tagGroup SexAn Unexpected Treat

An Unexpected Treat


"So, girls, what now?" Wendy grinned at her friends, Sandy and Laura, and wiggled her fingers. They had just finished painting each other's nails various shades of black, red and blue, and were letting them dry.

"What time is it?" Sandy, who had decided to dress up as a witch this year, giggled as she examined her nails. Wendy had only ever seen Sandy in business suits and pumps, so the switch to a slutty little creature of darkness was a new one. The black dress she wore barely covered everything, reaching just a little below the perfect curves of her ass, and only just reaching up to hide the rosy hints of her nipples. She had a classic witch's hat on too, with a wide circular brim and pointed top and everything.

"I think it's about 8." Wendy tilted her wrist and looked at her watch to confirm. Yup, 8. "The Halloween club crawl doesn't start for another hour."

"Oh... well poo." Sandy pouted, the delicate curves of her lips turning downwards ever so slightly.

"All dressed up and no place to go, aren't we ladies?" Laura shrugged and went back to blowing on her nails, trying to dry them faster.

Laura was dressed up as a mummy, although the Ancient Egyptians wouldn't have recognized her as such. A few well placed bandages crossed her athletic chest, cupping her breasts and hiding them from view, but hiding little else. A similar swatch of bandages covered her crotch, and Wendy could swear that she'd shaved just to be able to wear the tiny thing. A few other strips of white linen completed the outfit, a couple on her arms, another on the long, lean length of her tanned leg, but there was definitely more skin than anything else showing.

"Well... I may have an idea or two." Wendy let a sneaky little smile slip out as she said it.


"Tell us!"

"Alright." Careful not to spill nail polish everywhere, Wendy uncurled her legs and slowly stood up. Her body ached from sitting so long and she took the opportunity to stretch, and at the same time shamelessly flaunt the delectably curved and toned length of her body in front of her friends. She was fairly sure that neither of them, unlike her, were even bisexual... but you never knew. They were beautiful enough that she was willing to take every chance she got to try and tempt them.

"I picked up this thing the other night in case we got bored, and, well, it might be good for a laugh or two." Wendy walked over to her bookshelf and bent over to retrieve her purchase. She was dressed as a naughty school girl and when she bent over her skirt rode up and covered absolutely nothing.

"Wendy!" Laura gasped in shock, and Wendy looked over to see her friend covering her mouth, trying not to laugh. "I think you forgot something."

"Forgot something?"

"Your panties!"

Wendy grinned, having done that on purpose. The two of them had an excellent view of the tight curves of her ass, and a little hint of a pink, shaved pussy as well.

"Oh dear!" Faking shock, she grabbed at the hem of her plaid miniskirt, pulling it down over her little peep show. Smiling to herself, she turned back and grabbed a long cardboard box from the bottom of the bookshelf. "Here it is!"

"What is it?"

"I hope it's not as lame as the Ouija board was last year." Sandy pouted and shifted her position on the floor. Then, uncomfortable, she tugged down on the clinging dress she was wearing.

Wendy thought about telling her that, when she pulled it down, Sandy had revealed two small, rosy semi-circles just above the top of the dress... then she thought better of it and brought the box back to where her two friends were sitting.

"Well, it's kind of similar..." Wendy set the box on the coffee table and turned it so the other girls could read the title.

"Home summoning kit?" Laura looked a bit skeptical. If the title wasn't enough, the picture on the front was of an elaborate chalk pentagram with some candles set at the points of the stars. "You mean like summong demons or something?"

"Ya, I think that's it... Come on, it'll be fun. Besides..." Wendy flipped off the top of the box and turned it over, showing the more detailed instructions to Sandy and Laura. "It says that if it works we can ask for anything that we want."

"Oooh, I know what I want." Sandy had a little smile on her face as she thought about it.


"Oh, well, you know... it's... I don't want to say."

"Come on..."



"Oh, alright... it's... you know, it's been a while since I broke up with Brad. All I really want now is..." Sandy hesitated, frowning a little, obviously reluctant to share. Wendy had a fairly good idea what her friend wanted, but pressed anyway.

"A boyfriend?" Knowing full well that wasn't it.

