tagLoving WivesAn Odd Request Ch. 01

An Odd Request Ch. 01


"You what?"

"I want you to seduce my husband."

Eden James - Edie for short, so it sounded less like the name of a porn star - was utterly, thoroughly shocked. She had just come over to clean the house, just like she had nearly every other day for the past six months, when Mrs. Archer had ambushed her in the den to "just ask a teensy favor." Well, Mrs. Archer shouldn't have even been home at all at three o'clock in the afternoon, but this was really just too much!

Oh, it wasn't that Eden had never thought of Ben - Mr. Archer - that way. She had, many times. He was tall, handsome, kind...really the sweetest man she'd ever met, and it really turned her on. Being a university professor, he was usually home when she came to clean and it had driven her crazy being alone with him. Still, this wasn't the sort of conversation you had with the object of your lust's wife, especially not when she was also your employer! No, she had to be careful.

"Why - why do you think he would go for that?"

"Eden, I know what's been going on."

"What do you mean, Mrs. A?"

"I've told you to call me Sylvie. And really, Edie. Do you think I'm stupid?" Eden looked at the other woman, only twenty-six and already the Assistant District Attorney. She was a tiger in the courtroom; everyone said so.

"Hell no, I don't think you're stupid. But I swear to you, I have never even touched your husband!"

"That's exactly what I'm talking about. Normally people do touch each other, you know. In passing. You never do touch Ben. You're very careful not to touch Ben, as a matter of fact. Plus, don't think I haven't noticed your skirts getting shorter as the weeks pass by. I know I'm not around that often, but it's not hard to see there's something there." Eden blushed, looking down into her lap, but Sylvie just laughed softly. "Oh, it's nothing to be embarrassed about, dear. It's natural."

"Do you think Ben's noticed?"

"Well, he's a man. So, probably not. If he has, he hasn't said anything to me about it. But...I think he knows I see the way he looks at you, so, he probably wouldn't say anything to me anyway."

That was a revelation Eden wasn't really ready to deal with yet. She had thought she had seen Ben sneak the occasional glance, but wasn't that just natural? He was married, and she assumed it was more out of habit than desire. One thing still bothered her, though.

"I'm sorry, I still don't really understand. You two haven't been married that long, right? So, why do you want me to sleep with him?"

"Oh, it's just that I've been so busy with my caseload lately; I'd like to give him a little something special. Sort of like a present. And like a present, I'd like to keep it a surprise. It's more...exciting if he thinks I don't know."

"I don't know...He doesn't seem like the kind of guy who would cheat on his wife."

"Honey, just about any person will have an affair under the right circumstances. Besides, I've dropped a hint here or there. He might not realize just how accepting I would be of it, but he should know by now I wouldn't skin him alive for it or anything. Just make yourself irresistible. Don't take no for an answer. He'll fold like a house of cards." Sylvie smiled at Eden, who found herself smiling back.

"Okay, I'll do it."

"Wonderful. I'll just let you get back to what you were doing, then. When Ben comes back from walking Chester, just let him know I had to go back to the office." Sylvie left, clutching her briefcase, and Eden stood up, shaking her head. She flipped the vacuum cleaner on and got back to work. Might as well finish the vacuuming before Ben got back. Chester was a pretty big dog, but he was scared of the vacuum cleaner. Of course, he was outside in the big backyard most of the time anyway. With the field grass and the wild gophers, it was pretty much dog heaven. Still...

Eden had just finished folding the laundry when she heard the front door close. Heavy footsteps sounded, and then the sliding back door opened and closed. The footsteps got closer, and then Ben rounded the corner, his eyebrows lifting when he saw her.

"Oh hi, Eden. Didn't know you were here."

"Hi, Ben! Actually, I'm almost done here. Just finished the laundry and I'm, um, going to spend a little extra time in the bedroom before I leave." She gave him a flirtatious smile, watching as his eyes flitted over her frame. She knew she looked good. The heat from the clothes just out of the dryer had forced her to take her blouse off, so she was just in her flippy little skirt and a tight tank top.

"Sure, the bedroom. That, uh, that sounds good." Eden smiled wider, a little blush coming to her cheeks. Maybe he hadn't meant for that to be an innuendo in any way, but it sure sounded like one to her. Maybe getting him into bed wasn't going to be so hard after all.


