tagIncest/TabooAn Unexpected Desire

An Unexpected Desire


First, I'd like to thank my editor, DaddysLilSlutGirl for helping me with this story. Without her guidance and input, this would have remained unfinished. This story, plus all to come, is interwoven with truth, fantasy, and fiction. All comments and suggestions are appreciated. All characters are of legal age and any similarity to any person(s) is purely coincidental.

Although this 1st Chapter is short, it's meant to build the beginning of the story. More chapters will follow as I complete them. I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed bringing this story to light. This story has been waiting for quite some time and I'm glad I can finally bring it to you.


Before I begin my story, I'll tell you a little about myself. I'm 35 years old, 6'2" and 195 pounds. I still stay in good shape being in the military and have been divorced for almost 10 years. Currently I'm on a deployment in the Middle East and have been here for a few months. The sole source of entertainment when I'm not working 14+ hour days is working out and spending what little relaxation time I have on my iPad or laptop, which was what I was presently doing. I had decided to check my Facebook account which was a normal occurrence for me.

What caught my attention today was an update on my page from my niece. I had last seen her years ago when she was in those awkward years, leaving her early teens and heading towards adult independence. The present picture showed her partying on her 18th birthday with a bunch of friends. I laughed to myself. Apparently she's celebrating in style, and being an Aquarius, she liked being the center of attention.

Amused I clicked on the picture and browsed her pictures on her Facebook page. Curiosity got the best of me and I began looking at the different picture folders; birthday party, trip folders, and others appeared. Seeing a folder labeled "profile pictures", I clicked on it. Silently I said to myself, "Wow, she's really grown up" and tried to avoid the nagging sensation that was running through my head; she's incredibly hot and sexy. Her facial features were incredibly smooth, flawless to be exact. Her soft brown eyes were almost hypnotic, almost to the point where I couldn't take my eyes off of her. Her hair was golden light brown and framed her delicate features perfectly. Her lips were full and my first thought, confirmed by the tingling sensation in my cock, "She's got perfect dick sucking lips." Her breasts were pointed and firm, probably a "B" cup I imagined. Wow, she definitely had changed since I had last seen her, or more so, grown up I thought. Gone were the childlike mannerisms and immaturity. What I saw now was anything but that and my suspicions were confirmed when I clicked on another folder labeled self-pics.

I sat back from my laptop, staring at the screen. I couldn't believe the image I was looking at; my niece on her bed, taking a self-picture on her hands and knees. She wore a form fitting half shirt, showing off her tight, flat stomach. Her hip-hugging jeans embraced every curve of her body like a second skin. Her back was arched with her ass perked up in the air invitingly and immediately visions of my hands on those hips, pulling her tight little ass into my hips as I pounded her sweet young pussy flashed in my mind. As I sat there staring, the growing, tingling sensation in my cock began to overtake the feeling of guilt I was having, no longer viewing her as my older sisters daughter but as an incredibly hot and sexy woman. And while the sweet innocence I remembered was still there in her face, her body and demeanor said, "you know you want to fuck me".

As I looked at more pictures in the folder, a number of them showed her kissing to the camera, her lips pursed for effect. My mind immediately began to imagine those lips running up and down my cock, licking seductively, kissing the shaft teasingly, and sucking softly on the large swollen head. I don't know how much more of this I can take, I thought. With that said, my cock answered for me and was now at its full 8" length, the skin taught against the thick muscle


With it straining against my boxers, lust easily overtook guilt, and I slid my cock through the opening of my boxers and slowly began stroking it. A building wave of euphoria began to overtake me with each stroke of my hand and instantly precum glistened on the head and began running down the side of my cock. My mind began to focus on her sweet innocent face and lips as I began stroking my now slippery cock as more and more precum began running down the shaft and my fingers. Soft audible gasps escaped my mouth as I fought the growing urge to let my building orgasm escape its confinement.

Quickly I began clicking through other pictures of her with more anticipation as my breathing struggled to keep up with the pace of my hand on my cock. Various pictures of her kissing at the camera greeted me, including 3 of her in pigtails. The more I stared, the more I wanted her ... and BAD, in every way possible. I was now beginning to look at every detail of her body and was consumed with wanting her physically, imagining how it would feel to kiss and lick her lips, inhale the scent of her body, the feel of her perky tits in my hands and her hardened nipples in my mouth, the feel of her tight stomach under my tongue as I slowly work my way down to her soft shaved pussy, making love to her pussy with my tongue up inside of her, and finally lying on top her and feeling her wrap her calves around the back of my thighs and staring into my eyes as I buried my hard throbbing cock deep inside of her soft wet pussy.

With the wet sounds of my hand stroking my cock growing noticeably louder, I saw a preview of a set of Halloween party pictures that looked like her in a costume. When I began to open them up, I knew I wouldn't be able to contain the impending orgasm any longer. Greeting my lustful eyes were pictures of my niece dressed, apparently, as a call girl (at least that's what my mind wanted me to think). She wore an incredibly short, body hugging, black mini-dress, complete with black stilettos.

"Oh my gosh", I said to myself as I opened the final picture.

If the previous ones allowed me to contain myself, the final picture was epic release. The picture I was now viewing was one of her forearms, hands, and face pressed against the wall, her calf lifting up invitingly, and the bottom of the dress fabric rising just below her ass but enough to let my imagination, and my physical resistance, to finally surrender. My legs straightened, my back arched, and my head fell back as my eyes closed. I bit my lip, trying to stifle the loud moans escaping my lips. I felt my balls tighten and my cock erupt in my hand as wave after wave of euphoric bliss emptied across my stomach and my chest. As cum continued to spurt from my cock and my fist pumped faster and faster, I opened my eyes and looked at her once more, pressed against the wall; her long shapely legs connecting to her tight firm ass beneath her mini-dress. Images of her dress pushed up over her ass with me gripping her hips and pounding her pussy from behind ran in and out of my head. I could hear her moaning in my head vividly, "Oh my gosh Uncle Pat, you fuck me soooooo good! Please don't stop! Fuck your niece's tight little pussy and cum in me!"

With renewed vigor, my hand gripped my cock harder as I pumped the slick shaft harder and faster, my back arched even higher as the stifled moans could no longer be contained, I moaned loudly, "Oh my gosh Nicole! I'm cumming ... I'm cumming!", as I released the final remnants of my hot cum, slowly sliding down the sides of my clenched stomach. My breathing slowed from its rapid pace and my hand stroking my cock began to slow. Gently milking the remainder of my cum from the shaft and head. I sighed lightly as a smile played against my lips and I continued staring at my niece on my laptop, seeing her in a completely new light.

Any guilt I felt before was replaced by pure sexual hunger and unbridled need. The taboo of the older Uncle lusting for his younger niece further fueled my desire. My mind began to work on how I could make this happen and I realized what I intended, make that NEEDED, to do as I began saving her pictures and would later cum 2 more times to her that night.

CHAPTER 2 ... coming soon!

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