"What? No! I just... okay, I want a really good fuck, and I want it soon."

They all burst out laughing at that, but both Wendy and Laura nodded when they were done. None of them had had a lover in their lives for a while, which was really the only reason they'd decided to go on the club crawl in the first place.

"Well? There you go, let's ask for that. I'm in." Wendy winked and held out her hand. Sandy immediately put hers in, her blood red finger nails matching and contrasting with Wendy's bright blue.

"Ya, me too." After some hesitation, Laura put hers in too.

"Well, good, that's decided." Smiling, Wendy casually flipped some stray hairs out of her face and started to unpack the box.

First, a large black cardboard pad unfolded and went on top of her coffee table, which was happily the right size. Then some candles that they placed to one side, and a large piece of chalk.

"That's it?" Laura still looked skeptical.

"I think so, let's see..."

Wendy picked up the lid of the box and read over the instructions to herself. Another stray hair fell down, and she started to chew it as she concentrated out of habit. The other girls giggled, and she swore as she realized she was getting bright red lipstick all over the strands of hair.

"Hey! That's not funny." Pouting, she let the hair go and kept reading.

"Alright... I think I got it.

"First, we draw out the pentagram." Sandy reached for the chalk and Wendy gently reached over to stop her. There was an ulterior motive, of course, to run her fingers along the smooth, almost silken skin of the other woman's hand. "We have to do it together."

Laura and Sandy nodded, not knowing that Wendy had just made that part up, and they all reached for the chalk. With the warmth of the other women's hands surrounding hers, Wendy started to draw the circle on the cardboard.

"You know? I heard that Wicca's are actually fairly offended by modern representations of a pentagram as a symbol of evil." Laura spoke conversationally, but both Wendy and Sandy heard the undertone there. A modern woman with a professional career and a mortgage, Laura still sometimes liked to think of herself as a free spirit and dabbled in things like the Wicca lifestyle once in a while.

"Well, that's probably true. Anyway, it says here." Wendy looked away from the drawing as they started on the star and searched for the introduction again. "It says here that the symbol itself doesn't really matter. All we're doing is... umm... focusing our energies. Or something."

"I know I'm certainly focused on finding some hot piece of ass tonight." Sandy giggled as she said it. Wendy could feel Sandy's heartbeat increase through her palm, though, and thought she could detect the faintest hint of feminine musk in the air as Sandy's thoughts turned lustful.

"Amen to that."

"Okay, well, we're done the drawing." Wendy was reluctant to let go of the chalk, and feel the other hands withdraw, but did so anyway. Then she flipped the box back to the front and compared their picture to the one that the company produced. "Does it look a little crooked to you two?"

"Not really..."

"I don't think it matters."

"Probably not." Wendy went back to the instructions and leaned backwards as she read. She tried to act surprised when her back bumped up against Sandy's bear arm, although it was intentional, and then pointed to the candles.

"Now we've got to light those and put them on each of the points of the star. Does anyone have a lighter?"

"I quit." Laura shrugged, and then readjusted her bandages as they threatened to come loose from her breasts.

"Here you go." Sandy, on the other hand, produced a lighter from inside her cleavage. Wendy smiled and took it, being as discrete as she could about letting the spicy aroma of the perfume Sandy always put on her breasts float into her nose.

After stalling for a second and enjoying the scent, Wendy reached over and started lighting the candles, then passing them to her friends. Within a couple of minutes all of the candles, which were alternately coloured in a deep purple and a very dark red, with a black one to go on the fifth point of the pentagram, were in place and starting to drip wax onto the cardboard.

"Is that a fire hazard?"

"No, my floors aren't actually hardwood. Just laminate." Wendy grinned, she'd gotten a really good deal on it too. No one had to know that she gave blow jobs to the installers so they'd put it in for free.


"They look so real."

"I know, that stuff is great." Wendy grinned, and then went back to the box.

As she read the last instruction, she could feel her heart start to beat faster and the blood rush to her face. She might think about her friends in sexual ways, she even took every chance she could to be closer to them than politeness should allow, but she'd never gone so far as to do something like that with or in front of them.


"What is it Wendy?"

Wendy just shook her head and passed the box over to Sandy. Sandy read it, and then giggled to cover her discomfort.