Ben was going crazy. The past few weeks had been stranger than any other time in his life that he could remember, and he didn't know what he was going to do. He'd always felt an attraction to their house cleaner - and occasional pet sitter - Eden, but heck, she was just a kid. She probably wasn't even twenty yet, and even thought she was cute - well, sexy - it wasn't anything he was going to pursue, especially not as a married man. He'd noticed her skirts getting progressively shorter the longer she worked for them, and they were just the right side of decent at this point.

But now, well, it seemed like she was actually coming on to him! Every time she talked about cleaning the bedroom, she gave him a cheeky little grin. He hadn't remembered her being particularly clumsy before, but now she dropped something almost every time she preceded him down the hall. When he came back from walking Chester, she could almost always be found vacuuming the stairs. This wouldn't have been an issue except that he had to walk past the stairs to get to his office, and he couldn't keep from looking up at her, the angle affording him a nice, long glance at her firmly muscled calves, thighs, and sometimes even a peek at her panties - always a different color. It was getting to be a game to him. What color would Eden's underwear be today?

The strangest part was that his wife was completely nonchalant about the changes in Eden's behavior. It was always "it's natural, dear, that she should find you attractive," or "young girls are always trying to get the attention of handsome older men, darling." She was completely un-jealous, even going so far as to tease Ben about whether he would be interested in "tapping that" if an offer were to come his way.

The most surreal night of his life was when his wife had actually gotten home early from the office and met Eden as she was leaving. The two had chatted for a moment near the door, almost conspiratorially it had seemed to him. Then his wife had cooked dinner, changed into a flirty little skirt of her own, and paraded around the house all evening, getting him hot and bothered. In the bedroom, she'd brought up Eden again, and when he admitted he was, in fact, attracted to her, they'd had the hottest, most amazing sex of their entire marriage.

It was definitely weird. Not bad, just weird. And though he couldn't have imagined it, things were about to get a whole lot weirder.

Ben drove home from the university that Friday like always, humming a little tune as he walked into the house. He supposed Eden would probably be there like she usually was, but he wasn't sure, so he didn't call out. He always felt stupid yelling out that he was home, and then finding out the house was empty. Rounding the corner to go down the hallway, he stopped stock still at what he saw.

Eden was on her hands and knees, scrubbing the kitchen floor with a big, fluffy sponge. This wasn't such an unusual sight in itself, except that the way her hips were angled pushed her ass out. Her little white skirt had ridden high on her lightly tanned thighs - so high, in fact, that the very bottom of her ass was just visible underneath the skirt. As he watched, transfixed, Eden reached farther out to scrub at a spot, and the hem of her skirt rose slowly, so slowly, up her ass cheeks until they were exposed.

The question of what color panties she was wearing that day was easily answered. She wasn't wearing any. Smooth, bare pussy lips peeked out at him from between her thighs. His cock, already thickening just from seeing her on her hands and knees, stiffened instantly. Stifling a groan at the sudden sensation, he shuffled down the hallway to his office, shutting the door behind him with a quiet click.

He released his cock from his pants, and what he saw next made it throb in his hand. A little slip of purple fabric was just visible wedged beneath his computer keyboard. Pulling it out, he found that it was a tiny pair of lacy panties - not panties he recognized as Sylvie's. This was crazy, ridiculous! This was the most brazenly obvious come-on he'd ever experienced, and it made him hot as hell.

Before he could even think about what he was doing, he had brought the fabric up to his nose and inhaled. It smelled of laundry detergent, and pussy. Eden's pussy. Ben grasped his cock in his hand tightly and leaned against the door, stroking it up and down firmly. It wasn't going to take long. He couldn't remember the last time he'd been so turned on; it was like his brain was only operating at half capacity.

A tentative tap on the door stilled him immediately. He wondered if his thudding heartbeat could be heard through the door. He cleared his throat and answered, noticing his voice sounded a little tense.


"Um, Ben, it's Eden."

"Yes, do you need something?"

"Well, not - not really. It's just that I'm almost done, and I was wondering if there was anything specific you needed me to do for you tonight."

