It felt good to shut that door.

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