"What?" Laura, pouting because she'd been left out of the loop, grabbed the box and read it too. "Oh my..."

"Well, we can put all this stuff away..." Wendy blushed even harder, thinking about how much she would prefer to do what the box said.

"I... I don't know, you know, that Ouija board last year seemed to actually work." Wendy didn't mention that she'd been the one moving the rock around, liking where this was going. "Maybe this will too? I'd sure like to get a bit of otherworldly help scoring tonight. And, you know, maybe it will warm us up a little too..."

"Ya. Besides, it'll be just like high school." Sandy grinned as she said it, but then stopped as she saw the shocked look on Wendy's and Laura's faces. "What? You never masturbated with your friends at sleep-overs?"


"Can't say I did."


"Hell, I'm okay with it if you two are." Wendy smiled. The idea of all of them sitting on the couches around their pentagram, getting themselves off, made her wet already.

"Sure, what harm can it do? We've all seen each other naked anyway." Laura nodded, and then Sandy did too.

"Alright... umm..."

Surprisingly, Sandy was the one who beat them all to it. She hitched the very low hem of her dress up to her waist, and pulleddown the top of her dress. Wendy couldn't help but stare as Sandy's two perfectly rounded breasts were exposed, the nipples already hard and waiting to be touched.

Sandy then reached down with her right hand and nudged aside the fabric of her panties to run her finger gently along the length of her exposed pussy. Moaning in pleasure, she reached up with her left hand and started to pinch her own nipple.

Laura got into it next, sliding her hand down the flat, trim length of her stomach and into her panties. To Wendy's disappointment, she didn't take them all the way off, and Wendy just had to imagine what was happening as some wet slipping and sliding noises came from the vicinity of Laura's fingers.

That was enough for Wendy to almost climax right there, watching her two friends touch themselves. She joined in too, hiking up her mini-skirt and gently sliding her fingers against the folds of her pussy. She could feel the moist warmth already as she lubricated at the sight of her friends, and added to it by gently pushing her middle finger into herself.

All three of them were moaning now as Wendy started to slide her finger in and out of herself more quickly, covering it in her own slick wetness. When it was lubricated enough, she slid it out and up and started to coax her clitoris out. It didn't take much persuading, and soon ripples of pleasure were spreading throughout her body.

At almost the same time, all three of them started writhing at the intensity of the sensation.

Wendy could feel the muscles in her legs start to twitch a little as her body got closer and closer to orgasm, and she thrust her hips up against her fingers without even thinking about it. Further and further she went towards her climax, the sounds of her friends making it even sweeter as, eventually, her entire body shook with the strength of her release.

Wendy was surprised at the fact that all three of them went at almost the same time. Moments after her body was rocked with orgasm, Sandy got there too, her lithe form twisting in pleasure on the couch, and then Laura hit it as well, her muscles going taut and the material of her panties becoming damp from the resulting lubrication.

Afterwards, they all lay their panting and moaning and wanting more.

"We should do that again." Laura was still catching her breath, but there was a twinkle in her eye as she pulled her fingers out from her panties. Wendy smiled as the arousing smell of the other two women's climax reached her and filled her senses.

"Oh yes... that was amazing." Sandy lay on her back now, her head only inches from Wendy's thigh and her delicious breasts still exposed.

"Mmmhmmm." Wendy resisted the urge to reach down and fondle Sandy, though. The relationship had just gone to another level, but she didn't think it extended to actually pleasuring each other yet.

"Hey, uhh... What's that?" Laura was the first to recover and look at the pentagram they'd drawn. "Wendy? Are you doing that?"

"Doing what?" Wendy looked up, and then covered her mouth in shock. Like the Ouija board last year, she hadn't expected anything to happen. Unlike the Ouija board, something was happening. "No... that's not me. Sandy?"

The chalk they'd used to draw the pentagram had changed to a dark red, and there were faint sparkles emanating from it to float into the air. Along with the sparkles came the mingled scent of lavender and musk, although the second one could have been from the mutual orgasm that just occurred.

"Why are you asking me? This was your idea and your house!"

