tagNovels and NovellasAnarchy of the Heart Pt. 03

Anarchy of the Heart Pt. 03


He'd felt they were almost beginning to get used to the idea of another guy fooling around with Caitlyn - at least in a role-play scenario - but Leo hadn't even really thought about the prospect of a certain French girl joining their attempt to challenge the boundaries of their relationship.

Now, as Caitlyn looked down at him with that same blushing look of alarm and lust that had completely hooked Leo, she was suggesting that if they played all this out to its natural conclusion, it ought to see Sofia being with Leo physically as well.

There was something deeply exhilarating about the mild state of shock that the idea of being with Marco and Sofia inspired, in both of them. And Leo hadn't even met the European couple. They could still be figments of Caitlyn's imagination for all he knew, invented to stir up their lovemaking.

Only, something in that uncontrollable blush spread delicately through her pale face told him it couldn't all be simply made up.

"Well that's a different matter altogether," Leo said, as Caitlyn raised her eyebrows briefly to tease him. He added: "I had assumed you wouldn't be able to handle that kind of scenario."

She grinned, showing her pearly whites as she looked into her fiancé's eyes and pressed herself against his hard cock, without taking him inside her. He could see her breathing deeply now, the adrenaline clearly flooding through her system.

"Well of course I could handle it," she said, not entirely convincingly.

He put his hands on her smooth, oily thighs, and she leaned forward to kiss him.

Then she whispered: "Close your eyes. I won't be a minute."

Surprised, confused, curious, he did as she asked, shutting his peepers as she launched herself up, and scampered back inside the villa, leaving him suddenly exposed and alone.

The sun felt wonderful on his bare skin, but with his eyes closed and nothing to keep the thoughts from clamoring around his head, he started to fear that the neighbors could actually see over into this property.

What was she doing?

It was a few moments before he caught the sounds of her return - the light brushing of her feet against the tiles and her heavy breathing as she approached him. She wasn't just breathing like that because she'd run into the bedroom and back.

"Can I open them again?" he asked.

He could feel her wedging herself in between his thighs, kneeling down to take his softening cock in her hands again, trailing her tongue around its tip.

"Non - not yet, Leo," she said, and was he imagining it, or was she attempting a French accent?

Gently in the warm Mediterranean breeze, Leo's nose was detected something different in the air now, a scent that was distinctly unfamiliar. She was wearing a different perfume.

"Keep your eyes closed, beautiful Leo," she said, her accent unmistakably movie-French, and actually quite effective - certainly more so than his Spanish had been.

As she took him into the heat of her mouth, her unconventional fragrance was stronger - sharp, sweet but full of citrus notes. Not the usual kind Caitlyn wore at all.

She was making him imagine that she was Sofia, perhaps also imagining herself that she was the French girl.

Leo was excited by it, as she could no doubt tell, though strangely it was more the thought of what Caitlyn was doing that quickly boosted his cock back to full hardness than the thought of actually being with Sofia, whom he had never met, and couldn't really picture in his mind.

The thought that she was trying out the idea of him being with the French girl.

Fully hard but obediently keeping his eyes squeezed tightly shut, Leo felt her pull herself up from the ground, clambering onto him to return to a seated position in his lap, facing him, crushing his hardness, swamping him now with this new fragrance she must have purchased while she'd been in Nice the other day.

"Caitlyn was right when she told me you have a beautiful cock, Leo," she breathed into his ear, filling his lungs with her exotic new perfume. "Will you let me put it inside me?"

"Oh, yes," he said.

She kissed his cheek. "You can call me Sofia, Leo. You don't have to worry about Caitlyn - she knows about this. She tells me she can handle it."

He smiled at her reference, and put a hand on her thigh as she maneuvered herself back slightly, grabbing his cock before slipping it over her sensual skin, down and under her body to enter her searing wet pussy.

He could detect her arousal, of course, but with so much perfume in the air, and the underlying aroma of the sun cream, it was only one note among a cocktail, although it could almost make him believe a stranger was now sitting on his lap, pressing herself down on his shaft.

"Sofia," he breathed, trying out the word on his lips.

"Do you think I'm sexy, Leo?" Caitlyn spoke in a slightly raised pitch, making Leo suspect that she was actually doing her best to imitate the girl she had met the previous day.

