tagNovels and NovellasAnarchy of the Heart Pt. 05

Anarchy of the Heart Pt. 05


Leo just sat for a moment, his heart pounding, his whole body feeling as though a constant electric current was now flowing through it, listening to the grinding of the cicadas outside.

That was it - he had given the final consent. his fiancée was about to let Marco bury his cock inside her.

Sitting there, naked, looking into the dead face of his mobile phone, he felt a wave of nausea that felt curiously like homesickness. He suddenly longed for the early days of his relationship with Caitlyn, full of the simple joys of long walks and stretching conversations about everything and nothing.

God, he felt tears rising - he was pathetic. Should he call her? If he called her now, he might just get her in time. He was too drunk to drive down there, but perhaps he could persuade her to get a taxi. If he called her now, what would he tell her? He'd been wrong? He was afraid?

He longed just to be with her, for their normal life back in the city at home, together, perhaps not as passionate as they'd once been, but comfortable, settled, content.

Watching TV of an evening stretched out on the couch in their same old living room.

And yet, he knew he hadn't lost any of that. His rational mind was certain the feelings were simply paranoia - that ugly feeling that his beloved fiancée was moving on, letting go of him, never to look back: it was all imagined.

If he did call her now, he imagined there would be difficult questions. Did he not trust her? Had she not told him she loved him? Did he not see this was just physical, just a bit of fun, nothing to distract from the deep inner connection she had with him?

And that heavy central question: Why are you afraid?

Why was he afraid? Because deep down, underneath, he felt sure she was too good for him, that she would realize that, that she would feel that she could do better elsewhere.

If he called her now -

If he called her now, it would be too late.

Leo nodded to himself, rocking back and forth gently on the bed. If he called her now, he would probably be stopping them while Marco was already inside her.

He already must have missed her sexy little gasp as the Spaniard's big, thick, hard dick wedged inside her pussy - a massive swollen organ of immense proportions squeezing up into her tightness, stiffening her nipples and drawing out that glorious glowing blush in her face as it violated the sanctity of their monogamy.

If he called her now, it would be like trying to close the stable door after the horses had bolted.

She'd probably answer and he'd hear for himself the sighs and the moans as Marco began pumping his monstrous staff within her most personal space. Her whimpers and yelps as his fiancée tried to cope with the incredible sensations flooding her system.

Perhaps, if the line was good, he'd hear Marco's immense girth sliding in and out of Caitlyn's pussy, the unmistakable sounds of bodily friction greased by her free-flowing juices.

How could he talk to her about his own pathetic sense of inadequacy and fear as all that was happening in the background?

She'd probably be angry at him and then refuse to listen, and then he'd hear Marco grunting and groaning as he emptied himself into the pretty brunette.

No, it was too late to call her. It was too late, and it was pathetic. She still loved him. She was still going to marry him.

This was just an exciting side project. A hobby. A silly fling on a summer vacation, to be enjoyed and forgotten. There was no point in fear now, it had happened.

Leo took a deep breath, knowing that he had to focus on the superficial side of all this. They were just tending to their physical needs.

It was just superficial, innocent, pleasurable sex. Nothing more.

Leo felt himself a little calmer, and now it amused himself that after all that fear and paranoia, he was now sitting there on the bed with an enormous erection.

He had to concede that the image in his head of Caitlyn all red-faced and shocked at her violation by a stranger was a huge turn on.

It even made him now wish he could see it for himself, that look of wonderment on her pink glowing face, the shock and awe as their new friend pounded into her.

Leo felt reborn as he hauled himself up to his feet and stepped out of the bedroom. He was still nervous, he was still afraid, but he had a better hold of himself now.

And after all, what had now happened could not be undone.


Walking out into the living room, it felt strange to be naked knowing there was someone else there other than Caitlyn. It was strange to be wondering around her uncle's house with his cock semi-hard.

Well, Sofia was friendly. She must have thought him an idiot, a pathetic loser, he'd been so afraid of all this. He had to grow a pair, throw caution to the wind.


Leo received a warm welcome as he stepped outside, and retrieved his wine. It seemed as though the French girl had been leisurely swimming while he'd been speaking with Caitlyn.

