tagNovels and NovellasAnarchy of the Heart Pt. 02

Anarchy of the Heart Pt. 02


Leo collapsed out on the tiles, gasping for breath as he heard Caitlyn pulling off the rest of her clothes and slipping quietly into the pool.

It was her uncontrolled, rapturous laughter that brought him back into full consciousness, his eyes opening again to be filled only with stars before he rolled over and sat up.

"That was the most incredible time ever!" she called from the middle of the pool, her voice so unrestrained he suddenly feared the neighbors might hear, though the villas this far out were quite far apart.

Caitlyn took a few strokes toward him. She looked stunning against the blue background of the water - those slender curves, all that bare skin, her little pink nipples so stiff out in front. Breathtaking.

"You must have been warmed up already from watching Marco and Sofia," Leo said, dipping his toes back into the cool water.

The bronze-haired girl beamed back at him, with a slight but still oh-so-sexy blush giving her cheeks a gentle glow. She floated to within a few yards of his feet, then dropped down to get her hair wet again, before bobbing back up, so that her pert breasts were freed from the water, crystal droplets running down her smooth skin.

"You were so hard," she said in a conspiratorial tone as she reached back to squeeze the water from her hair. "More than normal. What was it? The way I was talking?"

"I'm not sure," he said, not quite knowing how to express his tangle of feelings. "It probably helped."

"I would have thought you'd be mad at me after watching them like that."

"I couldn't be mad. It wasn't really your fault they did what they did."

She swam up to the edge of the pool, between his dangling legs, those emerald eyes so bright looking up at him as she said: "You seem really calm, sweetie."

He smiled. "I tend to be, after I've... you know... come."

"You seem really calm about the whole thing, though. Aren't you even a little jealous I was sitting next to Marco and Sofia when they..."

"I trust you."

"Not to cheat?" she asked.

"Of course."

"While I was telling my story, did you even think it might end up with me... you know, sleeping with Marco or something like that?"

"Well I didn't think you'd be sleeping."

"You know what I mean!" Caitlyn splashed him, the cool water startling him, her reaction amusing him. Then she was serious: "So you did think I might have done more than just watch?"

Her blush was a little fiercer now. Awkward, a little embarrassed that he might think that of her. The sight of her like that made his cock tingle, even now it was spent.

He said: "I thought it was a possibility, sure."

"And that didn't make you angry?"

Leo thought for a moment or two. At no point had he been angry. It had felt strange, there had been fear, but he hadn't been actively angry at the potential for his fiancée to transgress the monogamy of their relationship.

"No," he said. "Not angry."

She saw his cock twitch then, and gave a little gasp.

"It turned you on?" she asked in clear disbelief. "Thinking of me like that?"

How could he explain that it was her blush that turned him on? The idea of her being presented with such a shocking sight that she flushed scarlet all over. It seemed so ridiculous. How could he tell her that the mixture of awkwardness and embarrassment and unrestrained arousal in her was the most thrilling thing he'd ever seen? That it transcended any feelings of fear or jealousy.

She'd think him a pervert.

And anyway, he hardly understood it all himself. What if he was wrong about his feelings, and yet he gave her this idea he was so into it? She'd think him a creep, and it was not a label you could get rid of easily.

"It was kind of hot," he said, more than a little guarded.

"Hmm," she said, then she teased: "Maybe a girl should feel offended if her man wasn't feeling any jealousy at all at her being with someone else."

Leo sighed, seeing the potential for this whole conversation to turn into the kind of trap that Caitlyn sometimes liked to set for him.

"It's not that I didn't feel anything at all," he said, trying desperately to find the right words. "It's just... " he swallowed, blushing himself now, and said: "I don't know... it was different this time."


She was right, he wasn't making a lot of sense. He said: "I guess when we were first together, I didn't like to think of you with past boyfriends and I hated it when you flirted with other guys because... well, I guess I worried you'd want to be with someone else."

Caitlyn wrinkled her nose. "And now apparently, you're not so bothered?"

"It's not that I'm not bothered... I just feel confident you're not going to run off with someone else. We're getting married."

"You know, I wouldn't have run off ever," she said, her hands now sliding up his thighs.

"I know that now," he smiled. "I'm not so insecure any more."