He swept his hands up her waist and over her breasts, feeling how hard her nipples were. "You're so hot," he said, groaning as she gyrated her hips to stir him inside her. "Makes me afraid that Caitlyn will be jealous."

"Oh, she's not jealous, trust me," she giggled, her motion on his cock teasing out her own quiet moans, as well as his.

"I like your perfume."

"You do? That's good, 'cause we got Caitlyn some yesterday - after she told me she liked it, too."

Leo was pumping his own hips to mirror her own motion now, to maximize the force of his penetration, but then as the pace built up steam, he withdrew a little too much from her pussy and his cock slipped out.

She lifted to allow him to nudge back inside her, but for a moment or two he just indulged in stroking his slippery cock over her skin, from the top of her inner thighs over her mound and outer labia, the slickness of her juices easing the way.

"You really think she'll be okay with all this?" he asked her, continuing the pretence that she was Sofia. "I mean, you know, my cock actually inside you?"

He was caressing her inner pussy lips now, flicking the tip of his cock back and forth along her warm slippery groove, with special attention on grazing over her clit.

"I know what she's going through," she said, channeling Sofia. "It's all new for her, she's never really thought this way before."

"It is quite strange."

"She feels afraid, she feels... I guess a little horrified... but also excited."

"Does she want to stop?" He said, seeing that she was enjoying the friction of his cock against her sensitive clit. "We can stop. We don't have to do this. We can just stick to this whole imagining thing. Role play."

She pushed his hand away, and now pushed herself down on his shaft again.

"We don't have to stop. Caitlyn is afraid, but there's no reason for it. You love her, she loves you. She is not going to lose you, she knows that."

"She'll never lose me."

"It is only sex, n'est pas? You're getting married soon... it's probably a good time to... how do you say... experiment? Then, if you don't like it, you can forget all about it before the wedding."

"Of course. What happens in Vegas..."

She leaned forward to kiss him again, long and hard, exploring his mouth with her tongue, encouraging him to do the same, as the grinding of their hips intensified. He found it difficult to imagine she was Sophia - wanting even to open his eyes and see how his fiancée might be blushing at the idea of him being with another woman. Perhaps he needed to train up his imagination a little.

"What are you thinking?" she asked. "Are you afraid that Caitlyn is away with Marco right now? He is fucking her, like you are fucking me?"

Somehow, he kept his eyes closed. He said: "I'm hoping she's having a good time. I'm pretty excited she wants to try all this out. I guess it puts a whole new layer on our relationship together."

She kissed him again briefly, and even with his eyelids firmly squeezed shut, he could somehow sense that she was smiling.

"Fuck me, Leo. Fuck my tight little French pussy."

He lifted her, heaved her over so that she was now lying along the white cushions of the outdoor couch, somehow keeping his hard cock inside her, and his own eyes closed.

"Oh, Sofia, you feel so good," he said, writhing against her, her pussy so wet around his shaft.

"Oh, c'est bon!" she cried, "oh, c'est magnifique!"

He was pounding into her, and actually trying to imagine it was Sofia beneath him, feeling a little more confident that Caitlyn was okay with it.

Confidence turned into power as he thrust into her, his penetration becoming more forceful, more vigorous, as were her cries as he satisfied her own needs, until a final majestic peak exploded between them as he released his come inside her.

At last, he opened his eyes to find a bronze-haired, pale beauty lying beneath him, cheeks and upper chest all flushed, with that beautiful smile that could make all anxieties instantly melt away.

Silently, they shared a look that was both loving and trusting, a wordless pledge of emotional fidelity to each other, even while consenting to the possibility of breaking through the physical boundaries of their union.

Without having to say it, it was clear to them both: if all this went sour, and one or other of them was unable to cope, they could simply forget. They could put it down to a past folly, something that happened before they were married.

Perhaps even something that happened to two different people entirely, in a foreign land to which they need never return.

But if it didn't go sour, it might be very sweet indeed.


Showered and dressed, Leo drove them down to the seafront in the rental car. All the way down the curvy road to the heart of Nice, he felt butterflies fluttering around his stomach, his jangling nerves setting them off, as he silently asked himself over and over: are we really doing this?

