tagIncest/TabooAn Indian Sister and I Ch. 03

An Indian Sister and I Ch. 03


We - dad, mom, my sister and I sleep in the same bed. This isn't unusual in an Indian family. That night, my sister called it a day and joined us dressed in a saree. Throughout the evening, her sparkling eyes reflected the special bonding we shared over the day.. She crawled into the bed as we lay facing each other. I cherish this particular moment a lot. Her body language changed quite dramatically, I could see a sort of submission in her eyes.. It should have been an eternity - our faces were a couple of inches away and I had all the time in the world, admiring her face, her eyes, her hair strands, her ears and her lustrous lips. I felt the warmth of her breath in my face. Ever so slowly, she took my hands and rested it in her palms. I closed my eyes as I crossed my legs and placed it over her thighs. I knew I was completely in my sister's care. This made me drowsy as I was asleep in a few minutes.

The next morning, our parents had left for the temple at dawn. My sister took care of the daily chores and she woke me up at a time when she felt it was inappropriate for me to continue sleeping. A gentle kiss to my cheek started the day's proceedings. As she started to leave on noticing my shuffling, I caught her hands and quickly drew her to me. Losing her balance, she toppled over me and I grabbed her head, planting a deep kiss on her lips. Her chest smashed against mine as I sucked her lips with passion. After a couple of minutes, she forced her way out, not a word was spoken - this was the hallmark of our relationship - we knew when to initiate, when to push and when to break away. We both knew this day belonged to us.. We knew if we could match the demands of each other's emotions, we could fuse into one.

I immersed myself into the tabloid as she served me a cup of coffee - nothing sets up the day better. She was still waring the same saree from the previous evening. India-England Cricket ODI was on the air and we had our breakfast (dosa) together. She excused herself and returned to her daily chores. I must admit, cricket had distracted me a bit and had taken my thoughts away from my sister. My sister became a bit impatient with my lack of attention. Having decided she had enough of waiting, she sat beside my placing a bar of chocolate on my thigh. Not taking my eyes off the TV, I grabbed the bar as my sister snatched it away from me and drifted away in a quick motion.

I turned off the TV and went in pursuit of my sister who had slipped into the bed room. She had, apparently, liked the little game we played yesterday.. 'Bitch, I thought you were doing this innocently' I smiled at the realization. She returned the smile as she confined herself to a corner of the room. I made slow progress towards her. She had that mischievous smile in her face.

We were in close proximity, as I looked into her eyes and asked, "Give it, di.." She smiled.

Our faces were inches apart. My nose grazed hers, as I asked her again.. "Give it, di"

I leaned forward on her, my chest superimposing over her tits.. "Give it, di"

My head moved sideways as I whispered in her ears, "Give it, di".

I placed both my hands on her shoulders, my chest smashing on hers, with my lips hovering over her's, "Give it, di.."

I felt the warmth of her breath on my lips.. I traced small kisses on her lips and I grabbed the pallu of the sari over her shoulders with my right hand "Give it, di"

I had an erection which was nestled between her thighs. I firmly pressed my lips over hers and kissed her strong. As I pushed my member over her womanhood, she gasped and I plunged my tongue in her mouth. My tongue explored her mouth as she comprehended the searching questions of my tongue. She hugged me tight as I went on a kissing expedition.

Situation got the better of me as I pulled down the pallu of the sari as her plain midriff and the blouse clad tits latched on to me. With her aureoles and the nipples visible through the blouse, it became apparent she wasn't wearing a bra. I placed my hands on the eight side of the midriff, as I broke the kiss and started licking her chin and shoulder.. "Give it di.."

"What do you want?" She replied in a seductive tone..

It was my turn to remain silent. Licking the shoulders were better. I grappled her midriff as I raised my hands progressively. I grabbed her tits from the bottom as I squeezed, crushed and ground her big titties. I ripped open her blouse, tearing the hooks all along, as I hungrily nursed on her naked tits. That was one moment when I lost self-control as I continued to lick, chew and squeeze her titties. I rolled my tongue from the midriff, moved up all along her cleavage from bottom to top.

Nothing else could have satisfied my sister better. She enjoyed my becoming a child when I struggled to have control over my actions when I played with her tits. She removed my Tee and the shorts while I removed her sari that was latched on to her hips. I wiggled her panty lines and brought it down as she stepped out.

Both my sister and I were fully naked. There was a moment's silence, as we drank in each other's sight of nudity. She saw it in my eyes. I stepped closer. She opened her arms wide. I gave her the tightest hug ever. Our arms circumscribed each other as her huge tits were flattened against my chest. This gave her the ultimate pleasure as drops of tears rolled from her eyes.

We dragged each other, not letting go of each other as she lay on the her back in the bed. I crawled over her, my dick poised over her pussy.

"Akka, I want your permission, di"

"Take me, da", she replied as she arched her back, pushing her hips into the air. We went down together.

I placed my member over her entrance. My dick's head nested over the vulva. Over come by passion, she dragged my head down and she placed her lips over mine and initiated the kiss.

My member eased into her and, slowly, I went all the way down. Her walls were very, very slippery. The juices of her femininity offered little resistance as I slipped into heaven. We continued our kiss for a while. I was more than happy to let here feel my member in her. As she released the grip on my lips, I pulled my rod out, and plunged in in a quick motion.

"Aaaaahhhhh" she let out a scream, which I feared would call for the neighbors' attention. I continued fucking my sister. She held on to my ass and she pushed herself up everytime I went down. I was increasingly difficult for us to maintain the lip lock as we fucked each other like animals. I felt our orgasm nearing as I blanked out the moment I came in her. It was so intense. If my sister came precisely at that moment (which she told me later), I did not feel it. I went numb.

After expending our energy, I lay down on her - both of us catching our breaths. Her rhythmic heaving of the breasts was intoxicating as I went to sleep, over my little sister...

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