tagAnalAn Anal Adventure

An Anal Adventure


It has been a long and busy day at the office and I was handed a major [paper to read and comment on to take home with me. My boss needed my report first thing in the morning. I left a little early – after I called you to let you know – and you promised an early dinner so I could spend a quiet evening completing the task.

When I arrived home about 5:00 pm (leaving half an hour early had helped avoid the rush hour), I called out to you and you came running into my exhausted arms as held me tight in your usual loving greeting. Right away, it felt like the cares of the world had slipped from my shoulders.

You directed me gently to the stairs instructing me to have a shower and dress comfortably and dinner would be ready in half an hour. The shower re-energized me and I dressed in light linen pants and a loose cotton shirt leaving my feet bare. As I entered the kitchen, I paused in the doorway to watch you as you fed our beautiful daughter between her giggles of joy. Your own tinkling laughter reminded me of just how deeply I loved you both and I silently pledged to do more to show you the depth of my love; I had to cut back on the work and spend more time with you.

As Joy turned to see me in the doorway and hold out her arms to me, you turned your head and smiled lovingly. You picked up the babe and walked over into my arms. You were dressed in my favourite thin yellow sundress – even in the dead of winter, you brighten up the room and my world – and I could easily discern that you were, as usual, braless as your full breasts swayed softly against the silky material of your bodice exciting your nipples to hardness. The impact – once again, a standard one – was to immediately bring my cock to full staff as we embraced.

We sat at the table and ate the delicious meal and while Joy played at your feet, you cleaned up so I could go into my study to work. I noticed that my screensaver was on my computer and as I pressed the spacebar to clear it, I noticed the sites of erotica you had been viewing this afternoon while Joy slept. I browsed curiously through the list and found the predominant ones related to anal sex. So this is what you have been fantasizing about lately! Well, we'll have to see about that later.

I worked for about three hours and finished up my report about nine thirty. You had just finished putting Joy down to bed so I slipped into her nursery to kiss her good night and tuck her in. As I turned out her light – first ensuring that her monitor was turned on – I could hear the sound of running water as you drew your own tub. I knew that you had a busy day since you have been babysitting another child to bring in a few more dollars and for someone for Joy to play with. Although you enjoy the youngsters, they do drain you of a lot of energy. You have earned a nice long hot soak.

I turn out all the lights and climb the stairs somewhat weary myself. As I enter our bedroom I see the king size bed has been turned down and my favourite silk lounging robe laid out for me. The only light in the reading lamp on my side of the bed since you know I like to read a bit to relax before sleeping. I walk into the bathroom – we had it built especially large and luxurious since it is one of our favourite play areas when we make love – and find you reclining in the huge oversized and deep tub filled with hot bubbly water. You have the Jacuzzi jets on low and your eyes closed as you relax completely. The room is, as usual, lit only with a collection of our favourite aromatherapy candles with their scents mixing to an almost hypnotic blend.

I leave you to rest without making a sound and retreat to the bedroom to undress and don my robe. I climb onto the bed and pick up my report for one last edit. As I complete the read-through, I hear the water draining from the tub and sounds of you rustling in the bathroom. As I put my reading glasses down with the report, I glance over at the bathroom door. You are standing there with your legs spread wide in the doorway; the completely sheer robe you are wearing falls from the two ties at your shoulders to the floor and the back lit effect from the candles still burning behind you leaves nothing to the imagination! I gaze lustily at the sweet curves running my eyes from your ankles up your slender legs to the flare of your hips and the shaved pussy at the centre.

As I admire your slim waist, you turn to silhouette your outline in the doorway and the uplift of your firm breasts and the nipples that crown them are clearly outlined. Turning once more to face me, you walk slowly towards me and just as you reach the side of the bed, you smile enigmatically at the hard shaft of my cock slipping through my now gaping robe and reach up to untie the bows at your shoulders; the robe pools at your feet and you stand before me in all you naked glory.

You climb slowly onto the bed and without so much as a whisper, you move to straddle my face as you reach down to part my robe and engulf my fully erect cock in one throat tightening movement. I reach up and pull your sweet hips down until my lips and tongue can delve into the sweet honey pot of your pussy. Your flow of those viscous fluids fills my mouth and as I find your unhooded clit, I suck greedily on it causing you to moan as you swallow my cock into the back of your throat. These humming sounds vibrate the deeply buried head of my cock and I almost cum. However, recalling your web browsing, I hold back hard as it is.

Pushing you up and turning you, I slip my robe off completely and throw it to the side. I lift you to straddle my hips as I stack a couple of pillows behind me so I can watch. You brace your hands on my chest as you lean in to kiss me lightly and then rise up and, reaching between your legs, position my cock at the dripping opening of your pussy. In one swift drop, you are fully impaled on my rock hard shaft and you start to ride me hard and fast. As you build to your first orgasm (covered in a glistening coat of sweat) and it overcomes you, you fall, still with me buried unfulfilled inside you, to my chest.

As you breathing slows, I whisper softly "I saw your web sites tonight, baby. Is that what you want?"

You raise your head from my chest and, looking into my eyes, "Please, darling! I want to ride your hard cock in my ass!"

Once again, you raise your self up and move for another few minutes on my cock, coating it with your cum as lubrication and as you raise your hips off my shaft, I scoop a handful of your dripping juices and reach down to your nether hole to coat it and slip two cum soaked fingers into your beautiful heart shaped ass to the second knuckle. You move on my fingers as they loosen you up and I then pull them from you. I bring the coated fingers first to my nose to inhale your essence and then lick them clean as you watch me through hooded eyes.

You reach again to my rigid shaft – this time behind you – and position it at the puckered opening of your sphincter. With all the lubrication present, the head of my cock slips past your two rings of muscle and you lower yourself slowly as I fill your silky anal passage. The snugness of the passage is so warm and soft that I lose myself in the sensations! I move my hands to the hard nubs of your nipples and pull and twist them gently causing your groans of ecstasy to increase with the speed of your plunging movements on my cock!

Leaving one hand to pay attention to your breasts and nipples, my other finds your clit and with each lunge you take burying yourself to the max, I roll your clit to its full hardness. You settle into a rocking and sliding motion as you keep me completely buried in your hot ass so that I can push two fingers deep inside your pussy, curving to the g-spot and rubbing your clit with my thumb.

Your cum flows continuously over my hand and fingers now as you orgasm time and time again. You start to ride me hard and fast again crying out for me to cum with you! The strong muscles of your anal passage are milking me and the friction of the velvet glove that is your ass around my cock is too much to let me hold on any longer. With one glorious cry of release, I explode again and again inside you until my cum overflows your asshole and froths out around your anal ring, my balls and onto the sheets.

As I slow down to a few last bursts, you fall forwards to my chest and we begin the long tender cycle of after play – kissing and stroking each other into a state of near unconsciousness. Finally, my cock 'plops' out of you and a stream of my cum flows from your closing bum. Getting up long enough to blow out the candles, I crawl in beside you, pull up the comforter to cover us and turn out the light. You snuggle tight against my body as we kiss once more and murmur "I love you" one last time.

My last waking thoughts are that I can hardly wait to see what erotic sites you have visited tomorrow!

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