They all gasped in unison as a hole opened up in the middle of the chalk circle, replacing the cardboard with what looked like a long tunnel into nothing. All three of them managed to leap to their feet and over the couches at the same time, crouching behind furniture as if it would protect them from whatever the Hell was happening.

Surprisingly, and contrary to the movies, there was no rushing air or loud noise as the hole sat there, only a faint crackle of what might be electricity. For a long time, the three women hid behind the couches and didn't look, not really wanting to know.

They couldn't resist peaking, though, as two strong, very masculine, hands reached up and took hold of the edges of the circle.

They could see the well-defined muscles in the wrists and hands flex and strain, and then whoever owned the hands began to follow them upwards. It started with some very strong, tanned and frankly tasty forearms and biceps, and then continued to a full head of thick, jet black hair.

At the point where it became evident that a pair of ram horns graced the head of whoever was coming through, the girls shrieked and ducked behind the couches, hoping that whatever it was would go away.

No such luck, though.

The sound of two large feet on laminate told Wendy that the thing, whatever it was, was now standing in her living room. She remembered, briefly, from the various fantasy novels she'd read that things weren't supposed to get out of summoning circles.

Standing up, since the thing had obviously heard them, Wendy immediately spotted the flaw in their circle which had, probably, let the thing out. At the time the three of them hadn't been particularly concerned, since they hadn't really expected this whole thing to work... now she was wishing she'd paid a little more attention.

Then, inevitably, her eyes went to the thing that had come out of the circle. For the most part, it, no he, was a large, naked man. Standing almost seven feet tall, he had what Wendy could only call an incredible build. His every muscle was chiseled and defined, without being grotesquely oversized, and his skin glistened with a very faint sheen of sweat, giving a kind of oiled Greek God look.

His face, as well, was what Wendy could only call beautiful. His eyes were large, dark, and almost shone. His nose was perfect, and his mouth looked at the same time strong and perfect for kissing. He even smelled great, a kind of husky maleness washing off of him and exciting even Wendy, who didn't have much of a place in her life for men.

There were three things which separated him from a perfect example of human anatomy, though. The first, and probably least important, were the ram horns on his forehead. They were large and impressive, and didn't detract from his powerful beauty, but definitely marked him as Other.

Next came the bat wings. Although they were folded neatly behind his back, Wendy estimated that if he extended them they would probably reach fifteen feet or more from end to end. Also not normal.

The salient feature, though, was between his legs. Standing out against his black pubic hair were two large phalluses. Wendy hesitated to call them anything earthly like cocks or dicks because, frankly, they almost emanated a sort of divine feeling. Wendy even found herself getting moist and warm between her legs at the idea of riding one, or both, of them.

"Uhhh..." Wendy opened her mouth, but wasn't sure what was going to come out.

"What am I and what am I doing here?" Even his voice was incredible. It held subtle, dark tones in it that immediately made Wendy think of it whispering in her ear as he made love to her.

"Actually... I think I was going to scream." Wendy took a deep breath. "But that works too."

Sandy and Laura, upon hearing his voice, stood up too. They collectively gasped at the sight of him, and Wendy thought there was a lot more desire than fear in that noise.

"I am an Incubus." He looked over at Laura and Sandy, who both blushed and looked away. "And you summoned me."

"With... that?" Wendy gestured at the coffee table, where there was no longer a hole into nothing. Instead, the scattered remains of their summoning circle was all that remained. The chalk was smudged and looked worn, and the candles were burnt out and scattered around the table.

"Yes and no." The Incubus took a breath as he could tell that they were waiting for more, then gestured at the remains of the circle. "That focused the energy of your desires, but it was your orgasms which provided the energy for me to cross over to your world."

"Oh..." Wendy, still behind the couch and wondering if she should bolt for the door. "So, about those desires..."

"I know what they are."

"Oh..." All three of them blushed a little at this total stranger, who also happened to be from another world or possibly dimension, knowing what they wanted.

"I have two questions."

"Umm... go ahead."

"First: Why do three attractive women such as yourselves need help finding lovers." As he spoke, he looked at all three of them in turn, and they could feel his appraisal of their bodies. Wendy shivered a little, getting goosebumps from the knowing, and approving, look he gave to her.

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