She put her head beside one of his knees now, looking directly up at his cock as though she'd never really got the chance to just look at it before.

"I didn't flirt with other guys," she said.

"Yeah you did - you've always been a flirt," he smiled. "Even with guys who have a confirmed deficiency in the throbbing organ stakes."

She looked up at him with an apologetic expression, taking his remarks a little more seriously than he'd meant. She said: "You should have told me to stop if it hurt you. Back then, I mean."

Leo laughed, "That would hardly have been good for our relationship - you would have bolted at any attempt to control you!"

"Maybe so," she said, "but I probably would have come back. For this, if anything!"

She held up his cock, and her touch actually provoked a small but noticeable stirring in Leo that he suspected might even mean it had life in it yet this evening. He never normally had the oomph to go again immediately after sex.

"Did it hurt a lot when I flirted with other men?" she asked, fumbling his soft penis quite casually, though having no idea that she was beginning to coax the blood flow back there.

"Oh, it wasn't anything I couldn't handle," Leo said, though it wasn't enough to dislodge the look of pity from her face, so he added: "I guess part of me was kind of excited that you were getting a response from other guys, but that I was the one that was going home with you."

"A response from other guys?" she raised her eyebrows.

"You could see they wanted you," he laughed.

"Not necessarily," she protested, as though even the mere desire of other men to sleep with her somehow made her a slut. "Just because they talked to me, doesn't mean - "

"Those guys? Sure, it did. They'd have taken you in the alleyway round the back if they had half a chance - you could see it in their eyes."

She smiled but shook her head. Her blush was back, which amused Leo, though it also aroused him. Hardening noticeably now, his cock twitched, and Caitlyn caught her breath as she detected it.

"Already?" she said, with one eyebrow hoisted.

"You know," he said, "You're so sexy when you're blushing like that."

For Leo, it was a complete understatement. Caitlyn seemed to take in the earnest way in which he complemented her, and her flush only strengthened.

"I must look like a freak with my complexion," she said, then she immediately tried to change the subject. "So when I was with other guys back then... I was just like some kind of trophy to you, right?"

Leo rolled his eyes. "How come I feel I'm walking into a trap right now?"

"It's not a trap! I just want to understand you," she insisted. "Like why you don't seem even a little bit jealous at the thought of me being with another guy, the thought he might have fucked me as well."

He was up to semi-hardness as she toyed with his cock now, something in itself that was almost as much a surprise as the growing revelation that he wasn't really jealous at the thought of Caitlyn being with other people.

It had been years since he'd had the energy to go again so soon after sex. It was almost worth continuing the conversation merely to see if his erection would come to full fruition.

"I guess I'm different now," he said. "Thinking of you watching that couple on the beach tonight, I was afraid you were going to say you'd ended up taking over from the girl - Sofia - but then it was pretty exciting, too. And you looked so hot telling the story - you were so turned on."

She smiled at his complement, but said: "You were excited by the possibility of me switching with Sofia?"

He shrugged, "I don't know... I guess part of me was thrilled another guy was interested in you..."

"Because I'm your trophy?" she joked.

"Maybe. It proves I'm with a gorgeous girl, and I've made the right choice to spend the rest of my life with you," he said. She was silent at that, but he could see it touched her.

He said: "You know, when you used to flirt with other guys, I dealt with the fear by assuring myself you were never going to go off with them. And you never did. I guess over the years I've just come to see - "

"That you're stuck with me?" she grinned.

"That I mean more to you than sex with other guys, so - "

"I did not want to have sex with those other guys!" she blurted.

"That's not what I meant," he said, adding: "And of course you wanted to have sex with those other guys. If you weren't with me, you would have gladly - "

"Hey, I liked the before part of this conversation," Caitlyn pouted, "when you were telling me you think I'm gorgeous."

Leo smiled, "Can't you tell I think that?"

Sure enough, he was hard enough for Caitlyn to start pumping his cock now, and that brought a huge smile to her face.

As she kissed the head of his cock, he said: "I think I dealt with the fear back then by convincing myself you weren't going to run off - and you proved me right. So with Marco..."

She stopped, said: "You're just scared I'll run off? That's the fear?"

Leo shrugged. "What other fear is there? That you'll prefer sex with Marco? I've never thought I was the world's greatest lover..."

