tagErotic CouplingsAmy and Zach Ch. 02

Amy and Zach Ch. 02


(A quick note. The character of Clayton is based on a real person, and is in no way intended to be a cliche of or my view of the gay community. He is a dear person and not intended to be disrespectful)


Oh my God, she thought, I really need to go shopping! Remembering that her car was still in the shop, there was only one person a girl should call to go on a shopping bender with her, and so she texted Clayton.

Hey bitch what's up? I need to go shopping for something fierce. Whatcha doin?

Ya girl, be over in a sec. K? So did you live out my fantasy and fuck Zach's brains out?

Something like that.......

You slut! Why didn't you call me?

Because he just left.

OMG girl I knew it! You whore! I need details. Be there soon.

Clayton arrived about an hour later. Amy could hear the music blaring out of his car before he honked to let her know he was there. She ran out to greet him, dressed in a white tank top with a surfing scene screen print in bright rainbow colors, hot pink cotton short shorts and flip flops, carrying a huge yellow leather tote bag, sunglasses and her hair still in the messy ponytail on top of her head. "Girl, you look like someone who just got royally fucked. Tell me everything and don't leave anything out you little skank!" Amy laughed and started at the beginning giving him a description of the evening's events. Every once in a while he would declare something "hot" or a slow "oh my God." When she got to the part about the breakfast and the invite out tonight, he just shook his head. "Damn girl. You do need to look fierce!"

He took her to an area of downtown that she had never been to. The shops looked like they catered mostly to cross dressers, strippers and ravers. But he insisted that they would find something amazing inside. After several stores and browsing every rack, she finally found a cherry red satin corset that laced up the back and the top and bottom edges had a pretty, feminine ruffle of the same fabric in black. She tried it on, and loved how it nipped in her waist and made her breasts look like they might spill out and any moment, even though it was so tight, it wouldn't happen. She came out of the dressing room and Clayton and the sales person declared her Hot as Hell. On the way up to the counter she also grabbed a pair of red lace G-string panties while he decided to treat himself to a black fishnet t-shirt to show off his chest and stomach.

Clayton dropped Amy off, and she said that she would find out if he could come along tonight. He seemed giddy to be in the presence of Zach friends who looked like your typical all-American frat boys, and he was hopeful that one would get drunk enough to go gay for the night.

Zach closed the lid to his laptop, and picked up his phone.

Hey my beautiful, what r u doing?

Hanging out, just got back from shopping. U?

I want to take you somewhere...U up for an adventure?


LOL. Pick you up in an hour?

K. Should I be nervous?

No! LOL. See u soon my beautiful.

Zach knew he might be pushing it a little bit, but he'd never been this excited about something. In the back of his mind, he thought maybe he should save this for a month or so down the road, but the way his cock reacted to just thinking about Amy, and what transpired between them last night...well, some things just can't wait, he thought. He pulled on his usual white backward ball cap, a fitted gray V-neck t-shirt and light colored jeans with leather flip flops and hopped in his truck.

Driving down the freeway, with his favorite band on the stereo, the wind whipping through his shoulder length hair and the sun shining through his window, he realized he'd never felt so free, so alive actually. He sent her a quick text when he was pulling up to her house, and watched her as she came out of her house, locking her door and practically sprinted to his truck. She had on tiny pink shorts that showed off her slim lightly tanned legs, a snug white tank top that clung to her large breasts. He knew she was in her thirties, but damn that woman had a body that wouldn't stop. And when he realized that her hair was still in the messy knot from this morning, he got hard just thinking about waking up to find her curled up in his arms.

She smiled brightly at him as she climbed in the passenger seat of his truck, and he leaned over to greet her with a kiss. "Ready?" he asked her, and smiled at her wickedly.

"I'm not sure," she laughed.

The conversation fell into the comfortable pattern they had at work of laughing and joking. It was nice not to have that slight awkwardness there had been this morning when they were both a little unsure of how the other was feeling, this was nice, just like the friendship they had developed over the last year. He looked again at the address he had written down, and Amy noticed.

"So...where are we going?"

He grinned back at her, "it's a surprise."