Picturing her standing inches away from him, with no panties on, made him break out in a cold sweat. His hand started moving again on his cock, which throbbed with the motion. He knew he wouldn't last long, even barely touching himself. God, was there anything specific she could do for him tonight? Hell yes there was. Coming in and letting him blow his load all over her face would be one thing she could do. He felt dirty even thinking of that. He felt his balls tightening, and then he was suddenly coming, thick ropes of come shooting out and onto the carpet. Even as he let out his breath in a ragged sigh, he thought of Eden scrubbing his come stain out of the carpet.

"Ahh, no. No, I think I'm okay for tonight, Edie. Thanks."

"Oh. Okay, then. See you next week, Ben." She sounded a little disappointed. But Ben smiled anyway. He had avoided disaster for another week.


Fuck. Shit! Had he been masturbating right on the other side of the door from her? Eden had crept down the hallway after she heard Ben shuffle away, and had heard soft rustling noises. He'd taken too long to answer her, and she knew. He must have found her panties. It was all going according to plan. Well, sort of. She didn't really know what to do next, but she knew she was tired of beating around the bush.

It had been almost six weeks since she'd talked to Sylvie, and she still hadn't gotten Ben into bed yet. Of course, she was so nervous! She didn't want him to fire her, so she was taking baby steps. At least now she knew he was interested. But how to seal the deal? She just wasn't sure. She'd been with boys before, but this was something completely different. It required seduction. Confidence. Subtlety. The confidence she had, but the rest?

Interestingly, the opportunity presented itself the following week when she got back her math test. She hadn't failed it, but she hadn't done very well either. She could go to the tutoring center, or...she could ask her wonderful and nice employer, Professor Archer of the math department. It was almost like a sign, or fate, or something. Eden brought her math test with her to the Archers' house the following Wednesday, leaving it on the kitchen table while she cleaned.

Ben was home all day Wednesdays. Usually, he locked himself in his office and worked all day, coming out only for lunch and a break in the afternoon to walk Chester. This particular Wednesday, however, he seemed to find more excuses than usual to wander around the house while Eden worked. When at last she finished, she went to his office, knocking softly.

"Yeah, come in," Ben said distractedly. Eden pushed the door open and saw Ben hard at work on a thick stack of papers. She clutched her test nervously, feeling really awkward to even be asking for help at all. It wasn't like her to need it.

"Hey Ben, I wonder if I could ask you a favor."

"Sure, what do you need?"

"I had a math test last week, and I totally bombed it. I wonder if you'd be willing to take a look and tell me where I've been going wrong. I feel like I mostly understand it, but I must be doing something wrong somewhere."

"Uh-huh. Bring it over here." He gestured to a chair in the corner, which she dragged over next to his. She perched on the edge of it, looking over at his stack of papers while he glanced over her test. The papers just looked like a bunch of squiggles to her. Ugh. Higher math. It just wasn't her thing. Finally, Ben grunted, flipping her test over to the front side. "Sure, I see what you're doing here. Look here..."

He pointed at the first problem, and she leaned over to look. He explained, and she listened, unselfconsciously pressing her firm breasts into his arm. He did calculations in the margins of her test, and she followed along. Eventually, he explained something her professor never had, and she felt it click. It wasn't so hard after all. She'd just been skipping a step.

"So, so this here is..."

"Yes, that's right. I think you have it now," Ben said, looking at her and noticing that her face suddenly seemed very close to his own. He felt the heat of her body next to his. Eden looked straight back at him, her eyes wide and her pulse beating thickly in her throat. Before she lost her nerve, she leaned in and kissed him.

Ben nearly went crazy with the scent and the taste of her mouth on his. He grabbed her, pulling her onto his lap and devouring her with lips, teeth, and tongue. Eden felt her pussy flooding with moisture, simultaneously glad she was wearing panties that day and aware they weren't doing her much good. When he trailed his hand down to her skirt and felt the hem sliding over the back of his hand, Ben felt his cock lurch in his pants. He felt Eden's panties, the slick wetness that had soaked through, and groaned into her mouth.

He pressed a finger firmly into the groove that separated her pussy lips, dragging it up over the drenched cotton until he found the little nub that made Eden's hips jerk when he touched it. He rubbed it firmly with his fingertips, enjoying the way she writhed in his lap. He wanted so badly to pull back the fabric, dip his fingers into her molten center, feel the soft, wet heat surround him. Before he could, she was crying out, digging her nails into his shoulders and trembling on his lap.