"How're you doing?" he asked her after taking a big gulp or three from the wine.

"Good," she said. "The water's not bad once you're used to it."

Leo refilled his glass and stepped over to the edge of the pool. The blonde beauty was beaming up at him, without any hint of frustration or boredom from the length of time he'd been away.

She said: "You talked to Caitlyn?"

"Yes, I did," he nodded, and took another sip of wine.

"You have everything sorted?"

He took another deep breath, trying desperately to dispose of that tense, fretful side of him and channel some kind of inner Marco, and said: "I think they're going all the way now."

"And you're okay with that?"

He nodded again, drained the rest of the wine. "I think, actually, I am," he said.

Sofia smiled again, which seemed a fair reward for his bold step.

"You should have brought your swimsuit," Leo said, touching her forsaken underwear with the tip of his toes.

She laughed, floating slowly towards him now. "Well, I thought if we were going to pretend we went all the way together, you ought to at least get used to the sight of me without any clothes."

Leo smiled, "I suppose it would look a little obvious if I suddenly go into shock when you strip off in front of me."

"And fair's fair - I get to see you naked, so..." Sofia drifted to the edge of the pool so she was now directly below him, looking up.

The ripples of the water that had hid the detail of her nudity now proved ineffective, and Leo caught his breath as he took in the sight of her sleek curves, and all that golden skin, her bullet-like nipples and flat stomach, and the apparently smooth, hairless mound pointing between her thighs.

"I love your cock," she breathed, only just audible over the pulsing cicadas.

As if grateful for her complement, his shaft gently bobbed in the breeze, thickening a little.

"It's so big and beautiful," she gazed up at him, and he felt the need to let her. That allowing her to run those big blue eyes all over his exposed hardness, he was facing his fear head-on, embracing the thrill.

She said, "How do you feel after talking to Caitlyn?"

He crouched briefly, placing his wine glass down on the ground and picking up Sofia's panties. He said: "I feel I ought to be facing my problems, not hiding from them."

He flashed his eyes suggestively, and now pressed her underwear to his nose, sampling her personal fragrance, inhaling the spicy traces of her arousal.

"Good," she said, and now with a hint of athleticism, she suddenly pulled herself up from the water beside him, and there she was, standing before him, dripping wet.

"So I get to touch you?" she asked, stepping forward now. "Play with you?"

She reached out, and he nodded, and now her hands closed around his shaft.

He said, "I think the others were already far ahead of us when I called."

"Knowing Marco, that doesn't surprise me."

The beautiful blonde pressed herself against him, her cool body spreading the wetness from the pool his skin, her arms draping over his shoulders as she reached to kiss his neck.

He felt his hard cock brush touch gently against her soft skin, and then crush against her as she slipped a leg around his thigh and pulled him into her.

She kissed him on the lips briefly, and then asked: "They were fucking already when you called them?"

"Everything but, I think," Leo replied, feeling his hands involuntarily sweeping over the exquisite curves of her smooth behind. "They must be by now, though."

Sofia looked him firmly in the eyes, assessing him as though she were about to fit him for glasses, before apparently accepting that he was telling the truth, he was okay about this.

Then she nodded her head to the chairs, offering him the silent suggestion to resume their earlier positions.


This time as Sofia kissed her way down his stomach, it felt different to Leo.

He was still on fire inside, his heart continuing to pound in his chest at the thought of Caitlyn being ravaged by Marco at the same time this golden-haired angel was now sliding her way between his legs.

Yet at the same time, the very fact that Caitlyn had now moved to the next level seemed to settle Leo.

With his new resolve to become a bolder man, to shed the fear and dwell on the positives, he was focusing on just how beautiful this French girl was between his thighs.

How incredible were those sensations as her soft breasts brushed over his hard cock while she moved down on him, her silky blonde hair flowing all over him as she went, her gentle breath dancing over his skin as she kissed him, her lips caressing their way down to his inner thigh.

She began to delicately kiss the base of his hard cock, and he even felt relaxed enough to tease his fingers through her hair, brushing it out of her face as her fingers closed around his shaft, and she licked her way up to the tip, before placing a light peck on the end with her lips.

Was this really happening?

