tagIncest/TabooAn Indian Sister and I

An Indian Sister and I


"Vanitha! Am leaving, catch you both in the evening."

With that, mom started for her office. About me, I had taken a day off from the college and stayed at home. Was contemplating about attending the classes in the morning, for my gang of friends decided on a hang-out in the afternoon in a nearby mall. After a deep thought, I decided that the morning classes weren't worth the trouble.

I was browsing in the internet as mom swept past me. It was half past nine and I had some four hours to kill. My sister, after packing the food box for the mom to leave, helped herself to a couple of dosas, a typical South Indian breakfast. So, into the life of my sister, a degree in Engineering from yet-another-engineering-college in the city. Engineering was never her ambition. Not greatly gifted though, in studies, she was such a wonderful girl who had blossomed so beautifully with all the cultural values imbibed in her. She is not your typical modern Indian girl, rather, a perfect example of fast depleting traditional Indian girl. A couple of minutes' talk with her will tell you she's all set to get married and be a perfect house wife. Well, parents were actively in hunt for a perfect prince for my beautiful little sister.

I decided to kill my time with my sister and it all started with the little pranks. We had the whole home for ourselves. To tell more about my relationship with my sister, she is a couple of years elder to me. She has seen me grow and so did I. She always had the few extra pounds on her, well endowed right from her young age. We have little secret between us. The more we talked, I understood, she is very, very girlish. She's hyper-sensitive, very, very deep in her thoughts. Being elder, she was always a step ahead of me She had multiple confessions with me on how she waited for her hubby to carry her away, how she lay open as a blossomed flower for him. I always assured her that she was great looking - she was a little on the above-average on her weights, never cared for a slim waistline. Her complexion being in between dark and average. She was pretty conservative in her dressing and never did she flaunt her huge assets.. Did I mention how huge she was - Her tits........ the feature which would make others opine she is a well endowed cow... She was not a girl at 23, but a well endowed woman.. Having seen her in salwar kameez without the duppatta, I used to steal quick looks at her bosom and wonder how much the bra would strain to hold such a marvelous, would-be lactating pieces of human flesh. Naturally, it turned out to be the objects for my masturbation sessions. There was a sharp guilt when I fantasize touching, playing, squeezing and twisting my sister's boobs. But I never had fantasized about ploughing into her - that way, I justified the morality during the masturbation sessions. It was all about her breasts.. My sister's breasts..

A couple of days back, my sister decided to wear sari and desperate to view her... her assets.... partially dressed, I 'accidentally' opened the doors while she was dressing up.. Mom was in the kitchen completely unaware of my sinister intentions, not unlike my sister. The sight of my sister struggling put the blouse over the bra-clad tits was breath-taking.. Also on view was her not-so-plain midriff and her deep navel, below which she had the in-skirt which is basically a long skirt tied around the hips that stretches till the ankles. No sooner had I opened the door ajar than she bent down in surprise and awkwardness of being caught a little under-dressed. I dutifully apologized, "Sorry di." and shut the door back. But those few seconds gave the more than handful for my 'sessions'.

Back to the present day, she chipped into my room and flashed a bar of chocolate and gestured she had no intentions to share it with me. That was it, I sprang to my feet, I chased her, criss-crossing the whole house and I managed to trap her in a corner. With such a naughty look in her eyes she took her chocolate-held hand to her back. I approached her slowly, with her back to the corner of the wall, I stretched my hands around her and fumbled with her hands in order to snatch the chocolate bar. As a consequence, my front portion ended up mashing against her huge tits. If she had been aware of the situation, she did not mind - of course, what was wrong with brother wrestling and hugging his naughty elder sister who pranked on him? But of course, I felt a bit of tension in the air and my sister was prolonging the game of wrestling. I finally managed to grab the chocolate and I moved away as I held my hand upright as a sign of victory. Well, my hand was not the only thing that was 'upright'. After a bit of nagging and negotiation from her end, we ended up eating the chocolate in a very shabby manner reminiscent of kids. We seemed to like it.

My sister disappeared into her space and I took the opportunity to tune in some soft music. After a while, my sister emerged and.... she was just in her white in-skirt, tied up to her chest. It was a very usual habit of the south Indians - level up the in-skirt and tie it above the breasts and let the single piece of clothing to flow and end up just below the knees. Women normally do this while they do heavy-duty or water-related work like washing clothes, utensils etc... Except that I have very rarely seen my sister in this 'costume', let alone the fact that both of us were alone. She announced that she preferred an oil-bath for the day. A slight hint of her cleavage was in view and that was all it took to turn me on.. An oil bath is basically where one applies oil throughout the body (massaging not usually done) and takes bath. This would take away the body heat (much needed relief for those in sub-tropical regions) and as a by-product, gives drowsiness during and after bathing.

I, innocuous as ever, informed that I had loads of time to kill and offered that I applied oil to her so that she could relax. Her immediate response was 'why not?' with a great deal of nonchalance. I was hit hard by the reality - My sister allows me to massage her. The meaning was pretty clear - we had an untold agreement: I would apply oil to her hair, head and limbs whereas she would shut the door for applying oil to 'more-private' parts. I got rid of my shirt and was just in my boxer shorts.. Gathered the bottle of oil and I sat in a stool of medium height. My sister had earlier excused herself telling she needed to 'prepare' herself. I found it very difficult to suppress my erection. I was... about to.... massage my sister. As soon as my sister appeared, I realized why she had excused earlier - the half-inch cleavage that was visible earlier was now gone - She had readjusted her in-skirt a little above and, as a consequence, the in-skirt ended a little above her knees. She tied the top of the in-skirt to her upper-torso with a big, bold knot.