He saw the building, and he pulled into the parking lot. It was a small white stucco house, with red trim, that had red grates over the windows. The small sign in the parking lot declared it Madame X's Couples Erotic Gifts and Toys and in smaller letters 'classes available call for scheduling'. Amy looked over at him, her eyes wide and mouth slightly open. He hopped out of the truck before she could say anything and opened her side. She climbed down, and he took her hand, squeezing it softly and led her in the front door.

She noticed right away it was not what she had expected. She had been in sex shops before, they were always brightly lit with giant dildo's and rubber body parts on shelves with perverts hiding in corners, and giggling groups of girls scattered about. This store was warm looking, the light almost pink from the lamps that sat on Mahogany end tables, that had soft looking red velvety chairs by them. There were of course, giant dildos and plastic contraptions that looked like a woman's vagina, but they somehow seemed not as creepy as they did in the brightly lit pervert stores. A small, much smaller than her by inches woman in her late 50's came out of a curtained off room. She was in a black silk kimono, with black stockings and knee high black boots. Her gray hair was swirled into an elegant bun, her lips painted deep crimson and she was quite beautiful for her age.

"Oh well, hello hello darlings," she looked at Zach and Amy with a very clear admiration. "To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit to my shop today? Hmmm?" She noted the emphasis put on the word pleasure, and a slight accent she could not place.

Zach put his arm around Amy, pulled her a little closer. "My girlfriend and I are looking for some toys to use in bed." Amy felt her heart jump into her throat at the word girlfriend and gazed up at him. He went on to explain to the woman the nature of what he was looking for but before he could finish, she took both of their hands in hers, "Yes, I like this." She smiled at both of them warmly, "This is good, yes? So what do you need?" She grabbed a little basket and motioned for them to follow.

"Well," Zach continued, "that's the thing....we don't really know."

She moved her finger in a pointing motion back and forth between the two, "I love this energy here, this is good. Stay here a moment." And she scurried about her shop, plopping things into the basket. When she returned she motioned for them to sit in the velvet chairs. They both looked on eagerly as she showed them various items for spanking and restraint, blindfolds and gags and explained to them some of the various uses. They agreed no gags, but liked the spanking implements and some scarves, rope, a vibrator and a blindfold. She rang up their choices, and then produced a business card and told them about her classes and her nightclub, and expressed interest in seeing them again soon.

They took their bag of new props and toys, ushered out by the thrilled shop owner and climbed into Zach's truck. All Zach could do was grin.

"Um, wow." Amy said. She rummaged through the bag, while he put the truck in reverse and pulled out smoothly onto the street. "I'm a little... excited by some of this stuff."

"Yeah?" he smiled.

"Yeah." She smiled back. "That was, pretty interesting actually. I really had no idea..."

He laughed again, "Neither did I actually."

"How did you find that place?"

"Google," he laughed.

Zach pulled into the driveway of her condo, and she turned to him. "I would ask you in, but I need to eat and get ready." She pointed at the clock noting that it was already after five. "But I meant to ask you, would it be cool if Clay came?"

"Totally." He looked over at her, and she could tell he had something on his mind. "Um, just so you know, I think Christie may be coming. I heard that she thinks I will see her and beg her to take me back." Amy looked at her hands in her lap, and he grabbed one squeezing gently. "It's not happening. I promise." He kissed her hand. "I just wanted to warn you, just so you don't see her and not know, ok?" He leaned over and kissed her, holding her face in his big hand. She darted her tongue in his mouth and her breathing quickened, and she backed up.

"I better go before I can't stop myself," and gave him a quick peck.

"See you in a bit my beautiful."

Once inside, Amy texted Clayton and let him know to come over so they could get ready together and wait for the bus to arrive.

She climbed into the hot water, letting it relax her muscles, and filled a mesh sponge with scented shower gel working it in a thick lather over her skin. She paid extra attention to shaving her legs and her pussy so that they were smooth and silky. Soaped up her hair and used a yummy smelling conditioner on it. She was wrapped in a fluffy white towel, applying lotion when she heard Clayton come in. His toned 5'6" body was decked out in the black mesh shirt he had bought earlier that showed his pieced nipples and belly button, tight black jeans and black dress shoes and he was armed with a huge make-up box, hair styling tools and a bottle of Grey Goose.