The question formed as her lips parted, and she took his cock inside her irresistibly hot mouth, just holding it there a moment, delighting in the sensation of him being inside her - his size, his shape.

He got the sense she was moving deliberately slowly, withdrawing now to lick him, squeezing the base of his shaft in her delicate fingers, treating him like some kind of delectable ice cream to be savored rather than devoured all at once.

"You really do have a very nice cock, Leo," she said, offering him a warm, seductive smile as she squeezed him, gently pumping a little with her hand.

"I'm pleased you like it," he said.

"I can tell you are," she grinned, holding up his rigid cock for him to see, before kissing it again, taking just the tip inside her mouth for a moment, applying gentle suction. "We're good together, aren't we?"

"We're very good together."

"Did you speak to Marco when you were on the phone?" Now Sofia ran her tongue all the way up the rigid shaft of his cock, from base to tip, making it hard for Leo to concentrate on answering her.

He said: "No, I think he was busy... I could hear that he was there, though."

Sofia looked a little aghast at that, saying: "He was busy tending to Caitlyn while you were speaking to her?"

Leo shrugged, trying to keep her from being angry at Marco, who despite the fact that he had commandeered Leo's fiancée for the evening, had so far struck Leo as the kind of constantly-bright person it was hard to actively hold a grudge against.

He said casually: "I'm fairly sure he was going down on her while we were speaking."

"He really should not have been. I mean, he must have known there would be a possibility that you would call to tell her to stop, to tell her you decided this was a bad idea after all."

There was a note of apology in her tone and in her face, but Leo merely stroked her soft blonde hair, saying: "My guess is he had 100% confidence in your ability to seduce me. And I can see why."

She smiled, and continued licking him, base to shaft, looking up at him with those big blue eyes burning with lust.

She asked at last, "And how did Caitlyn seem? She was happy with Marco?"

"Very much," he replied. "They seem very good together. And it sounded as though she was learning a thing or two along the way."

"Learning? Like what?"

Now she took his cock inside her mouth again, and this time she did not withdraw, sinking very slowly on his shaft, stretching her lips around him as she went, enveloping him in the heavenly warmth of her mouth.

Leo said: "Well, the old Caitlyn wouldn't have let a guy - well, let me, I guess - go down on her, virtually at all. Let alone half an hour."

She was coaxing him with her lips, his sensitive end tickled by her tongue, and then taken deep in her mouth as she squeezed and twisted her hand around his shaft.

Then she was licking him and kissing him again, saying: "Marco is a good teacher. But I'm sure he and I will learn just as much from you and Caitlyn during this vacation." She kissed his cock and added: "That is one of the benefits, you know? Of doing this."

Leo smiled bashfully as she sank down on his cock, and he brushed her hair out of her face once again.

"I don't know about that," he said. "Maybe from Caitlyn. I don't know if I have much to teach."

"Oh, I think you have plenty to teach - even Marco," she said.

Leo found he could just about maneuver himself to touch one of her breasts, to fondle her and graze his fingers against her hard little nipple. Sofia seemed to like it, pushing up her body now so that he was better able to hold her breast in his hand and tend to it while she turned her head to continue and steadily accelerate her bobbing up and down on his shaft.

He had no idea what time it might be by the time he felt himself coming to the end of his tether, ready to explode in her mouth. It didn't matter whether time was proceeding slowly or if they were racing through the night - they seemed outside the normal boundaries of time and space.

It was something he was already learning from Sofia - the benefits of taking things slowly, not rushing headlong toward the end - enjoying the moment, every moment.

And not wanting this moment to end quite yet, he stopped her.

"How about we try the other wine you picked out?" he suggested.

"You are thirsty?" she looked up at him, a trifle confused.

"Only a little," he said. "I just thought it might be nice..."

"If you're thirsty, I know something you might like," she said. Whether or not she understood the underlying reason for him to stop her, she did let go of his cock just in time to avoid a mess.

Now she picked herself up and straddled his chest.

"Uh... okay..." he said, unsure of what she was doing, though appreciating the sight of her breasts now hanging over him.

She didn't stop to lower her breasts on his face, however, but shifted forward, crawling up his body like a panther on the prowl, her knees ending up dropping down past his shoulders, so that he had the most magnificent close-up view of her tidy little pink pussy, and up her shapely body to the stiff little peaks of her breasts.