"Maybe we won't even find them," he was saying a little later, as they toured the streets of the old town looking for a parking space. "It is getting a little late for lunch."

"They'll be there."

Caitlyn seemed a little more relaxed than he was, though he had no idea whether that was really the case. She was drumming her fingers as she leaned on the open window, taking in the sights and sounds of the bustling streets as they crept along in the hunt for a place to park.

"These Europeans take very long lunches," she said.

Why did he get the feeling she'd made an appointment with them?

"How did you leave it with them last night?" he asked.

"How do you mean?"

"When you left them, did you say you wanted to see them again?"

"I said I'd have to see how you felt about it," she said.

"And they suggested you bring me to their usual place for lunch?"

Caitlyn looked at him, her expression cracking into a broad smile. "They might have done," she said, attempting a tone of nonchalance.

Leo chuckled, "How is it that I get the feeling I've been set up?"

His fiancée shook her head, "Not at all. Honestly," she insisted.

They came to a halt for a moment, the narrow street now blocked up ahead by a delivery truck trying an unlikely-looking reverse maneuver into an alleyway off to the side.

Keeping calm, though suspecting something was up, Leo said: "You did tell me everything that happened last night?"

She was blushing again, and not just from the heat. She said candidly, "Okay, I might have simplified a few things, but that's it, honest."

"Simplified a few things?"

"Okay," she sighed, "so what happened on the beach..."

"Yeah?" Leo felt his heart beating in his throat. Had something happened already between her and Marco? And what if it had? Would he be he upset? Did this mean he couldn't handle the idea of her going off with someone else?

She said, "It was kind of my idea."

"Your idea? For them to have sex in front of you?"

"I didn't think they'd actually do it!"

Leo chuckled. He could imagine that cynical side of his fiancée teasing this couple, pushing them to try to catch them in a lie. Marco, the confident Spaniard showing off about himself and his girlfriend's startling ways, and the smart but perhaps slightly naive American girl thinking she could outwit them by encouraging them to demonstrate.

She seemed relieved it only seemed to amuse him. She said, "You know. They were talking about how they'd find strangers to go to bed with, and I guess I just didn't really believe them. I mean, part of me was fascinated by what they were saying - but I just felt they were trying to get a rise out of me, you know, 'cause I'm a Yankee."

"So let me guess, you asked them to show you?"

"I said I couldn't really imagine being in a room when other people were having sex, let alone join in. I guess they took it as a challenge."

"And did you?" he asked, that heart of his pounding, a car behind them bleating its horn now the street had cleared up ahead. "Did you join in?"

"No - swear to God," she said. "I wouldn't lie to you about that kind of thing, sweetie."

He nodded, squeezing the gas pedal now to get going.

"Did they invite you to join in?"

She said, "No. When we were talking, they were big on the whole trust thing. Marco was saying when they were with new couples, ones that hadn't ever been with other people before, it was important to do things on the level, never behind anyone's back."

"So they suggested you bring me round for lunch?" he smiled, thinking how much more brainy Caitlyn was than him. She had levels of intelligence far above his own, he was sure of it, capable of manipulating him to just where she wanted him to go. He didn't mind so much - if he did, they wouldn't have lasted this long.

"Afterwards - you know, after the beach - they walked me back to the car," she said. "It was Sofia who said they'd love to meet you, and maybe see both of us again."


"You'll like her. She's really beautiful."


They managed to find a parking space a few minutes' walk from the restaurant, to which Leo followed his fiancée down a warren of tiny little shadowy streets, which were essentially just alleyways lined with an eclectic mix of little stores - charcuteries jostling with art galleries, wine merchants opposite discount shoe stores.

Leo was impressed at his fiancée's navigation. She often seemed to impress him in her ability to remember things like this complicated route through Old Nice, but she'd only been to this restaurant once, and when she'd left it had been dark.

Then at one point on the way, she grabbed his hand and pulled him into one of the little stores tucked alongside one of the alley-streets, and it turned out to be a pharmacy.

"What...?" he mouthed, though he didn't object to her dragging him in there.

She found a certain shelf and plucked two little boxes from it, to hold up in front of him.


"Well, you don't want to go into this unprepared, huh?" she said, one eyebrow raised. "If you do end up liking them, I mean."