He looked her up and down, "are you ready to be fucking fabulous?"

"Oh my God, I love you!" Amy squealed, hugging him. Clayton was gifted at makeup application, he had a part time job at a cosmetics store, but he dreamed of being the next Kevin Aucoin. "I want to look hot, but not slutty..."she started to warn him.

He cut her off, "just get dressed you slut!"

She pulled on the tiny red G-string and laced up the corset. God, she loved the way she looked and felt in it, like a vixen almost, a sex kitten. Then she decided on a short black skirt, and high heel Mary Jane shoes.

Clayton instructed her to sit, facing away from the mirror. He went to work first on her hair, applying some kind of amazing smelling balm on it and blow drying it to smooth perfection. He took another product and warmed it on his hands, smoothing it through her hair, and then began using a straight iron in sections around her head. He took a section in the front, and teased it, and then secured with bobby pins at the top of her head.

Then he opened the gigantic makeup case, Amy had never seen so many brushes and colorful little pots and compacts. She suddenly got nervous that she might look like a drag queen when he was done, but she knew better than to say so. He literally fluttered around her, dabbing at her face with fingertips, and dusting with brushes. It felt like so much make-up was going on her face, it was slightly nerve wracking. He would stand back and look at her with all the seriousness of a renaissance painter, and then he would be all over her face again, dabbing, blending, and brushing. Finally he stood back, hands on his hips and looked at her. "Fucking genius."

Amy looked at herself in the mirror in disbelief. Her hair was smooth and shiny as glass and swung around her shoulders like silk. There was a small, teased poof at the crown that was held back by invisible bobby pins. It was gorgeous, and seriously sexy.

The face was, genius, it really was. Her skin was buffed perfection, and literally looked like she had nothing on it, it was just amazing skin all peaches and cream with lovely pink shimmering cheeks. Her eyes looked huge and bluer than humanly possible, fringed with long black thick lashes, charcoal shadow rimmed her eyes for a soft, but smoky effect, and pale lilac and silver shadow accentuated and opened them up with a light, peachy pink shimmering gloss on her lips. Such a soft, pretty face set off the complete sluttiness of the outfit. "Wow," was all she could say as he applied a cream to her arms and legs that left them pearly and luminous and shimmering when they caught the light.

"No man could stand a chance against that," he said triumphantly.

The two finished a couple cocktails, and chattered while waiting for the party bus to arrive. Amy walked into her bedroom to grab a small handbag for her i.d. and a lipstick and glanced at the black bag that lay on her bed. She reached in and pulled the collar out, holding it in her hand. It was very thin, not wider than a pencil, and a shiny patent leather, to other people it might just look like a fashion accessory. She walked over to the mirror and buckled it around her neck, her heart threatening to beat right out of the skin tight corset. Something in her heart told her it was right, even though the rational part of her brain was screaming at her to take it off. No one could actually own someone, right? She looked back up at herself, and took a deep breath; she knew which part of her she needed to listen to.

At 9:15 Amy got a text from Zach, saying that the bus was pulling up to her curb. Butterflies filled her stomach as she and Clayton locked the door behind them and approached the bus. The doors opened and the sound of a popular hip hop song suddenly filled the air, along with raucous voices and high pitched girl's laughter. Zach stepped out of the bus and butterflies filled her stomach as she drank in the sight of him. Tonight he wore a black button up shirt, unbuttoned to his mid-chest that he had rolled the sleeves up to his elbows and a long silver chain that bore a simple silver cross, the way it accentuated his huge shoulders and chest was amazing. He had on light, boot cut jeans, black cowboy boots and his hair was casually brushed back off his forehead and tucked behind his ears. His cologne, a sweet and spicy mix filled her nose. He was raw sexual energy.

Zach was thrilled when he saw Amy tonight. The first thing he noticed of course was her ample chest threatening to pop out of a tight, blood red corset. He loved the way it played up her petite, bombshell figure and made her look a little like a 1950's pinup. She had on a short black skirt and sexy school girl shoes. Her hair and face were shining, and he couldn't help but notice the contrast between angel and porn star, she looked amazing. Then he saw it, the collar.