He found himself breathing air saturated with her arousal, and also the sharp but clean aroma of the chlorine from the pool. The heady fragrance made him hunger for a taste of her succulent pussy,

She looked down on him, holding her hair out of the way of her face as she assessed his response to her bold new position.

Leo simply smiled, adoring the prospect of what she had in mind. She certainly had things to teach him.

"Did Caitlyn really not allow you to lick her pussy?" she suddenly asked, her brow wrinkling in disbelief.

"I think she thought I didn't enjoy it," he said, checking out the French girl's tender little pink petals, and her beautifully smooth, hairless mound.

"You don't?"

"Oh no, I do. Very much so."

She gave a pretty smile, and slowly lowered herself so that she was now just within range of his mouth, and he could reach up to kiss the soft skin beside her pussy, inhaling the exhilarating scent as he did so.

"She just thinks you don't like it because she doesn't like the idea of it herself?" Sofia asked, and he nodded in between kisses along her outer pussy lips.

"You know how it is, she gets an idea in her head, it's hard to shake."

"I think Marco will shake it," Sofia giggled, and tilted her hips back a little so that he could reach up to kiss around the top of her pussy and close in on her clit.

"I think it was already well shaken when I spoke to her," he said.

Now Sofia cut him off, lowering herself further and guiding him, with a hand gently placed on his head, to kiss her pussy lips and her little sensitive clit itself.

Leo slipped his tongue out to delve gently along her labia, and slip inside her to taste her tangy juices, loving her flavor as much as her scent.

She sighed, and brushed her long golden locks out of her face, and now she was pressing down a little more firmly, rubbing herself over his lips and nose, almost dancing over him to some unheard music, stroking his hair as he feasted on her pussy.

Leo adored his intimate connection to her sex, his hands reaching up to hold her soft derrière, applying a little pressure to show her how much he wanted her, how much he loved her there.

He eagerly sucked on her clit, nibbled on her pussy lips, he drove his tongue inside her slick groove, lapping up her juices, cleaning her with long tender licks.

Her moans grew louder as the energy flowing through her body appeared to grow more intense, and then she was holding his head tight, pressing herself down on him while pulling him in. Leo was helping her, his strong hands clamping around her thighs, squeezing her down against him.

The pressure of her against him grew to an incredible force and he was unable to do much other than just hold on, keep on breathing, keep on lapping at her wetness as she took control, gyrating her hips and using his face for her own ends.

With his nose wedged against her clit, his mouth crushed against her pussy, tongue fluttering against her inner lips, Sofia's rocking motion on his face accelerated as her moans turned to frantic gasping.

Then her gasps were becoming yelps, and her movement had been little more than a vibration against his mouth, her clit lodged between his lips so that he could apply a steadily, pulsing suction. She leaned back, her soft hair falling over his hard cock, and he felt her whole body trembling above him, her thighs almost rippling against his ears.

She was coming, coming forcefully and coming in rivulets.

It took him a little by surprise, but he reveled in it, feeling a warm sense of achievement as he lapped up her juices, thinking it crazy but wonderful how profusely she came, loving her flavor, luxuriating in the heady mix of sweet and sour, the feeling that he alone was sending this exquisite golden-haired French girl truly to heaven.


At last, she leaned back fully, taking the pressure off his face, Leo lifting his knees so that she could lie back against his thighs, as though he were her own personal deckchair, while still gently licking her, sopping up the wetness around her pretty pink pussy.

It took a few moments for Sofia to regain her breath, but she seemed ecstatic, high on the endorphins coursing through her system.

"Oh Leo," she said, "I think you're definitely wrong to say you've nothing to teach us..."

Leo simply smiled, his hands stroking her behind now, as he switched to kissing her tenderly outside her sensitive areas, to allow her some recovery.

"Mmm..." he purred, "I like teaching... you taste divine."

She grinned, "I'm sorry I should have warned you..."

"Warned me?"

"When I come... sometimes when it's really strong... it can get really wet down there."

Leo just shrugged, and she seemed reassured. He said: "It was amazing. I've never seen anything like it."

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