"You're pretty good," Caitlyn grinned, rubbing his cock around her soft cheeks and over her lips in the filthiest way.

He smiled, then shrugged. "I don't know. I can't explain how I feel. Perhaps it's some kind of primordial thing - the idea that other men desire you makes me feel better than them, because I'm the one marrying you."

Leo let out a deep moan as she slipped him inside her mouth. It was hard to keep up conversation when your conversation partner had your cock between her lips.

She took it out for a moment to say, "So what, you're saying now that you're not afraid at the thought of me being with another man?"

It was difficult to even think of an answer when she was bobbing her head down on his shaft like that, even just the sound of her wet mouth gliding up and down his hardness was distracting enough to block his mental faculties, let alone the wonderful warmth surrounding him, caressing his sensitive flesh.

"It's not that I'm not afraid," he said. "It's just that I understand where the fear's ultimately coming from, and I know it's baseless."

She stopped. Looked up at him like he was crazy. "If it's baseless, how come you're afraid?"

"You're afraid of spiders, right?" he said. "You know they're not going to climb out of that bath and kill you, but that doesn't stop you shrieking for me to come deal with it."

"I do not 'shriek'," she said with a brief eye-roll.

Caitlyn side-stepped and launched herself up out of the pool, splashing cool water all over him in the process - which made him flinch, and her laugh at his reaction.

"Come on," she said, hopping up to her feet and holding out a hand to help him up as well. "I'm getting cold..."

Both on their feet, Leo's fiancée kept hold of his hand and now pulled him inside, saying as they went: "We have a warm bed where you can just as easily tell me your sordid little fantasies about letting other men have their way with me."

"Sordid little fantasies? I didn't say anything about - "


She scampered off through the expansive open-plan kitchen-living room, and along the small corridor leading past the bathroom to the bedroom, with Leo in close pursuit.

Then as she leapt onto the bed, giggling away, he pounced on her.

For a while, they were just wrestling and laughing, with his hard cock between them, as Leo tried to repay her impudence with tickling, and she tried to dish it back to some degree of success, until he had her pinned, face down.

Now straddling her, he was pressing his swollen staff between her cheeks, and she was submitting to him, letting out an aroused groan as he slipped his cock between her thighs, and eased inside her wet pussy.

"I bet you're thinking about me being with another guy still," Caitlyn joked as he filled her, then withdrew.

"Speak for yourself," he said, slowly starting up a rhythm inside her as he leaned over her shoulder, whispering to her: "Look at you closing your eyes, imagining I'm someone else. Marco, probably, huh?"

He smiled as the friction of his cock sliding inside her pussy, so tight with her legs closed like that, caused her to open her mouth wide and cry out while she held firmly onto the cast iron bars of the bedstead in front of her.

"Oh Marco, fuck me!" she cried, looking back over her shoulder with a big wry grin plastered over her face as he sat up, clasping her waist with both hands to support a more forceful pounding into her pussy.

"You are a bad girl," he said, loving the scarlet tinge all over her face, wondering how far her joke was taking her, whether she was actually imagining him to be the Spaniard she'd met earlier that evening.

"Oh Marco..." she sighed, "Marco, Marco, Marco..."

She was so wet, was it from thinking about the other man? The thought produced a sharp pang in the middle of his chest, and yet it also thrilled him in equal measure. Was he really all right with the thought of his fiancée fucking someone else?

Well, it was just role play. Nothing wrong with role play.

"You are so beautiful, Señorita," he said, getting into it now himself, his voice turning into a cod-Spanish accent.

Caitlyn beamed at what he was doing, keeping her eyes firmly shut as he continued to pump into her behind, saying: "Oh Marco, I love your cock, it's so big and hard..."

"Bella Señorita," he said, slow and husky, trying to become some imagined Casanova without the benefit of any kind of education in Spanish. It appeared to have good effect on Caitlyn nevertheless.

She writhed under him as he leaned forward again, supporting his weight on his hands spread beside her elbows on the mattress as he continued plunging into her. He lightly kissed her shoulder, her cheek, her ear, before whispering in a movie-Spanish accent: "Your fiancé is a berry lucky man, Bella Señorita."