He did a light jog and picked her up in his strong arms, and spun her around while she squealed to be put down. "Oh my God, you're wearing it," He set her down, beaming at her, he grasped her shoulders and started to kiss her until a booming voice said, "Do we need to stop at a hotel?" And they pulled away from each other laughing. Damn, he had meant to be respectful, considering his ex-girlfriend was sitting on the bus. He didn't want it to seem like he was rubbing her nose in it, but holy hell, the way she looked was driving him crazy. On the bus he introduced her and Clayton to his friends, his roommate Brent she already knew as well as some of their co-workers. In all there were about twenty of them.

The inside of the bus had purple benches down each side and two poles in the center. The roof was lit up with neon purple stars. And the back wall housed a stereo with speakers that lined the top booming a song about shaking booties. The front right corner housed a full wet bar, complete with sinks, a fridge and glassware. Brent asked if she and Clayton needed drinks, and went to work making cocktails.

There were six girls on the bus including herself and Christie. They were all scantily clad and made up to high heavens; the sweet smell of perfume filled the bus. The boys seemed to be having the best time so far, Amy got along better with men anyway so joined in on the bawdy jokes and drinking. Two of the girls stood up and started dancing and grinding on the poles, one of them definitely trying to catch Zach's eye, and being overly blatant about it. Zach seemed to not notice, and pulled Amy onto his lap, holding her possessively around the waist with one arm as they travelled to their first stop.

Once in the parking lot of a club called Lava, Brent jumped up and made a batch of shots that had vodka, orange juice and an energy drink in them. Everyone raised their cups and yelled, "Happy Birthday Zach" and tossed the drinks down their throats.

Amy had never been to Lava, in fact, she hadn't been to a nightclub in ages. House music thudded against the walls, and the D.J., who was on a suspended platform above the dance floor expertly mixed songs and beats together, so that everyone dancing looked like one giant pulse of flesh. Go-go girls in bikinis and body paint that glowed under the black lights danced on top of tables, and sexy nearly naked bartenders and cocktail waitresses wore glowing paint on their exposed flesh. After securing a location for their large party and somehow scoring drinks in the mass of people swarming the bar Zach led Amy by the hand to the crowded dance floor. Even though the top of her head merely hit him mid chest, they still moved and ground against each other to the music. Christie found them on the dance floor and started dancing alone next to them. Amy looked her over, with some jealousy if she was being honest. Christie's long, rock hard body was encased in a slinky black silk dress that seemed like it was liquid just poured over her body, the halter top was open to the waist, exposing both sides of her breasts. She swayed and rocked her hips to the beat, running her hands up her breasts and down her thighs, looking sensuous as her hair swung around her tanned shoulders and arms. Amy saw red, as Christie turned and looked Zach in the eye and ran a long hand down her chest and stomach, biting her lower lip.

Zach wrapped both arms around her waist, trapping her own arms to her sides, "she has nothing on you." He nuzzled her ear, and let his hands slide down her hips. "You are so fucking sexy, I want to leave here and ravage your body right now." He spun her around, taking a fist full of hair and pulled her face to his, looking her directly in the eye, he tugged the ring at the front of the collar and put his mouth to her ear again, "I want to run my tongue along your pussy, I want to hear you scream as I drink from you." He tightened his grip on her hair, "I want to slide my cock into you, and make you beg for me." Her heart beat wildly in her chest, and she felt like she couldn't breathe she was so crazed with lust for him.

When she finally looked around again, Christie was gone.

They went to three clubs that night, each one louder and shinier than the first. She took turns dancing with Clayton and Zach, and Zach would watch her with fierce intensity when she was not with him. It excited her, and she couldn't wait to see what tonight brought them. Leaving the last club, one of the sluttier looking girls who was at this point beyond drunk offered a lap dance to Zach, he laughed and said no and she stumbled away hurt. Christie took to comforting her, and said loudly, "it's just too bad Zach brought his mom tonight, he used to be so fun." Amy and Zach laughed hysterically.

"Mommy," Zach said, looking over at Amy.

"Yes, my little mother fucker?" Amy replied with a gleam in her eye.

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