Anarchy of the Heart Pt. 03


"Of course I do," he said. "And you..."

"I know," she grinned.

Sofia and Marco were talking in Spanish together, casual, giving their new friends ample opportunity to say their goodbyes in this potentially pivotal moment in their relationship.

"Are you sure you're sure about all this?" Caitlyn said to Leo, earnest, understanding.

Leo took a deep breath. Yes. He was certain in his head that he wanted to at least try this, and it wasn't just because Sofia was a beautiful girl.

Something about the thought of Caitlyn going off with someone else, with Marco, appealed for some reason. He wasn't sure whether it was the almost exquisite pinch of pain and excitement, or the thought of how exhilarated his beloved fiancée would be from it all. Or even the thought that while he was away with Sofia, his fiancée would be feeling that same powerful mix of emotions from the thought of what the French girl was doing with him.

Perhaps it was a purely selfish thought that allowing Caitlyn freedom meant he himself could spend time with Sofia guilt-free.

But oh, how Caitlyn would blush when the Spaniard was with her - that notion alone turned Leo on like nothing else. He had a fetish concerning his fiancée's blushes.

"Yes," he said, making certain he sounded as confident as he could. "I'm sure. Are you sure?"

She nodded. Her face was so bright, so full of energy, and yet underneath it all, looking into those big green eyes, he could see how nervous she was. She said: "It's just a vacation, right?"

"We'll have fun," he said.

"Yes, we will, won't we? And you'll enjoy being with Sofia, and you won't be afraid."

He shook his head gently. "And you'll have a good time with Marco," he said, "And when you're ready, you'll get to know him... intimately."

Caitlyn blushed furiously. It quite took Leo's breath away.

She said, "You still have your... purchase... from the pharmacy?"

He nodded, batting the little cardboard box in his back pocket. "You?"

"Yes. And you'll call me, won't you? If you feel bad."

"Of course I will, and you'll call me, likewise?"

She nodded, swallowed. It was strange, it felt like some kind of airport parting, that they wouldn't be seeing each other for a long while. Leo took a deep breath, feeling the peculiar sensation that he was welling up, that if he didn't control himself, there might even be tears.

Perhaps, in a way, this would be the last time he saw Caitlyn. This Caitlyn. They might be very different people the next time they were in each others' arms.

This was the risk that they were taking. The pursuit of a genuine thrill rarely came without a price.

She kissed him again, and even through their clothes, he could feel her breasts squeezing against him, he could sense a slight tremor in her body, confirming that she was feeling exactly the same way as he was. There was something somehow reassuring in that.

"You'll call me anyway, won't you?" she said as they parted again. "Tonight?"

"Absolutely," he said, "I promise."

She mouthed the words: "I love you."

He smiled, returning those same words to his fiancée.

And she stepped away.

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