Leo felt his lungs suddenly emptied of all breath, as though he'd been kicked in the chest. Wow, condoms. This was serious. They hadn't bought condoms for years. This all seemed very sudden. He hadn't even met Marco and Sofia yet.

He was definitely getting the vibe that Caitlyn had been thinking about all this a little more than she'd let on so far.

"Uh... of course," he said, trying to hide his reaction.

Purchasing those two little boxes suddenly brought it all into sharp relief: they were actually considering involving other people in their sex lives. Another guy penetrating Caitlyn. Leo penetrating another girl.

It was so shocking.

"Okay," his fiancée pulled him over to pay, then handed him one of the boxes, while she stuffed the other in her little bag.

Leo felt curiously light-headed again as they headed back out onto the street, and their journey continued onwards towards a little restaurant on the Rue Droite.

"This is where you came before?" he asked her as they went in, more trying to keep calm than out of real curiosity.

"Only briefly - it's nice, isn't it?"

For a place that appeared to have such a small frontage on the street, the restaurant was deceptively huge on the inside. Lively, but not too crowded, there were plenty of tourists, but also a good contingent of locals, which Caitlyn had always said was testament to a restaurant's quality in a city like this.

Weaving through the tables behind his fiancée, Leo felt so hugely nervous, as though he were just about to take his driving test again.

"Oh, look!"

Leo felt another little stab of anxiety pierce his heart as he looked over to where Caitlyn pointed, a secluded corner where a dark-haired guy sat opposite a blonde at a table laid out for four.

Marco - for presumably this was he - turned and smiled broadly in their direction, obvious recognition and warmth in his expression as he caught sight of Caitlyn. He was perhaps a little shorter than Leo was expecting, around Caitlyn's height, with closely-cropped dark curls and a kindly tanned face. Not exactly a male model, though certainly charming enough.

Leo was slightly amused that his own fear and paranoia had led him to believe Marco would turn out to be the face of Calvin Klein underwear.

"The beautiful Caitlyn!" the guy rose to greet them, kissing Leo's fiancée on both cheeks like a long-lost cousin. "And this must be Leo," he said, stepping forward to shake Leo's hand.

"Marco, right? Great to meet you," Leo reflected Marco's beaming grin, trying to return some of the man's ebullient confidence as he shook his hand.

Actually, there was something strangely reassuring about Marco. He was a little more athletic in frame than Leo, the muscles on his golden arms emphasized by the extra-short sleeves of his thin yellow t-shirt, but otherwise relatively ordinary-looking. There was something curiously non-threatening about him.

"Caitlyn has told us so much about you, Leo," the Spaniard said. His English was good, much better than Leo had imagined during the previous night's role-play.

Caitlyn was kissing both cheeks of the blonde now, but then Marco urged her forward to introduce her to Leo.

"Leo, Sofia. Sofia, Leo."

Sofia was quite something to behold. She was petite as Caitlyn had described her, but he was more than a little taken aback by her beauty. She was more classically good-looking than any of them, with gently-tanned skin and piercing blue eyes, accented by makeup.

And all that immaculately-groomed golden hair sweeping gracefully down to below the modest swell of her breasts, that would make anyone want to run their fingers through it.

"Leo," she smiled warmly, reaching up on tiptoes to kiss both his cheeks, touching him gently on the arms to support herself, saturating his lungs with her exotic perfume as she greeted him.

"Sofia, nice to meet you," he said, finding himself amused at the fact that the French girl actually wore quite a different scent to the one employed by his fiancée in her little role-play session that morning.

"Likewise," she said, squeezing her face into an even broader smile.

They took their seats, with Caitlyn sitting beside Marco, and Leo next to the divine Sofia. Leo fund himself wondering whether his fiancée might not actually feel threatened by this French beauty, she was so startlingly pretty.

Was Caitlyn really intending for him to be with her, in the same way they intended her to be with Marco? It seemed insane.

"Some wine!" Marco said to break the ice, and began pouring a glass of red for Caitlyn.

"So you don't have a business meeting today, Leo?" Sofia asked.

Leo chuckled, "No, not today thankfully."

"You Americans, you work too hard."

Marco joked, "It's the American dream, no? Chasing after the white picket fences..."

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