He could see her hands clenching and unclenching on the iron bars in time to his pounding and her breathy moans. She was too far gone for witty come-backs now, moaning only: "Oh Marco..."

Dominating her in a manner he usually did not when they were making love, he pressed down on her back now, his hand holding her in between her shoulder blades as he pounded into her, shoving her into the bedclothes as his own thighs made slapping noises against her beautifully round buttocks as he collided with her again and again.

"Fuck me, Marco, fuck me!" she was yelling, half into the sheets, and then he was coming inside her again, and she was coming underneath him, forcefully as a powerful wave of energy washed over her.

At the end, he had barely enough energy left to avoid falling on her as his limbs gave way, collapsing beside her.

She was kissing him, saying softly, "Oh, that was insane."

But he felt so drained, he could only purr contentedly, kissing her lightly in return.

Sleep was not far away.


Leo was surprised to wake and find the clock on his iPhone reading 11am - he didn't remember sleeping in so late since college days.

The room was bright, the sun streaming in through the large windows across the wall to the left, making him wonder how he'd remained dead to the world so late with such a wash of light all over him.

He let out a deep lungful of air and rolled over onto his back, gazing down the corridor to take in the rest of the villa and the view out over the pool to the city and the sea.

This place was magnificent.

He could see movement in the pool, and the only sound in this peaceful morning was Caitlyn apparently doing laps. Thinking about her swimming, perhaps wearing a bathing suit, perhaps not, stirred his loins into a late morning erection.

Had he really made love to her twice last night? God, he'd been like a teenager again.

Had they really been imagining that it was some Spaniard called Marco fucking her at the time?

Leo chuckled to himself. It had been pretty wild. They'd never really role-played before. He thought about fucking Caitlyn as Marco, and his mind started wandering a little, imagining what it might be like to see the real Marco fucking her.

Caitlyn had always seemed so conservative when it came to affairs of the heart. Even kissing in public had made her uncomfortable. Yet here, by the shore of the Mediterranean, she had sat and watched as a couple of strangers had screwed on a beach right in front of her.

And later, she'd cheerfully imagined her boyfriend to be another man - the man she'd witnessed making love - screwing her himself.

Maybe it was being on vacation - just the feeling that they were here only to relax, have a good time, escaping the pressures of normal life. Their normal standards of living did not apply.

What if it had really been Marco fucking Caitlyn? What if they went down to that hotel wherever he and his French girlfriend were staying, and she went upstairs with the guy and really fucked him?

How would he feel at the knowledge that this other guy was putting his own hard cock inside Leo's fiancée? She'd suck him, then let him penetrate her pussy with his obscene foreign organ.

The thought of it made Leo feel a little breathless. What was it that made him feel this fear? He knew Caitlyn was never going to leave him. It was pure instinct. That innate sense of dread instilled into him by society that if she got even a glimmer of a taste of another man, she'd reject him, never want him again, she'd no longer love him. It was ridiculous.

And yet somehow, like riding on an extreme rollercoaster, the thought of busting through that natural inclination toward fear and paranoia was also somehow thrilling.

Lying spread-eagled on the bed, the thin sheet falling away, his manhood was rock-hard, a rigid staff proudly aloft, declaring his filthy thoughts to the world.

What if they did manage to find Marco again, and Leo actually consented for his fiancée to spend time with him?

It was only sex. It wasn't as though he'd lose her. It wasn't as though she'd no longer want to make love to him. If she had a wonderful steak, it would never take away her constant cravings for a good hamburger, or vice versa.

He laughed as he pulled himself up from the bed, amusing himself with the question of whether he was the steak or the burger in his own analogy, and padded out into the kitchen without bothering to put on clothes.

"Hey, what about the neighbors?" Caitlyn called from the pool as he poured himself a glass of ice-cold orange juice from the fridge, giving his erection a moment to subside a little before he faced his fiancée.

She looked highly amused at his lazy nudity, and then let out a surprised yelp as he casually strolled out into the warm sunshine, completely unconcerned.

"Nobody can see," he said, only half-believing himself. There were bushes and cypress trees to give them privacy, and these villas were all spaced relatively far apart - but who could really tell how secluded the pool was? Anyhow, the feeling of the sun splashing all over him, and the gentle breeze against his bare body was glorious.

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