She had a big, thanking smile on her face as she strolled towards me and sat in between my legs, with her back facing me.

"Alright Brother, I am all yours now!"

"It's an honor to to massage such a beautiful woman. Thank you for that!"

I replied with a hint of mischief as I started applying oil to her hair. Her response was a sedated hum.

I took care that each of her hair was independent of each other. There was no two intertwining hair strands. When I was done dousing her hair with oil, I took to her face... with that chubby cheeks and beautiful eyes. Starting from her forehead, I applied pressure wherever necessary as I continued the facial. She lifted her face and I could see her better. She was my sister and she was so beautiful.. She had her eyes closed.. Relaxed. Her brother worked on the contours of her eyes and her elongated nose. I moved on to pinch her cheeks, take both her cheeks between my fingers. Oh! it's one of the eternal pleasures that defined our brotherhood - we played this from our childhood. Man, I loved her cheeks. Knowingly, she smiled, eyes still closed, spread her arms, her elbows on my knees, stretching her legs away from me, she leaned her head back, towards me - she made herself very comfortable and was submitting herself to her brother's expert care. I moved on to her lips, felt the suppleness of her lips, pinching her lower lips for them to protrude - bringing a moan of approval from her.

I trained my hands down to her chin, down the slopes of her neck. I lifted her head up a little and worked on her tubular neck all around.. From the back of the neck I flanked her ears and massaged her ears. I let my hands play on her ear-folds. As I approached 'that' sensitive area behind her ears, she squirmed. I knew I was touching the right area and it was turning my sister on.. A relaxed, sedative sigh off approval gave me more courage as I applied pressure to the sensitive area. She moaned as her midriff rose a few inches and relaxed into my lap. Her breathing was very sedate and I was looking at the rhythmic heaving of her skirt-covered breasts as she inhaled & exhaled.

Having played with her ears, I moved on to the shoulders. I kept applying oil and massaged them. I gave good, elongated rubs running from neck to her shoulder blades simultaneously on both the sides. Her muscles seemed to loosen up and I continued the rubbing to the upper back. Returning to the shoulder..... I dropped my hands progressively to the front. I was now at the edge where her in-skirt was getting greased by the oil.

Opening her eyes, my sister leaned forward and she re-adjusted her upper boundary of the in-skirt. When she leaned back onto my lap...... the upper swells of her breasts came to the view and there was an inch and a half-long cleavage. And the huge knot was loosely secured.. Now, that was much liberty my sister gave me.... She closed her eyes, rolled her neck and leaned onto my lap.. Her face was in my upper thighs. I was actually looking at the angel in her glorious form - my sister, oiled up and glowing, olive-skinned in pure-white tied up in-skirt, with a top of her breasts swelling as she breathed. I could wait no longer....

I soaked my hand in oil and I shamelessly touched the periphery of the upper swells of her breasts. My sister seemed to like it, for she had a smile in her face. As I traced the periphery of the swell in each breast, I grew much bolder and I started working on every square inch of tits that were visible. My erection peaked and it was getting increasingly difficult to hold it in my shorts. As I applied more oil to her swollen tissues, I grabbed the bottle of oil and placed the tip just above her cleavage, she know what was coming and she gave a vociferous approval. I leaked the oil along her cleavage and it travelled the whole way down.. She was pushed to insanity by that as she pushed her head up in my lap in search of my erection. Now, my member was positioned right below her head and she enjoyed rolling her head over me. At that moment, both of us knew the brother-sister barrier was broken and we braced ourself to take our relationship to the next level.

I paced up on working on her swells and as I reached the boundary of the visible and the yet-to-be-explored, I took my fingers beneath the cloth and started exploring the insides of her assets. As I moved horizontally, I reached the knot and with a swift move..... I untied that big knot...... I grabbed her in-skirt at both the ends as I clinically lowered it and I made sure her whole breasts were in plain view. Her nipples were pitch-black and they were hugely erected, possibly due to her excitement. The aureolas were grey and accentuated her nipples. My sister was all in her naked glory.

I bent down and whispered in her ears, "You're a true angel di. You are the most beautiful woman I ever saw........."

She gave a moaning approval. I pressed on her, "Can I play.... with you?"

She hid her face in my lap giving a BIG smile - one of those sheepish, seducing smiles that would drive a man crazy... The in-skirt was pushed till the abdomen.. I took my hand beneath and started weighing her tits.. They were so damn heavy as I see-sawed her two pendulums.. I later squeezes her tits, slowly at first, but the excitement got the better of me as I started squeezing with extreme pleasure. I was in 7th heaven, continued to ferociously squeeze her tits as I shouted profanity - in fact a testimonial to her breasts and act of thanking my parents for such a huge mass of pleasure. And, all of a sudden I came... Unable to dam the whole mess, my boxer gave way and my sister's hair was cum-strained. I bent down and hugged her from behind as I breathed out in exhaustion... I continued to murmur profanity in her ear It took sometime before I gained full composure....

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by Anonymous12/22/13

Nice incest true confession

Its natural between a elder sister and young loving brother. God bless you. Keep enjoying as long as you wish. You are adult, mature. Have a nice day.

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