The sudden quiet, filled only with the whooshing of breath, snapped Ben back to his senses. He noticed that Eden, still in his lap now, was looking up at him guiltily, though her hand had found its way to the lump in his lap. He pushed her away gently, onto the floor.

"I'm - I'm sorry," he said, a little choked. "That was completely inappropriate, and I apologize. I think you should go home now."

Eden could only swallow, cursing her dry mouth, and nod. She looked stunned. She may have even felt stunned. But all she could think was: victory is mine!


Things were definitely tense between Ben and Eden in the days that followed what Ben had termed "the incident" in his office. He didn't want to be alone with her. He felt horribly guilty for taking advantage of the situation, and even guiltier when he thought of his wife. Oddly, Sylvie didn't seem to notice the immense tension in him. On the contrary, she was going about practically whistling; that's how cheery she was. It only made him feel guiltier.

There wasn't much he could do about it, though. He didn't want to tell Sylvie what had happened, because he didn't want to screw everything up over one stupid mistake. So he couldn't make any big changes to Eden's schedule or let her go without having a really good explanation. He just kept himself to his office, locking the door and trying to ignore Eden whenever he passed her in the hallway.

It was weird and unnatural not speaking to her, though, and eventually he decided they just needed to talk it out. "I know we're attracted to each other, but there's absolutely no way anything like that can happen again," he would say. "So perhaps you should start wearing pants from now on." No. That would just make him sound weak, like he couldn't control himself. Of course, they'd both seen how well his "control" had worked. Still, he would find the right words to say when the time came.

"Eden," Ben said abruptly. He was down the hall, and Eden nervously poked her head out of the living room to see what he wanted. "I think we need to talk. Not now," he hastened to say as she started coming toward him. "Friday. Sylvie's working late that night." Immediately he cursed himself for adding that completely unnecessary information.

"Um, sure, Ben. Friday."

"Okay. Good." He retreated back into his office. Okay. Easy part done.


Eden dressed carefully Friday morning. The kiss she'd shared with Ben had definitely been hot. She still couldn't believe he'd lost control like that, bringing her to orgasm in his lap! It had been amazing. And if that much action was that amazing, she could only imagine how wonderful sex would be between them. Not that she believed for a single second that he would be initiating sex when they had "the talk." No, she knew what he was going to say.

Something like, "they both lost control, and it could never happen again. Think of Sylvie. They were both just in a strange mood." Blah blah blah. Whatever. She had her own ideas. Today, she wasn't even going to wear panties out of the house. But she would wear a longer skirt to throw him off. If she was too obvious, he wouldn't even want to talk to her. He might even send her home. Definitely not what she wanted.

She rang the doorbell, and Ben answered a moment later. He looked pretty nervous, but she greeted him normally and he seemed to relax a little bit.

"Why don't we go into the kitchen," he said. "Would you like something to drink?"

"Oh, no thanks." She followed him into the kitchen. He took a seat at one of the chairs around the table, and she sat down on another one. "You said you wanted to talk, so I guess we should just get right to it."

"Oh. Right. Well then." Ben rubbed his hands over his face briefly, and then turned to her seriously. "Listen, Edie, what we did was wrong. I don't know what you were thinking; hell, I don't even know what I was thinking, if I was thinking at all. I guess it's natural to become attracted to each other being here alone so often, but it just can't happen again."

He looked over at her, probably expecting her to agree with him and promise to be good. Perhaps even to beg him not to fire her, although that seemed a little much considering he hadn't even hinted at it. But Eden knew what she wanted, and it wasn't apologizing. Her body had been fired up ever since they'd kissed, and she wasn't going to stop until he was inside her, calling out her name.

She stood up, looking him straight in the eye, and did the last thing she supposed he would be expecting right about then: she pulled off her shirt, exposing her breasts, riding high in a sheer black bra. Ben's eyes flew open in surprise, and he watched in stunned silence as she stripped off her bra, and then slowly, so slowly, slid her skirt down to her ankles. She straightened, watching his eyes take in every inch of her naked body.

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